Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne
and The Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger.
by William L. Stone.
Albany, NY, Joel Munsell. 1877.


Itinerary of Gen. Burgoyne

The Expedition of Lieut. Colonel Barry St. Leger, first part.
The Expedition of Lieut. Colonel Barry St. Leger, second part.
The Expedition of Lieut. Colonel Barry St. leger, third part.


No. I. Anecdotes of Burgoyne's Campaign, personal reminiscences, etc., by the late Charles Neilson.
No. II. Force employed under Lieutenant General Burgoyne in the Campaign of 1777.
No. III. Instructions for Lieutenant Colonel Baum, on a secret expedition to the Connecticut river.
Narrative of a Participator in the Battle of Bennington.
Description of St. Luke's Bridge
Letter from E. W. B. Canning about Bennington.
No. IV. The Jane McCrea Tragedy.
No. V. A Visit to the Battle Ground in 1827.
No. VI. Fraser's Remains - probable Origin of the Tradition of their having been removed.
No. VII. Lady Ackland.
No. VIII. Statement by Sergeant Lamb of the Royal Welsh Fusileers in regard to the Burning of General Schuyler's House and Barns.
Correspondence between Gates and Burgoyne.
No. IX. Jane McCrea and Sketch of Fort Edward.
No. X. Fight at Diamond Island.
No. XI. Alexander Bryan, the Scout.
No. XII. Sketch of Charles de Langlade, and his relations with Burgoyne
No. XIII. Letter of General Ebenezer Mattoon, a participator in the Battle, with notes by the Author. - Letter from the Due de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt.
No. XIV. Professor Silliman's Visit to the Battle Ground in 1820, with notes by the Author.
No. XV. Sergeant Lamb's Account of his Journey through the woods from Fort Miller to Ticonderoga, to expedite supplies for Burgoyne's Army.
No. XVI. The Ballads of Burgoyne's Campaign. (Sorry, this is not going to be typed by me. If anyone wants it on the site, let me know and I will send a copy for you to type.)
No. XVII. Description of Ticonderoga and the Forts south of it at the Time of their occupation by the Americans in the year 1777. From the Military Journal of Maj. Gen. Riedesel.
No. XVIII. The Saratoga Monument Association.
No. XIX. List of Authorities consulted in the preparation of this Work.

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