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Second Generation

4. Johan Georg WALDENMAIER-26435 (Matthaeus) was born 23 Apr 1682 in Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg, Germany. He died in , , , Germany.

BIRTH: "Auszug aus den Kirchenbuchern der evang. Pfarrei Affalterbach" Taufregister 1682: Mensis et Nomen Parentes Patrini dies 23. Aprilis Georg Matthaeus Walden- Georg Meyer Baur von meyer Forstknecht Erdmannshausen, und Mar- uxor Maria gretha seine Hausfraw

MARRIAGE: "Auszug aus den Kirchenbuchern der evang. Pfarrei Affalterbach" Eheregister 1708: "Ferner selbigen Tag d. 17. Jan. sind Georg Waldenmajer, Matthaeus Waldenmaiers seligen gewesenen Forstknechts allhier hinterbliebener ehl. Sohn, und Anna Barbara, Johann Mehrers seligen gewesenen Burgers zu Neckerweyhingen hinterlassene ehl. Tochter copulirt worden."

BIOGRAPHICAL: "Stadtarchiv Luwigsburg, Bestand N 2 Nr. 68: Aubringensinventur von Georg Waldenmayer von Affalterbach und Barbara Mehrer von Neckarweihingen,

1710. TRANSLATION: An inventory taken in 1710 upon the marriage between Georg Waldenmayer from Affalterbach and Barbara Mehrer from Neckarweihingen. Negotiated at Neckarweihingen on 9th April 1710 before Matthias Brecht revenue official, Michel Lutz, Simon Sold, Matthes Schneider senior, all three members of the local law-court, currently probate judges. George Waldenmayer, son of the late Matthes Waldenmayer, citizen and hunter at Affalterbach, has married Barbara, the daughter of late Hans Mehrer, citizen at Neckarweihingen, about 2 years ago. In the meantime they got so deeply into debts that claims are almost daily filed to the district office, and their property may not be sufficient to satisfy the creditors. Therefore and inventory of their property is taken.

HUSBAND'S DOWRY No real estate. Movables: Cash: He has inherited 25 fl. from his father, which can be easily collected, so it is considered cash. Cloths: A few cloths are listed here. Utensils: a barn rope. Arms: a sword, a pistol. The husband's dowry is valued 27 fl. 47 KR. all together. Debts: 10 fl to merchant Dentzel at Backnang for merchandize. This leaves 17 fl 47 Kr. as the husband's property.

WIFE'S DOWRY Real Estate: Buildings: a house with a barn, garden, yard, dung authorization, two cellars below, at the margin of the village, valued 625 fl. Fields: listed in detail. Vineyards: listed in detail. Meadows: listed in detail. Forest: one piece of forest. Garden: an herb garden. All real estate (including the house) is valued 1214 fl. Movables: Cash: none Cloths: several cloths listed in detail. Sheets: listed in detail. Linen: none. Kitchen tools: a small pot. Cabinets: listed in detail. Barrels: listed in deail. House utensils: listed in detail. All movables are value 16 fl. 30 Kr. Debts to collect: 23 fl. were deposited with former burgomaster Simon Sold, but later on stolen by Hans Jerg Schneider. The wife's dowry is valued 1253 fl 30 Kr. all together.

DEBTS: Taxes to the community of Neckarweihingen. Taxes to the revenue office at Hoheneck. A fine of 6 fl 59 Kr. because Georg Waldenmayer was inobedient and impertinent, because he has carried his movables from Affalterbach to Neckearweihingen and wanted to occupy the house forcibly without the permission of the authorities, although he had not satisfied his counterpart, Hans Jacob against (or: not waiting for) the decision of the judge of Cannstatt and had continued to do so although he was amicably asked to refrain. Fees to the parish fund of Neckarweihingen. 90 fl. to Jacob Kopp, mayor of Neckarweihingen, as a rest for the purchase of the house. 29 fl. 55 Kr. to Caspar Schneider, the curator of the wife. 4 fl. 16 Kr. to Georg Ottinger for cooper's work. 5 fl. mortgage to the widow of minister Mr. Kornbeck. 78 fl. 6 Kr. mortgage and interest to the Marbach church fund. 9 fl. mortgage to burgomaster johann Seytz at Schorndorf. 2 fl. 20 Kr. wages for Stephan Gackstatter at Marbach. 20 fl. mortgage to Friedrich Albrecht Hartmann administrator at Marbach. 3 fl. clerical fees to Georg Friedrich Storzer. The debts sum up to 509 fl. 53 Kr. all together. After the subtraction from the property, 743 fl. 36 Kr. are left. Waldenmayer was given a fortnight time for reflection to decide how he wants to content the creditors, so further action may be taken. The married couple and the orphans judges certify the correctness of the listing, but Waldenmayer, his wife and her help reserve their approval to some of the debts, especially to the 90 fl. due to Jacob Kopp. Negotiated on 10 April 1710.

Johan married (MRIN:77) Anna Barbara MEHRER-26436, daughter of Johannes Hans MEHRER-26442 and Elisabet MAYER-26443 (MRIN:10762), on 17 Jan 1708 in Affalterbach, , Wuerttemberg, Germany. Anna was born 23 Oct 1682 in Neckarweihingen, , Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Johan and Anna had the following children:

+ 5 F i. Christina Margretha WALDENMEYER-27220 was born 1712.

6 M ii. Mattheus WALDENMEYER-27221 was born 1715 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany and was christened 24 Aug 1715 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany. He died Apr 1716 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany and was buried 13 Apr 1716 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

NOTE: Transcribed from German by Mildred Sussell: "1715, 24 August - baptism of Mattheus, son of Jury Waldenmeyer & Barbara. One of the sponsors was Elizabeth Bernhard. (I couldn't make out the other names.)

BURIAL: Transcribed from German by Mildred Sussell: "1716, 13 April - Matthaus Waldenmeyer buried, age 8 months."

7 F iii. Barbara WALDENMEYER-27223 was born 1717 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany and was christened 16 Feb 1717 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

NOTE: Transcribed from German by Mildred Sussell: "1717, 16 February - baptism of Barbara, daughter of Jerg Waldenmeyer & Barbara. Sponsors: Elizabeth Michael? & Elizabeth Bernhard & ___?_____."

+ 8 M iv. George (Jury) WALDENMEYER-78 was born before 1720 and died 25 Jul 1796.

9 F v. Maria Elizabeth WALDENMEYER-27224 was born about 1723 in , , , Germany and was christened 4 Jan 1724 in , , , Germany. She died 1733 in , , , Germany and was buried 16 Jun 1733 in Neckarweihingen, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

NOTE: Transcribed from German by Mildred Sussell: "1724, 4 January - baptism of Maria Elizabeth, daughter of Jerg Waldenmeyer & Barbara. Sponsors: Elizabeth Kopp?, Margaretha ___?___, ux., & ____?____." "1733, 16 June - Maria Elizabeth, daughter of Jerg Waldenmeyer & Barbara, buried."

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