Monday, August 1, 1892

Today was pleasant and warm. It looked likely to rain but did not. We all did chores in the morning. Then I got ready and went to the Falls with 20 cheese. Henry came and rode down with me. I took 14# of butter to J. W. Feeter & he paid me $2.80 for it. I let VanAlstyne have one 40# cheese at 8 cents. He paid me $3.40 for it. I got a screen window & 3 screen doors of Gardinier & hangers for them. I paid in full for them $7.17. I tried to settle with Ladue but he did not have time. I let Youker have 87# of cheese & he paid me $7.39 for it. I got the pay for 10# of butter from Wilcox, $2. 1 paid J. C. O'Hara $35 in full for the hay account. I paid Gage $1.20 for 100# of meal, 90 cents for Cashmer for 100# of shipps, & $1.60 for 100# of wheat for the chicks. My horse bill was 15 cents, a new whip 70 cents, shoeing $1.20, prunes from the Grange 50 cents, 5# of snaps 55 cents, and 1 sack of salt 15 cents. I exchanged shoes for Mrs. Cashmer. I sent 17 cheese to Mrs. C. M. Feeter from the West Shore Railroad. They are to be paid for in two weeks.

I got home early. The boys filled the ditch, dug some liveforever, and hoed the cabbage.

Tuesday, August 2, 1892

It was rainy in the afternoon. We all did chores. I was late to milking as I was not feeling well. After breakfast, we put the cultivators, shovels, plows, rakes & mowing machines away. We loaded a load of drizzlings from the hay fork on the floor onto the wagon & drew it on the other barn floor & put it in the bay with the horse fork. Then we got the wool on the wagon & came up for dinner. I was going to take the hog & the wool to market but it rained so I could not go. Blowers took black Fan & the buggy & went to the Falls. He took $5. He thought of going to Auburn. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day & I paid her for it & 1 other day at 50 cents & 15 milkings at 15 cents each, in all $3.25 leaving due her 2 quarts of berries. Katie Jennings came here. She is staying with us and will work at the school to get ready for the next term. I did some writing. Kaine & John put some grain from the granary in bags & clipped the horses legs. The women put a new carpet down. Kaine mixed paris green & plaster for the potato field.

Mike Kaine & I went to the school meeting. We held the election of officers for the year: W. Kilts - clerk & librarian, J. VanSlyke collector, W. Keller - trustee.

Blowers did not get home until 2 or 3 in the morning. He got full and vomited on the wagon.

Wednesday, August 3, 1892

The weather was fine and clear. We all did chores. After breakfast, John & I weighed the wool & found 115# washed & 712# unwashed. Kaine got the bay team ready & went down after some green barley to feed the cows. I helped get it & draw it out. We then loaded the hog & I went to Little Falls with the bay team. The hog weighed 260# & on account of the bag, he docked 10# & paid 5 cents for the balance which was $13.75. The tannery men made 116# & 712# of the wool. I put the team in the barn & waited until 2 o'clock for the book keeper & he did not come so I got no pay.

I paid 25 cents for paris green, 48 cents for a round pointed shovel, and 15 cents for the horse bill.

The boys got all the weeds out of the grass seed, fixed the sheep pasture fence, mowed weeds, & shook the carpets. C. Wilcox & Ben came here to buy pigs. They bought over 11# of butter, not paid for. Blowers made his cheese & went home. Mrs. Blowers made out her day today & paid me $2 towards the pig that she bought. The balance to be paid in work. Kaine put poison on the potatoes to kill the bugs.

Carrie took Katie Jennings down to Keller's to get the school ready. Then Carrie and Kittie Goodell went to J. W. Ford's visiting with black Fan.

Thursday, August 4, 1892

The weather was pleasant all day. We all did chores and after breakfast, Cora and I got ready to go away. We took Father Bellinger's horse home and the headstalls. Cora stayed there waiting for her mother to go with her to Utica. I left the horse & wagon there for them. Will Bellinger & I walked to the Falls. I went to the tannery to get my pay for the wool but the bookkeeper would not settle then. Cora and her Mother met Will and I at the Depot & we all went to Utica. We stopped off one train. I saw Childs & Gomes about the horse fork & they would not take it back or exchange it. I have not been satisfied with the way it worked. We took the next train for Rome and saw the race. It was as good as I ever saw. I gave $10 cash to Cora. We had a very nice time. We got home about 11:30.

The boys thinned and weeded the carrots, clipped the pumpkin vines, & cut weeds.

Friday, August 5, 1892

The weather was fair and windy today. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, Mother got ready & rode with me as far as Aunt Maryetta's. I went to Flemming's after berries and got 25 quarts & paid $2.50 for them. I came back by way of Aunt Maryetta's and Mother came with me to do up the berries. Uncle Will & Uncle Joel went to Rome to the horse race.

The boys drew out some barley for the cows & went after some liveforever when I came home. I had black Fannie. I went out and helped them find 1 load of scattering bunches of liveforever till dinner. After dinner the boys mowed barley. I did some writing then took Fan & the buggy and went over to Carpenter's. I helped him pitch on 2 loads and mow them away. I asked them to come to the Falls on Monday to fix up the note and he partly agreed too then. I went to Fairfield next, & engaged Reese to come to do our carpenter work. I went up to Smith's to see the colts & found them all right. Cora & Carrie milked in my place. A man by the name of Cole rode with me & spoke about living here & working for us.

Saturday, August 6, 1892

It rained part of the day. In the morning, I helped with the horses & c. Then I took the team, went down to W. Keller's & got 11 cheese boxes & paid $1.10 for them. I came home, loaded the mowing machine, and got ready to leave. I took it on the hay rigging with black Fan & Jess to Seymour near Herkimer to exchange for a 5 foot cut. I found his machine down across the river. He took his team & our wagon over & got the other on in place. He paid me $2 difference and gave me 5 knives. I came home by way of Little Falls. I got 100# of meal from Gage for Kaine, $1.20, & paid 48 cents for a bag of shipps for self. I paid 94 cents for some beef. I got a letter from Lambertson that he had used the 3 cheese and sent the pay for 192# at 8 1/4 cents = $15.84, paid by check. He will send the balance as soon as it is sold & he can collect. I sold Frances 1 load of hay to be delivered next week.

The boys mowed some sowed corn & some barley. Carrie took bay Fan and went to the Falls. She met Agnes Hougt and they went to the races in Rome. She got home late. John Cashmer took Nell & the buggy & went to Little Falls with his wife. (He lost day.) Hannah milked in my place.

Sunday, August 7, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. We all did chores in the morning. Kaine let the cows in the afterfeed for awhile. I cleaned the barn. John got the horses ready & I helped him get some corn out for the cows. I cleaned up the barn & was shaving when Will Bellinger drove up with Hannah & Leta. H. Decker & J. W. Thompson came & Agnes Hougt was here. They all stayed until after supper. Then J. W. T. had to go to help Silas milk but came back in the evening. J. Wiseman came here with Blowers & bought the old phaeton wagon & gave his due bill for $20. The evening was the finest.

Monday, August 8, 1892

Today was pleasant but cloudy. We all did chores in the morning. We got the horses in, and harnessed the bay team. The boys got some sowed corn out. I helped box the cheese and weighed the butter. I got ready to go to the Falls & took 16 cheese & 13 3/4# of butter for Buskirk at 22 cents. I let VanAlstyne have 43# of cheese, not paid for & Youker 42# & 44# - not paid for. I got some clapboards & some siding to finish the horse barn & paid $1.60. 1 paid 40 cents for 1# of tea at the Grange Store & found that 1# was 35 cents at Youker's. I met my brother, Seymour at the train. He was coming up home for a visit. I paid the horse bill of 15 cents, paid 31 cents to grind the barley, paid 20 cents for acid crystals, 1 pt. Japan Dryer & Asphaltum - 30 cents, 4 ties - 25 cents, mine & Seymour's dinner - 50 cents, cash for middlings for Cashmer to Gage - $1, for self - $2.96, I gave Seymour 50 cents cash. James Wiseman came & got the phaeton wagon. I sent Feeter 13 boxes of cheese - 426#, no pay.

The boys finished cutting the barley & got 3 loads in. I helped get one in. After I came home, Seymour came. I got 25 cents per pound for 91# of wool & 17 cents for 32 1/2#, in all $28.27. I received, by check, $15.86 from Lambertson towards the cheese & $3.75 from Gross for the syrup in full. Uncle Joel & Aunt Maryetta came up to visit. C. Carpenter did not come down.

Tuesday, August 9, 1892

It was rainy and bad all day. In the morning, we all milked till nearly through. Then John, Kaine & I went down with the team, unloaded the load, and went after the balance of the scatterings. We got it all picked up, with that load making 5 loads in all. We drove on the barn floor with it. After breakfast, we unloaded the 2 loads, then put on a load of hay for Francisco. Seymour raked the barley with Lill.

After dinner, we got Nell ready & took Seymour & Mother down to Uncle Joel's. John got ready & went to Crofoot's to help draw manure & bring our spreader home. He took Lill & Black Fan. Kaine cut some sowed corn & drew it out. C. Wilcox came here & got 2 pigs & paid $10.50 for them. Aunt Maryetta is to have a tumor taken out today. Windecker's cheese maker was here to see Charles. Charles painted the kitchen floor. At times it rained very hard.

Wednesday, August 10, 1892

Today was very rainy and bad. There was very bad lightening. J. Garlock's barn was burned & Arch Jackson's barn was burned. We did chores in the morning. Cora milked in John's place. Seymour took the bay team & platform wagon & went after the carpenter, Reese. He went right at the barn & then hung the screen door on the sitting room. We went at the milkroom & found that the sills were in bad shape. Blowers finished up the cheese early & went home for about 3 hours. He carried some water to fill the vat, painted the pantry floor & that's all. Kaine & Seymour had an early dinner & went to the Falls with the load of hay to Francisco's, 2475#. They got $1.11 worth of nails, lumber & shingles $1.07, 15 cents for the weigh bill, and beer -10 cents. I gave Kaine 25 cents cash, & Seymour $3 to pay for it. He gave me the change 32 cents. They got home to milking.

Aunt Maryette is doing very well after the operation. Carrie started after Mother with the buggy and met her on the second knoll. She had been staying with Aunt Marietta and Uncle Joel. John found the ground so soft that he could not draw manure very well at Crofoot's so he drew 13 loads & came home. Crofoot was off reaping. He is not through haying yet. Our house leaked bad during this rain.

Thursday, August 11, 1892

It was very rainy all day with some lightning. We all did chores in the morning. I oiled the spreader while John & Kaine got the horses ready. John drew nearly all of the horse manure. Kaine & I drew out some corn for the cows, then fixed the fence between us & Fred's place and on the orchard. Then we picked up a load of rubbish from the board & rail fence. I gave it to Kaine. He took it home & got back at dinnertime. We got the timber & lumber for the carpenter & got both sills in & almost half of the floor laid. Blowers painted the kitchen floor over again & helped us lay the floor. Mrs. Blowers helped milk. Seymour took the bays & the wagon & went down to Uncle Will's.

Billy Rhine was taken to Brockett's with the livery rig. He was drunk & had a black eye.

Kaine mowed some sowed corn & got the old potatoes out of the cellar. Reese worked one day at $1.75.

Friday, August 12, 1892

Today was rainy and cloudy all day. We all did chores in the morning. Then I mixed some stuff for the flies and put it on 2 cows. John & Kaine drew out some corn. I helped at the milk house. Seymour blacked the hoops on the churn. I fixed the pitman on the reaper. Kaine ground the knives & helped in the afternoon at the cheese house. Reese got through in there. Seymour took Mother down to Aunty Pickert's to help her.

Will Goodell was here till just before dinner & went home then. He & J. E. Windecker went fishing.

In the afternoon, I took Jess & the buggy & went to the Corners. I paid Stahl $3.21 for some merchandise and received $2.91 for some pork. I saw Congdon & he agreed to leave some money for me at Brockett's tomorrow.

Seymour, Cora, & Carrie went to the church sociable tonight with Nell. Blowers brought a dog here, on trial for the cows at $2.

Saturday, August 13, 1892

Today was fair part of the day. We all did chores. We set the screws and shoved the sill back on the horse barn. We got some sowed corn out. Then Seymour took the bay team & reaper & rept the grass seed. Mike Kaine & John bound it & carried it out. I took the bays & the new machine & cut the stubbles. The machine does not work right. After dinner Seymour took Black Fan & raked the stubbles. Then he went to the Falls with her & brought Mother home from Uncle Joel's. I took the rig & went up to O'Hara's to buy his oats but he was not at home so I went around by Brockett's to get the money if Congdon had left it. They had sent it with Silas Thompson - a check for $25. Metcalf sent 100 boxes here and I paid him $10 for them. I paid Reese $7 for 4 days work. I let Kaine have 8# of sugar, pail & all. Nan got 2 quarts of milk. Reese patched our roof, hung the screen doors, and fixed the siding on the barn. John broke the wagon tongue.

Sunday, August 14, 1892

The weather was gloomy in the forenoon but pleasant in the afternoon. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I did some writing. John & Kaine got some sowed corn out. I oiled the buggy & got the rig ready for Mother to go to church. I did some more writing until J. Wiseman came. We settled & I paid him $1.73 for the fish and 68 cents, 50 cents, & 60 cents for the currants and he paid $2.20 for the pork & the yarn. (40 cents pork 22 x 8 = 1.80). I let Kaine have 1 1/4# butter & he paid 29 cents. I paid Mother 13 cents for a can of salmon. I settled with Hannah Kaine & paid her $4 in full for her labor on 31 milkings, actually $3.88. Fred Metcalf sent some scale boards over to Brockett's in the box. Henry brought them up & then went over to F. Windecker's

Monday, August 15, 1892

The weather was pleasant today. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, Reese came. John & I got the horses ready. Seymour took the black team & finished the reaping, & then took it down to W. Keller's. John & I got on the lumber & tools. Reese, John, and I went down to the red house to do the carpenter work. We came away & Reese stayed to work.

Mother & I went to Little Falls. I took 384# of cheese for Feeter, 2 of them were not quite right. He agreed to settle for the 707# of cheese of 2 weeks ago but the check did not come for $61.85. I took 20 1/2# of butter to C. Wilcox at 22 cents, no pay ($4.51) & 10# to Silliman & he paid me $2.20, & 9# to Tefft's at 22 cents = $1.98 (no pay). I received $3.60 of VanAlstyne & $7.74 of Youker & paid him 50 cents for a knife. I sold 18 dozen eggs at 17 cents to VanAlstyne, and he paid me $3.06. Cheese sold yesterday at 9 cents & 9 1/4 cents. I returned Wilcox's hammer. I saw C. G. Carpenter & went to the bank & had him renew his note. He paid $7.24 interest & Dis. I paid $25 on the note & he gave a new one for $75. He took the old note and I had nothing to show for the $25.00. I paid Lowry 9 cents for tacks, Grange 24 cents for tobacco for Kaine, the horse bill of mine & Seymour's 25 cents, 1 dozen bananas 25 cents, 1 watermellon 30 cents, Newell & Little $2.25 for two double windows. I paid Burrell $6.68 for bandage and rennet extract, paid 25 cents for grinding the grist. Cash to Mother to trade for house use & for self $15.

Fan Strough came home with us to visit Cora. Blowers went to the Falls right after dinner & rode home with us. The boys fixed the granary, turned the grain, and cut some sowed corn. Seymour mowed the thistles with the black team & the old machine. Reese patched the roof, fixed windows, and put on clapboards.

Tuesday, August 16, 1892

Today was very pleasant. We all did chores in the the morning. Then we got the bay horses ready. Kaine & I got a sleeper from the lower barn for Kaine's house. We took it down. I stayed and helped Reese & him put it in. Reese started the floor. Seymour raked the scatterings from the grass seed, stubbles, & grain. The boys got out the corn.

While I was down there, a man sent by Judge Hardin got the particulars regarding our family to be published in a county record. I gave him an order for a book, was loth to do it & am not satisfied with the information I gave him.

We drew grain, and got in 7 loads of oats. Seymour bunched up and raked. Blowers only made cheese and cleaned the hog pen today. Reese did not get through today.

Cora took Fran Strough home with Nell and the sidebar in the afternoon.

In the evening, Seymour, Carrie, Cora, & I went down to Frank Pickert's. We had a nice visit.

Wednesday, August 17, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, we got the horse ready for Seymour & he went down to the oat field & finished raking the scatterings. The boys took the bay team & got some corn out for the cows. I did some writing & then we doctored Blowers' pig. We unloaded a load of grain & then got the other load & jag in making 8 1/2 of oats. The boys ground the scythes & began mowing around the pieces of grain.

I wrote some & then went down to the red house. Reese was almost done. I brought up some of his tools & some apples for pies. Reese fixed the screening on the windows. Seymour took the black team after dinner & mowed the thistles until Reese got through. Then he took him home. I paid Reese in full 2 3/4 days this week $4.85.

I took 6 bags of grain to the Falls with the bay team and paid 51 cents for the grinding. I got a bunch of clapboards for 90 cents (paid). I got credit in the bank for a check in the amount of $61.86. 1 paid Youker 45 cents for 50 clams & 2 heads celery, paid 30 cents for some postal cards, paid the Grange 31 cents for 3# of crackers & 1 box of matches. I settled with Ladue & paid him the bill of $19.05 due him & Cooper by my credit of $19.58 due me for logs out of Hoover's woods & got the difference of 53 cents. I paid the drugstore, O'Rouke & Hurley 97 cents for some yellow paint & Japan dryer & 18 cents for crackers. I paid 25 cents for fly paper, and 15 cents for sweet potatoes. I drew a check of $25 which was part payment for the bay colt that I sold to Congdon & used the money to settle Estate accounts.

Thursday, August 18, 1892

The weather is very pleasant. We all milked in the morning. After breakfast, the boys got Lill & Jess ready. John & Seymour drew in the grass seed. Then they took the iron ex wagon and went after the reaper. John went along & helped Keller draw grain. I drove the cows in the day pasture. Kaine & I fixed fence, and set some new posts. The cows got in the corn last night & went all through it. Mike Kaine & his wife & children took Black Fan & the buggy & went to the Falls.

I got Bay Fan & the buggy ready and Cora & Carrie went to Middleville. They left the horse & took the train to Trenton Falls to the Grange picnic. Carrie got $1.60 from Mother.

Seymour used the reaper most all day. I was writing most all day. Kaine got home to milking & Hannah helped too. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day. John stayed till dark, helping Keller. Blowers found 1 sage cheese so full of skippers that it had to be thrown away and 3 others pretty bad. In the afternoon, Blowers went down & painted part of the floor in the big room at Kaine's.

Friday, August 19, 1892

Today was pleasant but there were indications of rain. The cows were in the corn again last night. Blowers heard them about 4:30 & came up to get them out. The boys helped finish getting them out. We all did the milking & chores. Then John & Kaine got the bay team ready & got some sowed corn & ground the reaper knives. We got Lill ready & Mother went down to Aunt Maryetta's. The boys rode with her to W. Keller's & helped them get the balance of their grain or 10 loads. Seymour rept grain most all day. I did some writing & nailed the fence so the cows could not get in. I fixed the rake & raked oats on the sod.

After dinner I put up grain till Charles came. We nearly finished the piece. We got 1 load on the wagon & drove it in the barn. Kaine & Blowers helped me get it off & we got 1 more this afternoon. It thundered & threatened rain. Mrs. Blowers helped Charles clean the cheese house. Mother got home just at dark. Aunty Pickert is feeling better. Mrs. Blowers milked, and Nancy worked 1/2 day.

Saturday, August 20, 1892

Today was rainy & bad. We all did chores. Then I attended to Jess's leg & got the bay team ready. We unloaded the last load of grain from yesterday. We got some sowed corn out. Seymour dug a few potatoes. Mike & John helped him dig 4 bushel of potatoes & found 4 1/2 bushel of small ones. I did some writing.

After dinner Seymour & I went to the Falls with the bay team and milk wagon. I sold 4 bushel of potatoes to Youker for $2 & got 610# of coal and paid $1.05. 1 paid 8 cents for the barrel, 14 cents for 2 faucets, 18 cents for a bag of salt, ($1.25, $1.35, $1.00, $1.38) $4.98 for Blowers' feed & 100# of meal for John - $1.25 & got 1 sk of Brown's Patent for $1.35, and the horse bill of 15 cents. Cash to Seymour $1.25 & apples 5 cents, bath 25 cents. I got Sullivan's jar. Feeter spoke about 6 out of 10 cheese sent to Eddie Feeter had skippers in.

The boys mixed grain, cleaned up the old boards from the milk house & the cheese house, and washed the buggy. Cora & Carrie helped milk. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day.

Sunday, August 21, 1892

The weather was pleasant. We all did chores. Then the boys got corn out with the black team. I washed Jess's leg. Wiseman came to borrow our platform wagon for a few days. We put the fills on and oiled it & put washers on. Then we oiled & put washers on the end spring buggy. I got Nell on the side bar for Seymour & he went up to Smith's to see the colts & came back by way of Fairfield. He saw T. Clark to have him come to help stack grain tomorrow but he would not saying he had to go to the Falls in the forenoon.

I got ready & took Cora home with Black Fan & the end spring. Cora expects to stay until Thursday or Friday.

Seymour got home about 2 pm. Seymour got the men & cocked up some grain.

Mother took Aunty Weatherwax down to J. G. Pickert's with Nell & the sidebar to visit Aunty Pickert. I paid Hannah Kaine 15 cents to milk. J. W. T. came here to see Carrie. I gave J. Wiseman 1 gallon vinegar. W. Keller drove up with his mare & came to see about the grain.

Monday, August 22, 1892

Today was rather cool and windy but pleasant. In the morning we all did chores. I fixed the rake. Seymour took Nell and raked the balance of the heavy grain. The boys took the black team and got one load of wood cut for the stove. They got out the sowed corn. I was getting the bay team ready when 2 of Keller's men came to help us get our grain. We went right at it, and put 19 loads in the stack. We got all of ours cleaned up, scatterings & all. At night I got the calves out of the meadow & put them in their yard. Smith got too much cider & acted like a dummy. The stack is not put up in very good shape. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day.

Tuesday, August 23, 1892

The weather was pleasant but cloudy. We all did chores. O'Hara came here & I bought his piece of grain on the east side of the road & agreed to give him $30 for it. He is to cut it but we concluded to reap it so he just cuts around it & Seymour went up with the bay team to cut it with the reaper. I raked around the stack. The boys got out some sowed corn. John went & got a load of wood for himself. Then he & Mike went to drawing manure. I did some writing & churned the butter. Seymour cut the grain & took the reaper home & got our wagon. After dinner Seymour took Bay Fan & the rake & went down to Uncle Joel's & helped them. I took Nell & the wagon & went to the village. I stopped at Wilcox's & doctored his pig. I went down and got the pay of Feeter for the Aug 8th cheese weighing 526# at 9 cents by check $47.34. It is not settled yet for the cheese that had skippers in. I got 79 cents in goods at the Grange Store for Kaine. They sent $1. I gave the change back - 21 cents. T. Welch paid me $5 on the load of O'Hara hay of mine. The balance is $13.75. Carrie went to Uncle Joel's & rode home with me. The other pig at Wilcox's died last night. Kaine's wife & son Mike went to the Falls to see the doctor. Mrs. Blowers did 1 milking.

Wednesday, August 24, 1892

Today was rainy & bad. We all did chores. Seymour went down to Burrell's to see Snell about threshing while we were milking. It rained quite hard before he got back. I stayed in to write. The boys got out some sowed corn, and then drew manure. I was writing most all forenoon. Mr. Wiseman returned our platform wagon all right and paid 25 cents for a gallon of vinegar & $10 towards the phaeton wagon.

After dinner, John & Kaine took the black team, the wagon & the rake & went up to the O'Hara place & turned some grain. I stayed here. We all had a talk with Seymour. He finally thought that he would sign the release to Mother & take the paper with him to Cortland. Then he & I went to O'Hara's place with the bay team & wagon. We turned all the grain, waited awhile, then put two loads on & brought it home & put it on the stack. Carrie helped milk too. There is only 1 load left & it makes a dear piece of grain. I sold Seymour 5 pigs at $2.75. He was making a box to ship them in most all day. Katie Jennings, the school teacher boards here this week. Mrs. Blowers & Nancy helped with 1 milking.

Thursday, August 25, 1892

It rained very hard almost all day. We all did chores in the morning. Then John got Lill on the buggy & Mother took Katie to school & then went to Aunt Marietta's & stayed all night on account of her not being as well. Seymour finished up the box to ship his pigs in. The other boys were tinkering around the buildings till most noon. Then John & his wife & child, and Blowers & his wife & Seymour took two Fannies & went to the Falls to see the circus. John took $5 & Charles $2, & Seymour $1. They got back about 10 o'clock. John and Charlie worked 1/2 day each.

In the afternoon, Kaine split wood in the wood shed. Hannah milked in Blowers' place. Kaine got water in the vat. I was writing & fixing up accounts all day. J. W. Ford came here to borrow our long ladder & it was over to Coles. He thought he could not get after it today. Windecker's hired man rode up with them.

Friday, August 26, 1892

It was very rainy all day. We all did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I helped get the pigs in the wagon for Seymour, 5 at $2.75-each. John & Kaine got the bay team & the milk wagon ready & I took Seymour to Little Falls. Carrie rode along as far as Aunt Marietta's. Seymour, Carrie and I went in to see Auntie Pickert. Carrie was going with Aunt Delight to Mrs. Davis's funeral then to the Falls.

I took Seymour to the train for Cortland. I took 8# 6 oz. of butter for Wilcox left at Wilcox's at 23 cents @ pound, & 19# to Warner Edic at 23 cents, $4.37, no pay either place.

I settled with Seymour & found that he had 3 1/2 years' interest due on Aug. 26 on the mortgage of $600 which amounted to $126. He claimed an error of $4 in Herman's account which I allowed to him & I also allowed him $2, making his credit in full $138. The amount due the estate of Herman from him was $133.86 so I paid him the difference or $4.14. He gave me a receipt in full settlement to Estate. Then I charged him with 5 pigs at $2.75 = $13.75. He paid 75 cents on them leaving our due $13.

I drew $18.13 on Lambertson's check settling in full for the cheese sold to him. I paid $1 for a paint brush --Lintyes, & 30 cents for 1# of fly powder. Watt let Carrie have $1 cash & paid 30 cents for some sale molasses, and 25 cents for castor oil. I treated Seymour & self for sandwiches, 20 cents. I paid $2 to Teft in full for fixing tongue. I paid Keller the interest on the $200 note to July 6, 1892. 1 paid Youker 35 cents for clams, and my horse bill was 15 cents. I got home about dark, and brought my wife home with me. Leta Bellinger came up with us to stay for awhile. Carrie rode up from W. Keller's with us.

The boys patched up & cleaned up around the buildings. Mrs. Kaine sent 35 cents with me to get some things for her & they cost 38 cents. I gave Seymour a good suit of clothes.

Saturday, August 27, 1892

It was rainy most all day. We all did chores in the morning but J. Cashmer. He was sick all day and sent his wife to milk in his place night & morning. Kaine got the black team ready on the platform & got the pig box in. I helped load the pig for Wilcox & took it down & 9 3/4# of butter to Sullivan at 23 cents = $2.25 no pay. I took 24# of plain cheese to the Co op Store & 28# of sage cheese at 11 cents. I got $5.24 pay & paid him 15 cents for muskmelon. B. Wilcox paid in full $2.15 for butter. Will Teft settled in full $1.98. 1 paid them 90 cents for shoeing in full & I paid Thing & Co $2.50 for a pair of rubber boots for me. I paid Harvey $30 for a reference stone & he is going to cut the inscription on the stone. I paid Jonah May for a transcript of the Judgment, cost $1.45. The Judgment was dated May 31, 1892 and stated the amount of $105.89. 1 agreed to settle with Francisco for the hay at $13.50 @ ton = $16.37.

John was sick all day. Kaine clapboarded, and painted. I got around a little late. Ferdinand rode up home with me. He is going to stay to visit for awhile. I stopped at Aunt Maryetta's to see Mother about the inscription. John lost 1 day's work.

Sunday, August 28, 1892

Today was rather gloomy. We all did chores. John didn't come up to milk. He stayed home until after breakfast. After breakfast, Kaine & I took care of the horses & got the sheep in the old pasture. I polticed Jess's leg. J. W. Thompson drove here to see about the camping party & was going to Dolgeville to report.

John & his family went to church to the Falls with old Fan & the end spring wagon. I got old Lill & the side bar ready for Carrie & Cora. They went down to Aunt Maryetta's. She is feeling quite fair today but the doctor says that she can not recover & get well. Henry Brockett came here & stayed to supper. The girls stopped at Uncle Joel's to supper. After supper, I looked around & doctored Blower's pig. Ferdinand is here.

Monday, August 29, 1892

The weather was pleasant today. We all did chores. I got ready for the Falls. I helped box the cheese & c. I took 15 cheese & 1 sage. I sold Youker 34#. He paid me at 9 cents = $3.06 in full. VanAlstyne bought 42# at 9 cents. = $3.78 in full. I received $2.25 cash of Sullivan in full for butter and $3.63 cash in full of Buskirk for butter & vinegar. J. Jennings paid $10 on his account. I received a Post Office order for $15 from J. Carney on his account, $5 due & interest also. I paid the Grange store for 1 sack of flour for John, $1.35 & 20 cents for 2# of chloride lime & received of the Grange store - $1.18 for 5 dozen 11 eggs. I paid J. A. O'Hara $5 on the oat account. I took 12 plain cheese which were all right and 1 sage cheese (13 in all) & shipped them to Mrs. Ettie Feeter from the West Shore station. There were a total of 7 boxes with a total weight of 402#.

As I was coming up from West Main opposite H. Roof's house, there were loaded teams & light rigs in large numbers. I was shacking along & came in contact with a little boy named Harold Fineout. Some part of the neck yoke or tongue hit him in the back of the head. I drove off of him. The horses did not touch him & the wagon wheel just glazed his hand. Theo Fallis picked him up & carried him in the house & called Dr. Bushnell. Dr. Bushnell thought his injuries were not severe. In the afternoon, I waited & called on the boy with the doctor. He said that he was all right but would call on him again in the morning. I took the boy some bananas, 20 cents worth & gave 25 cents to his mother to buy a new pail as the wagon had smashed his pail. She said it was all right. I told her I would pay the doctor bill. I think he had the water & started for the street between the teams & tried to dodge in front of me & was caught. I was not driving fast.

I got the foot stone for Herman & brought it up to the cemetery & the minister helped unload it. The boys went up to O'Hara's & shook out the grain. Then they put on the load of hay that was in O'Hara's barn & brought it home. They thinned the carrots & then went up & got the grain. They took Nell along & raked & then brought the rake home. Blowers only made the cheese today. Feeter did not think about settling for my cheese.

Tuesday, August 30, 1892

Today was pleasant but cloudy. We all did chores. Then we unloaded the truck wagon. John & I went down to Uncle Joel Pickert's to help him get in his grain with our 2 teams. J. Weatherwax & W. Keller helped too. We each got 2 loads out of the Tomblin lot & drew the first load to Frank's & he threshed it right out. The next loads were taken right home. I came way up to Uncle Joel's to dinner.

In the evening, I went to the Corner's & took Carrie, Cora & Katie to the temperance lecture at the Corner's. I drove the black team and did some business while they were at the meeting. I got 98 cents worth of meat of Congdon 9# 14 ounces.

Charlie Blowers went to the Falls with Nell & the buggy. He took 1 sage cheese weighing 30# and got $3.30 for it at the Co Op Store. He got back first at milking time. The cows got in the meadow for a few minutes. Blowers drove them out. Charlie gave me the money for the sale of the cheese but after milking, I let him have $2. Nancy Cashmer helped milk. Mike Kaine helped Goodell thresh.

Wednesday, August 31, 1892

The weather was rainy & cloudy part of the day. We all did chores in the morning. Then Kaine took Black Fan & the buggy & took Katie to school & then took his wife, Hannah over to Thompson's to help them. John was at work around the buildings till about 10 o'clock when Kaine & John took the bay team & the wagon & went up to O'Hara's place. They got the balance of the hay there, a good load. We put it in the old horse barn. Carrie went down to Uncle Joel's & Aunt Mandy came up with her to go to Salisbury. After dinner we got a load of hay on & John took it to W. Adams at $14 a ton - about $24.30, no pay. I let John have $5. Mother, Carrie, & Aunt Mandy took bay Fan & the sidebar & went to Salisbury to the W. C. T. U. Convention & came home at supper time.

Kaine & I put the sheep in the liveforever patch & fixed a considerable amount of fence around & fixed the step stones in front of the house. Cora & Katie took Aunt Mandy to Uncle Joel's in the evening.

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