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Interrupted Harvest, October 1999

British attacking the fort

Barn Dance

Loyalists, British and Indians, shooting at the militia
The British approaching the farmhouse Suttlers, Michelle & Diane The Tryon County Militia

October 2-3

It was a splendid weekend with many participants in the reenactment. Oct 2: the Indians arrived by canoe from the west, and raided the fort. Minor skirmishes took place in the surrounding area so the settlers were nervous.

The suttlers with wares for sale were set up near the Blacksmith Shop and the British were encamped across the road. One of the slave houses became the British Headquarters.

We had Loyalists, Indians, British, and Tryon County Militia present along with may settlers who came to the fortified house for protection.

All had a great time at the Barn Dance on Saturday evening in the barn. Period correct instruments were used and the barn looked romantic with the candle chandeliers



One conversation I overheard was between an officer and his private during the battle. Officer: "Shoot the Indian!" The private replied, "But is he our Indian or their Indian!"

Oct 3: The Loyalists, British, and their Indians raided the fort, burned some crops, took some booty and captives. Then the Tryon County Militia arrived on the scene, small in numbers, but they brought a three pound cannon. That helped turn the balance of the battle in favor of the rebels and the British with their friends retreated.

Everyone said "This is the biggest and best yet!"

Next year there will be an INTERRUPTED HARVEST.



A captive, helping bandage a wound

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