Wednesday, December 28, 1898

Today is Mother and Father Bellinger's anniversary. Will and I stayed at home. Will did not feel well. His ear commenced to ache. Cousin Kittie is here visiting.

Thursday, December 29, 1898

Miss Fuller is here making a dress for Christina. Will and I took Coz. Kittie home and then drove to the city to see the Doctor about Will's earache. The doctor gave him some medicine and said that he'd come up tomorrow to see if he was better.

Sunday, January 1, 1899

Christina is over to George's and Henry is there. Miss Fuller is quite sick with a cold. Will doesn't feel so well today. Dr. C. made his third call. George and Ed did the chores. Shibley and Wiseman called. Ed has been hanging around the house. Sarah T. is not feeling well. Crofoot's were all down to Keller's for dinner. They stopped at the door on the way home to see Will. Seymour was at George's and then stopped at Keller's for supper.

Tuesday, January 3, 1899

Jim came and shaved Will and then went to Little Falls for Nurse Minoa Baum. Kittie Goodell and Chloe came about ten). They helped me give Will a bath, after which I got him up and then about 11 o'clock moved him in the sitting room. Nurse came at 1 o'clock. Miss Jennie Fuller finished my dress and I took her and Kittie to Kittie's house. Delia Fenner & Lizzie Wetherwax called. Carrie and Jim Thompson came. Ed rode down with Jim to help with the farm work. Seymour paid Jim $3 for groceries that he got. The men drew logs from the woods.

Wednesday, January 4, 1899

It was rainy today. Baum & Henry did chores in the morning. Henry & Seymour drove Prince & Frank to the city. They started at 10 A. M. and returned at 6 P. M. Baum got his wife to help him milk. Seymour got clams (80 cents) and beef ($1.20). Groceries at the Grange store were $1.08, flour for Baum ($1.20), and an iron wedge for 15 cents. J. W. B. and Nellie came at 11 A. M. My brother, Will helped fix the pump at the horse barn. Nellie helped me in the house.

Thursday, January 5, 1899

It rained in the night but was pleasant in the forenoon. After dinner the wind rose and it grew colder. Will was better in the fore noon but towards night his temperature rose to 103. The pain seemed to be less. The two Christinas washed clothes.

Chloe came at 10 and helped until 3 P. M. Aunt De & Albert called. Harry Pickert called after dinner. The Doctor came at 4:30 and brought one bottle of brandy.

Seymour drove Frank over to J. W. T. 's in the forenoon. Henry & George did chores. After dinner, George & Seymour drove the big team after the cook stove. Henry fixed the lightning rod. Baum got one bushel of potatoes.

Friday, January 6, 1899

The weather was stormy & snowing. Dear Will died at 6:30 A. M. People were coming and going all day. J. W. T. and Seymour took Nurse home. All are very kind. Jim got me slippers ($1.75), collar & cuffs & tie (45 cents), casket ($140.00), & pants (64 cents). Groceries from the Grange store were $2.48.

Mother took Will's pocket book cash. There was a $5 bill & 11 pennies.

My Dear Will was 35 years old, 4 months, and 18 days.

Saturday, January 7, 1899

Today was very stormy. Seymour went to the city and got camp chairs for the funeral. He paid 75 cents to Casler for me which I owed him. He paid 25 cents for the P. 0. box rent, 25 cents for a shoe on Jess, and the grist was 28 cents. Mother gave Seymour $5.

Jim & Henry went to the cemetery and found they could not dig the grave. Chloe was here and baked. She went home feeling quite bad. The men did chores and shoveled snow from the doors.

Sunday, January 8, 1899

The weather was pleasant but the wind came up towards night. Mother and Father came. Aunt Delight & Uncle Ben & Albert, Mr. Brockett, Mr. J. Rice, Mr. & Mrs. Z. Brockett, Kate & Harry Pickert came. Oh, what a lonesome day. I can't realize that it can be true. Tozio came in the morning & Aunt Nell. Carrie came over and stayed all night. Floyd went to the City for me & got trimmings for my dress. The bill for the goods was charged at Casler's. Uncle Ben Wetherwax was here all night.

Monday, January 9, 1899

Today was very cold. And one of the saddest of my life. We had the funeral and then we left Dear Will in the Little Falls-vault. Crofoot & family and Coz. Jennie & Charlie Keller stayed all night with us and also Uncle Ben Wetherwax.

Jennie Fuller made me up a waist to wear and I have not paid her for making it.

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