Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Mohawk Valley
Its Legends and its History
by Max Reid
New York and London G. P. Putman's Sons
The Knickerbocker Press, 1901
with illustrations from photographs by J. Arthur Maney

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Chapter 1, The Mythical City of Norumbega
Chapter 2, The Mohawks
Chapter 3, Journal of Arent Van Curler
Chapter 4, Schonowe or Schenectady
Chapter 5, Immigration and Settlement of the Palatines
Chapter 6, Queen Anne's Chapel
Chapter 7, Count Frontenac and the Mohawk Valley
Chapter 8, Sir William Johnson
Chapter 9, Guy Park and Fort Johnson
Chapter 10, In the Old Town of Amsterdam
Chapter 11, The Last Battle between the Mohawks and Mohicans. The Famous Butler Mansion
Chapter 12, Johnstown, New York
Chapter 13, Some Accounts of the Notorious Butler Family
Chapter 14, Legend of Mrs. Ross
Chapter 15, The Joseph Brant of Romance and of Fact
Chapter 16, Incidents Relating to the Early History of Amsterdam and the Mohawk Valley
Chapter 17, Canagera, One of the Mohawks' Castles
Chapter 18, Early Industries
Chapter 19, Old Indian Names and Sites--The Legend of Little Falls
Chapter 20, Canajoharie--The Hills of Florida
Chapter 21, Oriskany

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