Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Thanks to James F. Morrison for letting us use his book!

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "A"

[By reference to the Index the County to which the Regiment belonged can be ascertained.] Sorry, but I don't think I have the stamina to put the Index on line. ajb

Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Aaikin, John, private Williams Stowel
Aaikin, Nath'l, private Williams Stowel
Abbet, David, private Hopkins Talmadge
Abbett, Elijah T., private Luddington Mead
Abbot, Benjamin, private Whiting King
Abbot, Benjamin, private Van Renaselaer King
Abbot, Caleb, private Whiting King
Abbot, David, private Van Veghten Dunning
Abbot, Es., sergeant Whiting Salsbury
Abbot, Joel, lieutenant Yates Hadlock
Abbot, Samuel, private Whiting Salisbury
Abbot, Selah, sergeant Whiting Kings
Abeel, Ant'y, lieut. Van Bergen Snyder
Abeel, Garret,* private
Aberson, Ant'y, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Aberts, Wm., Private Schuyler Van Wie
Abiel, Fellows, Private Weissenfelt Livingston
Abit, David, private Van Veghten Dunning
Abraham, Ant'y, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Abrahams, Henry, private Thomas Hobby
Abrahams, John, private Hathorn Telford
Abram, Morgan, private Pawling Sackett
Abram, Anthony, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Abram, Christyane, corpl. Van Bergen Dubois
Abrams, John, private Phillips Ostrander
Abrams, John, private Malcom Drake
Achmoediedie, David, private Wynkoop Swart
Ackart, Stephen, private Wynkoop Swart
Acker, Abraham, private Klock Zeely
Acker, Abm., private Hamroond Martling
Acker, Abrm,, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Acker, Benj'n, private Hammond Orser
Acker, Cybert, private Dragoons Delavan
Acker, Derick, private Hays Onderdonk
Acker, George, private Vrooman Stubrach
Acker, Geo., private Vrooman
Acker, Geo., private Fisher Putnam
Acker, Geo , private Fisher Veeder
Acker, George, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Acker, Henry, private Pawling De Witt
Acker, Jacob, private Harper
Acker, Jacob, + private Hammond Martling
Acker, Jacob, sergeant Hammond Comb
Acker, Jacob, sergeant Hammond Orser
Acker, Jacob, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Acker, Jacob, Jr., sergeant Van Bergen Honeywell
Acker, James, corporal -----------Horton
Acker, Jerem'h, private Snyder Swart
Acker, Jno., lieut. Schuyler Van Aerman
Acker, John, private Klock Zeely
Acker, John, private Klock Bedbig
Acker, John, Private Klock Kock
Acker, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Acker, Jury, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Acker, Peter, sergeant Yates Hadlock
Acker, Peter, private Yates
Acker, Richard, lieut. Hays Gardner
Acker, Solomon, private Yates Wiltse
Ackert, Solomon, private Wynkoop Swart
Acker, Stephen, private Hammond
Acker, Sybert, corporal Hammond Orser
Acker, Sybert.Jr., private Hammood Orser
Acker, Syhert, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Acker, Tobias, private Hammond Martling
Acker, Tobias, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Ackerd, Jacob, private Wessenfels Dodge
Ackerman, Arie, private Hopkins BrinkerhoflE
Ackerman, Casparus, sergt. Wessenfels Dodge
Ackerman, David, private Van Veghten Thompson
Ackerman, Ede, private Hays Hogencamp
Ackerman, Isaac, private Van Veghten Dunham
Ackerman, James, private Wessenfels Dodge
Ackerman, James, private Vandenburgh Storm
Ackerman, James, private Van Veghten Dunham
Ackerman, John, drummer Pawling Lawrence
Ackerman, John, fifer Harper Lawrence
Ackerman, John, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Ackerman, Juo. W.,priv. Willet Pearcy
Ackerman, Robt., corporal Van Veghten Dunham
Ackerson Abraham, priv. Hays Tourneur
Ackerson Corns., sergeant Pawling Lawrence
Ackerson Corns., sergeant Malcom
Ackerson Corns., ++lieut. Harper Lawrence
Ackerson David, private Hays Hogencamp
Ackerson Derick, corporal Hays Bell
Ackerson Derick, private Hays
Ackerson Garret, captain Hays
Ackerson George, private Harper Bogart
Ackerson Jacob, private Hays. Hogencamp
Ackerson lobn, private Hays Tourneur
Ackerson Thomas, private Hays Onderdonk
Ackert, Jacob, private Wynkoop Swart
Ackert, Jerem'h, fifer Wynkoop Swart
Ackert, Martin, private Wynkoop Swart
Ackert, Peter, private Yates Hadlock
Ackert, Peter, sergeant Yates Yates
Ackert, Solomon, private Yates Hadlock
Ackley, Benjamin, private Hathorn Miller
Adair, Wm., sergeant Malcom Livingston
Adam, John, private Hopkins Lane

*Shot through right shoulder at Schoharie kill, July 28, WS. Farmer, Great Imboght, Albany Co., C. 51, I. 48.
+ Several wounds in chin, gullet and right shoulder December 17, 1779. Again wounded May 1, 1780. Farmer, Phillipsburgh, Westchestcr county, C83, Aa43.

++Enlisted in Capt, Hutchiiig'a Company, Col. Ritzema's, in 1776, for one year; in Capt. Hutching's, in Col. Dubois', in 1777; taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery; exchanged ten months later; Lieutenant of Levies in 1780; joined Malcom's regiment ; taken prisoner at the Oneida Castle, paroled 1782. See Ackerson, Cornelius, 5 N. Y. Clarkstown, Rockland Co. A. P. 14, 812, A. P. V-W; 21-7-11.


Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Adam, Peter, private Clyde Leipe
Adam, Peter, private Platt Bradbick
Adams, Baley, private Livingston Elliot
Adams, Dan'1, sergeant Van Rensselaer Hawley
Adams, David, private Willet Skinner
Adams, Deliverance, priv. Wessenfels Godwin
Adams, Edward, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenbergh
Adams, Edward, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Adams, Elijah, sergeant Willet Harrison
Adams, Elijah, sergeant Van Rensselaer
Adams, Elijah, private Van Rennselaer
Adams, Elijah, private Schuyler Tillman
Adams, Ephm., private Willet Cannon
Adams, Ephraim, privateVan Bergen Witbeck
Adams, Gilbert, private Webster
Adams, Gilbert, private Malcom Livingston
Adams, Gilbert, private Luddington Mead
Adams, Gilbert, private Luddington Waterbury
Adams, John, private Yates
Adams, John, private Luddington Mead
Adams, John, jr., private Luddington Mead
Adams, John, private Luddington Crane
Adams, Jonus, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Adams, Major, private Wessenfels White
Adams, Major, private Luddington Lane
Adams, Moses, private Hopkins Lane
Adams, Noah, private Graham Bostwick
Adams, Noah, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Adams, Oliver, sergeant Van Rensselaer
Adams, Oliver, private Schuyler Tillman
Adams, Thomas, private Luddington Mead
Adams, William, surgeon Graham
Adams, William, sergeant Luddington Mead
Adamy, Peter, lieut. Klock Ruff
Ademy, Peter, lieut. Clyde Ruff
Adamy, Peter, private Willett Skinner
Addison, William, private Hathorn Bartolf
Adkins, Thos., private Van Rensselaer
Adrian, Tlieods., sergeant Dubois
Adkins, William, private Willett Dubois
Adriance, Corns., lieut., --------Humfrey
Adriance, Corns., ensign Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Adriance, George, sergeant Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Adriance, I., Jr., corporal Brinkerhoff Storm
Adriance, John, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Adriance, Rem., Jr., priv. Brinkerhoff Storm
Adriance, Theods., corpl. Pawling Pawling
Adriance, Theods., sergt. Dubois McFoght
Adriance, Theods., private Brinckerhoff Brinkerhoff
Adriance, Theods., private Pawling Wood
Adrit, John, private Van Ness
Adset, Martin, private Wessenfels Shehard
Adsill, Benjn., corporal Dubois Chamberlain
Adsist, Geo., corporal Hopkins Waters
Adsist, Silas, sergeant Hopkins Waters
Adsist, Stephn., lieut Hopkins Waters
Adsits, Benjn., private Dubois Chamberlain
Adtendon, Asal, private Graham Wilson
Adzit, John, private Van Rensselaer Hawley
Aelstyne, Danl., private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Aerndt, Abrah'm, lieut., Clyde House
Aernbout, Chris., corporal Schuyler Slingerland
Aernhout, Chris., corporal Quackenboss Slingerland
Aernhout, Chris., corporal Quackenboss Slingerland
Aernbout, Chris., private Quackenboss
Aernhout, John, private Schuyler Slingerland
Aernbout, John, private Quackenboss Slingerland
Affeet, James, private Webster Long
Affener, Hendk., private Van Schoonhoven Steenbergh
Affleek, James, private Webster
Affleck, James, private Webster Armstrong
Afflict, James, private Webster Armstrong
Afner, Hendk., private Van Schooonhoven Taylor
Afner Henry, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Afner, John, ensign Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Afner, John, lieut, Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Afner, Wilhelmus, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Agan, James Private Yates Brown
Agan, John Private Yates Weltse
Agard, Joseph, Private Graham Pearce
Agen, John, private Yates Wiltse
Agens, James private Yates Weltse
Agens, John, Private Yates Weltse
Ager, James, private Wessenfels Godwin
Agers, Henry Julius, priv. Willet Dubois
Aggins, James, private Willet
Agins, James, sergeant Wessenfels Westfall
Agins. James, private Pawling Westfall
Agnue, Will., private Van Rensselaer Staats
Agnue, Will., private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Ahrendorf, Peter, corporal Bellinger Frank
Aile, Michl., private Fisher Veeder
Airis, Reuben, private Crane Scofield
Aker, George, private Klock Miller
Akins, David, private Field Hecock
Akker, John, private Fisher Veeder
Akiey, Jon'n, private Luddington Mead
Albant, Henry, private Fisher Yeoman
Albe, Eleazer, private Armstrong McNitt
Albem, Nathan, private Wessenfels Hunt
Alberson, Joseph, sergeant JohnsonConcklin
Albert, White, corporal Willet Fonda
Albertson, Richard, priv. Pawling Curnet
Albertson, Stephen, priv, Johnson Mastin
Albertson, William, priv. Johnson Concklin
Albragh, John, private Quackenboss
AlbranL Hendk., private Fisher Veeder
Albro, Benjamin, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Aldalf, Lawrence, private Johnson Smith
Aldbird, Bailey, sergeant Crane Truesdel
Alder, Joseph, private Hatborn Telford
Alderage, Gilbert, private Johnson Smith
Aldrich, Robert, private Hathorn Conkln
Aldridge, Benjn., private Wessenfels
Aldridge, David, private Armstrong McNitt
Aldridge, James, private Van Woert Brown
Alderidge, Jonn., private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Aldridge, Jonn., private Webster
Aleban, Jonn., sergeant Dragoons Delavan
Alendorph, Christ., private Graham Hasted
Alesworth, Caleb, private Whiting Herrick
Alexander, James, sergt. Webster McNitt
Alexander, James, private Armstrong McNitt
Alexander, John, corporal Wessenfels Godwin
Alexander, John, private Wessenfels Godwin
Alexander, Robert, lieut. Wemple
Alexander, Robert, private Wemple Mynderse
Alexander, Robert, private Wemple Van Slyck
Alexander, Rufus, private Wessenfela Shephard
Alexander, Sandy, private Wemple Myderson
Algalt, William, private Brinckerhoff Schults
Algate, Thos., private Schuyler Lansing
Algelt, John, private Brinckerhoff Schults
Alger, Amiel, sergeant Graham Magce
Alger, Anul, private Graham Uagee
Alger, George, private Cortland
Algire, John, private Fisher Mabee
Algyre, Jacob, private------Fonda
Allar, John, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Alleby, Jonathan, private Crane Scofield
Allen, Asa, sergeant Hopkins Waters
Allen, Caleb, private Van Woert Whiteside
Allen, Daniel, private Whiting
Allen, David, private Graham
Allen, David, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Allen, David, private Van Woert Whiteaide
Allen, Ebenezer, corporal Pawling Williams
Allen, George, private Graham Pearce
Allen, George, Jr., private Graham Pearce
Allen, Henry, sergeant Webster Long
Allen, Henry, private Willet Marshall
Allen, Henry, private Webster Long
Allen, Henry, private Webster McNitt
Allen, Henry, private Harper Harrison
Allen, Jabez, private Whiting Davis
Allen, Jamea, private Willet Pearey
Allen, James, private Graham
Allen, James, private Van Woert Whiteside
Allen, James, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Allen, Jesse, sergeant Willet Cannon
Allen, Jesse, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Allen, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Allen, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Allen, John, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Allen, Jonathan, private Whiting Cady
Allen, Jonh'n, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Allen, Josiah, private Williams Shepardson
Allen, Lemuel, private Malcolm McKinstry
Allen, Lothrop, captain Harper
Allen, Peter, corporal Yates Hadlock
Allen, Reuben, private Dubois Lee
Allen, Samuel, lieut. Van Rensselaer King
Allen, Saml., s. mate Dubois
Allen, Saml., private Dubois Dubois
Allen, Saml., private Van Bergen Hotaling
Allen, Saml, sergeant Van Bergen Van Schaick
Allen, Saml., sergeant Crane
Allen, Saml., private Williams Shepardson
Allen, Seth, private Williams Shepardson
Allen, Stephen, private Van Woert Whiteside
Allen, William, private Willet Livingston
Allen, Wm., private Fisher Yeoman
Allen, William, private Graham Wilson
Allenbrangh, John, private Schuyler Van Wee
Aller, Abin., private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Aller, John, private Pawling Pawling
Aller, Peter, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Alher, John, private Fisher Yates
Allet, Win., private Schuyler Lansing
Allison, Benjn., private Wisner Baly
Allison, Henry, private Wisner Baly
Allison, Isaac, private Hays Gardner
Allison, Isaac, private Dubois Gauo
Allison, James, private Wisner
Alfison, Jeremiah, private Hays Gardner
Allison, John, private Hathorn Sayres
Allison, John, private Hays Gardner
Allison, Joseph, private Hays Gardner
Allison, Joseph B., private Hays Gardner
Allison, Peter, private Hays Gardner
Allison, Samuel, private Hays Gardner
Allison, Thomas, sergeant Hays Gardner
Allison, Thomas, private Phillip Miller
Allison, William, private Hays Miller Gardner
Allwood, Peter, private Willet Gillet
Ament, Eldert, sergeant Wemple Schermerhorn
Almer, Jno., private Van Woert Whiteside
Almy, John, private Van Woert Whiteside
Alsderveve, Jacobus, private Johnson
Alsdorph, Johannis, private Johnson
Alsdorph, Philip, corporal Hathorn Conklin
Alsdorph, Philip, corporal Johnson Smith
Alsdorph, Philip, private Pawling Percy
Abworth, Thos., private Hopkins Wheeler
Alt, Johannis, private -------------Fonda
Alter, Jacob, private Willet Putman
Alter, Peter, corporal Yates
Altor, Abrm., private Yates
Alvert, White, private Van Veghten Winne
Alyea, John, private Hathorn Bartolf
Alyea, John, Private-----------Minthorn
Alyea, Peter, corporal Hathorn Minthorn
Alyea, Peter, private Hathorn Minthorn
Alyea, Peter, private Lansing Shepherd
Alyea, S
amuel, private Hathorn Minthorn
Amberman, Derick, private Willet Welp
Amble, Abm., private Crane Lawrence
Ambler, Abrm., private Crane Lawrence
Ambler, Benj., ensign Thomas Miller
Ambler, Benj'n, ensign Thomas Sackett
Ambler, Benj'n, Ensign Thomas St. John
Ambler, Enos, private Wessenfels Hunt
Ambler, Enos, private Crane Lawrence
Ambler, Jerem'h, private Thomas St. John
Ambler, John, corporal Crane Lawrence
Ambler, John, private Drake Seely
Ambler, John, Jr., Private Drake Seeley
Ambler, John, private Benedict Seely
Ambler, Nathan, corporal Harper Vroman
Ambler, Nathan, private Wessenfels Thompson
Ambler, Stephen, private Drake Seely
Ambler, Stephen, private Dragoons Delavan
Ament, Elder, private Wemple Mynderson
Amerson, Wm., private Fisher Yeoman
Ammerman, Albert, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Ammerman, Aurt, private Hays Bell
Ammerman, Dirk, private Pawling Pawling
Anderson, Alexr., private Schuyler Sharp
Anderson, Benj'n, private Thomas Hubby
Andersen, Benj'n, private Thomas Lyon
Anderson, David, serguant Williams Stowel
Anderson, Duncan, private _________Fonda
Anderson, Geo., sergeant Platt Van Santvoort
Anderson, Geo., private Burnet Pawling
Anderson, Geo., private Willet Harrison
Auderson, James, private Crane Bouton
Anderson, Jerem'h, private Thomas Purdy
Anderson, John, F. M. Malcolm Cantine
Anderyon, John, private Wessenfels
Auderson, William, private Johnson Jansen
Anderson, Wm., private Fisher Gartneer
Anderson, Wm., private Fisher McMaster
Andersen, William, private Fisher Yeoman
Andiss, Ephm., private Van Veghten Woodworth
Andon, Casper, private Livingston Pulver
Andreas, Spira, private Van Rensselaer Hawley
Andres, Amos, private _____________Noble
Audress, Ashbell, lient. Van Veghten Denning
Andress, Ashbell, corporal Van Veghten Denning
Audreys, Deliv'ce, corporal Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, Deliv'ce, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Andress, Deliv'uce, private Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, John, private Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, John, private Van Veghten Woodwoth
Andreas, John, drummer Graham Nail
Andress, Joseph, corporal Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, Joseph, corporal Graham Nail
Andress, Joseph, private Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, Joseph, private VanVeghten Woodworth
Andress, Nath'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Andress, Nath'l, private Van Veghten Denning
Andress, Nath'l S., private VanVeghten Winne
Andress, Titus, corporal Van Veghten Thompson
Andress, Titus, corporal Van Veghten Winne
Andress, Titus, private Van Veghten
Andrew, Amos, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Andrew, David, private Van Renssetaer Husted
Andrews, Elisha, adjutant
Andrews, Ichabod, ensign Willet
Andrews, Isaac, private Graliam Bostwick
Andrews, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Andrews, Wm., private Fisher Yeoman
Andrews, Zenos, private Wallet Pearcy
Andriance, John, Jr., priv. Vandenburgh Storm
Andries, Daniel, sergeant Whiting Gilbert
Andries, Daniel, private Whiting Gilbert
Andries, John, private Graham Muller
Andru, Daniel, private Whiting Bostwick
Andrus, Ashbel, lieut. Van Veghten Woodworth
Andrus, Benj'n, ensign Whiting Gilbert
Andrus, Joseph, private Whiting Gilbert
Andrus, Bosell, corporal Willet
Andrus, Samuel, private Whiting Salsbury
Angell, Geo., private Clyde Brown
Angell, John, corporal Clyde Brown
Angle, Jurry, private Livingston Brown
Angell, Wm., private Clyde Shaver
Angle, Wm., private Livingston Shaw
Anjivine, Joseph, private Luddiugton Crane
Ankrum, Humphry, priv. Yates Hadlock
Annen, Dan'l, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Anning, James, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Annis, James, private Johnson Concklin
Annis, Joseph, private Webster
Annis, Josiah, private Webster Long
Anny, Geo., private Fisher Yates
Ansley, Samuel, corporal Fonda
Ansley, Samuel, private Fonda
Ansom, James, private Harper Lawrence
Anson, James, sergeant Pawling
Anson, James, corporal Pawling Lawrence
Anson, John private Wessenfels Bowen
Antes, Jacob, private ____________Fonda
Antes, John, private Schnyler Slyngerland
Anthony, Aldert, private Johnson Jansen
Anthony, Aldert, private Johnson Smith
Anthony, Barthm., private Yates Brown
Anthony, Casper, private ____________Bogert
Anthony, Ellabart, private Van Bensselaer De Garmo
Anthony, George, private Willet Gross
Anthony, Geo., private Willet Cannon
Anthony, Israel, private Schuyler Lansing
Anthony, Israel, tirer Schuyler Lansing
Anthony, Jacob, private Yates Wiltse
Anthony, John, sergeant Schuyler Ostrum
Anthony, John, private Hathorn Miller
Anthony, John, private Johnson Cross
Anthony, John, private Johnson Janseu
Anthony, John, private Wessenfels Westfall
Anthony, John, private Pawling Westfall
Anthony, John, private Schuyler Lansing
Anthony, Rich'd, private Graham
Anthony, Rich'd, private Van Veghten Thompson
Anthony, Rich'd, private VanVeghten Van Woert
Anthouey, Sant., private ________Bogert
Anthony, Stephen, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Antice, John, private Fisher Gartner
Antis, Conrad, private Fisher Yates
Antis, John, corporal Fisher Gartnere
Antis, John, private Schuyler Slyngerland
Antis, William, private Graham Lausing
Antony, Albert, private Yates Brutts
Antony, Albert, private Yates Van Den Burgh
Antony, Barthm., private Yates Van Den Burgh
Antony, Elebard, private Yates Hadlock
Antony, Isaac, Sfer Schuyler Landing
Antony, Jacob, private Yates Van Den Burgh
Antwerp, Barthm., private Yates
Any, Godfret, private Fisher Little
Any, Jacob, private Fisher Veeder
Apel, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Appelie, Hendk., private Schuyler Van Aernam
Apple, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Applebe, Conrod, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Applestall, Abm., private Van Duzer
Applestall, Isaac, private Hathorn Shepherd
Appley, Jacob, private Klock Righter
Appljee, Conrod, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Arcenson, Garret, private Schuyler Van Aernam
Archant, George, private Thomas Lyon
Archart, George, private Thomas Lyon
Archer, Annanias, private Fisher Degraas
Archer, David, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Archer, David, sergeant Van Veghten Van Woort
Archer, David, private Hays Sickles
Archer, Jacob, private Hays Tourneur
Archer, James, lieut. Drake Strang
Archer, James, private Graham
Archer, James, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Archer, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Archer, Jonathan, private Hathorn Miller
Archey, Ananias, private Harper Putman
Arch'd, John, private Platt Van Santvoort
Arden, Jacob, private Hays Ackerson
Ardon, John, private Wessenfels
Arendorf, Fred'k, private Bellinger HuntFrank
Arendorf, Fred., Sr, priv. Bellinger Frank
Arendorf, Geo., private Bellinger Frank
Arhart, Gee., private Thomas Lyon
Arie, Terwilliger, private Johnson Gillispy
Aris, Thomas, private Malcom McKinstry
Aris, Thomas, private Malcom Delavan
Arkson, Garret, private Wemple Wanson
Arkson, Henry, private Wemple
Arkson, William, private Weinple
Aries, Joseph, sergeant Whiting Herrick
Armes, Jacob, private Willett Elsworth
Armin, James, private Vandenburgh Storm
Arms, Jacob, private Willet Elsworth
Arsben, Dan'l, private Johnson Mastin
Armstrong, Arch'b, private Hathorn Telford
Armstrong, Arch'd, private Pawling Westfall
Armstrong, Arch'd, private Pawling Burnet
Armstrong, Arch'd, private Newkirk McBride
Armstrong, Arch'd, private Wisner Baly
Armstrong, Benj'n, private Hopkins Lane
Armstrong, Dan'l, corporal Van Schoonhoven White
Armstrong, David, private Wisner Baly
Armstrong, Edward, priv. Thomas Sackett
Armstrong, Edw'd, priv. Thomas St. John
Armstrong, Francis, corpl. Wisner Baly
Armstrong, Francis, priv. Hathoru Sayre
Armstrong, Francis, priv. Hathorn McCamply
Armstrong, Gabriel, priv. Hopkins Lane
Armstrong, Gab'1, private Luddington Lane
Armstrong, Geo., private Dubois Gano
Armstrong, Geo., private Wisner Baly
Armstrong, Isaac, private Thomas Sackett
Armstrong, J., Jr., private Luddington Lane
Armstrong, James, sergt. Hathorn Miller
Armstrong, James, private Wessenfels Godwin
Armstrong, James, private Williams Armstrong
Armstrong, James, private Webster Armstrong
Armstrong, James, private Armstrong Armstrong
Armstrong, James, private Wisner Miller
Armstrong, James, private Wisner Baly
Armstrong, James; private Crane Lawrence
Armstrong, John, captain Williams
Armstrong, John, captain Webster
Armstrong, Jno., captain Armstrong
Armstrong, John, corporal Van Veghten
Armstrong, John, private Wessenfels Hunt
Armstrong, John, private Willet Fonda
Armstrong, John, private Willet Wright
Armstrong, John, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Armstrong, John, private Luddington Lane
Armstrong, Joseph, private Hathorn Sayres
Armstrong, Joseph, private Hathorn Minthorn
Armstrong, Joseph, private Wisner Baly
Armstrong, Nathan, corpl. Yates Hadlock
Armstrong, Nathan, corpl. Yates Brown
Armstrong, Nathan, priv. Van Woert Hodge
Armstrong, Nathan, priv. Yates Brown
Armstrong, Robt., private Willet Livingston
Armstrong, Robert, priv. Williams Armstrong
Armstrong, Robt., private Williams McNitt
Armstrong, Robert, private Webster
Armstrong, Robert, private Webster Armstrong
Armstrong, Robert, priv. Webster Armstrong
Armstrong, Robt., private Webster Armstrong
Armstrong, Robt., private Armstrong Armstrong
Armstrong, Robert, private Hays Gardner
Armstrong, Bobt., private Schuyler Tillman
Armstrong, Thos., major Williams
Armstrong, Thos., major Webster
Armstrong, Thos., private Van Veghten Thompson
Armstrong, Thos., private Van Veghten Woodworth
Arnal, William, private Malcom McKinstry
Arnet, Corns., private Dubois Gano
Arnelt, Henry, private Wessenfels Godwin
Arnhout, Jacob, private Schuyler Van Wee
Arnold, Abimelick, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Arnold, Abraham, private Willet Gray
Arnold, David, corporal Willet Livingston
Arnold, David, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Arnold, Eben'r, private Yates Brown
Arnold, Eleazer, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Arnold, Elisha, sergeant Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Arnold, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Arnold, Elisha, private Schuyler Lansing
Arnold, James, private Thomas Purdy
Arnold, Jeremiah, private Thomas Purdy
Arnold, John, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Arnold, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Arnold, Pelick, private Luddington Waterbury
Arnold, Semeur, corporal Luddington Waterbury
Arnold, Stephen, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Arnold, William, private Pawling Wood
Arnold, Wm., private Van Rensselaer
Arnold, Will., private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Arnold, Will., private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Arnon, Jacob, private Fisher Veeder

*Enlisted for 45 days in Capt. Mosher's Levies, same Regt., January 1, 1781. Shot in the back at Mornsania, January 28,
1781. Farmer, Poundridge, Westchester Co. A-8.

Arnord, David, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Aruul, Seymour, private Luddington Lane
Arson, Robert, private Clyde Brown
Arson, Tbo.s., private Van Reusselaer Sharp
Ashall, Dradshaw, private Webster Long
Asken, William, private Hathorn Telford
Ashman, Samuel, private Willet Wright
Ashman, Sain'l, private Van Veghten
Ashley, Absolom, private Drake Haight
Ashbey, Ant'y, private Field Hecock
Ashley, Ant'y, private Field Dyckman
Ashley, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Ashly, Alden, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Ashly, John, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Ashton, James, major Van Woert
Ashton, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Ashton, Phinehas, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Ashton, Thos., private Van Woert Pettit
Asor, Thomas, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Aspell, James, private Wisner Baly
Asten, Will., private Yates Wiltse
Astill, William, private Newkirk Crawford
Astin, Abrm., private Brinckerhoff Storm
Astine, Amos, private
Astin, Jacob, private Livingston Smith
Astin, John, private Luddington Mead
Astin, Parvis, private Van Woert Gilmore
Assstin, Thomas, private Van Bergeu Dubois
Aston, Jacob, private Graham Wilson
Aston, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Philips
Aston, Philip, private Willet Harrison
Atkins, Isaac, private Field Hecock
Atkins, Isaac, private Graham Pearce
Atkins, Thos., private Van Rensselaer
Atkins, Wm., private Graham Magee
Attaffitt, Juo., private Humfrey
Atwaler, Jesse, private Webster Childs
Atwater, Jesse, private Armstrong McNitt
Atwell, Paul, private Willet Welp
Atwell, Paul, private Willet Wright
Alwood, Jabcz, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Atwood, Jon'n, private Harper Harrison
Atwood, Peter, private Willet Henry
Atwood, Tim'y, sergeant Livingston Elliot
Atwood, Tim'y, sergeant Van Rensselaer Elliot
Auer, John, private Drake
Auer, Tobias, sergeant Drake
Auer, Tobias, private Drake Kronkhites
Auker, Henry, private Schuyler Slyngerland
Aul, Nath'l, private Van Veghten
Anier, Abner, private Van Rensselaer DeGarino
Aurie, John, private Drake
Aurie, Tobias, sergeant Drake
Aursen, Thos., private Schuyler Foresst
Aursen, Thomas, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Aurson, Thomas, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Auser, After, private Hammond
Auser, Isaac, private Hammond
Auser, Solomon, private Hammond
Ausgood, Nath'l, private Graham
Austin, Isaac, private Drake Haight
Austin, Jobe, sergeant. Luddington Crane
Austin, John, sergeant Armstrong Tozer
Austin, John, corporal Webster
Austin, John, private Webster Tozer
Austin, Jno., private Van Woert Hodges
Austin, Justus, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Austin, Lockwood, private Wessenfels
Austin, Robert, private Hopkins Lane
Austin, Robert, private Luddington Crane
Austin, Smith, private Luddington Crane
Austine, John, private Willet Newell
Anstine, John, private Van Woert Wells
Avaril, Joseph, private Webster
Avaril, Paul, lieut. Armstrong Tozer
Avaril, Paul, sergeant Armstrong Tozer
Avaril, Thomas, private Webster Thomas
Averil, Paul, sergeant Webster Tozer
Averil, Thomas, private Webster Tozer
Averts, Timothy, corporal Pawling Hunter
Avery, Abel, private Platt Kinnue
Avery, Abel, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Avery, Abiel, private Willet Marshall
Avery, Eben'r, ensign Crane Bouton
Avery, Eben'r, private Dragoons Delavan
Avery, Eben'r, private Crane Scofield
Avery, Elisha, private Crane Bouton
Avery, Enoch, private Crane Bouton
Avery, Enoch, private Crane Scofield
Avery, James, private ____________Stevenson
Avery, James, private Crane Lawrence
Avery, James, private Crane Scofield
Avery, James, fifer Crane Bouton
Averv, John, drummer Crane Scofield
Avery, John, private Crane Bouton
Avery, John, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Avery, Nehemiah, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Avery, Neh'h, private Pawling Livingston
Avery, Solomon, private Crane Bouton
Avery, Solomon, private Crane Scofield
Avets, John, private Graham Wilson
Avia, Able, private Van Rensselaer Dekker
Ayhart, Geo., private Thomas Hobby
Aylsworth, Benj., captain Van Schoonhoven
Ayres, Peter, corporal _____________Noble
Ayers, Reuben, private Crane Lewis
Avery, Reuben, Jr., priv. Crane Lewis
Ayres, Robert, private Willet Wright
Ayres, Thomas, private Pawling Faulkner
Ayres, William, corporal Wessenfels Brewster

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