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Harrison Patent,

Lot #11 Deed Nov. 10, 1742 John Wendell to Johannes Klock

This, Indenture made this Tenth Day of November, In the Sixteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second over Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith. And in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven Hundred aud forty two Between John Wendell of Boston in the Province of Messatusets Bays Son & Heir at Law of Abraham Wendell of the same place and province late Deceased of the one part and Johannes Klock of Canajoharie In the County of Albany in the province of Now York Yeoman of the other part. Witnesseth whereas His most Gracious Majesty King George the first of Glorious Memory By his Letters Pattent. Bearing date the 18th day of March in the Ninth Year of his Reign under the Test of William Burnet Esq. the then Governour & Commander in Chief in and over the province of Now York & the Therittioryes thereon Defending Did Grant Ratifye and Confirm unto Francis Harrison, Lewis Morris Jur, John Sprat, John Schyleer, Abraham Wendellx x x x x x x x x x x & others A Certain Tract or parcell of Land Conntaining Twelve Thousand Acres Situate Lying and Being In the County of Albany in the province of New York at a place called Canajoharie on the North Side of the Mohawk River as to Certain Letter Patent. Recourse being hereunto had may more fully appear and Whereas the said Tract of Land was duly Divided and laid out in Lotts and the Lott No 11 was in the map or chart then Thereof made Set out for the Sd Abraham Wendell and by the Said Francis Harrison Lewis Morris Jun John Sprat and others as Above said on the 8th day of August in the Tenth year of said Majestyes Reign Released to the Said Abraham Wendell his heirs and afaigns. for ever as Per Certain Indenture of Release Recourse Being hereunto had may more fully and at large appear Now This Indenture further Witnesset that said John Wendell For and in Consideration of the sum of One Hundred Pounds Currant Lawfull money of the province of New York To the said John Wendell well and Truly in hand paid at and before the Ensealing and Delivery of these Present By the Said Johannes Klock The Receipt where of the said John Wendell Doth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith to be fully satisfied Contented and paid thereof and therefrom and of and from All and Every Part and parcel thereof He the said John Wendell Doth therefore Exonerate Acquitt and fully Discharge him the Said Johannes Klock his heirs and assigns for ever by these Presents Hath Therefore Given, Granted, Bargained, Alinated,. Released and Confirmed and by these Presents Doth Give Grant Bargain, Aline Release and Confirm unto the said Johannes Klock and to his heirs and afnigns for Ever All That Certain Tract of Land Lying and Being within the Limits and Bounds of the Above mentioned Pattent Being The Lott No 11 Alloted, Divided & Released to the Said Abraham Wendell his heirs and afaigns for Ever as aforesaid Having to the South The Lott No* 10 now in the Pofsetsion of Frederick Bellinger and Johannis Hefs and runs from thence upwards along the Said River untill on a Straight Line to be Run North Thirty Degrees and Thirty Minutes West Course Thirty four chains to the afores. Lott No. 12 and along said Lott No. 12 North Sixty Three Degrees and Thirty minutes East One Hundred and Sixty Eight Chains to the back line of said Pattent and along the said Back Line South Forty Three Degrees East Thirty one Chains and South Sixteen Degrees East Sixteen Chains to the Lott No. 10: and along Said Lott No 10: South Sixty Eight Degrees West One Hundred and Twenty Chains to the River The Place where it first begun Containing in all Six Hundred and Ninety Acres together with all and Singular The Woods Underwoods, Trees Timber Thereon Standing Lying Being and Growing Feedings Pastures hunting Hawking Pitts Ponds brings Rivulets and Runs of water Priviledge, heriditaments & Appurtenances to The herein Above Mentioned Lott No 11: Belonging or in any wise appertaining or Therewithall or Right held Used Passed and Enjoyed as part Parcel or Member Thereof as also all mines and minerals now or at any Time or Times hereafter to be formed in any part of the herein above Recited Lott No 11 hereby to the Said Johannis Klock Granted and Released Nevertheless under such Restrictions Limitations and Reservations as are Mentioned in the above letters Pattent and Release Herein Above Mentioned (The Royal Mine Excepted) and all the Estate Right title Interest Possession on ProQ party Claim and Demand of him the Said John Wendell of in or to the Same or any part or Parcell thereof and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rent Issues and Proffits Thereof and of Every part and Parcell Thereof To have and to hold The above Bargained Premises with the Hereditaments and Appertances under the Same Restrictions and Reservations as abovesaid unto the Said Johannis Klock his heirs and assigns Forever and to and for no other Intent or purpose and the said John Wendell for himself and his heirs both hereby Covenant Promise Grant and Agree to and with the said Johannis Klock his heirs aud assigns and to and with every of them that the Said John Wendell at and Before the Ensealing and delivery of These Presents is and now Stands Rightfully and Lawfully Seized of and in the hereby Lott of Land No 11 with the hereditaments and appurtenances In his own Right as of a good and Indefeazeable, Estate of Inheritance ??? Simple to him and his heirs and assigns for ever without any manner of Condition or Conditions use or uses Limitation or Limitations to alter change Determine or make void The Same Estate The Restrictions Limitations and Reservations In the Pattent and Release as Abo ve (Always Excepted) and hath in himself good Right full power and Lawful Authority to Grant Bargain Sell and Release the Same unto the Same Johannis Klock his heirs and assigns according to the true Intent and Meaning of these Presents and that the Same and Every part and Parcell Thereof now are and for Ever hereafter Shall So remain freely and Clearly Acquitted and Discharged or otherwise well and Suffieiently Saved Harmless unto the Said Johannis Klock his heirs and assigns of and from all forever and other Grants Sales Bargains Dowars Title Judgements Executions Extents and of and from all manner of Troubles Whatsoever had Made Committed Procured Consented unto Suffered or done By him the Said John Wendell The restrictions and Reservations In the Letters Pattent and the Quitt Rent which from the Twenty fifth day of Narch One 'Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirth nine shall grow due and payable to his Majestye for the premises only Excepted which The Said Johannis Klock for himself and his heirs and assigns Doth hereby Covenant Promise and Grant to and with the Said John Wendell his heirs Executors and Admistrators yearly and every year to Satisfy and pay unto his Majestye as aforesaid the yearly quitt Rent of the above released Lott No 11 from, the Twenty Fifth Day of March One Thousand Seven (Hundred) and Thirty Nine for Ever and that it Shall and may be Lawful to and for the Said Johannis Klock his heirs and assigns from henceforth and forever Hereafter Peaceably and quietly to have hold use occupy possess and Enjoy the Herein Mentioned and hereby Granted Lott of Land No. 11 and Premises with all Appturtenances without any the least Lott hinderance Eviction trouble to molestation of him The Said John Wendell or his heirs or any persons Claiming or which might hereafter Claim by from or under him or them or by from or under any other person or persons whatsoever, the Limitations Restrictions and Reservations in the Letters. Pattent aad the Reservations herein mentioned always Excepted or Reserved, and the Said Lott of Land No 11 and Premises and every part and parcell Thereof unto the Said Johannis Klock his heirs and assigns (Always Excepted) Shall and will warrant and for Ever be these presents Defend. In Witness whereof the Parties to these present Indentures have Interchangeably Set their hands and seals this day and year first above written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of us Samuel Bradstreet Henry Livingston

Suffolk: SS: Boston November 10, 1742 Capt-John Wendell Acknowledge the aforegoing Instrument by him Executed to be his Act Wdsed before me Jacob Wendell Pr Recorded in Clerks office of the County of Montgomery Book No 5 of Deeds page 420 the tenth day of March 1797

Chris P. Yates Clk

(Note: This was probably registered in Tryon County orininally and when Montgomery County was formed, the deed was re-registered, which was commonly done. Every time the government changed, the properties seem to be re-registered. Please check the Harrison Patent Map. Harrison Patent Land Map. You will see that the Wendell family purchased the land in 1723.)

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