Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Thanks to James F. Morrison for letting us use his book!

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "K"

[By reference to the Index the County to which the Regiment belonged can be ascertained.] Sorry, but I don't think I have the stamina to put the Index on line. Some names are not in alpha order. From this point in time, I don't know if these are typos? ajb

Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Kaan, John, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Kaap, Lebias, private Hays Gardner
Kachee, Andrew, private Fisher McMaster
Kack, Casper, private Klock Miller
Kader, Stephen, private Weisenfels
Kady, Nath'l, private Fisher Yeoman
Kahoon, David, private Hays Gardner
Kain, Isaiah, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Kain, John, private Fisher Snook
Kain, John I., private Fisher Snook
Kain, Joseph, private Fisher Snook
Kain, Paul H., private Livingston Shaw
Kain, Peter, private Fisher Snook
Kain, Thomas, private Fisher Snook
Kallenbolt, Andreas, corpl. Klock House
Kamhall, Jesse, private Whiting Cady
Kane, James, lieut. Johnson Smith
Kane, John, private Luddington Kidd
Kannady, Alex'r, corporal Wemple Wanson
Kannady, Jno., private Vrooman Miller
Kannady, John, sergeant Wemple Wanson
Kannady, John, private Wemple Wanson
Kannady, John, Jr., pnv. Wemple Wanson
Kannady, Sam'l, sergeant Wemple Wanson
Kannady, Rob't, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Kannady, Will., private Crane Lewis
Karlagh, Nicholas, private Wynkoop
Karle, Geo., private Bellinger Small
Kasselman, John, private Klock Klock
Karker, Henry, private Schuyler Ostrum
Karker, Jacob, private Schuyler Ostrum
Kater, Abr'm, sergeant Wynkoop
Kater, Jacobus, private Van Bergen
Kater, James, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Keaber, John, private Klock Bradbig
Keadman, John, private Klock Hess
Keador, Stephen, private Harper Allen
Keafer, William, corporal Hathorn Bogardus
Keak, Geo., private Willet Fonda
Kearn, John, private Klock Klock
Kearne, Peter, private Drake Buckhout
Kearney, Thomas,+priv. Gumbly (Maryl'd) Baily
+Enlisted 1776, drafted into Capt. Handy's, Lee's Legion in 1779; shot in left breast at Paulus Hook, Aug. 9, 1779. Poundridge, W. Chester Col. C. 184.
Keaselman, Peardle, priv. Klock Klock
Keasler, Henry, private Willet Hole
Keator, Cornelius, private Pawling De Witt
Keator, Corn's, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Keator, Jacob, private Hathom Brodhead
Keator, John, private Hathorn Brodhead
Keator, John, private Pawling De Witt
Keator, Peter, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Keator, Wilhelmus, priv. Pawling De Witt
Keator, William, private Hathorn Brodhead
Keator, Wm. B., private Cantine Hasbrouck
Keech, Geo., private Fisher Yeoman
Keech, Jacob, sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Keech, James, sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Keech, James, private Fisher Degraas
Keech, James, private Fisher Yeoman
Keefer, Leonard, private Graham Husted
Keefer, Will., private Weisenfels
Keeher, John, corporal Wessenfels Thompson
Keelar, Nathan, private Drake Haight
Keeler, Eben'r. private Dragoons Delavan
Keeler, Eben'r, private Thomas Gilbert
Keeler, Fred'k, private Thomas Sackett
Keeler, Henry, private Crane Truesdell
Keeler, Hezekiah, private Graham Pearce
Keeler, Isaac,++ lieut. Crane Lockwood
++Fingers cut off and taken prisoner at Compond, June 24, 1779. Carpenter, Upper Salem, W. Chester Co. C, 34, I 29, 127.
Keeler, Isaac, sergeant Drake Delivan
Keeler, Isaac, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Keeler, Isaiah, § private Harper Drake
§ Enlisted May 20, 1780; taken prisoner at Canaseraga Oct. 23, 1780, released Nov. 28, 1782. Mexico, Oneida Co. A. P. 23-273.
Keeler, Isaiah, private Van Veghten Thompson
Keeler, Isaiah, private Van Veghten Winne
Keeler, Isaiah, private Van Veghten Dunham
Keeler, Jacob, private Drake Delivan
Keeler, Jeremiah, private Crane Truesdell
Keeler, John, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Keeler, John, private Wynkoop
Keeler, Nath'l, trumpeter Dragoons Delavan
Keeler, Nath'l, private Drake Delivan
Keeler, Kath'l, private Crane Lockwood
Keeler, Nath'l, private Crane Lawrence
Keeler, Phenias, private Crane Lawrence
Keeler, Stephen, private Dragoon Delavan
Keeling, Adam, private Crane Bouton
Keephart, Caleb, private Livingston Shaw
Keer, Henry, private Drake Strang
Keerstader, Wilhelmus, Sr. Wynkoop Van Beuren
Kees, Jacob, private Fisher Wemple
Keese, And'w, private Thomas St. John
Keese, John, private Wemple Schermerhorn
Keeth, Geo., private Fisher Yeoman
Keeth, James, sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Kefer, Lawrence, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Kefer, Wm., Jr., corporal Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Keffer, Baltus, private Wynkoop
Keffer, William, corporal Wynkoop
Keith, James, private Fisher Yeoman
Kelder, Christ., private Van Rensselaer Randall
Kelder, Hend'k, private Van Alstyn
Kelder, Henry, private Fonda
Kelder, Jacob, private Wemple Bancker
Kelder, John, private Fonda
Kelin, Adam, private Thomas Hobby
Kellen, Raspur, sergeant Klock Ruff
Keller, Andw, private Klock Ruff
Keller, And'w, private Clyde Ruff
Keller, And'w, Jr., private Klock Ruff
Keller, And'w, Jr., private Clyde Difendorf
Keller, Felix, private Klock Ruff
Keller, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Keller, Jacob, private Clyde Difendorf
Keller, Jacob R., private Clyde Difendorf
Keller, Nich's, private Bellinger Staring
Keller, William, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Kelley, Benj'n, private Luddington Mead
Kelley, Ebenezer, private Harper Harrison
Kelley, John, private Clyde Weeser
Kelley, Jno., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Kelley, John, private Luddington Knapp
Kelley, John, private Graham Vail
Kelley, Jonas, private Cantine Ramsen
Kelley, Peter, private Fisher Snook
Kelley, Sheuble, private Field Dykeman
Kelley, Thomas, private Klock Ruff
Kelley, Zebedee, ensign Luddington Mead
Kellogg, Aaron, captain Whiting
Kellogg, Elipli't, corporal Willet Wright
Kellogg, William, private Brinckerhoff Van Benshouten
Kellogh, Azor, private Van Schoonhoven
Kellogh, Eliphalet, private Van Schoonhoven
Kellor, Andrew, Jr., priv. Clyde Ruff
Kellor, Gasper, sergeant Clyde Buff
Kellor, Phelix, private Clyde Ruff
Kellum, Robert, private Thomas St. John
Kellup, William, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Kelly, Carpenter, sergeant Hays
Kelly, Carpenter, private Hays Tourneur
Kelly, Carpenter, private Hays Onderdonk
Kelly, David, private Pawling Westfall
Kelly, David, private Field Dykeman
Kelly, Daniel, private Hays
Kelly, Dennis, private Wessenfels Westfall
Kelly, Dennis, private Pawling Westfall
Kelly, George, private Klock Klock
Kelly, Henry, private Willet Putman
Kelly, Henry, private Harper Putman
Kelly, Henry, private Fisher Degraas
Kelly, Henry, private Fisher Little
Kelly, Isaac, private Wessenfels Brewster
Kelly, John, private Cantine Ramsen
Kelly, John, private Luddington Waterbury
Kelly, Jon'n, private Field Dykeman
Kelly, Jude, sergeant Luddington Waterbury
Kelly, Reuben, private Field Dykeman
Kelly, Selvenns, private Cortland
Kelly, Bylvanus, private Wessenfels
Kelly, Sylvanus, private Field Dykeman
Kelly, Thomas, private Clyde Ruff
Kelly, Thomas, private Hays Tourneur
Kelly, William, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Kelly, William, private Vandenburgh Storm
Kelmer, Hend'k, private Klock Bradbig
Kelmer, Jolin, private Clyde Leipe
Kelmer, Leonard, private Klock Kock
Kelse, John, private Willet Elsworth
Kelseh, John, private Bellinger Frank
Kelsey, ---, lieut. Johnson Cross
Kelsey, Eben'r, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Kelsey, John, private Wessenfels Livingston
Kelsh, John, Sr., private Bellinger Staring
Kclsh, John, Jr., private Bellinger Staring
Keltz, Peter, private Klock Cayser
Kelyer, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Kelyer, William, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Kemple, John, private Graham Hermance
Kenbergh, Fred'k, private Platt Van Santvoort
Kenedy, George, sergcant Van Schoonhoven Collins
Kenedy, Henry, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Kenedy, Thomas, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Kenedy, Thomas, private VanSchoonhoven Aylsworth
Kenuady, John, corporal Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Kennedy, Alex'r, private Armstrong Armstrong
Kennedy, Dennis, sergeant Drake Haight
Kennedv, Fargus, private Fisher Marselus
Kennedy, Joseph, private Crane Lewis
Kennedy, Philip, private Crane
Kennedy, Robert, sergeant Fisher Degraas
Kennedy, Robert, private Fisher
Kennedy, Thomas, private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Kennedy, William, corp'l Crane Lewis
Kenney, Jesse, corporal Platt Bloom
Kenney, Jesse, private Van Alstyn Philips
Kenny, Amos, private Willet Marshall
Kent, Moses, private Field Dykeman
Kenton, Richard, private Willet Newell
Kenyon, Daniel, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Ker, John, private Wisner Baly
Ker, William, private Hathorn Sayre
Ker, William, Jr., private Hathorn Sayre
Kerby, Albert, private Luddington Mead
Kergher, Gotlick, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Kerker, Henry, corporal Schuyler Ostrum
Kerker, Henry, private Schuyler Ostrum
Kerker, Jacob, private Schuyler Ostrum
Kerker, Yedlock, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Kerknaer, Rykert, private Schuyler Van Wee
Kerkner, Jacob, fifer Schuyler Ostrum
Kerley, John, private Luddington Mead
Kermer, Fred'k, private Schuyler Lansing
Kern, Badus, sergeant Klock House
Kern Badus, private Klock Wagner
Kern Bait, corporal Willet Fonda
Kern Earl, private Klock House
Kern John, private Klock Zeely
Kern John, private Klock House
Kern John, private Klock Bradbig
Kern Michael, sergeant Klock Hess
Kern Wchael, sergeant Klock House
Kern Michael, private Klock House
Kern, Mich'l, private Klock Bradbig
Kernagheon, Alex'r, priv. Hathorn Teltord
Kerner, Andries, private Cantine
Kernew, Wessel, private Wemple Mynderson
Kerr, John, private Hathorn Minthorn
Kershon, Isaac, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Kerson, Sam'l, sergeant Cantine Hasbrouck
Kertegan, Barent, private Vrooman Miller
Keslaer, Jacob, private Bellinger Frank
Keslaer, John, private Bellinger Frank
Keslar, Harmanus, private Hays Smith
Keslar, John, private Bellinger Small
Kesler, Jacob, sergeant Bellinger Staring
Kesler, Jacob, sergeant Bellinger Small
Kesler, John, private Bellinger Staring
Kesler, Joseph, private Bellinger Staring
Kesler, Melger, corporal Bellinger Small
Kesner, William, private Harper Putman
Kess Christian, private Klock Breadbake
Kesselman, John, private Klock Kock
Kesslaer, Jacob Jno., priv Bellinger Frank
Kesslar, Coenrad. corporal Bellinger Frank
Kessler, Conrath, private Klock Bradbig
Kessler, Jacob, private Bellinger Small
Kessler, Jacob I., private Bellinger Small
Kessler, John, private Bellinger Herder
Kessler, Joseph, private Klock House
Kessler, Melgert, private Klock Bradbig
Kess er. Nidi's, private Bellinger Herder
Kessler, Nich's, private Bellinger Small
Kessler, Peter, private Clyde Dygert
Ketch, James, private Fisher McMaster
Ketcham, Abijah, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Ketcham, Azariah, private Minthorn
Ketcham, Carrol, private Truesdell
Ketcham, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Ketcham, Dan'l, private Field Dykeman
Ketcham, Eph'm, private Fisher Little
Ketcham, Jonas, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Ketcham, Nathan, lieut. Minthorn
Ketcham, Nath'l, private Willet Gross
Ketcham, Philip, private Minthorn
Ketcham, Sam'l, private Minthorn
Ketchem, Jesse, private Howley
Ketchem, Jon'n, sergeant Van Rensselaer King
Ketchem, Titus, corporal Brinckerhoff
Ketchem, Titus, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Ketcher, John, private Wessenfels Bowen
Ketchum, Abijah, scrgean Whiting Vosburgh
Ketchnm, Abijah, private Yates Hadlock
Ketchum, Azariah, private Hathorn Minthorn
Ketchum, Dan'l, private Yates Wiltse
Ketchum, Howel, corporal Hathorn Bailey
Ketchum, Howell, sergt. Hathorn Minthorn
Ketchum, Howell, private Hathorn
Ketchum, Isaac, private Whiting
Ketchum, James, private Yates Weltse
Ketchum, Joel, sergeant Hathorn Minthorn
Ketchum, Joel, private Willet Gross
Ketchum, Joel, private Harper Vrooman
Ketchum, Jno., sergeant Hyat
Ketchum, Joseph, private Noble
Ketchum, Joshua, private Drake Hadden
Ketchum, Nathan, lieut. Hathorn Minthorn
Ketchum, Nathaniel, priv. Whiting Bostwick
Ketchum, Philip, private Hathoru Minthorn
Ketchum, Samuel, private Hathorn Bailey
Ketchum, Samuel, private Hathorn Minthorn
Ketchum, Stephen, sergt. Van Rensselaer King
Keth, James, sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Kettle, Adam, private Harper Vrooman
Kettle, Benj'n, private Van Woert Doty
Kettle, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer
Kettle, Sarah (?}, private Graham Sherwood
Keyntz, Jacob, sergeant Clyde Brown
Keyser, Abm., corp. Vrooman Heager
Keyser, Barent, private Klock Kock
Keyser, Bearend, sergeant Klock Klock
Keyser, Hanjost, private Klock Bradbig
Keyser, Henry, private Klock Klock
Koyser, Henry, private Klock Suts
Keyser, Johannis, captain Klock
Keyser, Johannis, sergeant Vrooman
Keyser, John, private Klock Kock
Keysor, John, private Vrooman Heager
Keyser, Joost, private Klock Kock
Keyser, Mich'l, corporal Klock Klock
Keyser, Yoost, private Klock Zeely
Kidd, Alex'r, captain Luddington
Kidd, Alex'r, private Field Hecock
Kidder, Stephen, sergeant Bogert
Kidder, Stephen, private Willet Wnght
Kidney, Peter, private Vrooman Stubrach
Kief, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Kiefer, Lawrence, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Kiefer, William, corporal Wynkoop
Kiefer, Wm., private Pawling
Kieffer, William, private Wynkoop
Kiel, Christ'r, private Clyde House
Kiening, Leonard, private Vrooman Miller
Kieslar, Peter, private Hays Gardner
Kieslaer, Philip, private Hays Onderdonk
Kieslar, Peter, private Wessenfels Bowen
Kiersted, John, private Wynkoop
Kiersted, Wilhelmus, sergt. Wynkoop
Kiersted, William, sergeant Wyukoop Swart
Kiff, Andrew, private Thomas Miller
Kiff, John, private Van Rensselaer
Kilby, Jerem'h, private Hopkins Barnum
Kiler, John, private Fisher Veeder
Kiles, Conrath, private Klock Bradbig
Kiles, Peter, private Klock Bradbig
Kill, Christ'r, private Willet Gillet
Kill, Nathan, private Vandeburgh Storm
Killee, Jon'n, corporal Hopkins Barnum
Killer, And'w, private Klock Ruff
Killey, Henry, private Klock Zeely
Killey, Henry, private Willet Putman
Killey, John, private Luddington Mead
Killip, John M., private Clyde Weeser
Killip, Thos. M., sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
Killogg, Eliph't, private Willet Wright
Killogg, Stephen, private Willet Pearcy
Kills, Koenrad, private Klock Miller
Kils, Peter, private Klock Miller
Kilse, John, private Willet Elsworth
Kllsinger, Peter, private Vrooman Brown
Kilts, Adam, private Klock Klock
Kilts, Adam, private Klock Suts
Kilts, Conradt, private Klock, Zealy
Kilts, Conradt, private Klock Miller
Kilts, Counradt, private Klock Kock
Kilts, John, private ___________Fonda
Kilts, Rich's, private Klock Suts
Kilts, Peter, private Klock Klock
Kilts, Peter, private Klock Suts
Kilts, Pliilip, corporal Klock Klock
Kilts, Philip, private Klock Kock
Kilts, Philip, private Klock Suts
Kilty, Peter, private Klock Miller
Kiltz, Conrad, private Klock Miller
Kiltz, Konrath, private Klock Cayser
Kiltz, Nicholas, private Klock Miller
Kim, Geo., private Klock Suts
Kimmas, John, private Webster Hamilton
Kimmel, Baltus, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Kincaid, Cownedge, priv. Fonda
Kincaid, Crounedge, corpl. Fonda
King, Aaron, sergeant Whiting King
King, Asahel, private Whiting King
King, Aurie, private Hays Blauvelt
King, Barley, private Ludington Baker
King, Caleb, private Field Barnum
King, Clayman, private Johnson Wilkins
King, David, private Luddington Waterbury
King, Gideon, captain Whiting
King, Gideon, captain Van Rensselaer
King, Heman, sergeant Luddington Baker
King, Heman, private Luddington Waterbury
King, Hez'h, private Van Woert Doty
King, Israel, private Van Woert Wells
King, Israel, private Van Woert Pettit
King, Jacob, private Hays Blauvelt
King, James, private Willet Livingston
King, James, private Thomas Moseman
King, James, private Thomas St. John
King, James, private Williams Rice
King, John, private Willet Harrison
King, John, private Graham Muller
King, John, private Klock Miller
King, Joshua, sergeant Drake Haight
King, Leonard, private Willet Debois
King, Merrick, fifer Field Dykeman
King, Nath'l, private Field Dykeman
King, Nicholas, private Johnson Concklin
King, Obadiah, private Lnddington Waterbury
King, Reuben, private Harper Vrooman
King, Solomon, sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
King, Solomon, sergeant Van Woert Hodges
King, Solomon, sergeant Van Woert Doty
King, Solomon, sergeant Van Woert McKillip
King, Stephen, private Johnson Mastin
King, Stephen, private Luddington Baker
King, Thomas, private Willet Marshall
King, Walter, private Cooper Blauvelt
King, Walter,*private McClaughry Humphrey
*Shot through the groin at Fort Clinton, Oct. 6, 1777. Wheelwright, Orange Co., later N. Y. City. C, 162. I, 68.
King, William, drummer Wessenfels Hunt
King, William, drummer Pawling Wood
King, William, private Hathorn
King, Will., private Weisenfel
Kingsland, Philip, qr. mr. Hathorn
Kingsland, Philip, private Hathorn McCamly
Kingsley, John, private Wemple Mynderson
Kingsly, Joseph, private Wemple Mynderse
Kinner, John, private Hathorn
Kinney, Asa, sergeant Armstrong
Kinney, Asa, private Webster Hamilton
Kinney, Solomon, private Van Ness
Kinnue, Roger, captain Platt
Kinyon, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Randall
Kinyon, Griffin, private Willet Welp
Kip, Benjamin, sergeant Cuyler
Kip, Benjamin, sergeant Lansing Forest
Kip, Boudewin, private Yates Yates
Kip, Ignis, lieut. Yates Van Den Burgh
Kipp, Badawine, private Yates Yates
Kipp, Benoni, private Graham Conklin
Kipp, Bordwin, private Yates Weltse
Kipp, Egnus, private Wessenfels White
Kipp, Jacob, private Graham Wilson
Kipp, John, private Willet Wright
Kipp, Reseph, private Graham Wilson
Kipp, Reseph A., private Graham Wilson
Kipp, Rulef, private Humfrey
Kir, David, Jr, private Wisner Baly
Kircum, Solomon, private Luddington Scribner
Kirk, Tho's, private Willet Pearcy
Kirk, William, private Johnson Cross
Kirk, William, private Johnson Wilkins
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, serg. Johnson Gillispy
Kirkum, Solomon, private Luddington Lane
Kiscoe, Andrew, private Thomas St. John
Kiser, Isaac, private Malcom Cantine
Kiser, John, private Malcom Cantine
Kisner, William, private Clyde House
Kitch, Joab, private Hatborn Brodhead
Kitcham, Benjamin, fifer Willet Skinner
Kitcham, Nath'l, lieut. Hathorn Minthorn
Kitcham, Samuel, private Hathorn Minthorn
Kitman, Edward, private Willet Hole
Kits, John, Jr., private Fisher Fisher
Kits, John, Jr., private Fisher Veeder
Kittle, Adam, private Willet Gross
Kittle, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Kittle, Henry, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Kittle, Jocham, private Willet Gross
Kittle, John, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Kittle, John, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Kittle, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Kittle, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Kittle, Nich's, private Van Alstyn Vosburgh
Kittle, Wm., private Yates Van Den Burgh
Kittle, Wm., private Yates Brutt
Kitts, George, private Willet Putman
Kitts, Geo., private Fisher Yates
Kitts, Jacob, private Fonda
Kitts, John, corporal Fisher Fisher
Kitts, John, private Fonda
Kitts, John, private Fisher Fisher
Kitz, Counrad, private Kllock Miller
Kitz, Peter, private Klock Zeely
Kitz, Philip, private Klock Zeely
Klaarwatur, Jeremiah, pr. Hathorn Brodbead
Kleeckman, Fred'k, corpl. Willet Debois
Klicken, Geo., private Van Rensselaer
Kline, Adam, corporal Fisher
Kline, Ant'y, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Kline, Conrad, captain Livingston
Kline, Jacob, private Livingston Kline
Kline, John, private Wessenfels Livingston
Kline, John, private Fisher Snook
Kline, John, private Fisher Fisher
Kline, Jon'n, private Willet
Kline, Marthinis, private Fisher Snook
Kline, Peter, private Livingston Kline
Kling, Ludwig, sergeant Clyde Brown
Klock, Adam, private Klock House
Klock, Coenrad, private Klock Helmer
Klock, George G., private Klock House
Klock, George G., private Klock Wagner
Klock, George H., private Klock Wagner
Klock, Hend'k, private Klock Hess
Klock, Hend'k, private Klock Wagner
Klock, Hend'k,Sr., private Klock Hess
Klock, Hend'k I., private Klock Wagner
Klock, Hend'k J., private Klock Hess
Klock, Jacob, colonel
Klock, Jacob, private Klock Hess
Klock, Jacob Conrad, lieut
Klock, John, private Klock Klock
Klock, John, private Klock Suts
Klock, Joseph, private Klock Hess
Klock, Joseph, private Klock Cayser
Klock, Jost, private Clyde Leipe
Klock, Jost, private Bellinger Frank
Klock, Levinus, captain Klock
Klyn, John, private Pawling Livingston
Klyne, William, private Harper Putman
Knantz, John, private Clyde House
Knap, Able, private Hays Ackerson
Knap, Abraham, corporal Willet Wright
Knap, Benjamin, private Hays Smith
Knap, Caleb, fifer Hays Stevenson
Knap, David, private Drake
Knap, Eben'r, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Knap, Gabriel, private Luddington Lane
Knap, Gerard, private Hays Gardner
Knap, Henry, corporal Willet Fonda
Knap, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Knap, Isaac, sergeant Van Alstyn Truesdel
Knap, James, private Hays Gardner
Knap, James, private Harper Allen
Knap, Jeremiah, private Cooper Gardner
Knap, Jeremiah, private Hays Gardner
Knap, Joel, private Hammon Comb
Knap, Joel, private Hammond Orser
Knap, Jonas, private Hays Gardner
Knap, Jon'n, ensign Hammond Requa
Knap, Joseph, private Hathorn Telford
Knap, Joseph, private Hays Gardner
Knap, Lucius, private Van Neas
Knap, Nath'l, private Pawling Wood
Knap, Samuel, private Hays Ackerson
Knap, Silas, private Hays Gardner
Knap, William, sergeant Willet Skinner
Knapp, Abraham, private Thomas Hubby
Knapp, Benjamin, private Graham Sherwood
Knapp, Ben]'n, private Luddington Mead
Knapp, Caleb, private Hathorn Shepherd
Knapp, Charles, ensign Hathorn Shepherd
Knapp, Daniel, private Luddington Crane
Knapp, Ephraim, private Malcom Blakely
Knapp, Israel, captain Luddington
Knapp, James, private Harper Allen
Knapp, Jon'n,* private Allison Little
*Shot in the thigh in action with Indians on the Delaware river July 22, 1779. Goshen, Orange Co. A. P. 14-68. 52
Knapp, Joseph, private Wessenfels Godwin
Knapp, Joseph, private Drake Boyd
Knapp, Joseph, private Drake Haight
Knapp, Joshua, private Crane Truesdell
Knapp, Joseph, Jr.,+ priv. Mead (Conn't) Howe
+Lost four fingers of left hand in engagement with British cavalry near Horse Neck, Jan. 9. Weaver, outward, N.Y.C. B, 152.
Knapp, Moses, private Hathorn. Shepherd
Knapp, Moses, private Hathorn McCambly
Knapp, Moses, private Crane Lockwood
Knapp, Shadrach, private Wessenfels Dodge
Knapp, Shadrick, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Knapp, Silas, private Thomas Hobby
Knapp, Silas, private Harper Harrison
Knapp, William, corporal Hathorn McCamply
Knauts, John, private Clyde Leipe
Knave, Daniel, corporal Fonda
Knave, John, corporal Fonda
Kneeland, Benj'n S., major Whiting Davis
Knickback, Philip, ensign Livingston Shaver
Knickerbacker, Jno., priv. Hopkins Wheeler
Knickerbacker, Law'nce, p. Hopkins Wheeler
Knickerbacker, John, pr. Yates Yates
Knickerbackker, John, pr. Graham Husted
Knickerbacker, Philip, en. Livingston Shaver
Kneskern, Jacob, private Vrooman Brown
Knieskern, Henrich, priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Knieskern, Henrich, priv. Vrooman Brown
Knieskern, Henrich H., pr. Vrooman
Knieskern, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Knieskern, Peter, sergeant Clyde Dygert
Knieskern, Peter, private Vrooman Heager
Kniesler, John, private Vrooman Heager
Knifer, Michael, corporal Van Bergen VanSchaick
Knifer, Moses, private Brinckemoff Van Benschouten
Kniffen, Amos, private Luddington Scribner
Kniffen, Amos, private Luddington Mead
Kniffen, Benj'n, private Crane Lawrence
Kniffen, Jacob, private Hays Ackerson
Kniffen, John, private Hathorn Case
Kniffen, Peter, private Drake
Kniffen, Sam'l, private Luddington Scribner
Kniffen, Sam'l, private Luddington Waterbury
Kniffen, Thomas, private Thomas Lawrence
Kniffin, Amos, private Luddington Waterbury
Kniffin, And'w, private Thomas
Kniffin, Gilbert, private Drake Haight
Kniffin, Jacob, private Hays Gardner
Kniffin, Jon'n, private Brinckerhoff
Knight, Dan'l, sergeant Williams Shepardson
Knishaner, Peter, private Vandenburgh Storm
Kniskern, Dennis, private Vrooman Miller
Kniskern, Henrich, priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Kniskern, Henrich, priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Kniskern, Henry, priv. Vrooman Heager
Kniskern, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubach
Kniskern, Jacob, corp. Vrooman Miller
Kniskern, Jacob, corporal Vrooman Richtmyer
Kniskern, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubrach
Kniskern, Jacob, private Vrooman Miller
Kniskern, Johannis, priv. Vrooman
Kniskern, John, private Vrooman Miller
Kniskern, Peter, private Vrooman Heager
Kniskern, Teunis, private Vrooman Stubrach
Kniskern,Tunis, private Vrooman Miller
Knolten, Elijah, private Van Rensaelaer
Knolton, Ephraim, private Thomas Moseman
Knolton, Eph'm, private Thomas St. John
Knolton, John, private Van Vergten Dunning
Knolton, Thad's, private Thomas Moseman
Knott, Nath'l, prirate Luddington Mead
Knott, Nath'l, private Luddington Waterbury
Knoulten, Elijah, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Knoulton, Elijah, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Knoulten, Ephraim, priv. Van Rensselaer Townsend
Knout, Jacob, private Willet Gillet
Knouts, John, private Clyde House
Knoutz, Geo., private Clyde Weeser
Knox, Abm., private Crane Lockwoo
Knox, Geo.,* sergt.-major Butler (Penn.)
*Enlisted in 1776, sergt.-major Oct. 5, 1777, shot through the body by accident at Albany July 13, 1778, discharged Nov., 1779, employed in commissary's department till Dec. 31, 1781. Carman, N.Y. B. 77.
Knox, John, private Drake Delivan
Knox, Joseph, sergeant Willet Fonda
Knox, Joseph, private Drake Delivan
Knox, Joseph, private Crane Lawrence
Knox, Joseph, private Crane Lockwood
Knox, Robt., private Drake Delivan
Knox, Robert, private Crane Lockwood
Knox, Thomas, private Hathorn Conklin
Knox, Thomas, private Johnson Cross
Knox, Thomas, private Johnson Jansen
Koach, Casper, private Klock Hess
Kobb, John, corporal Dubois Chamber
Koch, John, sergeant Klock Klock
Koch, Rudolph, captain Klock
Koch, Rudolph, fifer Platt Bradbick
Kock, Beados, private Klock Klock
Kock, Beatus, private Klock Suts
Kock, John, lieut. Klock Suts
Kock, John,+ sergt. Klock Dillenbeck
+Shot in the head at Oriskanie Aug. 6, 1777. Palatine, distr., B. 128, I. 97.
Kock, Rudolph, Jr., priv. Klock Kock
Kock, Sovrinus, captain Klock
Kock, Sovrinus, Jr,, ser. Klock Koch
Kock, Sovrinus, sergeant Klock Kock
Kogh, Hezek'h, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Koening, Johannis, private Vrooman Brown
Koening, Leonard, Corp. Vrooman Brown
Koening, Leonart, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Koening, Migel, private Vrooman Brown
Koening, Stoffel, private Vrooman Brown
Koning, Leonard, corporal Vrooman Stubrach
Koning, Stoffel, private Vrooman
Konkight, Abm., private Fisher Yeoman
Konstable, Gerrit, private Snyder Swart
Konstable. Will., private Snyder Swart
Koock, Rudolt, private Klock Klock
Korick, Caspar, private Vrooman
Korigh, Kasper, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Korish, Kasper, private Vrooman
Kortright, Abraham, priv. Hathorn Shepherd
Kortright, Abr'm private Platt Brodhead
Kortright, Lawrence, Jr., p. Cantine Hasbrouck
Kortright, Moses, private Klock Westfall (?)
Korwrightt, Abr'm, priv. Hays
Kortright, John, private Wemple
Kotts, John, private Hammond
Kram, Simon, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Kramer, Charles, private Vrooman Brown
Kramer, John, private Klock Suts
Kranatier, Jacob, private Vrooman Stabrach
Kranatier, Jacob, private Vrooman Brown
Kranatier, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubrach
Kranatier, Jacob, private Vrooman Miller
Kranatier, John, private Vrooman Brown
Krans, Henry, private Bellinger Small
Krans, Mich'l, private Bellinger Small
Kraus, Jacob, private Klock Helmer
Krauss, John, private Klock Wagner
Krauss, Leonard, private Klock Wagner
Kreams, Hend'k, private Klock Klock
Kreams, John, sergeant Klock Klock
Kreams, Peter, ensign Klock Klock
Krembs, Henry, Jr., priv. Klock Kock
Krembs, Peter, Jr., lieut. Klock Kock
Kremer, Carl, private Vrooman Miller
Kremer, Chas', private Vrooman Stubrach
Kremer, Charles, private Vrooman Brown
Kremer, Charles, private Vrooman Becker
Krems, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Kretzer, Leonard, private Klock Miller
Kriesler, Baltus, private Vrooman Heager
Kriesler, Baltus, private Vrooman Becker
Kriesler, Baltus, private Vrooman Heager
Kriesler, John, private Vrooman Heager
Krim, Hend'k, private Klock Bradbig
Kring, John, private Klock Wagner
Kring, John, corporal Klock Miller
Kring, Ludwick, corporal Klock Righter
Kring, Ludwick, private Klock Righter
Kring, Ludwigh, private Klock Miller
Kritzer, Leonard, corporal Klock Righter
Krom, Benjamin, private Hathorn Brodhead
Krom, Benjamin, private Wynkoop Swart
Krom, Hend'k, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Krom, Hend'k W., private Van Beuren Swart
Krom, Henry, private Pawling Pawling
Krom, Jacob, sergeant Wynkoop Swart
Krom, Jacob, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Krom, Simon, private Pawling Piercy
Krom, Simon G., private Pawling Piercy
Krom, William, private Hathorn Brodhead
Kronk, James, private Drake
Kronkhites, James, captain Drake
Kroukhyte, Dennis, private Drake Boyd
Kronkhytt, Isaac, private Drake Boyd
Kroos, John, private Wynkoop
Kross, Leonard, sergeant Wynkoop Swart
Krous, Jost, private Klock Bradbig
Krouse, John, private Klock Zeely
Krum, Benjamin, private Pawling Hunter
Krum, Benj'n, private Malcom Cantine
Krnm, Henry B., private Wynkoop
Krum, Henry W., private Wynkoop
Krum, Jacob, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Krum, Johannis, Jr., priv. Cantine Hasbrouck
Krum, John, private Pawling Hunter
Krum, John, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Krum, Reuben, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Krum, Simon, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Krum, Wm., private Cantine fiasbroucic
Kuhl, Phiiip, private Klock Klock
Kuhl, Philip, private Klock Suts
Kule, Philip, private Klock Righter
Kulman, Jacob, private Fisher Mabee
Kunterman, John, private Klock Ruff
Kuyter, Corn's, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Kyser, Barent, private Klock Kock
Kyser, Henry, private Klock Kock
Kyser, Jacob, private Snyder Swart
Kyser, John, private Van Rensselaer
Kyser, Joost, private Klock Kock
Kyte, John, private Hathorn McCamly

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