Willard Kilts

The death of Willard Kilts, a respected farmer of the town of Fairfield, son of the late Peter Kilts, occurred at his home, Friday morning, after about a week's illness of pneumonia. He had shown improvement up to Thursday night, but during that night he was suddenly taken worse and sank rapidly away. His age was 36 years. Mr. Kilts was an industrious and honorable young man who can illy be spared by his widowed mother, he having had the management of her large farm. He had the esteem and confidence of all and his death is a great loss to the community. He is survived by a widow, mother, one brother, Seymour, and two sisters, Mrs. H. A. Crofoot, of Norway, and Mrs. James W. Thompson, of Fairfield. He was a member of Rockton Council, Royal Arcanum, and this order attended his funeral in a body, yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock, the services being conducted by Rev. D. D. Munro, of this city.

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