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Mohawk Valley Indian Notes

At the time of the Revolutionary War (which is the time period the fort depicts) the Native Americans were called "Indians". All these articles are from a bound series of newspaper articles. The title of the hard covered book is "Mohawk Valley Indian Notes". Anita Smith handed me this little book to copy for the web page. The inside cover says "Donated by Mrs. Leta M. Rickard, November 3, 1982." Someone very carefully saved these interesting articles many years ago.

Mohawk (Mo hawk); also Kanienkahaka (Gon ie yeh' ka), "people of the flint country." Easternmost of the six Iroquois nations and "keeper of the eastern door" for the Iroquois League, they were longhouse village farmers, warriors, hunters, traders, and statesmen. The Mohawk are noted today as "walkers of high steel" (steelworkers) with very special abilities to work at great heights, as on skyscrapers and bridges), a tradition that began in 1886 with the first bridge built across the St. Lawrence River. Mohawk reserves and reservations are located in upper New York State and Canada.

Prehistoric Prehistoric Man in the Mohawk Region by Percy M. Van Epps

Young When the Valley was Young by Robert M. Hartley. Interesting reading! Covers the Iroquois Confederation.

Mohawk Valley Indian Life in the Mohawk Valley by Paul B. Mattice

Mohawk Castles Mohawk's Castles of 1634 by Frank Bogaskie

Red Man The Castles of the Red Man of the Mohawk by Frank Bogaskie. The article talks about the Indian name for St. Johnsville and the early settlers (Klock, Timmerman) as well as locating the three Indian Castles in the St. Johnsville area. Canajoharie Castle Indian village. Castle Teonondoge Indian village. Castle Teontoge. Turtle Castles

Lily Anniversary of the Lily's Death

Kateri Kateri Tegewitha by the Rev. Father Joseph Loyzance

Early Montgomery Montgomery Co. in Early Days

Honor Hendrick Red Men Honor King Hendrick at Indian Castle Church

Indian Affairs Indian affairs at the beginning of the Revolutionary War by L.V.D. Well written article!

Indian Stories Indian Stories by Dr. E.A.Bates (Cornell)

Iroquois History of the Iroquois. This link will lead you to another site. Excellent resource material about the Iroquois.

Iroquois Short article about the Iroquois
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