Three Rivers
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Sir Guy Carleton

Sir Guy Carleton


British soldier, born in Strabane, Ireland, 3 September, 1724; died in Maidenhead, 10 November, 1808.

He greatly distinguished himself at the sieges of Louisburg, Quebec, and Belle Isle, and was wounded at the siege of Havana in 1762.

In 1772 he became governor of Quebec, which he defended against the American army in December, 1775.

He commanded the army that invaded New York in 1776, and fought a battle against Arnold on Lake Champlain.

In 1777, on the nomination of Burgoyne to the command, he threw up his commission, but was appointed the same year lieutenant-general, and in 1781 appointed commander-in-chief in place of Sir Henry Clinton.

When peace was concluded in 1783 he returned to England and was raised to the peerage.

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