The Descendants of Johann Conrad Kilts
Emigrant to America
Genealogy of the Kilts Family

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COVER PHOTO: Depicted are the three New York State Historical markers at the sites of the property purchased by each of the three sons of Johan Conrad Kiltz, Peter, John Adam, and Johann Nicholas Kilts.

In 1750 Peter Kilts bought from the heirs of Philip Livingston the property which is located on what is now known as Kilts Road, Stone Arabia, T-Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY, and is the property on which Willis Barscheid is restoring some of the original buildings.

In 1790, John Adam Kilts bought land and moved to that portion which is on the Sharon Hill to Argusville Road, T-Sharon, Schoharie Co., NY.

In 1788, Johann Nicolas Kilts bought land and moved to what is now called Kilts Hill, Kilts Road, T-Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY. The property now owned by Henry Crofoot, the 4th great grandson of Johann Nicolas Kilts.

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