Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Border Wars

of the American Revolution

by William L. Stone. Volume 1
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1843.

Please note the spelling is from 1843!


Parentage of Joseph Brant.-Extracts from Sir William Johnson's Journal.-Miss Molly Brant.-Joseph, goes to Battle at the Age of 13. -His Marriage ........ Page 13

The first Blood of the Revolution.-Loyalists in the Valley of the Mohawk.-Influence of Sir William Johnson.-His Death.-Colonel Guy Johnson.-Walter Butler.-Meeting of the Whigs in Palatine.-Meet ing of the General. Congress.-Cresay's War, and the Death of Logan ............ Page 35

Battle ofLexington--First Strife in Tryon County between the Whigs and Loyalists.-The Stockbridge Indians.-Intercepted Letter from Brant.-Colonel Guy Johnson's intrigues with the Six Nations.-Zeal of the Tryon County Patriots ...... Page 56

Correspondence between the Patriots and Colonel Guy Johnson.-Capture of Ticonderoga.-Battle of Bunker Hill.-Colonel Johnson holds Councils with the Indians.-The Oneidas and Tuscaroras promise Neutrality.-Colonel Johnson escapes to Canada, accompanied by Chiefs and Warriors of the Six Nations . . . . . Page 72

Meeting of the Second Continental Congress.-George Washington appointed Commander-in-chief.-Council with the Six Nations.-First Outbreak of Hostilities in the Mohawk. Valley.-Movements of the Tryon County Committee.-Correspondence with Sir John Jolmson,-- Invasion of Canada.-Death of Montgomery .... Page 84

Retirement of Lord Dunmore from Virginia.-Suspicious Conduct of Sir John Johnson,-Council with the Mohawks held by General Schuyler. -Correspondence between General Schuyler and Sir John Johnson.- Surrender by the latter of his Arms and Munitions of War.-His Flight to Montreal .......... Page 109

Visit of Brant to England, and final Resolution to take Sides against the Colonists.-Battle of The Cedars.-Cruel Treatment of the Prisoners. -Resolutions by Congress denouncing these Barbarities.-Evacuation of Boston by the British.-Expulsion of the Americans from Canada. -Issuing of the Declaration of Independence.--Battle of Long Island -Battle of White Plains.-Retreat of Washington to the Delaware .......... Page 130

Battle of Princeton.-"Final Extinguishment of the Council Fire of the Six Nations at Onondaga-Capture of an Indian Scouting-Party.- Interview between General Herkimer and Brant.-Its Failure.-Murder of Lieutenant Wormwood by Brant.-Death of the Indian Chief Cornstalk and Ellinipsics ........ Page 154

Expedition under General Burgoyne.-Occupation of Philadelphia by General Howe.-Evacuation of Ticonderoga.-Murder of Miss M'Crea. -Terrors preceding- the March of Burgoyne.-Narrow Escape of General Schuyler from Assassination ...... Page 174

March of Colonel St. Leger to co-operate with, Burgoyne.-Prevalence of Disaffection among- the Militia of Tryon County.-Flight of Scotch and German Settlers to Canada,.-Strenuous Eiiurts of General Herkimer.- Investment, of Fort Schuyler.-Gsillant Defence of the Besieged.-Battle of Oriskany.-Death of General Herkimer .....Page 187

Siege of Fort Schuyler.-St. Leger's Efforts to induce a Capitulation.- Bold Achievement of Colonel Willett-Capture of Walter N. Butler, Trial as a Spy, and Condemnation to Death.-His escape.-Hasty Abandonment of the Siege of Fort Schuyler.-Its laughable Cause.- Precipitate Flight of the Besiegers ..... Page 221

Embarrassments of Burgoyne.-He encamps at Saratoga.-First Battle there, on the 19th of September.-Increasing Difficulties of Burgoyne. -Second Battle on the 7th of October.-Death of General Frazer.- Retreat; of Burgoyne.-His Surrender.-Presumptuous Conduct of General Gates towards Washington.-Noble Treatment of Burgoyne by Schuyler .......... Page 237

Movement of Sir Henry Clinton to relieve Burgoyne.-Capture of Forts Clinton and Montgomery.-Burning of Esopus.-Of Danbury.-Death of General Wooster.-Massacre at Paoli.- Battle of Germantown.- Horrible Murder of Captain Dietz's Family by Tories and Indians.- Removal of Lady Johnson.-Attempts to capture Mr. Taylor and to kill General Schuyler .... Page 252

Treaty of Alliance between France and the United States.-Abortive Plan of General Gates to invade Canada,-Great Council held with the Six Nations at Johnstown.-Irruption of Loyalists from Canada into the Valley of the Mohawk.-Murder of an infant by one of the Loyalists ........... Page 267

The Massacre at Wyoming.-Description of the Village.-History of its Settlement.-Warfare of the early Settlers. -Expedition against Wyoming under Colonel Butler.-Disastrous Battle, and Defeat of the Americans,-Surrender of Fort Wyoming-.-Horrible Atrocities of the Tories.-Brant not present on this Occasion.-Catharine Montour ........... Page 287

Occupation of New-York by the British.-Battle of Monmouth.-Arrival of the French Fleet.-Batlle of Rhode Island.-Operations against the Indians at the West.-Colonel Clarke's Expedittion.-Daring Exploits of Captian Bowman.-Border Forays in New York.-Bold Escape of Mr. Sawyer from seven Indians.-Treachery in Fort Schuyler. - Murders in the German Settlements.-Destruction of the German Flatts ........... Page 312

Destruction of Cherry Valley by Butler and Brant.-Murder of Mr. Wells and his Family.-Humanity of Joseph Brant.-Letter from Butler in -vindication of his Conduct.-Indian Dance of Thanksgiving.-Sir William Johnson's Iron Chest.-Its burial aud subsequent Recovery.-Capture of Savannah ......... Page 335

Beleaguerment of Fort Laurens by the Indians.-Relief of the Garrison. -Final Abandonment of the Fort.- Capture of Colonel Hamilton and a British Force on the Wabash.-Treachery of the Onondagas.-Their severe Punishment.-Indian Murders and Ravages in the Mohawk Valley.-Destruction of Cobleskill.-Descent of Brant upon Minisink. -Disastrous Battle at the Delaware ..... Page 359

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