Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Cuyler Genealogy
Contributed by Michele Cuyler

Marvin Dean Cuyler       Born:  5-9-1943    Married JoAnn Marie Vecchione on 6-21-1964

Children of Marvin & JoAnn Cuyler
Lisa                             Born: 8-9-1965 (died at birth)
Michele                       Born: 8-25-1969
Denise                        Born: 3-4-1974          Died: 5-8-2001  (single)

Michele Cuyler married Victor James Buono on 2-17-1990 (divorced in 1997)     
Remarried to Eric Deon Ward on 6-2-2001

Children of Michele Cuyler and Victor Buono
Toni Nicole                 Born: 2-9-1992
Dominic Robert         Born: 7-1-1993

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