Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Border Wars

by Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye
Assisted by Edward Eggleston
New York
Dodd, Mead and Company, Publishers, 1879.

Painting of Red Jacket at Fort Johnson


Chapter I, The People of the Long House
Chapter II, Champlain and the Five Nations
Chapter III, A Battle in the Woods
Chapter IV, Champlain Attacks a Seneca Town
Chapter V, An Indian's Revenge
Chapter VI, A prisoner among the Five Nations
Chapter VII, A Mohawk Peace
Chapter VIII, The Ruin of a Nation
Chapter IX, Canada in Danger
Chapter X, In the Lion's Jaws
Chapter XI, What Seventeen Young Men Did
Chapter XII, The Conquerors
Chapter XIII. How a Girl Defended a Fort
Chapter XIV, Brant's Patron
Chapter XV, An Indian War Council
Chapter XVI, Brant's First Battle
Chapter XVII, The Six Nations in Brant's Boyhood
Chapter XVIII, Brant at the Battle of Niagara
Chapter XIX, Brant's School Days
Chapter XX, Sir William Johnson and the Pontiac War
Chapter XXI, Brant in Time of Peace
Chapter XXII, The Storm Brewing
Chapter XXIII, Brant, the War Chief
Chapter XXIV, The Battle of The Cedars
Chapter XXV, Wooden Guns and False Dispatches
Chapter XXVI, Attempt to Kill Brant
Chapter XXVII, The Forerunners of a Siege
Chapter XXVIII, The Siege of Fort Stanwix
Chapter XXIX, The Battle of Oriskany
Chapter XXX, How a Simpleton Raised the Siege
Chapter XXXI, War on the Border
Chapter XXXII, The Massacre of Cherry Valley
Chapter XXXIII, Brant's Battle on the Delaware
Chapter XXXIV, Red Jacket
Chapter XXXV, The Invasion
Chapter XXXVI, Brant Gives Battle to General Sullivan
Chapter XXXVII, Brant and his Captives
Chapter XXXVIII, Retaliation
Chapter XXXIX, Brant's Second Visit to England
Chapter XL, Red Jacket the Orator
Chapter XLI, Red Jacket Tried for Witchcraft
Chapter XLII, An Indian Game of Ball
Chapter XLIII, Red Jacket's Plot against Brant--Brant's Death
Chapter XLIV, The Battle of Chippewa
Chapter XLV, Anecdotes of Red Jacket

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