Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The British Army in the American Revolution
by Edward E. Curtis
1926, New Haven

The failure of British arms in the American revolution cannot be ascribed to want of courage on the part of officers and men. No braver troops ever shed their blood for the flag of England than those who thrice charged up Bunker Hill or attacked the American lines at Saratoga. The failure was due partly to inept generalship, partly to natural difficulties and partly to mal-administration....

Edward E Curtis

They came three thousand miles and died,
To keep the past upon the throne;
Unheard beyond the ocean tide,
Their English mother made her moan.

Chapter 1 The British Army at the Outbreak of the Revolution: A General Survey
Chapter 2 The Administrative Machinery of the Army
Chapter 3 The Recruiting of the Army
Chapter 4 The Provisioning of the Army
Chapter 5 The Problem of Transportation
Illustrative Appendices

I have been struggling with this book for months, and decided I just can't do it. This is the end of the line for this particular one. ajb

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