Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York;
procured in Holland, England and France
by John Romeyn Broadhead, Esq., Agent,
Weed, Pasons and Company, Printers, 1855.

(Note the spelling is from the 18th Century)

Report of Board of Trade respecting the Palatines. August 30, 1709.

[New York Entries, G. 387.]

To the Rt. Honourable The Ld High Treasurer of Great Britain.

My Lord,

In case the Proposal we laid before Your Lord (p) this day relating to the settling the Palatines at Jamaica be not approved, Tho we do not a present foresee any Objections but what may arise from the greatness of the Charge (which nevertheless we have lessned all we can) or if it shall not be thought Convenient to settle the whole number of the poor Palatines on the Island of Jamaica, We offer to Your Lord (ps) consideration.

That such of them as shall not otherwise be disposed of may conveniently be settled upon Hudson's River in the Province of New York, where Her Majesty has very large Tracts of Waste Lands. In order whereunto

We further propose that they be transported thither at Her Majesty's charge, which for so great a number, partly made up of small children may, as we are informed, be done at between three and four pound a head, on with another.

That they be supplied here with all necessary tools for Husbandry, and with Nails and Hinges and other Iron Work for building their Timber houses, to enable them to begin and make settlements; which Emptions may be computed at forty shillings pr. head, as in the Case of the Poor Palatines and to the same place the last year.

That the Govr or Commander in Chief of the said Province be Directed upon their arrival there, to grant unto every one of them, under the Seal of that province, without fee or reward the usual and like number of acres as was granted or Directed to be granted to Every one of the Palatines lately sent thither, to have and to hold the same unto them and their heirs forever, upon the like terms and under the like conditions and Covenants for settling and Cultivating the said Lands, as the other Palatines already settled there are subject and lyable unto.

But as these People are very necessitous they will not be able to subsist there, till they can reap the fruit of their labour (which will not be 'till after one year) unless assisted by Her Majesty's Bounty; for we doubt there is little Relief to be expected from the Inhabitants of that Province, under its present circumstances; and therefore these poor people must Depend on Her Maj(tys) Royal Bounty for their Subsistance for one Year after their Arrival in New York, which charge may be computed at about five pound p(r) head.

Further we propose that before their Departure they may be made Denizens of this Kingdom, that they may enjoy all the Privileges and Advantages as are Enjoyed by the present Inhabitants of New York, Accuring thereby.

It may be objected that shou'd these people be settled on the Continent of America, they will fall upon Woollen and other Manufacturies to the prejudice of the Manufactures of this Kingdom now consumed in these Parts. To this we answer that the Province of New York being under Her Majesty's immediate Government, such mischievous practice may be discouraged and checqued much easier than under any Proprietary Governments on the said Continent, as has been found by experience; and as a further provision against any such practice, a clause may be inserted in the several Patents so to be passed to the said Palatines declaring the same to be void, if such Patentee shall apply himself to the making of the Woollen or such like Manufactures.

If it be though advisable that these poor people or any number of them be settled on the Continent of America, We are of opinion that such settlement, especially if made at Her Majesty's charge shou'd be in Provinces under Her Majesty immediate Government, and we know no place so proper as Hudson's River on the Frontier of New York, Whereby they will be a good barrier between Her Majesty's Subjects and the French & their Indians in those parts, and in process of time by intermarrying with the neighbouring Indians (as the French do) they may be Capable of rendring very great Service to Her Majesty's Subjects there; and not only very much promote the Fur Trade, but likewise the increase of Naval Stores, which may be produced in great plenty at New York, wherein M(r) Bridger Her Majesty's Surveyor of the Woods on that Continent may be Directed to instruct them.

Lastly we take leave to Observe to Your Lord(p) that in Virginia and some other parts of the said Continent, where the Air is clear and healthfull, wild Vines do naturally grow and afford plenty of Grapes, which if cultivated and improved by husbandry wou'd produce good wines. Wherefore if some of these Palatines who are Vine Dressers were settled there, and imployed in that sort of Husbandry, and new proffitable Trade might be Introduced to the Benefit of this Kingdom.

We are, My Lord, Y(r) Lord (p's) most humble Servants.

M. Smith
Ph. Meadows
J. Pulteney.
Whitehal, August the 30th, 1709.

December 23, 1709.

Report of the Board of Trade on the Plans for Settling the Palatines.

[New York Entries, G. 473.]

To the Queen's Most Excellent Majes(ty)

May it please Your Majesty

In obedience to Your Majesty's Commands signifyed to us by the Right Hono(ble) the Earl of Sunderland, we have considered the Proposals made by Colonel Hunter, for settling 3000 Palatines at New York, and Employing them in the Production of Naval stores, and there upon humbly Represent to Your Majesty.

That the Province of New Yorke being the most advanced Frontier of Your Majesty's Plantations on the Continent of America, the Defence and Preservation of that place is of the utmost importance to the Security of all the Rest; And if the said Palatines were seated there they would be an additional strength and Security to that Province, and only with regard to the French of Canada, But against any Insurrection of the Scattered Nations of Indians upon that Continent, and therefore we humbly Propose that they be sent thither.

By the best Information we can gett, the most proper Places for the seating of them in that Province, so as they may be of benefit to this Kingdom by the Production of navel Stores, are in the Mohaquest River, and on Hudson's River, where are very great numbers of Pines fit for Production of Turpentine and Tarr, out of which Rozin and Pitch are made.

First in relation to the Mohaques River; your Majesty was pleased by Your Order in Councill of the 26th of June 1708, to confirm an Act past at New York the 2d of March 169 8/9 for vacating several Extravagant Grants, whereby large Tracts of Land are returned to Your Majesty, and among the rest.

A Tract of Land lying on the Mohaques River containing about 50 miles in length and four Miles in breadth, and a Tract of land lying upon a Creek which runs into the said River, containing between 24 and 30 Miles in length. This last mentioned Land, of which Your Majesty has the possession is claimed by the Mohaques, but that claim may be satisfyed on very easy Terms.

The Objection that may be made to the Seating of the Palatines on the fore-mentioned Mahaques River, is the Falls that are in the said River between Schenectedy and Albany, which will be an Interruption to the Water carriage, but as that may be easily helped by a short land carriage of about 3 miles at the most, We do not see that this objection will be any hindrance to the seating of them there, In case there be not an opportunity of doing it more conveniently in some other part of that Province.

There are other large Tracts of Lands on Hudson's River, which are resumed to Your Majesty by the foresaid Vacating Act, viz(t)

A Tract of Land lying on the East side of that River, containing 12 miles in breadth, and about 70 miles in length, and on the other Tract on the West side, containing 20 miles in Breadth and 40 miles in length.

By all which it appears that there are Lands Sufficient in Your Majesty's gift, for the proposed settlement of the said Palatines, in case the same have not been regranted by Your Majesty's Governor or the Commander in Chief there, since those lands were so resumed, which we do not hear has been done.

We therefore humbly Offer that that Governor or Commander in Chief be directed upon their arrival, to seat them all either in a Boddy or in different Settlements upon those or other Lands as he shall find most proper, And that they be Encouraged to settle and work in Partnership, that is 5 or more families to unite and Work in Common.

That the Governor be likewise Directed to grant under the Seal of that Province, without fee or Reward, 40 Acres per head to each family, after they shall have repaid by the produce of their labour the charges the publick shall be at in settling and subsisting them there, in the manner as is herein after proposed; To have and to hold the said Lands, to them and their heirs for ever, under the usual Quit rent to commence and be payable after seven years from the date of each respective Grant; and further that in every such grant there be an Express Proviso that the Lands so granted shall be seated and planted within a reasonable time to be therein prefixed, or in failure thereof; such Grant to be void and to revert to the crown; And for the better preventing those people from falling upon the Woollen Manufactures, it will be proper that in every such Grant, a clause be incerted, declaring the said Grant to be Void, if such Grantee shall apply himself to the making the Woollen or such like Manufacture.

As these People are very necessitous they will not be able to maintain themselves there, 'till they can reap the benefit of their labour which will not be 'till after one year, at the soonest, We therefore humbly Offer that be subsisted, The men and women at the rate of 6d sterling a hear pr day, and the children under the age of 10 years at 4 d sterling a head pr day,which as we are informed will be Sufficient.

When their houses shall be built, and the ground cleared for making their settlements they may then be employed in the making of Turpentine, Rozin, Tarr, and Pitch, and that this will be beneficial not only to the said Palatine but to this Kingdom. We take leave to observe;

That one Man may make by his own labour six tunns of these Stores in a Year; and we have been informed that a number of men assisting each other may in proportion make double that quantity; so that supposing 600 men be imployed in this work, they may produce 7000 Tuns of these goods a year, and if in time a greater quantity of those stores should be made there, than shall be consumed in Your Majesty's Dominions, We hope the overplus may turn to a very beneficial Trade with Spain & Portugal.

We have been informed by the Commissioners formerly sent over by the Navy Board to inspect Naval Stores in New England that Tarr might be afforded there under 5 pounds a tun; and supposing the Freight, from thence in time of peace be under 4 pounds pr Tunn, as we do not doubt but it will, and whereas the Premium of 4 pounds pr Tun allowed upon Importation of such Tarr will more than anser the Charge of Freight, We believe it may be sold as cheap as that from the Northern Crowns. However should the American Tarr be something Dearer, Yet it is the Interest of this Kingdom to have the same paid for in Woollen and other Manufactures from hence; whereas that from the Northern Crowns is bought with ready Money.

The only Objection formerly made to these Stores from America, was that ye Tarr had a burning quality, which consumed the Ropes; But we have been Informed by Traders in those goods, that there comes now as good Tarr from New England, and as fit for Ropes, and all ;other uses whatsoever, as that of Stockholm which is esteemed the best; and in Confirmation thereof We find by an account from the Custom house hear, in December 1707, that there was then 4704 Barrells of Tarr, Imported from the Plantations, certifyed to be good, in order to the allowance of the said premium; We further take leave to observe that the Tarr which has most of the burning quality makes the best Pitch; and may otherwise be used on; Ships sides or Sheathings.

As to the quality of the Turpentine, Rozin and Pitch made in the Plantations, We have not heard of any Objections thereunto; but on the contrary have been assured that they are as good in their kind as any whatsoever.

As these Palatines are ignorant in the production of those stores, it will be necessary that three or four persons well skilled in the doing thereof (if to be had) be sent from hence, to instruct the said Palatines there, and that they be allowed 200 pounds New York Money pr annum each, during their being Employed in this Work.

In case no such persons can be found here, then We propose that Mr. Bridger, Sruveyor General of Your Majesty's Woods on the Continent of America who was sent 4 or 5 years ago to New England to instruct the People there, be Directed to go to New York for that purpose, and that he bring with him 3 or 4 other persons, eht most skilfull he can get who may assist him inthe Instructing the said Palatines, and for their Pains therein have a Salary of 100 pounds pr annum during such their employ and Stay at New York.

It will likewise be necessary that there be Supervisors appointed to reside among the said Palatines, to over see and keep them at Work, with a Salary of 100 pounds pr annum each; as to the number of the said Supervisors we humbly conceive it cannot well be regulated here, for that will depend in a great measure upon the number of the Palatines Settlements, and on the Distance they may be one from the other. Therefore we are of Opinion this be left to the Discretion of Your Majesty's Governor after his arrival there.

We further Represent to Your Majesty that at each settlement there will need a Store house to be built, which may be done with little charge, for lodging their stores, 'till they can be conveniently sent to New York, where there should be a General storehouse for the reception of such stores 'till shipt off for this Kingdom.

That there be s Storekeeper or Commissary appointed at New Yor, with a Salary of 200 pounds pr annum for himself and Clark.

That all such Naval Stores so Manufactured be delivered into the charge York the said Storekeeper or Commissary, and he required to keep a faithfull account of all such stores so by him received, expressing the names of the person or persons to, and from, whose use the several and respective Quantities were Delivered into the end that the neat Produce thereof may be accounted for, and paid to such Manufacturer or Manufacturers in manner herein after mentioned, with such other Instructions to be given him by your Majesty's said Governor for the better performance of his Duty, as shall be thought proper.

That an Agent or Factor be appointed by Your Majesty here for the remitting of such summs of money as Your Majesty shall from time to time judge proper to be remitted to new York for the subsistance of the said Palatines, and for the receipt and sale of all such stores as shall be consigned to him on account of the said Palatines. In consideration whereof we further humbly Propose that such agent of Factor be allowed out of the Produce of such stores and Value of Goods sent hence, the like Factoage as is usually allowed to Factors here, by their correspondents in that Provings.

That such Naval Stores be Shipt off for the Port of London, by the said Store keeper or Commissary at New York, as opportunity shall offer, the same to be consigned to such Agent or Factor as aforesaid.

That such of the said Stores as shall be found proper and fit for the use of Your Majesty's Navy, be by such an Agent or Factor delivered to, and received by the Commissioners of the Navy for Your Majesty's service, and Bills made out from that Office according to their usual method and course fo payment, for the Value of such stores so received at the Market price, such Bills to be made payable to such agent or Factor.

And that he be Empowered & Directed to sell to the Merchant at the best price he can, the remains of such stores as shall be by him received, and not disposed of for the service of Your Majesty's Navy.

That such Agent or Factor be further Directed to keep exact and distinct accounts of whatever Naval Stores shall come to his hands, from the said Storekeeper, and of all such Moneys as shall arise by Sale thereof, as likewise of whatever sums of money he shall from time to time disburse for the subsistence of the said Palatines, or otherwise on their accounts, according to such orders and Directions as he shall receive from Your Majesty, on that behalf.

That Freight, Factorage and all other Incident and necessary charges arising from the Importation, sale keeping and Sale of such stores, being Deducted, the neat produce thereof be in the first place applyd towards the repayment of whatever summs of mony shall so have been disburs'd for the subsistance or on account of necessaries to be sent with the said Palatines, and that the residue of such neat Produce be accounted for, and paid over to such storekeeper or Commissary or other person who shall be appointed to receive the same to and for the proper use and behalf of such Palatines respectively, to whom it doth of right belong.

And we further Offer that the Premium given by an Act made in the 3d and 4th year of Your Majesty's Reign to encourage the Importation of Naval Stores from Your Majesty's Plantations in America, be paid to such Factor or Agent to and for the Sole Benefit of such Palatines, who were the Manufacturers of such Stores, in like manner as Premiums are allowed to other Importers of Naval Stores from those Parts.

Lastly We humbly offer that the said Palatines upon their arrival there be Naturalized, without Fee or Reqard, that they may enjoy all such Privileges and Advantages as are Enjoyed by the present Inhabitants of that Province.

All which is most humbly Submitted.

Ph. Meadows
Jo Pulteney
R. Monckton
Cha. Turner

Decemb(r) 5th 1709.

Attorney General Montague to Mr. Popple. (Spelling alternates between Montague to Mountague.)

[New York Entries, G. 498.]

To M(r) Popple


I herewith return you the Draught of the Instrument you sent me Yesterday by command of the Lords Commissioners of Trade, which you say is to be proposed to the Palatines who are to be sent to New York for them to signe for holding them, to the terms proposed by a Representation layd before Her Majesty by the Lords Commissioners of Trade, and upon the perusall of the said Representation I have made some few additions to the said Draught, and in some places you will find a line drawn under some Words, which I proposed to be left out; which severall Amendments I desire you will lay before their Lordships, to whose consideration are the same are humbly submitted by

Your faithfull Servant
Ja. Mountague.

Covenants for the Palatines Residence and Imployment in New York.

Whereas wee the underwritten Persons Natives of the Lower Palatinate of the Rhine, have been subsisted, maintained and supported since our Arrival in this Kingdom by the great and Christian Charity of Her Majesty the Queen, and of many of her good subject; and Whereas her Majesty has been graciously pleased to order and advance a Loan for us, & on our behalf of several very considerable sums towards the transporting maintaining & settling of us and our respective Families in Her Majesty's Province of New York in America, and towards the Imploying of us upon lands, for that intent and purpose, to be allotted to us, in the production and Manufacture of all manner of Naval Stores, to the evident benefit and Advantage of us and of our respective Families, and Whereas her Majesty has been likewise graciously pleased to give her Royal Orders to the Hon(ble;) Collonel Robert Hunter, who has now Her Majesty's Commission to be Captain General and Governor in Chief of the said Province, and to all Governors of the said Province for the time being, that as soon as we shall have made good and repaid to Her Majesty, her Heirs or Successors, out of the Produce of our labours in the Manufactures we are to be Employed in, the full sum or sums of mony in which we already are, or shall become, indebted to Her Majesty, by the produce of our labour in the Manufacture of all manner of Naval Stores on the Lands to that end to be allotted to us, that then he the said Coloonel Robert Hunter, or the Governor or Governors of the said Province for the time being shall give and grant to us and to our Heirs for Ever, to our own use and Benefit, the said Lands so allotted as aforesaid, to the proportion or amount of Forty Acres to each Person free from all Taxes, Quit Rents, or other manner of services for seven years, from the date of such Grant, and afterwards subjected only to such Reservations as are accustomed and in use in that Her Majesty's said Province.

Now Know all men by these Presents that we the said underwritten Persons in a grateful sense just Regard and due consideration of the Premises, do hereby severally for ourselves, our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, covenant, promise and grant to and with the Queen's most Excellent Majesty her heirs and Successors, that We with our respective Families will settle ourselves in such place or places as shall be allotted to us in the Province of New York on the Continent of America, and abide and continue Resident upon the Lands so to be allotted to us as aforesaid, Continent of America, and abide and continue. Resident upon the Lands so to be allotted to us as aforesaid, in such Bodyes or Societys as shall be thought usefull or Necessary either for carrying on the Manufacture of things proper for Navall Stores or for the Defence of us and the rest of her Majesty's Subjects against the French or any other of her Majesty's Enemies, and that We will not upon any Account or any manner of Pretence quit or desert the said Province, without leave from the Governor of the said Province first had and obteyned for so doing, and but that we will to our utmost power employ and occupy our selves and our respective families in the producing and Manufacturing of all manner of Naval Stores upon the Lands so to be allotted to us, or on such other Lands as shall be thought more proper for that purpose and not concern ourselves in working up or making things belonging to the Woollen Manufacture, but behave ourselves in all things as becomes dutifull and loyall subjects and gratefull and faithfull Servants to Her Majesty, Her Heires and Successors, paying all due Obedience to the said Honourable Colonel Robert Hunter or to the Governor or Governors of the said Province for the time being, and to all Magistrates and other officers who shall from time to time be legally appointed and set over us; and towards Repayment of Her Majesty, her heirs and Successors, all such sums of money, as she or they shall at any time disburse for our support and maintenance till we can reap the Benefit of the Produce of our labours, We shall permit and suffer all Naval Stores by us Manufactured to be put into Her Majesty's Store houses which shall be for this purpose provided, under the care of a Commissary, who is to keep a faithful Account of the Goods which shall be so Delivered, and We shall allow out of the neat Produce thereof so much to be paid Her Majesty, her heires and Successors as upon a fair account shall appear to have been Disbursed for Subsistance of us, or providing Necessaries for our families. In Witness, &c

Board of Trade to the Earl of Sunderland.

[New York Entries, H., 3.]

To the Right Hon(ble) the Earl of Sunderland.

My Lord.

Pursuant to Her Majesty's pleasure signified to us by Your Lordships Letter of the 10th Instant, we have prepared the Draughts of Instructions to Colonel Hunter for the Government of New York and New Jersey as also those relating to the Acts of Trade and Navigation, together with Two Additional Instructions for Her Majes(tys) Royal Signature, and transmit the same to Your Lorship with our Report thereupon to be laid before Her Majesty, and are,

My Lord,
Your Lorships most hum(ble) Servants
Ph. Meadows
J(n) Pulteney
Rob(t) Monckton.
Cha. Turner.

Decemb(r) 23, 1709.

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