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Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York;
procured in Holland, England and France
by John Romeyn Broadhead, Esq., Agent,
Weed, Pasons and Company, Printers, 1855.

(Note the spelling is from the 18th Century)

Page 44; Mr. Boyle to the Lords of Trade [New York Entries, G. 271.]

To the Right Hon. The Lords Commissioners of Trade & Plantations.

My Lords, Having laid before the Queen the Inclosed Petition of Joshua Kocherthal, Minister concerning several other Distressed Protestants newly arrived from the Palatinat & Holsteyn who are likewise desirous to be transported to Her Majesty's Plantations in American, in the same manner and with the same advandages as have been already granted to those who came before out of the Palatinate, Her Majesty has thereupon commanded me to transmit the said Petition to Your Lord that you may examine whether the fourteen persons therein mentioned are proper objects of Her Majesty's Royal Compassions, as the others were. And in such case Her Majesty's pleasure is, that these which are the last arrived shou'd be taken care of, in the same manner as the former. I am

My Lords, Your Lords' most humble Servant H. Boyle


June 22d 1708.

Petition of the Reverend Joshua Kocherthal to the Queen.

[New York Entries, G. 271.]

The humble Petition of Joshua de Kocherthal Minister, on behalf of himself and other Distressed Persons, lately arrived from Palatinate and Holstein.

Most humbly Sheweth

That your sacred Majesty being pleased to receive the Petitioners late humble Petition with such great clemency and Royal favous, he is thereby incouraged to prostrate himself once more before Your Majesty, and to inform Your Majesty with the utmost submission, that fourteen Persons more three whereof are natives of Holstein, are Arrived here unexpetedly from the Palatinate who having suffer'd under the Calamity which happened last year in the Palatinate by the Invasion of the French, in this their Deplorable Condition are desireous to settle themselves in some of Your Majesty's Plantations in America, but by reason of their extream Poverty, they cannot Defray their charges for passage thither, they humbly Implore Your Royal Majesty, That they may be permitted to go thither in company with the forty one persons, to whom Your Majesty has most graciously allowed a free passage thither; and that they may also enjoy the same Royal Mercy and Priviledges. And whereas your petitioner cannot hop; for competent subsistence in America, after his Arrival there, he most humbly Entreats Your Majesty to grant him such Sallary, for the Support of himself and family, as Your Majesty in Your Great Clemency shall think fit.

And Your Petit(rs) (as in Duty Bound) shall ever Pray, &c.

The Names, Trades, &c. of the German Protestants to be settled at New York

28th June 1708. [New York Papers, y, z Z 21.]

Names Trades, Condition of Life, Sex, Age (year- months).

(1) Lorenz Schwisser, Husbandman & Vinyard, Married, M, 25
Anna Catharina Schwisserin, Wife, F., 26
Johanna Schwisserin, Child, F., 8 mo.

(2) Henry Rennau, Stockingmaker Husbandman & Vinyard, Married, M., 24
Johanna Renauin, Wife, F., 26
Susana Liboscha, Sister, Unmarried, F., 15
Maria Johana Liboscha, Sister, Unmarried, F., 10.
Lorenz Rennau, Child, M., 2.
Heinrich Rennau, Child, M., 5 mo.

(3) Andreas Volck, Husbandman and Vinyard, Married, M., 30
Ana Catharina Volckin, Wife, F., 27
Maria Barbara Volckin, Child, F,. 5
Ann Gertruda Volckin, Child, F., 1

(4) Michael Weigand, Husbandman, Married, M., 52
Ana Catharine Weigandin, Wife, F., 54.
Ana Maria Weigandin, Child, F., 13
Tobias Weigand, Child, M., 7
Georg Weigand, Child, M., 5

(5) Jacob Weber, Husbandman and Vinyard, Married, M., 30
Anna Elisebetha Weberin, Wife, F., 25
Eva Maria Weberin, Child, F., 5
Eva Elizabetha Webering, Child, F., 1

(6) Jacob Pletal, Husbandman and Vinyard, Married, M., 40
Ana Elisabetha Pletelin, Wife, F., 29
Margaretha Pletelin, Child, F., 10
Anna Sara Pletelin, Child, F., 8
Catharina Pletelin, Child, F., 3

(7) Johannes Fischer, Smith and Husbandman, Married, M., 27
Maria Barbara Fischerin, Wife, F., 26
Andreas Fischer, Child, M., 1/2 mo.

(8) Melchoir Gulch, Carpenter or Joiner, Married, M., 39
Ana Catharina Gulchin, Wife, F., 43
Magdalena Gulchin, Child, F., 12
Henrich Gulchin, Child, M., 10

(9) Isaac Turck, Husbandman, Unmarried, M., 23

(10 Josua Kocherthal, Minister, Married, M., 39
Sibylla Charlotta Kocherthal, Wife, F., 39
Benigna Sibylla Kocherthal, Child, F., 10
Christian Joshua Kocherthal, Child, M., 7
Susana Sibylla Kocherthal, Child, F., 3.

(11) Peter Rose, Cloth Weaver, Married, M., 34
Johanna Rosin, Wife, F., 45

(12) Maria Wemarin, Husbandwoman, Widuwe (Widow?) F, 37
Catharina Wemarin, Child, F. 2

(13) Isaac Feber, Husbandman and Vineyard, Married, M., 33
Chatarina Feberin, Wife, F., 30
Abraham Feber, Child, M., 2

(14) Daniel Fiere, Husbandman, Married, M., 32
Anna Maria Fiere, Wife, F., 30
Andreas Fiere, Child, M., 7
Johannes Fiere, Child, M., 6

Ex Holsatia

Herman Schuneman, Clerck, Unmarried, M., 28

Board of Trade to Mr. Secretary Boyle [New York Entries, G. 291]

To the Right Honourable Mr. Secretary Boyle.


In Obedience to Her Majesty's Commands signified to us by Your letter of the 22d Instant upon a second petition of Joshua de Kocherthal, to Her Majesty, in behalf of himself and 14 other distressed Protestants lately arrived from the Palatinate and Holsteyn, Praying that they may in Company of the 41 Lutherans already provided for, be transported to Her Majesty's Province of New York, and partake of the like allowance and Advantages the said Lutherans are to receive, as well during their stay here as at their Arrival in the said Province; We have considered the same and find that the Testimonials which they have produced under this hands and Seals of the Ministers Baylifs or Principal Magistrates in the Villages where they dwelt, do give a good character of the said Poor Protestants, and certify that they are reduced to the utmost want, having lost all they had by the frequent Incursions of the French and Germans near Landau; find further that two of them have Entred themselves into the Service of the Lord Lovelace, so that there are but 12 to be provided for.

Whereupon We humbly Offer that the said 12 Poor Protestants are fit Objects for her Majesty's Bounty, and that if Her Majesty shall be graciously pleased to allow them the same as is already granted to the others, for their subsistence, and that they be transported with the Rest to New York, We further humbly Offer that before their Departure they be likewise made free Denizens of this kingdom, for their greater incouragement in the made free Denizens of this kingdom, for their greater incouragement in the incouragement in the injoyment of the Priviliges accuring by such letter of denization. We are, Sr

Your most humble Servants.
Pr. Meadows
Jno Pulteney
Ch. Turner.

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