Three Rivers
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Montgomery County

Montgomery County, organized in 1772 as Tryon County, was in 1784 changed in name to honor the famed Revolutionary general, Richard Montgomery. The 11th oldest of New York State, the county included when formed all of the state west of Albany--12,000 square miles. Divided and sub-divided in setting up more than 30 counties, only 409 square miles are left.

However, the part remaining is, according to millions of travelers on the New York Thruway, one of the loveliest sections of the picturesque Mohawk Valley. Its attractions include many buildings preserved from Colonial times in an area of momentous happenings when the foundations of the country were being laid.

Visits to these historic sites and understanding of the interesting stories that go with them offer insipration toward better citizenship. It is hoped that these notes and illustrations will be of assistance in this understanding.

Younger readers, particulary, may find here beginnings leading to deeper and wider interest in Homeland, also fuller appreciation of the efforts and sacrifices that have made America.

This Storybook is a presentation of the Lee N. and Grace Q. Vedder Foundation as an educational contribution to the Montgomery County Bicentennial of 1972.

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