Tuesday, November 1, 1892

The weather was cloudy & damp. All did chores. Then the boys unloaded grist & put up 11 bags more of oats. I took the bay team & milk wagon & took it to the mill & got 500# of corn meal for $5.75, paid & 757# of shipps of Gage & paid $6.42. I got a check of Feeter for 435# of cheese delivered Sept 26th. I paid 75 cents to grind the grist. I paid VanAlstyne 58 cents for 2 butter tubs & paid Youker 51 cents for 50 clams & 2# of crackers, paid O'Rourke & Hurley $2.65 for linseed oil & 15 cents for my horse bill, 12 cents for small nails from the Grange & 20 cents for a haircut. I took Youker 88# of plain cheese & got $8.80 for them & got the pay of VanAlstyne for 134# of plain & 44# of sage cheese, in all $18.68. 1 stayed down late to see Eugene Petrie on his note but could not. The Democrats were parading last night & had a speech. The boys picked stones along the fence in the pasture to plow.

Wednesday, November 2, 1892

<-West Shore Railroad, South Little Falls.

Today was cloudy and rainy. In the morning the boys did the chores. I took old Lill and the buggy and went to the Corners to see Congdon about buying cows. He agreed to come tonight. I came home, had breakfast, then got ready & Carrie & I went to the Falls. I saw Eugene Petrie & got him to pay the balance of his note which was $42.72. 1 learned that the Mang note would amount to $73.20 day after tomorrow. I returned shellac & got 35 cents. I paid Gardinier for the saw & files. I paid 25 cents for gallon of molasses. I paid the horse bill of 10 cents, and let Carrie have $2.50 cash at the Falls. I got 1 bottle of butter color of Silliman, charged. We stopped at Uncle Joel's & got Mamie. Petrie paid me $2 for my trouble on the note.

The boys plowed all day in pasture sod. Blowers made cheese & little else. Congdon was here, looked at the cows & concluded to come & get one at $16.00 on Friday.

Thursday, November 3, 1892

Today was cloudy, windy and rainy. All did chores. Then I did some writing. The boys took the vat apart & Blowers fixed it & cleaned the pig pen. I got the sheep rack ready & after the stalks were out for the cows, we caught the balance of the lambs, 14. 1 took them to Dolgeville to Ransom at $5 each. He paid me only $20 & said he would pay the balance about Monday next. John went to plowing in the pasture & stayed until milking time. Kaine husked corn most all day.

Monday, November 7, 1892

All did chores. Then I did some writing & then got the cheese & butter ready for Little Falls. I got the pay of VanAlstyne in full - 24 1/2# tub of butter & 2 sage cheese = $17.43. I took Youker 1 plain & 1 sage for $8.66. 1 received $2.26 of B. Wilcox for cider. I received the balance on our lambs & sheep from Ransom $40. 1 paid 50 cents, to have the vat fixed, 92 cents: for 7 one bushel sacks of salt, got the order for sage, horse bill 15 cents, binding for coat 20 cents.

The boys sorted corn & mixed feed in the horse barn all day. Blowers was to work at Kaine's house. I settled with Kaine in the evening & paid him in full $25.37 & paid him for his boy husking 185 bushel of corn $9.25 & a present of 25 cents.

I brought the vat home & got the 2 gallons of linseed oil. I paid Zoller 37 cents for the sage. I sent 497# of cheese to Mrs. C. M. Feeter, Highland at 10 cents per # - 13 boxes.

Tuesday, November 8, 1892

All did chores in the morning. Then John & I doctored the colt, cleaned horses, & took the other colts down to the lower barn. I got Lill & the rig ready & Kaine & I went to Fairfield & voted. I paid Reese in full for his work with Arnold on Kaine's house, $3 which I left with Morey. I paid McCrey 50 cents for an axe helve. I saw Congdon & he could not pay for the cows but asked me to fat some cows for him & he would pay what they were worth for beef. We came home & Kaine took the bay team & platform wagon & took his mother to Little Falls. She is going to Wehaken visiting for awhile.

John swept the cellar, got the tables up, trough & c. right. Then in the afternoon, he plowed. Mrs. Blowers helped him clean up the cheese house.

Wednesday, November 9, 1892

Today was pleasant but it stormed and snowed during the night. All did chores. Then we went to butchering the pigs. We had 4 killed when George from Uncle Joel's came & was at the last one when Uncle Will came. Mamie came with George. We killed 8, the heaviest 235# & the lightest was 149#, in all 1425#.

In the afternoon, Mike Kaine & Charlie Blowers drove 2 cows to Little Falls to Fitzgerald at 5 cents per pound. John & I helped to start them & little Mike drove Nell & the buggy down for them. Aunt Delight came up to help and went home at night. All the men went home early. We also killed a pig that dressed 36# for market.

H. A. Crofoot came here & got Mother to back a paper to assist him to purchase the Bunnell farm, then he went right home. M. Kaine worked 1 day, $1.

Thursday, November 10, 1892

Today was stormy and cold. Charles Blowers & I did chores. Cashmer is sick but came up before dinner. I settled with him for 8 months work $184.00 & Nancy 56 cents for milking. John's milk account was $3.00 for the year. His balance due was $31.19 paid in cash for him & Nancy $31.75. He began work on November 5th to March 5th at $14.00 per month. In the afternoon, he & Nancy went to the Falls with Black Fan & the buggy & took the pig along to Fitzgerald, 36# at 8 cents = $2.88. He paid 10 cents for horse salts & gave over the balance.

Aunt Delight was here today to help in the afternoon. Kaine helped & got 2# of butter in the forenoon for 50 cents. We got the meat all salted, and the corn finished. We put the calves & young stock in for the first time tonight. Kaine worked 1/2 day, 50 cents John Cashmer lost 1 day.

Friday, November 11, 1892

The weather was pleasant. All did chores. Then I did some writing. The boys got the team ready, drew out some stalks & picked up small potatoes for the cows, and husked popcorn. Then they dug post holes down through the orchard & set posts. Blowers cleaned up the cheese house.

I went to Little Falls with the bay team & milk wagon. Mamie rode down to Goodell's. I took about 135# of liverwurst & sausage. I returned Uncle Joel's lard press. I took 19# of butter at 24 cents for McGuire & he paid $4.65 in full. I let Teal have 5# of sausage, paid 60 cents. Youker took 11 3/4# and he paid $1.41. J. H. Smith took 4 1/4#, paid 50 cents & Usher took 2#, paid 24 cents Wm. Feeter paid $1.10 for sausage & liverwurst. Mond Schall took 21#, 25 cents paid. Dan Flemming bought sausage & liverworst for 55 cents paid. A. G. Weatherwax took 18 1/2# of sausage & 15# of liverworst, paid $3.53. Lamb took 5# of sausage, 60 cents paid, & 4# to G. Keller, 48 cents & 9# to Wildner & 13 1/2# to Sharp at 8 cents & B. P. Casler $1.12 for sausage and liver & to Cooney 5# of each, paid $1.10. My horse bill was 15 cents. I paid 25 cents for a butcher knife. Garlock bought 41# of sausage, 50 cents paid. McCauley bought $1 worth, paid. I got $19.00 worth of coal of Diemel for the Minister & put it in his cellar.

Sunday, November 13, 1892

All did chores but Kaine. Blowers took the milk to the Factory & drew out some stalks. I got Black Fan ready & Carrie went to church. Mamie came up with her. Wiseman came over with the ferret but we could not get any rats. I paid him 40 cents in full of account. Cora & Carrie came home late.

Monday, November 14, 1892

The weather was pleasant. All did chores. Then I did some writing, helped get some stalks out & got lard & cheese ready. Kaine & I put up 6 bags of oats & 6 bags of barley & took it to the mill & got 800# of corn meal to mix with it & paid $8.80 to Gage. I paid 86 cents for the grist bill to Ingham. I paid 6 cents for postage for Kaine & 19 cents for 3/4# tobacco. C. Blowers got the buggy & Black Fan ready & went to the Falls with his wife. I took the bays & the milk wagon. Carrie & Mamie went down with Nell & the buggy. I paid Welch 25 cents for-the horse bill. J. Cashmer took 2# of butter. I paid 25 cents for 3 dozen screws & 30 cents for 3 water pails at the Grange store. Wildner bought 48# of lard at 12 cents = $5.76. 1 let Blowers have $25 on his pay. I took the coal, but the roads are very bad. I got 48 cents from Keller for sausage & $4.88 for liverwurst. Sharp bought 2 cheese, 10 # and 10 1/2#. Kaine worked all day and trimmed trees in the woods.

I took one cheese to J. Bellinger, 36# of plain, paid $3.60. F. E. Bellinger took one 40# sage cheese. I paid 25 cents for some screws.

Tuesday, November 15, 1892

The weather was pleasant today. All did chores. Then John took our milk to Windecker's factory with the black team. I helped do up the chores & mix feed for the fat cows. John & Kaine ground the axes and put the whey troughs away. I filed the saw & went in the woods & helped trim trees with them. John came up with time enough to get the whey & c. Mother visited Nancy and Mrs. Blowers all day. Charley took care of the cheese & fixed the old hog pen in a hen house. Kaine worked 1 day.

Wednesday, November 16, 1892

It was rainy all day. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, John & I got both teams ready & plowed till noon. Kaine cleaned the stables & husked corn & gathered turnips. John plowed until night. In the afternoon, Blowers took Carrie & Mamie Weatherwax to the Falls with my team & the platform. Kaine & I dug post holes & set posts in the orchard.

Uncle Joel brought Mamie here & stayed till in the afternoon. Mamie paid me $4 for cheese. Carrie and Agnes Houpt are going with her. I let Carrie have $15. Blowers had the halter fixed for 10 cents, and paid 15 cents for 2 horses in the barn. Kaine worked 1 day.

Thursday, November 17, 1892

Today was very pleasant. All did chores. John took the milk to Windecker's with the team. Then he and Kaine got all the corn in the crib. Then we both plowed all day. Blowers got the bay team, the dirtiest of any in the barn in two years. Kaine took care of the cows & then dug post holes all day. Blowers borrowed our new crosscut saw. He & Wiseman cut some of his wood. Ettie was taken sick & the minister came for Mother to take care of her for a time. We only had 396# of milk in two days. Kaine worked 1 day.

Friday, November 18, 1892

The weather was rainy and bad all day. In the forenoon, I did some writing & churned & then went in the lot & helped the boys draw stone from the Welch wall. We came up to dinner & found George Pickert here. He & Shaver stayed to dinner & fed their team. I signed a remonstrance petition regarding the payment of money to men who paid for substitutes in the war. Then John plowed with the black team. Kaine & I worked at the bridge with the bay team. We drew stone, laid a wall, got stringers on, & some plank. We got some stone out of the welch wall, got soaking wet then came up. Mike Kaine got 1 gallon of vinegar, 10 cents. Instead of churning, I helped Kaine do the chores, then we went right at the bridge.

Saturday, November 19, 1892

Today was pleasant and cool. John took the milk with the black team. We had 376#. Then he & Kaine drew stone from the welch wall in the forenoon. They put some on the bridge, & some in the gulf. I churned & then helped them. In the afternoon, John plowed & Kaine & I kept at the welch wall.

In the evening, C. Blowers came here & we settled. I agreed to pay him in full of labor on Monday, $44.00 for him & $6.13 for his wife. He paid for 9 3/4# of butter, $2.28.

Sunday, November 20, 1892

The weather was pleasant but cool. John & I did chores. I cleaned up the horses & did some writing. Then a young boy by the name of Ferris came here on horseback & stayed till near supper time. Then Cora & I were all alone. Blowers came here in the morning and borrowed pincers & returned them at night & took $1.15 worth of sage & plain cheese & paid for it.

Saturday, November 26, 1892

The weather was pleasant. John, Kaine & I did chores in the morning. Then I got ready & went to Salisbury with irons for the tongue & the stick for the tongue. I went to Ives Hollow & got the sleigh from Veers. I took it to the shop & got Loomis to put the tongue in by helping kill hogs in his place till it was done. He gave me some irons in place of fitting mine. He finished the roll. I paid him in all $1. Then I got 4 forward shoes set on the bay team, got the iron fixed for the sleigh, & on the new tongue, and paid Snyder in all $1.60 and I paid to Stahl $2.64 for 16# of codfish. I got 60 cents of Gordon Burrell for the balance on the barley & paid George Burrell $6 for a buck sheep and brought him right along. The boys did chores & went in our woods and stayed there the balance of the day. W. Congdon asked if I could pay Stahl the 45 cents balance.

Sunday, November 27, 1892

The weather was pleasant. John & I did chores. He took the milk to the Factory with the black team. I helped clean the stables and then churned till 1:20 P.M. Then I fed & watered the horses and gave the new colt a mash with salt in & he came up. I put the stock in the barn. Kaine came up simply to learn when & how I was going to the Falls. I proposed to have him work a month & he is to let me know in the morning.

Monday, November 28, 1892

It snowed considerable today. John, Mike, & I did chores. Then I put strings in the hams, and helped shell some old corn for cobs to smoke them with. John & I got the young white pig loaded & he took her to Uncle Will's and left her (with the bay horses). Then we loaded 8 bags of grain oats & barley & 27 pieces of ham & shoulder & took them to Uncle Joel's to smoke. Mother went down there to help them butcher. Kaine went to the Falls with me. I paid 55 cents for grinding. I paid Richard's to fix my teeth $1. Edic paid the balance on his butter $6.90. I took one sage cheese to Father Bellinger, 40#. 1 got a roll way for the sweep machine at Casler's & paid him $2 for it. I let Silliman have 47# of sage cheese at 12 1/4, no pay & contracted 1 bbl. of granulated sugar to get next Monday at 5 1/4 per pound. I paid the Grange 18 cents for baking powder, & 6 cents for saltpetre. I paid VanAlstyne 70 cents for a sack of buckwheat, paid Gillette 50 cents to drive a cow, paid Tefft 60 cents to set 4 shoes on my bay team. I got $1.78 of Fitzgerald for 7 3/4# of butter and $5 of Snell for the cow. J. Cashmer got 17 1/4# of butter at 23 cents no pay = $3.97. We got the team out at 4 o'clock and then waited until the next train, 6:35 for Kaine's mother. She came and rode up with us.

Tuesday, November 29, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. John and I did the chores. John went to Keller's after a pig there and they borrowed our rig to get them with. I had chores most done when Kaine & John came. John & I got a load of hay on for Goetchius of the O'Hara hay. He took it down after dinner. It weighed 1928# net. He had the shoes sharpened up & paid Tefft $1.80 in full. Kaine & I finished the chores. Then I went to the Corners with the log sleigh & had the bobs set back & the draft irons fixed. I paid Snyder 50 cents. I paid Stahl 20 cents, for plaster. Kaine took old Lill & the buggy & went to John Garlock's to hire out but did not. He helped finish up the chores at night. John got my teeth for me.

Wednesday, November 30, 1892

Today was cold and windy. Mike, John & I did chores. Then John took the milk with the blacks to Windecker's. His cheese maker did not come back. Mike cleaned the pig pens & drew out manure. I filed the crosscut saw, got the log sleigh fixed, & got skidds placed for the logs. In the afternoon, we drew logs. We had to double up on a couple logs, and got up about 10. Nancy took Hannah to Little Falls with old Lill & the buggy & came home about 7 o'clock. Kaine was trimming out. Mother got home from Uncle Joel's last night, all through butchering. Kaine began work this morning, at $14.00 per month for 1 or 1 1/2 months at his option.

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