Fort Klock Historic Restoration
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Busy Year at Fort Klock

Members of the Fort Klock Historic Restoration held their annual meeting and holiday party recently. Reports for 2001 were given and approved. A slate of officers for 2002 were voted upon. Elected were: Joyce Berry, President; Paul Flanders, Vice President; Florene Burkdorf, secretary; and Valeri Berry, Treasurer.

Fort Klock is a National Historic Landmark which offers a unique experience for visitors. A tour of the 1750 fortified farm house and other structures on the colonial site can blow the dust off of history for both children and adults.

In 2001 over 12,000 people toured Fort Klock with the largest number coming from New York State followed by residents of several Canadian provinces. Tourists came from 35 of the contiguous United States plus Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rice. Others came from England, German, France and Australia.

Over 400,000 internet visitors have contacted the Fort Klock web site for genealogical and historical information.

A large Klock family reunion was held with family members coming from all over the U.S. We also hosted the 2001 Canadian Loyalist Mohawk Valley tour and Elderhostel tours. Special tours for school children were held in both the Spring and Fall.

Years ago 1,300 people visited Fort Klock each year, now over that many tour the site each month. The September 29 and 30 Interrupted Harvest pageant included 73 re-enactor soldiers, 53 women and children, 6 musicians, 6 Woodland Confederacy Indians and several Suttlers with Colonial craft items for sale. This event drew several hundred people to Fort Klock each day.

For those interested in the past, a special treat is always in store at the Fort Klock complex where the important elements of Mohawk Valley heritage are preserved.

Many special events are being planned for the 2002 season. Fort Klock opens for the season on Memorial Day, 2002.

Anita Smith, Fort Klock Historic Restoration publicist.

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