Friday, January 3, 1896

All of us did chores in the morning. I filed the machine saw then we sawed wood for about 1 hour, and then had dinner. I worked at the books. Kiley shelled corn. Seymour took the old hog out to Eaton Brown's and went to the Falls from there to get a shave. I let Seymour have $2.50 and he went by way of McEvoy's with one can of milk. He drove Grover and Pansy.

In the evening, Cora and I took the new horse and the buggy and went to Weatherwax's 13th Anniversary party. It cost me $1.15. There were about 25 there and we all put in and bought them a set of dishes. We got home about 2 o'clock. There was plenty of music and we had a good time.

Saturday, January 4, 1896

After chores were done, I started for the city. I drove the new horse and the sidebar. Cora rode along with me to her Father's. I saw a man who was looking for a team of horses. Johnson said that he would come up on Tuesday or Wednesday to buy the team. Seymour took the milk to McEvoy's, 2 cans, with the bobs and went right along to Ives Hollow with 4 bags of oats and brought the box sleigh home. Homerighouse agreed to settle by Monday morning. Then Seymour went to the Falls with Grover in the afternoon. I got $2.55 in full from Jim Casler, $1.50 in full from Kehoe, and $2.00 from Mrs. Austin. Casler Bros. bought 57# of cheese for $6.27, and I bought 2 axe helves. I paid $1 for horse shoeing and the horse bill. I gave $4.25 to Seymour for his own use. Cora rode back home with me. It was a very cold day.

Sunday, January 5, 1896

Today was very cold. Charlie Blowers was here and agreed to pay the $10.00 he owes me a week from Monday & he may trade a milk cow for a sleigh. We didn't send any milk today.

Monday, January 6, 1896

It was very cold today, in some places it was 31 below zero & very cold all day but pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then I took Grover & the buggy & went to an auction on the Willis farm near Newport. I bought a cow for $15.50, 1 lot of gambles for 50 cents, log chains for 80 cents, 4 ax helves 80 cents, a thread cutter for a bolt, a set of tongs, 1 cattle card, 2 planes & hammer 15 cents, 1 hand saw 50 cents, 1 aerator for milk 25 cents & one light single harness $2. 1 paid 80 cents in cash & gave a check for the balance of $19.70. 1 brought all but the cow home. I still have $15.30 in the bank. I expected Jim to go with me but he had to help Silas unload a car of feed. Kiley did chores & put up 18 bags of oats for the mill. Seymour took 2 cans & 19 1/2 qts. of milk to the Factory, loaned McEvoy the 19 1/2 now our due is 24. Then Seymour went to the Falls with the bay & the platform, and took 3 1/2 dozen eggs at 13 cents from here & 1/2 bushel of Northern Spys at 55 cents. He paid 15 cents for the horse bill, 73 cents for window glass, & 12 cents to record for me the Nickerson note with F. H. Smith. He let the glass drop out of the wagon & all broke but 3 of each & he paid 35 cents to repair the harness.

Tuesday, January 7, 1896

It was cold and stormy. All did chores in the morning. Then I helped Seymour and Dennis get started after the cow with Jess and the end spring buggy. I sent 35 cents with Seymour to pay J. M. Green as the amount over paid on the cheese. They stopped at C. Pounds, and got his boy who was going to drive 3 cows but the storm scared him out & he went home. The boys brought our cow alone. I cleaned the stable with Fannie & Grover & drew cobs out of the cow barn down to the gulf, carried the corn sheller in the corn house, and cleaned up the bolt thread cutter. The cow is believed to be cheap. Seymour stopped in Fairfield & did not get home for half an hour after Dennis. Kittie Goodell & Lula Yule drove here with their buggy & Cora went with them over to Carrie's. They were all well. No milk was taken today. Seymour says our tax is $54.87.

(Carrie Kilts and James W. Thompson were married September 1894. Sarah Caroline Thompson was born October 28, 1895.)

Wednesday, January 8, 1896

It was 14 below zero this morning. All did chores. Then I got the new horse & Grover ready & started with 18 bags of oats to be ground for the cattle with the yellow bobs. I took the milk along, 2 cans sent. I loaned McEvoy 10 qts & had about 22 qts left which can he will fill tomorrow & ship. I brought 4 bags home which Seymour took over to the mill last Saturday in all 1630# & paid $1.63. The road was quite rough & bare. I heard on way home that J. Homerighouse wanted to see me & also that C. Johnson was looking after a team. Seymour & Dennis finished chores, took the fence down & drew some logs out of the woods. I got home, unloaded the grist & milked 2 cows.

Thursday, January 9, 1896

All did chores in the morning. Then I got 50# of pork put up for J. E. Waters, Buffalo at 9 cents. I had sent him on Nov. 28th 10# of sausage $1.10, 311# of lard $3.15, & 38# of sage cheese $4.54 = $13.29. C. Johnson & his man came here & I sold him Grover & the new brown horse. He went from here to the Falls & agreed to come back this way & get the team but did not come. Seymour & Dennis drew some logs out of the woods. In the evening, Seymour, Cora, & I went to the Grange meeting, and took a cake & pickles. I let Seymour have $2 & let Cora have 88 cents for house supplies, and 12 cents for thread. I paid L. Servis $5 to make the sale of the team which is to be returned if he does not take them. I paid 50 cents: to the Grange & 25 cents for the horse bill. McEvoy filled our can & sent it. Our credit is 14 qts as it took 20 quarts to fill it.

Friday, January 10, 1896

I drew the milk in the morning. I borrowed of McEvoy 9 qts leaving 5 our credit & he sent 3 cans in our name today. On the way home I put on a load of top wood, took it up & drew 4 logs with the bobs. I went to the Falls in the afternoon with Grover & the new horse, and got 600# of shorts & 600# of corn meal, and a bbl. of oil 531 gallons @ 10 ½ cents of Ack. He charged it. I got 3 turkeys of Hollenbeck & paid $3. 1 paid Tefft 60 cents to shoe the new horse & 10 cents for my horses in the barn, and I charged the feed. I learned in the morning that Johnson took a team home the night before & I saw Serviss & told him Johnson did not take my team & he did not offer to return the $5.00. I sold 25 cords of wood to D. C. Bangs at $1.50 @ cord. I got $6.60 pay of Smith for 66# of cheese @ 10 cents.

Saturday, January 11, 1896

It was rather frosty in the morning but it was a pleasant day. All did chores in the morning. Then I went in the woods to get a load of top wood and brought it up to the house. Seymour and Dennis finished the chores, then Seymour hitched on the log sleigh and went in the woods. We got one large log loaded and he drew it out to the bar way and left it till after dinner. I got another load of top wood up by noon. After dinner, we took both teams & drew up 3 large logs double & 3 small ones, and found 2 logs froze fast so tight we could not loosen them. We broke the right runner of the log sleigh.

Sunday, January 12, 1896

All did chores in the morning. Seymour & I got out a load of chaff. Then he drew out the manure with the bay team. I got the other team ready for Kiley to go to church. Then I got the cutter ready for Seymour & Mother to go to Norway. Then L. Serviss came & I took Nettle & he & I drove down to Henry Broat, to see Will Peck about buying my team, Grover & the new horse. Kiley went to church, and took the milk along & brought 6 empty cans home. Peck wants to see my team tomorrow. Christina Goesler from Windecker's came here to see Stina Kiley and brought the 2 children here to stay while they went to church.

Monday, January 13, 1896

The weather was moderate and it was a pleasant day. Kiley & I did chores. Then I got ready, took the milk to McEvoy's and shipped 2 cans, and went on to the Falls with Grover & the new horse. Mrs. I. Horr rode down with me & also W. Peck did. He was looking at my team & thought he would be up to look at them on Wednesday or Thurs. morning. I saw Cotter's cows, and took cheese to F. W. Smith, 36# of plain @ 10 cents. I registered a letter to E. M. Kieron, Westgate. Ia. and I got the mail. I got 1000# of corn meal, 600# of shorts & 200# of midds, all charged. I got home, and fixed the log sleigh. Seymour, Mother, & the dressmaker came from Norway just as I got home.

The men and I went in the woods & got out 8 logs.

Tuesday, January 14, 1896

It was a stormy day and chilly. All did chores in the morning. Seymour got his team, the bay mares ready, took the rack off the yellow bobs & he went to Young's bee, drew 2 loads of logs, and got home at dusk. I cleaned the stable with the sorrel colt & the new horse, and got 2 logs out of the woods. After dinner, I got 8 boxes with 12 cheese ready for Brewster Crittenden & Riley 367# @ 12 cents & started for the Falls about 3 P. M. Cora & Miss Fuller went with me. I also sent 2 cheese, 1 sage 32# & 1 peppermint 33# to C. A. Bingham 525 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY at 12T. I paid 15 cents for the horse bill, and 5 cents for repairs on the harness.

Wednesday, January 15, 1896

It was cold and stormy. All did chores in the morning. Then I took the Brown horse and Grover & went by way of McEvoy's with the milk to F. Petrie's wood bee. I drew 1 log about 500 feet scale measure, had dinner, and then got another load of 2 logs about 22 inches. The roads were very heavy. Seymour & Dennis did chores & drew top wood out of the woods. Goodell's drew 1 load, Pickert drew 2, and Keller drew 2 loads.

Thursday, January 16, 1896

Today was cold but fair. All did chores in the morning. Then I wrote a few letters & c. Then went down to Keller's with the brown horse. I saw him in the woods. He rode up to the house with me. I went down to Uncle Joel's after some beef & got 43 3/4# & paid him $2.60 for it. I came home, got ready & after dinner took Nettle, drove to Keller's & left her there & rode to the Falls with him to see Snell's & Cotter's cows & waited & waited till 8 o'clock before they came in. We helped get them in the yard & looked them over. They offered to trade 3 for 6 for $20.00. 1 offered $10.00 & they finally came to $15.00 but I did not agree to do it. They had 2 full blood Holsteins, very nice, $120.00. 1 paid 50 cents to the Grange store for 5# of cod fish. I paid Cooney 35 cents for a new bell. I paid Keller's horse bill of 10 cents. I paid 5 cents for hooks & eyes, exchanged 1 corset for Mother & got an extra. I got a dress for Stina from Seeley's.

Friday, January 17, 1896

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then I took Nettle & the cutter & went to the Falls to see Snell & Cotter about the cow trade & traded 5 Ford cows & 1 yellow slinker for 3 young cows & gave $15.00 to boot. I came right home, got the cattle & Kiley & I drove them down & got the others. Seymour got a load of ice, 16 cakes & did chores. Constable Meitz told me he served a summons on T. Cole & Father for about $600.00 & on C. G. Carpenter & wife a supreme court summons & one on Myron Ritter the same day for an old coal bill

Seymour took the milk. I mailed a letter to Kiron & paid 8 cents to register it. I returned one corset to Casler's. Uncle Joel drove up a little while.

Saturday, January 18, 1896

The weather was fair & mild. Seymour & Dennis did chores in the morning. I got the team, Grover & the brown horse ready & started off early for a load of lumber to draw from Johnson's to the Falls & learned when up above Blowers' place that there was only about 200 feet in the yard. I looked at Blowers' cow & c., came home, got the rack, went up to Eaton's pond after ice, and got 13 cakes. I got home to dinner. Seymour got 1 load. After dinner I got another load of ice, 14 cakes. Seymour took 32# of peppermint cheese to Pross Bros. at 12 cents per pound & a piece of cheese to Mrs. Snyder & got 35 cents pay, paid 10 cents for the horse bill, 5 cents for a rubber ring, $2.28 to Pross Bros. for siscoes, only 7# delivered & paid me $1.76. He also took 1 gallon syrup at $1.00, sold Mrs. Austin 1 cheese 31# at 9 cents, and a 14# piece for $1 all charged. She owes $5.00 besides. He got home about 11:30. 1 paid Buck in full for the ice $2.90. Kiley worked at it all the afternoon. I paid J. Fuller 40 cents for one basswood board charged by Kiley. I let Seymour have $2.00. 1 got 2# of coffee of Stahl & had it charged 64 cents. I paid Snyder 30 cents to put a shoe on the brown horse. Abrial bought 9 1/4# of butter @ 23 cents = $2.12.

Sunday, January 19, 1896

It was stormy & rather cold. All did chores in the morning. Then Cora & I went down home with Grover & the brown horse & the box sleigh. I took the milk to McEvoy's, and then went to Uncle Joel's with Stina. I got home with Cora's chair. I let Dennis have $10.00. Jim & Carrie were here a little while.

Monday, January 20, 1896

The weather was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, I took Grover & the cutter, took one can of milk to McEvoy's, then went on to the Falls, and took the new single harness to Cooney's to be fixed. I took 9:59 a.m. train to St. Johnsville & went to see the condensed milk company on the shortage on our milk. They gave me dinner. I bought 20 cigars for them. We searched the books & could not locate the milk for sure but by comparing books with Hemstreet, his tally for December was the same as ours. I received from the Condensed Milk Co. $71.52, the December pay for 66 cans 3 short. I got back to the Falls at 3:19 P.M. My car fare was 40 cents. I paid the taxes $55.43, paid W. Cotter the difference on the cow deal $15.00, paid Taylor 81 cents for 2 taps for nuts & blank nuts, paid Cardwell for alcohol & camphor gum, & I paid for 1896 box rent 25 cents, 65 cents for prescription, 50 cents paid for Carrie & self to R. Arsent $3.61, and paid Casler 10 cents for paper cambric for Carrie. I settled with Geo Keller & found a credit of $3.22 & traded $1.20 leaving a balance of $2.02. 1 paid 10 cents for my horse bill, & got 5 cents from Maltby. I saw Benedict & he said the account was correct $17.39 our due.

Kiley helped here till noon, put oil down cellar, measured up 5 bushel of potatoes, and put ice inside & c. In the afternoon, Kiley went to the Falls with the bay mares, had them shod all around, new shoes, drew up 1 ton coal & c. Seymour worked at the ice & c.

Tuesday, January 21, 1896

It was fairly warm today. All did chores in the morning. Then I cleaned the brown horse & took one can of milk to McEvoy's. I paid J. McEvoy for drawing the December milk $6.90 & received $1.00 from him for a can of milk we lost & he had the pay for & now Keyser owes us for 1 can. I was helping clean Nettle's stable when Gilbert Brown came to buy a horse. I hitched the brown horse & Grover. He liked the brown one best. I gave him his choice for $70.00. He gave his note for the full amount with interest agreeing to pay $34.00 in cash on March 2nd & the balance in lumber delivered here at $12.00 per M. on or before July 15. He said he was good for all the debt. He contracted he gave me a claim on the horse, 2 cows & another horse & said they had no claim on them. I told him I bought the horse to be sound & to the best of my knowledge & judgment, he was sound. I went to Salisbury Center with Grover & had the note recorded, and also recorded Blowers' note. Seymour & Kiley put some straw in the horse barn & in the hog pen & put the wagons away. I paid 30 cents to the Clerk at the Center.

Wednesday, January 22, 1896

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores. I took the milk with Grover, 1 can. Then we all went to sawing wood. I did some writing at noon. We sawed about 6 cords of wood. I paid Stina her change.

Thursday, January 23, 1896

Today was pleasant but there was a chilly east wind. All did chores in the morning. Then I wrote some letters. Then I went to the Falls with Nettle, and took the milk to McEvoy's on the way, 1 can. I had 2 new shoes put on her & paid Leahy 60 cents for them. I showed the chatel note against G. Brown to him & he said it was good. I asked him his bill & he said nothing. I got the single harness of Cooney & paid him $1.00 for fixing it. I got 1 milk pail of Lamb for the sausage I left. He said he could not sell but 5#. 1 got home 1 o'clock. Dennis finished up all of the chores. Then finished packing the ice. After dinner we all sawed wood till about 4 o'clock, when Seymour Lamphere came here & bought our old double heavy harness. I went with him over to C. L. Ives & he drew a Mortgage. I paid him 25 cents. I went right to Salisbury Center & recorded it, 12 cents,. I got a claim on his team also. Seymour & Dennis sawed 2 logs after I got through.

Friday, January 24, 1896

Today was very stormy with sleet and snow all day. All did chores in the morning. Then I went to filing the saws, and filed 3. Seymour & Dennis finished chores, cleaned one bbl. of peas, and mixed feed & c. I put straps on some new blankets & c. and did some writing.

Saturday, January 25, 1896

The weather was misty and snowy all day. All did chores in the morning. Then we shoveled and drew snow away from the vat and from the barn doors and from the sawing machine. We finished up the chores & cleaned sawdust and chips away from the machine. Then after dinner, we sawed 8 good sized logs. F. L. Warne came here at night & got 3 cheese, 2 weighed 62 1/2# & one 31# & called it 93# at 10 1/2 = $9.77.

Sunday, January 26, 1896

Today was somewhat stormy & misty. All did chores in the morning. I fed the horses hay & grain & cleaned 2. Then I got the sleigh ready. Seymour & Kiley finished chores. Miss Fuller, Cora, Stina, & I went down to church but there was no service. I came back to Services to see him then went home, fed Nettle, got dinner, then went to Services after him, came home, and changed horses. We took Grover & went out to Davereaux to sell him, but did not. I took Service to Keller's.

Crofoot & family were here & they took Miss Fuller with them to Jim's. Uncle Joel, Katie & Windecker's, and Stina were here in the evening. I paid Miss Fuller $6.00 for Cora & $3.00 for Mother.

Monday, January 27, 1896

The weather was stormy & cold. All did chores in the morning. Then after writing some letters & c., Mother & I went to the Falls with Grover & the cutter. I let her have $12.00. She went to Utica to trade. My horse bill was 10 cents. I paid 50 cents for pulling my tooth, & 20 cents for glycerine, and 50 cents for postage stamps. I received pay from Wildner in full for sausage $1.40. I saw Nickerson & he agreed to settle it in full Tues. or Wed. I agreed to call it $39.00 if paid on either day. Seymour & Dennis finished chores, then drew wood out of the woods, the top wood, and finished it. We got home about 8 o'clock. I saw F. Teall & he agreed to let us renew the note in the Bank for the full amount. Mother went after cloth for large sleeves for her plush cloak.

Tuesday, January 28, 1896

Today was cold and windy. All did chores. Then I went over to Jim's with Mother so she could help at the dress making. I drove Grover, came home & went right to sawing wood the balance of day.

Wednesday, January 29, 1896

The weather was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. I filed the saw & c., and shoveled snow off of the log pile & c. while Seymour & Dennis were finishing chores. Then we went to sawing & sawed the balance of day & cut, split & piled about 10 cords. Father & Mother Bellinger & Aunt Jane Bellinger of Baldwinsville were here till about 8 o'clock. Seymour went to the City at night with Grover & the cutter, and got our mail. There was a check in full from C. A. Bingham for $7.80 & one from Brewster Crittenden & Riley for $40.37.

Thursday, January 30, 1896

Today was pleasant and moderate. All did chores in the morning. Seymour was out late & got up late. After breakfast, I took Cora down to Goodell's with Nettle to see Kit. We only stayed a short time. Then I filed the saw. Seymour & Dennis finished chores, then we went to sawing, sawed 2 logs before dinner & nearly finished all of the logs up here. Kaine drove Keller's team up after the jack screw. Kit drove up after Cora & they went over to Minnie's. Cora got home about 8 o'clock & brought a check to balance in full from Water's for $13.31. Jim's man brought Mother home about 3 P.M.

Friday, January 31, 1896

It was pleasant till night then it snowed a little. All did chores in the morning. Then I filed the machine saw. Then I got Nettle & the cutter ready & took Cora over to Carrie's to help them sew. Seymour & Dennis finished chores. I unloaded a load of top wood. Then Seymour drove down to McEvoy's to see about the milk & got our 3 cans. Kiley & I went in the woods, cut down a tree & trimmed it out. Seymour drove after it & we all came to the house but Dennis. Seymour went back after 1 log before dinner. After dinner, while Seymour was feeding the hens, I took the team, watered all, and went in the woods and got the log. I had oiled up the machine & c. & we sawed right through till 5 o'clock.

Saturday, February 1, 1896

There was mist and snow. All did chores in the morning. Then I wrote several letters. Dennis and Seymour finished chores and Seymour went down to McEvoys to learn about the milk shortage, got back at noon, and brought copies of what we went through with at St. Johnsville and what I sent them in a letter to them. Then in the afternoon, Seymour went to the Falls with Grover & the cutter, saw Keyser & he said to have McEvoy pay us for the can & charge him with it. He took 2 gallons of syrup & 5 lb. 14 oz. Of cheese, had Grover shod & had it charged at Tefft’s. He got our balance in full of Heath & Kingsbury $14.41 & got home at 4 o’clock.

In the morning, I pulled the shoe off Grover. I went to Fenner’s Auction about 2 o’clock. Cows were sold at from $11.00 to $32.50. I bid as high as $31.00 each on 2 & did not get either. I offered $30 for a platform wagon & did not get it. W. Keller bought a sawing machine for $25.00, worth $50.00. I went home by way of Jim’s & got Cora. George Gage agreed to come here Wed. morning to look at Grover to buy him. I endorsed a note for $77.00 with Wm. Petrie to pay for cattle & c. which he bought at the auction. Charlie Blowers came here & paid $10.00 on his account. Seymour sold 2 pieces of cheese @ 12 cents, 5 7/8# & 2 gallons of syrup & got the pay $2.70.

Sunday, February 2, 1896

Today was blustery & cool. Dennis & I did all of the chores. I took care of the horses & drew the manure in the field & spread it. Then I clipped Grover’s, Jess’s, & Fannie’s legs, which took till 2 o’clock. Seymour & Dennis did chores at night. Cora & I went down to Uncle Will’s & Stina went down to Windecker’s. I got Keirons & John Aldinger’s letters from there to keep. We got home about 9:30, had Fannie.

Monday, February 3, 1896

The weather was chilly but pleasant till 5 o’clock then it snowed fast. All did chores in the morning. After the stable was cleaned, I took the team & went up on Crofoot’s lot & got a little less than 3 cords of 1 foot wood, and got home about 8 o’clock. I drove about ¼ mile out of my way. I did not see either of the Dutchmen. Crofoot’s man came in while I was there & got a load of wood. He had a very hard place to turn around in. Seymour & Dennis pulled the sawing machine up & cut a little top wood.

Tuesday, February 4, 1896

It was stormy all day. All did chores in the morning. Then I wrote 2 or 3 letters & filed & set 2 buck saws while they finished chores. Then I went to the Falls with the team, and took a load of wood, returned the oil barrel to Ack & the bags to Gage & got 200 # of midds, charged. I got our clock & paid 75 cents for the repairs. I got a box of cigars of the Union store to balance our account $2.00 & I got 1 bbl. of flour of them, Pillsbury’s Best & paid $4.25. I paid Ack 14 cents for 5# of graham flour. I deposited the checks in the Bank: $7.80 from Bingham, $40.37 from Brewster Crittenden & Co, $25.00 & $100.00 from Crofoot - $173.17 in all. He charged 17 cents exchange on these. I renewed Mother’s & my note in the Bank for $400.00 dated today, and paid $6 interest. I got home about 7 o’clock. Seymour & Dennis killed the calf & C. I had on nearly 3 cords of wood & the whole load sleigh & all weighed 5260#. I took it to Richmond’s at $1.50 @ cord.

Wednesday, February 5, 1896

It was misty & stormy most all day. All did chores in the morning. Then while Dennis & Seymour finished them, I got the feed & side boards & c. ready to go after wood. Then it stormed too hard for the horses to be out so I drew the bobs over in the cow barn & put the cleat on the bolster & an extra crosspiece under the rack & pushed the whole rack ahead 6 inches. I got the veal calf ready, tagged him & box tied his legs & weighed him 98#. Then Den & Seymour went to the Falls with Nettle & Grover & the yellow bobs, had 4 dozen eggs, 9# & 4 ½# of butter. Boardman got 9# $2.07 & paid $2.00. He got 88 cents for the eggs & paid Taylor for the bells, 2 large bolts & hoop iron 41 cents & gave me the difference $2.47. Keiley got an ash scantfing of J. Bellinger & had it ripped & planed & a basswood board planed & paid 10 cents for the job. They got 6 jars of ours of Mrs. Abrial, and sent the veal calf to C. S. Durling. They had 1 shoe set on Grover, Tefft charged it. They got home about 4 o’clock. Then at night, Seymour went over to Jim’s with bay Fan & the cutter. Cora & I went down to Uncle W. Keller’s to spend the evening. About 60 people came to surprise Orpha. Orpha is 18 years old. We had nice music & c. We got home at 4 o’clock. Carrie came here with the dress maker & I let her have $1. Abrial took 4 ½# of butter. Seymour also got a check from the Grange stock for $12.50.

Thursday, February 6, 1896

It was very rainy & stormy all day. I got the team & sleigh ready & after breakfast, I was going to the woods after wood but when I got to A. VanSlykes, I concluded it was too rough for the horses & came back. I kettled out the road down to the main road & staked it. Then I drew the sawing machine up on the barn floor. After dinner, I took Miss Fuller down to my Father-in-law’s with Nettle & Grover. We stopped to Mrs. Goodell’s & at Uncle Willard’s, then to Uncle Joel’s & learned that he was going to send Will after a team for him. Then I drove to Frank Bellinger’s to let him know about going to Buffalo. Then I went right home. I let Mother have $1.50. Seymour & Dennis cleaned peas this afternoon & finished them.

Friday, February 7, 1896

The weather was stormy. All did chores in the morning. Then Seymour got Jim’s butter and eggs & c. & a few dozen of our eggs ready & he took me & Keller to the Falls with the bay mares & the box sleigh for the 10:14 train. We met Frank Bellinger in the city & he went with us to Buffalo. I sent $1.50 to J. M. King, Waterford for new dies for cutting new threads on bolts & paid 8 cents to register the letter. We reached Buffalo at 4:35 & looked several carloads of horses over.

Seymour had 1 shoe put on Jess. They did chores & mixed feed a little. I paid 40 cents for a pair of hose for self at L. & S. I got $85 from the bank besides the $12.50 Grange check & had $3.61 extra with me.

Saturday, February 8, 1896

It was windy and a little stormy. Keller bought a chestnut horse & a mare for Pickert. The horse is 5 years old with a swelled leg, the mare, ($140.00) 4 years old with a split ear, and I fear a little off on forward. We saw a good many teams sold but could not buy any, price seemed high. There was over 20 car loads sold. They are higher than they were in December by $25.00 or $50.00 per hundred. We all went to the City & saw Brutus Caesar played in the Star Opera House.

Sunday, February 9, 1896

It was very snowy and some wind. We were looking at horses all day but it stormed so that no horses were hitched. J. Crossett came this morning to buy some horses. We are to all car together.

Monday, February 10, 1896

It was snowy & windy. I bought a pair of horses this morning. We are to load them all together to send home. We’ll ride on the same train.

Wednesday, February 19, 1896

Today was stormy & cold. We did chores and took good care of the horses. I had the oil stove in the stable to keep them warm. I took the grist to the Falls, 15 full of oats & two emptys. I got them in the mill & brought 5 balance of grist home & paid $1.70 for the grist. I paid Watt for 1 quart of whiskey $1.00. Cora rode down to stay & attend the Whist Party at Rankins. I took a piece of sage cheese for them, 72 cents & let Cora have $2.00. I got 800# of shorts & 800# of corn meal from Gage’s. I got home about 8 o’clock. The horses are very sick. Cora had her teeth fixed by Richard’s. He charged $5.50 for 1 crown tooth & 3 fillings.

Thursday, February 20, 1896

Today was stormy & cold. The horses are very sick. Dr. Rowe came here to see the horses. He did not expect the Harry horse to live but the whiskey punch & c. fetched him through.

Friday, February 21, 1896

It was windy, cold and some stormy. All did chores. After dinner Dennis went to the Falls with the barley grist, got it ground & brought it home & some of the oat grist, got our mail & ½ gallon white wheat Whiskey at Ingall’s & paid $1.00. We gave the horse 4 doses of punch. The horses are better. Dennis got some medicine for Grover.

Saturday, February 22, 1896

It was stormy today. We did chores, drew snow away, and took good care of the horses. The horses are improving. Dr. Rowe was here to look at the horses.

Sunday, February 23, 1896

It was mild in the morning, then rained all the rest of the day. All did chores in the morning. Then I got Nettle ready, took Stina to J. Pickert’s, and then to the Falls. I got the mail, then went to Father Bellinger’s. I stayed till after dinner & came home by way of Broat’s & Pickert’s but Katie was away & Stina went up to Windecker’s to see Stina Goessler. She rode home with us from there. Kiley & family went to the Falls with the bay team, got home about 7 o’clock. Seymour went over to Jim’s & got back about 5:30.

Monday, February 24, 1896

The weather was mild but somewhat stormy. The horses are all somewhat improving. We exercised Prince & Grover & Prince felt very fare, ate well & c. Dennis & Seymour finished up chores, drew out the manure & kettled the road to VanSlyke’s. After dinner, Seymour went to the Falls with the bay team & box sleighs & took 16# of butter, got 20 cents for it $3.20. He got the balance of the grist at the mill 5 bags & 3 bags unloaded at Wilcox’s, and got home ½ past 9. I worked at the books & c. Dennis mixed feed. Young Louise Casler came here from Brockett’s place & rode to the Falls with Seymour. We gave the sick horse milk, eggs, & whiskey only once. I sent $18.00 with Seymour to pay Wm. A. Petrie the interest on his note. He also paid Watt 15 cents for Aloes & paid 15 cents for the horse bill. Seymour kept $1.15 for his use & paid over $2.00 to me.

Tuesday, February 25, 1896

Today was clear & cold. The horses are better. Dr. Rowe has been here 7 times & discharged them leaving them in care of ourselves. Jim sent one of his colts here to be treated for lameness. Mrs. R. N. VanSlyke was here all day. We did chores & broke the road to McEvoy’s & c. G. Brown came to get an extension of time on his note to the 16th which I allowed to grant.

Wednesday, February 26, 1896

Today was mild but snowy. Seymour & Dennis did chores, exercised the horses in the cow barn, cleaned the pen for sawdust & c. I started early in the morning for a load of sawdust. I stopped in Salisbury Center, had a shoe set on Jess and paid 15 cents. I went to see A. Cramer & learned that one of Lamphere’s horses died on him soon after he got the harness from me & he returned the other horse to Cramer. I also learned that he let Lamphere have a horse & c. to go & get the harness & bring it there to his barn. One martingale, & one hame strap are missing, and the collar pad is bent & c. I got candy 5 cents, paid the boys 7 cents to help load, and paid Bingham 50 cents for the load. I met S. Sowder on the road. He was mad because he had to turn out. I could not turn out because of my heavy load. He called me a fool & c. & said I was a slink for not paying the $2.00 which Herman borrowed of him I got home about 6:30. I brought the harness home.

Thursday, February 27, 1896

Today was pleasant but windy. All did chores in the morning, cleaned the stable with the team, carried hay orts from the sheep barn for the cattle to eat, and unloaded the load of sawdust, 97 bushels. I took care of the horses, took the bandages & the oiled silk off of the new horse & found that he was sore on his back & on his side behind the left elbow & very tender. I had the oil stove going till the stable was warm. We put two sacks over where the bandages came off. He is eating well & seems on the gain. In the afternoon, I drove Grover & Prince to L. Serviss’ & back on the cutter for exercise.

Friday, February 28, 1896

The weather was very pleasant. I got away early after some wood. I got in the woods about 9 o’clock, loaded up & then was bothered getting out by them getting stuck with a log going to the skid way. I had on between 2 ½ & 2 ¾ cords. I stopped at Stahl’s. got 3# of coffee, & 2 snaps for the harness, charged. I met S. Sowder again. He said my brother stole 3 whips down to the Falls one off his, one from his hired man’s sleigh, & one from another man’s sleigh. He called me a fool, slink, & finally said Herman was a son of a bitch. Consequently, I demanded satisfaction but he refused & scud to the house. Leander Stahl was there too. I spent 20 cents at Stahl’s for cigars. I got home about 6 o’clock and unloaded some at McEvoy’s. Seymour & Dennis did chores. Dennis lost ½ day.

Saturday, February 29, 1896

Today was a rainy & bad day. I was at home choring around and working at the books. The boys finished the chores, drew some snow & c. We worked at the harness.

Thursday, March 12, 1896

Today was very windy & snowy. Early in the morning, I went to the Falls with Nettle & the cutter after Cora. I got there before 9 o'clock, but the road was very snowy & heavy. I got one # of tea for D. Kiley 34 cents at the Grange store. I paid Seeley for keeping the horse $3.50 & 2 horse bills of 20 cents. I paid the Met. Drug Store $1.10 for chlorate potash & Peruvian Bark. I saw Dr. Rowe & talked with him some time about the horses. He concluded to let Grover go for a while without medicine. I received a check from Harne's for his account in full $9.75 & from Smith for the cheese $3.60. 1 paid D. Kiley $3.83 which with the coal at $4.86, corn 97 cents & tea 34 cents makes in all $10.00 to charge to him.

Monday, March 16, 1896

It was nice in the morning but it snowed some in the afternoon. All did chores in the morning. Then I took Cora, Ada Weatherwax, Mother, and Hermie Crofoot to the Falls with the new team. They drove very nice. Ada rode home with Uncle Joel. Cora went home with Frank to take care of Minnie & the children. I paid 84 cents for dishes at Brown's. I let Mother have $1.66. 1 paid L. Gillette 50 cents for a leather cutter or gauge, had 6 new shoes & 2 set on the new team. I paid 15 cents for the horse bill, spent 25 cents with the blacksmiths & Hermie & 20 cents to the Grange store for oranges & raisins.

Tuesday, March 17, 1896

Today was windy with sifting snow and heavy roads. Kiley went to town with Grover, 1 day gone, and I gave him $1.50 cash.

All did chores in the morning. I cleaned the stable with the new team & drove down to the main road & back. I did chores, fixed the knife for the leather gauge, put bedding in the calf pen for the sheep with lambs & bedded the calves & c. and shoveled snow away from the doors. Kiley got home about 9:30. Stina & I milked 22 cows & had 12 calves to feed. One came today, the roan cow from Curran's. Nettle was taken sick about 4 o'clock & was sick till 2 o'clock in the morning. Uncle Will Keller & A. Hagadorn came here to spend the evening & stayed till 12 O'clock. One sheep will not own her lambs. Seymour took a load of wood to the Falls & brought 450# of shorts & 400# of corn meal home.

Wednesday, March 18, 1896

Today was very mild & pleasant. Kiley went home about noon till 4 o'clock. Kiley paid me for 3 gallons of oil & 1 quart of milk, 37 cents. All did chores in the morning, and cleaned the stable with Fan & Jess. Then Seymour took the balance of the wood from McEvoy's to the Falls & 5 1/4# of butter 8 3/4# & 9 1/2# sold at 21 cents = $4.94 & 5 dozen eggs @ 15 cents =75 cents & paid all up at night $5.69. 1 took a load of wood with the new team, stopped down to Seeley's & fed them, took the lines to Gillett's & had them fixed, had a new piece put in & some others sewed & paid him 25 cents. I paid the Grange 42 cents for a barn shovel & 40 cents for a bottle of butter color. I met J. Wiseman on the road & paid him 50 cents in full. My horse bill was 15 cents, 6 cents for shaving soap for self, 5 cents candy for Taylor. I stopped to Windecker's on my way home & paid him $60.00 being one year's interest on the note. I stopped in front of their house and J. W. Jr's wife came out & said Mr. Windecker was up to the barn. I drove in the yard and J. W. Jr. came to the door, then went back & called the old man. He came out & said let it go till some other time. He said it would not have made any difference if we had kept it but I paid him 9 $5 bills, 1 $10 bill, 2 $2 bills & 1 $1 bill. "Now Willie," he said, "You ought to be with me to see it endorsed on the note but," he says "I'll do it all right. Although you can't tell nowadays who to trust." I got 300# of shorts & 300# of cornmeal. Seymour got 750# of shorts & 800# of cornmeal for us & 100# of cornmeal for Dennis. He paid Seymour for it. I went to Peter Bellinger's funeral, (Frank's father). He died of Pneumonia or heart trouble. I paid Cooney 18 cents for 4 snaps.

Thursday, March 19, 1896

The weather was very stormy. Kiley went home as soon as the stables were cleaned. All did chores, cleaned the stable with the old team, and then just took care of the stock. I did some writing.

Saturday, March 28, 1896

Today was a pleasant day. Seymour & I went up to the woods as early as we could in the morning after a load of wood & logs. We got them. I had a log on that scaled 350 & got stuck with it. Seymour drew me out with the mares. I took it to Ives Hollow & got the lumber from the last load, $3.31 & stopped at S. W. Thompson's & got Stahl's plow. I saw Crofoot & told him about the Separator. He was in after 2 loads.

Sunday, March 29, 1896

Today was very rainy & bad. All did chores, and cleaned the stable with the team. I paid Dennis $20.00 in the morning. He went over to his Father-in-law's, and came back just as we were milking. Christina Goesler came here in the evening & stayed all night & has hired out to Windecker for $3.25 per week. Stina Dittmar is to have the same here. Seymour concluded he was ready to go home & wanted me to look up his account.

Monday, March 30, 1896

The weather was very quiet and warm and misty in the morning. All did chores in the morning. Seymour cleaned the stable with the bay mares, then took a load of birch lumber to the Falls & a basswood log on top. He also took 3 pieces of cheese 3 3/4# of sage, 3# & 2 1/2# of plain to F. Teall. He also returned the ash side piece to Heath & Kingsbury. Dennis & I finished chores, shoveled the road to get to the little house, shoveled out the picket fence, and little trees & c. We hitched the Harry horse up & drove him single a little & he drove all right. We fixed the shovels & c. The Nelson cow run with the young fellow today. I sent Mrs. Lydia Ellis a check for the semi interest $7.50 & sent the money with Seymour to deposit in the bank which he did. He received $2.20 for butter from Mrs. Churchill & 65 cents for the cheese & I let him have $1.00 in the morning. He paid 15 cents for lunch, 15 cents for Tefft to set a shoe, & 90 cents for a basket & paid me $2.65 in the evening. He brought 600# of feed home ½ bran, 1/2 cornmeal. Heath & Kingsbury bought 354 feet of birch.

Tuesday, March 31, 1896

It was cold in the morning but a very pleasant day. Seymour got off to the woods about 7 o'clock, got scared out at McEvoy's, came back but started over again. He went to Ives Hollow, and got the birch lumber. He had 2 shoes put on at Snyder's & paid him 25 cents. He got 426 feet & we had to leave quite a little here, which was no good. I got away as early as I could, went by way of Middleville to Norway after a load of furniture for Davis Waterman who is to make our cheese or butter. We got unloaded about 6 o'clock. The roads were very soft & getting bare. I had the new team & had 2 new shoes put on Harry & paid 25 cents. I saw M. A. Barnes about the Fenner 1 horse power & buzz saw & offered $5.00 for it. C. Blowers came here & paid $15.00 on his account. His wife was with him.

Wednesday, April 1, 1896

Today was windy and it rained. All did chores in the morning but me. I drove over to C. G. Carpenter's, put my horse in his barn & went down to W. Fenner's to see the horse power & buzz saw & his platform or market wagon. I agreed to take the wagon at $35.00 & power & saw for $7.50. Then we got the load off of the sleighs, the birch lumber, got a load of sawdust for the horse barn, and drew out the manure & c. 2 loads came for Waterman. He went down & helped take them off. The 2 men, 2 teams & his wife took dinner here. In the afternoon, we dressed 13 calves & cleaned the calf pen.

Thursday, April 2, 1896

The weather was blustery most all day. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, Seymour, Waterman, & I cut off the legs, weighed, tagged, & loaded the dressed calves. Seymour took them to the Falls & 4 jars of butter - 3 were 81#, one was 10# & 12 dozen eggs to Mrs. Churchill $3.94. J. Curran's 13# $2.60, Mrs. Brown 5 1/4# $1.15. D. Flemming paid $1.00 on last week's butter, J. Abrial took one jar and charged it. Seymour sold the calves, 13 in number to A. Hagadorn for $52.50. Seymour had 50 cents cash. He paid 50 cents to J. J. Bell for seeds. J. W. Windecker 1 T Plaster $4.50, postage 54 cents, postal cards & box rent 50 cents, lunch & horse bill cost Seymour 35 cents. I paid Seymour for 2 shoes, he paid Snyder. I took 325 feet of birch to Heath & Kingsley @ 18.00 & got the basswood lumber which they sawed & planed. I brought 400 of plaster with the new team. McBurns & another fellow rode up with me. Waterman took Mother over to Jim's with Grover & the cutter & came back to milking. I got here for milking time. The kicker cow got split out in the yard today on ice & we were scarcely able to get her in the barn.

Friday, April 3, 1896

Today was very blustery & pretty cold. All did chores in the morning. Seymour had Fan & Jess all cleaned & harnessed & right after breakfast, we all unloaded the plaster. Kiley & H. Connors went after wood for Kiley. I did some writing. Seymour & Waterman worked some at the potatoes. I took the milk with Nettle & Grover & drew the manure out with them. C. Blowers came here, and bought the yellow box wagon & the old platform for $35.00. He took the yellow box & the spring seat mowing machine & the cultivator, leaving his due the platform wagon & the wheel rake. He left the claim on the property which he bought before for the whole amount of the wagons' interest on his old note & rooster amounting to $36.50 which they agree to pay by July 3rd. Dennis & Henry got bothered with their loads, and did not bring much home & got lost down in the meadow. The horses were very snowy & pretty tired. Connor's put his team in our barn & stayed with Dennis till about noon.

Saturday, April 4, 1896

Today was very stormy. All did chores. Seymour took the milk with Fan & Jess & cleaned the stable with them. H. Connor was here with his team till noon. I paid Christiana $50.00 for the services. I paid $8.00 cash to wife for her & self.

Monday, April 13, 1896

The weather was very warm and pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Seymour took the milk with the bay mares. I got 2 sage cheese and 1 peppermint cheese ready, 2 bushel of potatoes, and 4 dozen eggs. Seymour took them to the Falls. I cleaned the stable and drew the manure out with Harry and Grover. I soaked Prince's feet.

Tuesday, April 14, 1896

The weather was very warm and pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Seymour took the milk, 474#, with the bay mares. Then he hitched them on the cutter and went after the bob sleighs. I cleaned the barn with Harry & Grover, then Davis drew the manure with them till noon. After noon we hitched Grover & Frank on the forward bob and drove them a little around the meadow. Frank drew good for the first time. Dennis and I shoveled snow off of the fences and away from the apple trees. Seymour and Davis drew manure in the afternoon. We got the wagon out to draw milk with.

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