Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Frontiersmen of New York
by Jeptha R. Simms
Albany, NY 1883

The two volume set totals 1471 pages. This is a big project so please be patient. The history written by Jeptha Simms is based on interviews of people who lived during the early days. The history is at times inaccurate, but always interesting. It would be the same as if your neighbors would be interviewed about you some 50 or so years down the road; some things would be accurate and other things would not be quite accurate. Bear this in mind and please check with other sources.


Early events in the state's history, page 13
Wampum, page 30
Early events in the state's history, part 2, page 46
Early events in the state's history, part 3, The coming of the Palatines, page 91
First Settling of the Whites in Central New York, page 95
Further account of the Palatines in Schoharie, page 141
Moving of the Schoharie Germans to the Mohawk Valley, page 162
White Settlements in, and Contiguous to, the Mohawk Valley, page 199.
Sir William Johnson's Marriages, page 203
Young Adventurer, Johnson, page 208

A Visit to Fort Johnson, and an Explosion, page 213
Indian Relations and Sir William Johnson's increasling important role,
page 214
Battle of Lake George, page 222
Incidents of the French War, Page 223.
Palatine's Village, page 231.

Topography of the country between Oswego and Albany, page 236

Events of 1758, Page 240

Events of 1759, page 241.

Tax Lists, page 245.
Johnstown, page 248.

First Settlers at Schenectada, page 255.
Johnson's Descendants visit Johnson Hall, The Fish House and Summer House Point. page 256.

Sir William Johnson's Benevolence and his children, page 262
Sir William Johnson's Failing Health, Grist Mill, Masonic Lodge, Religious affiliations, Indian Castle Church, page 272
Some churches in the area. Page 276.
First Church at St. Johnsville, page 285
The First Schoharie Churches, page 285.
Old Dutch Church of Albany, page 289.
Death of Sir William Johnson, page 290.
Will of Sir William Johnson, page 296
An Indian Exhibition in London; or, how an Adventurer was Snubbed, page 311
Sir William Johnson's Dream, page 313.
Organization of Tryon County, page 317
Canajoharie Bridges, pg 320
Erection of the Johnstown Court House, Page 321
A Popular Error, page 334
Fort Hunter, Page 338
The Seeber Family, page 342
Fate of Tories (The story of Adam Klock, and Frederick Bell-- the Tories), page 342
Early Tradesmen, page 345
A Fist Fight page 346
Early Transportation in Central New York, page 348
Mammoth Wagons, page 356
The Great Western Turnpike, Mohawk Turnpike, Teamsters, page 359
John Abeel and the Cornplanter page 364-373
Cornplanter, page 373
Early Bridges in the Mohawk Valley, Page 379.
The Schenectada Bridge Page 385.
The Fort Plain Bridges, page 386
Old Walrath Ferry, page 390
Bridges of The Mohawk, page 391
Bridge near Yost's Railroad Station; Building of the Erie Canal. Page 396.
Stories from the valley; Gov. Clinton Serenaded, Canal Boats cross the Schoharie Creek, Canal Accident, Proposed Canal, Schoharie Creek Aqueduct. Page 404.
Sports, Duels in the valley. Page 408.
Duel and Death of Gen. Alexander Hamilton. Page 420.
Little Falls Reminiscences. Page 427.
Ancient Method of Drying Flax, and a Fatal Accident, page 431
A Plucky Landlord, A Robber How Foiled, GETMAN Family of Tryon County Page 434
A Spook Story and Terrbile Scare, Page 437
A Practical Joke that Cost a Life, Page 440.
Causes Leading to the American Revolution. Page 440.
The Revolutionary Calendar 1775, page 464.
The Revolutionary Calendar, 1776- Jan, Feb 1777, Page 465.
The Revolutionary Calendar, March 1777-April 1778, Page 466.
The Revolutionary Calendar, May 1778-June 1779, Page 467.
The Revolutionary Calendar, July 1779-August 1780, Page 468.
The Revolutionary Calendar, September 1780-October 1781, Page 469.
The Revolutionary Calendar, November 1781-December 1782, Page 470.
The Beginning of the National Drama in 1775, and Principal Events of that Year. Battle of Lexington, Page 471.
Battle of Bunker's Hills, Page 473.
Ovation to Gen. Eaton, Page 481.

The American Flag and First National Fast, page 483
Journal of the Tryon County Committee of Vigilance, page 488
General Organization of the Tryon County Militia, page 529.
Schoharie Militia, Associated Exempts, page 533.
Principal Events of 1776, page 536.
Nathan Hale, page 551
Church Bells and the Course of Sir John Johnson, Page 554.
Commission of General Herkimer and Forts in the Mohawk Valley, Page 570.
Events in the Life of a Soldier, Page 577.
Notes from an Old Soldier, in July 1851. Page 585.
Fortifications in the Highlands of the Hudson, Page 596.
The Hudson River Obstructions, page 602.
Movement of the Enemy, execution of a spy. Page 615
Success of the Enemy in the Highlands, The Great West Point Chain Page 617
Contract for Chaining The Hudson, Page 623.
The West Point Boom, Page 634.
More on the West Point Boom. Page 638.
Wages in the Highlands, Obstructions at West Point, how Handled, Page 642.
Modern Events Connected with the River Obstructions or a Vindication Explaining Itself, Page 643.
Capt. Thomas Machin's Letters, Page 656.

LINKS PERTAINING TO BOOK TWO. (This book has been completed.)

Early events of 1777, Mann family and Harper genealogy, page 10
Seige of Fort Stanwix and Battle of Oriskany, page 66
The Sortie, page 76
Sir John Johnson Wants Revenge on His Former Neighbors and How Han Jost Schuyler Escapes the Halter, why St. Ledger Hastily Skedaddled, page 86
Incidents Attending the Oriskany Battle and Siege of Fort Stanwix, Col. Visscher's Narrow Escape, Capt. Jacob Gardinier, George Walter Scalped, Captain Christopher W. Fox and how wounded, Peter Fox, Abram D. Quackenboss, page 91
Oriskany participants: The Seebers, Peter Wagner, Garret Walrath, Capt. Henry Diefendorf, Capt. John James Davis, Henry Thompson, Robert Crouse, George Shults, Capt. Stephen Watts, William Merckley, page 96-102
More Stories from Oriskany and Fort Stanwix: The Bayonet Tree, Maj. John Frey, John Petrie, Adam Frank, Incidents at Fort Stanwix, After Chickens Once too Often, Disposal of an Indian Marksman, Col. Louis, John Spanable (a howling prisoner), After Scenes of the Battlefield, page 103
Oriskany Roster, page 113
Continuing events of 1777, page 116.
Principal events of 1778, page 140.
Tilleborough Raid, Kringsbush, page 145-150
The Killing of Lieut. Matthew Wormuth, page 158
Anecdotes, page 164
An Anecdote of Capt. Nicholas Dygert while a Prisoner, page 181

Original Letter from Lieut Col. Clyde about the Cherry Valley survivors, page 210
Principal events of 1779, page 232
Visscher Family, page 237

A Long and Successful Race for Life, David Elerson, page 246

Murphy and Boyd meet the Indians, page 255
Scalping of Capt. Gregg and his Companion, page 274
Surprise of the
Folts Brothers While Picking Berries, page 281
The Duel, Archibald Kane/Barent Roseboom, page 288-292
Principal events of 1780, page 292.
Description of Joseph Brant, page 307
A Sentinel Kills an Indian at Fort Windecker, page 314
Another Invasion of Cherry Valley, page 322
Principal events of 1780, part two, page 336.
Jacob Shew, and the Ranger Service, page 346-7
Surprise of Peter Geortner and John Folkert, page 350-352
John Rother and his Niece, page 359
Captivity of Little Evau Myers, page 360
Captivity of David Olendorf and his Wife, page 362-364
Family Stories: Mary Sitts, Caty Bettinger, Shaulls, Lintner Family, Knouts Family, Seeber Family, page 364-372
Revolutionary Scenes, Capture of Mrs. Pletts and Maria Strobeck, Escape of Henry Nellis and Son, Escape of Adam Garlock from the Indians, Captivity of John Casler, Father of Warner Dygert. page 372
Small Forts, page 381-385
Henry Smith Inteview, page 385
A Common Sense View of Scalping, page 390
Principal events of 1780, part three, page 406.
Fate of Col. John Brown and the Battle of Stone Arabia, page 443-460
The enemy moves to the Mohawk Valley, October 1780, proceeeds to St. Johnsville, page 449
Tragic Death of John Shew, page 477
The SCHELL family page 480
Anecdotes of Zachariah KEYES, page 484
Principal events of 1781, page 487.
Liaison of Col. Marinus Willett at Fort Plain, page 491
Corrystown and Sharon Battle, page 494
Fair Maidens in Palatine, the plot to kidnap six Bellinger virgins, page 517.
The Enemy at Bauders, page 522
Surprise of Lieut. Borst, Invasion of the Schoharie Valley, Destruction of Warwarsing, page 523
A Race for Fort Herkimer, page 532
Fall Hill and Fate of Nicholas Bell, page 533
Murder of Capt. Jacob Small and Capture of Jacob Casler, page 534
A Prisoner in Close Quarters, Conrad Edick (Ittig), page 535
An Escape from Brant, page 535
Major Ross in the Mohawk Valley and the Battle of Johnstown, page 538
Settlements North of the Mohawk, Fairfield, Snyder's Bush, Salisbury, page 551
A Bear Story, page 582
Principal events of 1782, page 585.
The Arrest and Execution of John Parker, the Johstown Spy, page 586
Christopher Yates, Major Frey, Gen. Herkimer, comments on their knowledge, page 585
Capture of the Shults Brothers in Palatine, page 614.
Burning of the Grist-mill at Little Falls, page 616
Principal events of 1783, page 645.
Events After The War, page 692.

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