Saturday, April 1, 1893

The weather was rainy and disagreeable. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, John & Tim finished chores. I did some writing, a letter to Geo Sands & 1 to George A. Petrie. The Rev. Young came to call. Then Charlie Blowers came & after dinner his wife & Mr. & Mrs. Wiseman came. J. W. & Cora drove the horse home & then came back & spent the evening. All went a foot to Wiseman's.

The boys fixed up the buckets, got the hogsheads up & filled them with water & c., and cleaned the pig pens, & c. After dinner, Jim went for home. Seymour took him to the Falls with Jess & the cutter. Rev. Young paid me the $10 he borrowed & left $10 to be sent to J. Homerighouse on the church account. We had 2 calves last night.

Sunday, April 2, 1893

Today was clear and windy and cool. Tim, John, & I did chores. I cleaned Nettle & the bay team. John took Jumper & Nell & took his wife over to Davis's. I got Bay Fan & the old cutter ready & Ma & Carrie went to church.

Tuesday, April 4, 1893

The weather was clear but grew colder and windy at night. All did chores in the morning. Seymour K. & young Lightheart killed a hog & dressed 3 calves which weighed about 160#, after breakfast. He agreed to pay 6 cents per pound for them before he killed them. He took Lightheart with him & took the calves to the Falls with the bay team & the short sleigh. He left the team in Simm's barn & put the calves on F. Pickert's wagon. He sold them to S. E. Ransom & handed over $5 at night. J. Backus & I got the spiles & c. ready & went in the woods & tapped trees. Tim & John scraped the barn yard, drew the manure out & spread it. The new cow milks a fair mess.

Wednesday, April 5, 1893

Today was clear and pleasant and very windy. All did chores in the morning. Then we got the rings on the buckets & c. Then took the hogsheads in the woods with the black team & bobs. We gathered the sap from about 30 trees, and got hogshead of sap. Then after dinner, Seymour went in the woods to finish tapping the trees but did not. We all sawed wood in the afternoon & cut about 61 cords of stove wood. Mother walked down to W. Keller's. I went after her in the evening. The sap run some today. We had one more calf, from the black Bellinger heifer.

Thursday, April 6, 1893

The weather was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Seymour & I put helves in two axes. Then Seymour puttered around here part of the forenoon, then went in the woods & tapped trees till noon. The rest of us sawed wood till noon with the machine & still there is a half day's sawing. In the afternoon, we all went in the woods, gathered sap, shoveled out the arch, and built a fire in the arch & c. Then Seymour finished tapping. We finished the evening chores. Frank Windecker came here buying calves but I could not sell any.

Friday, April 7, 1893

The weather was stormy & disagreeable. All did chores in the morning. Then Seymour took Jess & the buggy & went to the Falls & mailed a letter to Glover. The rest of us finished up chores & then sawed wood. It was snowing pretty hard & in the afternoon, we sawed again & finished the job. The machine broke twice & it took us till pretty late to finish. I got $10.00 from Seymour to apply on Maggie's account & gave him a receipt. He left for Cortland today.

Thursday, April 13, 1893

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Tim boiled sap & gathered sap. John & I scraped the barnyard, finished the chores, then shoveled his, (John's) spring out. Jim helped the women a little & shoveled a little fence out.

Friday, April 14, 1893

The weather was rainy and stormy. All did chores in the morning & then finished chores after breakfast. I got Jess & the buggy ready for Carrie. She went to the Falls & took 19 3/4# of butter to Curran's & got pay at 24 cents per pound & used 30 cents of it & paid 45 cents for aloes for the horses. Then Tim started a fire in the arch & he, John, & I gathered all the sap before dinner. After dinner, Tim boiled sap. John & I finished scraping the yard, and cleaned Lill's stall. Then I took the team & went in the woods. We syruped off & brought up about 35 gallons but not very thick. The women will finish it off on the kitchen stove and bottle it. We lost one little pig.

Saturday, April 15, 1893

Today was stormy and bad. All did chores in the morning. John went down & boiled sap all day. Tim & I did chores. Then he shoveled some snow from the fence, and cleaned the pig pens & c. I did some writing, answered Seymour's letter & c. James, Carrie, & Cora mopped the floor in the cheese house.

Sunday, April 16, 1893

The weather was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then J. Granar went in the woods & boiled sap all day. Tim & I did chores. Then I got his rig ready, Bay Fan & the open buggy. Then I got the colt ready, hitched her to the cutter & drove her down to Hoover's. He agreed to pasture our heifers & cattle. J. Backus rode down to Burrell's with me after his Uncle came here to see him. Cashmer came here after his old shoes. I gave him a ride in the cutter with the colt & he likes her. I fed all of the stock at noon & went after syrup with the black team & helped finish milking.

Monday, April 17, 1893

The weather was pleasant but gloomy. All did chores. After breakfast, I got the colt & the buggy ready & went to the Falls. I took 3 cans of syrup, and a jar of butter to Michael Smith, 22# net at 24 cents = $5.28. 1 took my boots to be fixed & J. Backus also got both pairs done. I paid 10 cents on mine. I paid Thing $3 for boots for Tim, paid Gage $2.20 in full for 200# of meal, paid Brown 25 cents for envelopes, 79 cents for an account book, 18 cents for 6 acct. books, & 15 cents for a horse brush, 4 carpenter's pencils, & 14 cents for a tin pail for John. I paid Tefft 15 cents to repair my clevace. I paid the Co-Operative 40 cents for chocolate & 24 cents for Petijohn's food & my horse bill 15 cents. I paid Casler Bros. 35 cents for an ax helve. Marcke Petrie had 1 gallon of syrup & at 1.00 not paid. I let Silliman have the other two at 90 cents each to be traded out & the cans back to me. McGuire paid me in full for butter $5.13 & Abrial paid in full for 2 1/2# at 25 cents = $5.37.

He agreed to pay 25 cents per pound for all his butter for the season. The boys gathered sap, boiled sap & split wood. The roads were very bad. I paid Smith $1.00 for some salve.

Tuesday, April 18, 1893

The weather was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then John went & boiled sap. Tim did chores & split wood. I was sick & kept quiet. After dinner, Tim & I got Carrie's horse ready. Then he shoveled out the fence that runs to the cornhouse. I scraped some in the yard, wrote some letters, & c. I let Jim Backus have $5.00. He went to Salisbury & bought some boots. John came up & got the team & the can for the syrup & got 1 box & two baskets of coal for himself. Carrie went down to F. Pickert's to paint & stayed all night.

Wednesday, April 19, 1893

The weather was cold and windy. All did chores in the morning. After breakfast, John got the black team ready and went in the woods & gathered 3 cans of sap till noon. Tim & I finished chores, & mixed grain till noon. Then John & I went to the Falls with the black team & the platform wagon. We took Gages bags home, got 300# of meal (not paid), and got a pair of boots from Koehler $3.50 for self (paid). I sent a draft to Geo. S. Sands for $24.00 (cost $24.15). An insurance agent came here to see John & I paid him $5.00 for John. I let John have $5.00 more at the Falls. I paid Tefft $1.80 to shoe the team. I paid Dr. Garlock $1.00 for some medicine for self. I got the pay of Smith in full for the butter, $5.28 & 95 cents of another woman for 1 gallon of syrup. I let Tefft have 2 gallons at 95 cents each not paid for.

Friday, April 28, 1893

The weather was pleasant but the roads are very bad. All did chores. Then Tim went in the woods after breakfast to boil sap. I was writing some letters & fixing my accounts. John did chores & split wood & let out the milk cows & got everything ready to do the night milking. Then he got the team ready and went to the Falls with the platform wagon after Agnes & Lora Houpt. I sent money with him & he paid Aldridge 70 cents for 2 plow points & paid Cook 45 cents for one point. I let Carrie have $1.30. She sent the pay for a paper & c. Granar kept 85 cents of the money, and paid Tefft 25 cents to sharpen the colter. He paid 25 cents for some oranges, 10 cents, for the horse bill, & 10 cents to register Carrie's letter. It was late when we got through milking but Tim & I went down & got the syrup pans & hogsheads, & c.

Saturday, April 29, 1893

Today was windy and misty. All did chores in the morning. Then I was writing all day. Agnes & Lora Houpt are here. The boys washed the hogsheads & put them & the pans away & put the sleighs away. They got some hay in the barn for the sheep & some straw for the horses' bedding. S. Deifendorf went down to J. Keller's in the morning & in the afternoon, I drove Nettle down there & he came back with me & stayed all night.

Sunday, April 30, 1893

We are having beautiful weather. All did chores. Then Tim got ready & went to the Falls to church. He took Black Fan & the buggy. I had to feed all the stock at noon, pigs, horses, & cows & help mother at the cheese. Harry Decker came here with his horse & took the Houpt girls home at night. It was late when we got to milking. Mother was busy at the syrup all day. After the night milking, I took Cora home with Nettle. She drove all right. The roads are very rough. J. W. Thompson was here to supper & spent the evening also.

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