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Books by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr.

For any researcher into the Palatine Families of New York State, the Waldenmeyer, Schaffer, Kilts, Loyalist Schaeffer families and Witthoft Genealogical books are a great find.

The CD-ROM is provided for use on one owner's computer only. All rights reserved.

The books (PDF files) on this CD-ROM are intended for family members and researchers. They contain genealogical data on the Kilts, Schaeffer, Schaeffer Loyalist families, Walden Meyer (Waltermeyer), and Witthoft families.

The files can be read either on a MAC or PC provided you have Adobe Acrobat Reader v. 3.01 or higher installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat reader v. 3.02 is also provided on this CD-ROM.

Recommended computer requirements are: Pentium, Windows 95 or 98. 64 mb or more of memory, 50 mb or more of free hard disk space.

Many of the families in the area married into these families. The books take the family lines from the earliest days into modern times with many details included.

According to the author Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., "As of 15 May 1999, the total number of people I have researched and have in my PAF file, all families, is 65,382 people."

The books sell for $45-$50 each, BUT all are on a CD in Adobe Acrobat format available for purchase at a low cost of $37.00 Canadian and $25.00 USA, plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

Here are the details. You may order the CD from: Edward Kipp-

The Price is: Canadian $37.00 per CD plus $2.20 S/H USA $25.00 per CD plus $2.00 S/H.

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