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Youker's Bush Church

From the History of Montgomery Classis; R. C. A. by W. N P. Dailey

The town of Oppenheim was formed March 18, 1808, from the western part of the town of Palatine. In the Fonda records are three references between 1816 and 1822, anent the Oppeheim church. There were two churches organized, the first, the "St. John's Reformed Church" in July 1816, which is the present St. Johnsville church (cf), and supplied by Rev. David DeVoe for six years from 1816. Montgomery Classis received this church on February 11, 1829, and DeVoe continued to serve it until 1830. It was also called "Youker's Bush." De Voe ordained the first consistory at Peter Kline's house, January 4, 1822. This church had no building. Rev. John C. Van Derveer, a Missionary of the Classis (1822-1823), reported the Second Oppenheim church as "small and weak." On September 25, 1830, a Lutheran church was organized at Eukersbush (Youkers Bush). On May 15, 1855, this church was reorganized as a Reformed Dutch Lutheran church, and a building erected in 1857. A second church was formed November 28, 1821, and called the "Second Reformed church of Oppenheim." In 1826 a third society was formed. De Voe recorded not only the incorporation of these two churches, but the names of the consistories also.

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