Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "O"

Oakley, Elijah, sergeant Luddington Kidd
Oakley, Caleb, private Hammond
Oakley, Corn's, privato Thomas
Oakley, Elijah, private Field Hecock
Oakley, Isaac, private Hammond Orser
Oakley, Isaac, private Thomas
Oakley, Isaac, private Benedict Seely
Oakley, James,* lieut. Pawling Williams
Private in Drake's in 1776. A. P. 24-368.
Oakley, Jno., ensign Hammond Martling
Oakley, John, private Graham Vail
Oakley, Jonas, lieut. Hammond Orser
Oakley, Neh'h, corporal Stockwell
Oakley, Robt., sergeant Luddington Lane
Oakley, Stephen, captain Drake A. P. 21-297
Oakley, Stephen, private Yates Brown
Oakley, Thomas, private Pawling Wood
Oakley, Tim'y, private Luddington Lane
Oakley, Wm., private Drake Boyd
Oakly, Isaac, private Hammond Combs
Oakly, James, lieut. Dubois Gano
Oakman, Prisdine, private Dubois De Mout
Oalman, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Oar, Jacob, private Clyde Diffendorf
Oarchard, Edward, private Harper Bogart
Oarchard, Tho's, private Bogert
Oasburn, John, private Bogert
Oatis, James, private Field Dyckman
Obale, James, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Obale, Wm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Obale, Wm., private Van Veghten Dunham
Obeal, James, private Van Veghten Winne
Oblenis, Hendnck, private Cooper Blauvelt
Oblenis, Henry, private Hays Tourneur
Oblenis, Peter, sergeant Hays Tourneur
Oblenis, Peter, private Hays Tourneur
O'Bradly, Dan'l, private Johnaon Jansen
O'Bradley, Daniel, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
O'Bradley, Daniel, private Pawling Ciirnet
Obrian, Corn's, private Willet Van Renselaer
Obrian, Lodowick, private Schuyler Lansing
Obrien, John, private Hays Blauvelt
O'Bryant, Corn's, sergeant Van Alstyn
Ocerman, James, private Van Veghten
Ochenbacker, Peter, priv. Schuyler Van Aernum
Ockerman, David, private Hays Blauvelt
Ockerman, Ede, private Hays Sickles
Ockerman, Edey, private Cooper Blauvelt
Ockerman, John, fifer Cooper Gardner
Ockerman, John, fifer Hays Onderdonk
Ockerman, John, private Hays Bell
O'Cummings, John, corpl. Willet Wright
O'Cummings, John, priv. Willet Wright
Odel, Gershom, private Yates Brutt
Odel, Isaac, private Hammond Comb
Odel, John,+ lieut. Graham Williams
+Private in Drake's six months in 1776. Lieut. in Graham's, 1780. Greensburgh, W. Ch. Co. A. P., 24-368.
Odel, Jonas, lieut. Van Rensselaer Randall
Odel, Jon'n, private Stevenson
Odel, Joseph, private Graham Conklin
Odel, Simeon, private Van Rensselaer Randall
Odell, Simeon, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Odell, Abr'm, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Odell, Austin, private Van Rensselaer. A. P. 15-146
Odell, Amos, private Luddington Lane
Odell, Augustin, captain Van Rensselaer. A. P. 16-198
Odell, David, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Odell, Isaac, private Drake
Odell, Isaac, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Odell, Isaac, private Luddington Scribner
Odell, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Odell, Jacob, private Drake
Odell, John, priiate Van Bergen Honeywell
Odell, John, private Luddington Lane
Odell, Jonas, § sergeant
§ Later Lieut., Van Rensselaer's. A. P. 15-146, 16-248.
Odell, Jonas, private Van Woert Gilmore
Odell, Jon'n, private Johnson Roosa
Odell, Jon'n, private Drake Boyd
Odell, Peter, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Odell, Peter, private Drake
Odell, Wm., private Drake Boyd
Odell, Wm., pri vate Van Bergen Honeywell
Odell, Will., private Van Rensselaer Turner
Oderkirk, Frederick, corpl. Yates Brutt
Oderkark, Fred'k, corpl. Yates Hadlock
Odle, Aaron, private Hopkins Lane
Odie, Aaron, private Luddington Knapp
Odle, Ab'm, private Drake
Odle, Abr'm, Jr. , private Van Bergen Honeywell
Odle, Augustine * captain Van Rensselaer
*See Odell.
Odle, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Odle, Isaac, + private Van Rensselaer Drake
+Enlisted for six month in 1776. A. P., 24-368.
Odle, Isaac, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Odle, Jacob, private Drake
Odle, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Odle, James, q. mr. sergt. Platt
Odle, James, coroporal Van Rensselaer Odle
Odle, Jerem'h, private Drake
Odle, John, private Hathorn McCamply
Odle, Jonah, private Van Woert Whiteside
Odle, Jonathan, private Pawling Hunter
Odle, Jon'n, private Malcom Cantine
Odle, Jon'n, private Drake
Odle, Jonathan, private Wessenfels White
Odle, Nathan'l, private Hays Gardner
Odle, Nath'l, private Van Renselaer Odle
Odle, Nath'l, private Drake Boyd
Odle, Peter, private Drake
Odle, Rich'd, private Wessenfels
Odle, Rich'd, private Drake Haight
Odle, Rich'd, private Drake Buckhout
Odle, Wm., private Van Bergen Honeywell
Oernhout, Christ'r, private Schuyler Van Wee
O'Ferl, Mich'l, private Pawling Piercy
O'Ferrel, Mich'l, private Cantine
O'Ferrel, Mich'l,** sergt. Cantine Hasbrouck
** See Opherl.
0'Ferril,(?) Amherst Van Veghten
Ogden, Benjamin, private Luddington Mead
Ogdon, Benj'n, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Ogden, Dan'l, private Fisher Mabee
Ogdon, Dan'l, private Fisher Snook
Ogden, David, private Fisher Gartner
Ogden, David, private Fisher Yates
Ogden, Edmund, private Field Hecock
Ogden, Gilbert, private Thomas Purdy
Ogden, Humphrey, private Field Hecock
Ogden, Ichabod, private Thomas Purdy
Ogden, John, sergeant Schuyler Tillman
Ogden, John, corporal Wemple Fonda
Ogden, John, private Thomas Sackett
Ogden, John, private Stevenson
Ogdon, John, private Schuyler Tillman
Ogdon, John, private Wemple Fonda
Ogden, Jon'n, sergeant Van Schaick
Ogden, Joseph, private Field Hecock
Ogden, Joseph, private Wessenfels Thompson
Ogdeu, Joseph, private Wessenfels Brewster
Ogden, Nathan, private Field Hecock
Ogdea, Rich'd, corporal Drake Delivan
Oght, George, private Bellinger Staring
Oharris, William, private Pawling Westbrook
Ohr, Jacob, private Clyde Diffendorf
Okens, Edward, private Graham Wilson
Okeley, Stephen, private Yates
Okey, Martin, drummer Wessenfels Bowen
Okley, Stephen, private Yates Hadlock
Ogdon, John, corporal Wemple Mynderse
Olcult, Isaac, private Wessenfels Shepard
Oldfield, George, private Pawling Westfall
Oldredge, Gilbert, private Hathorn Case
Oldridge, David, private Webster Childs
Olds, Gilbert, sergeant Willet Cannon
Olds, James, private Webster Childs
Oliman, John, private Fisher Yates
Oliver, John, private Schuyler Van Wie
Oliver, John, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Oliver, John, private Schuyler Groot
Oliver, Thomas, private Pawling Faulkner
Oller, Peter, private Yates
Olmer, Fred'k, private Willet Putman
Olmstadt, Nathan, private Benedict Gould
Olmstead, Daniel, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Olmstead, Eben'r, private Hopkins Barnum
Olmstead, Hezekiah, sergt. Crane Chapman
Olmstead, James, private Crane Chapman
Olmstead, Nathan, private Crane Scofield
Olmstead, Nehemiah, ser. Whiting Kellogg
Olmsted, Aaron, private Whiting Kellogg
Olmsted, Eben'r, private Field Barnum
Olmsted, Hezekiah, priv. Thomas Gilbert
Olmsted, Jonathan, sergt. Whiting Salsbury
Olmston, Nath'l, private Whiting Kellogg
Olmsted, Sam'l, ensign Van Rensselaer
Olmsted, Samuel, Jr., priv. Whiting King
Olmsted, Wm., Jr., private Whiting Salsbury
Olsaver, Lawrence, private Newkirk McBride
Oltor, Jacob, private Willet Fonda
Olthousen, Nich's, private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Omehie, John, private Klock Hess
Omens, Daniel, private Willet Hole
Omstead, Aaron, drummer Harper Bogart
Omsted, Christopher, ser. Yates Brown
Omsted, Gideon, sergeant Yates Brown
Oinsted, Gideon, private Yates Brown
Onck, Jacob, private Schuyler Ostrum
Onderdonck, Albert, priv. Hays Onderdonk
Onderdonck, Jacob, cap. Hays
Onderdonk, Abraham, pr. Hays Ackerson
Onderdonk, Adderyan, pr. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Adrian, priv. Hays Bell
Ondordonk, Adrian, priv. Hays Smith
Onderdonk, Anderyan, pr. Hays Smith
Onderdonk, Andries, lieut. Hays Onderdonck
Onderdonk, Andries, ser. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Andries, priv. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Dan'l, lieut. Hays
Onderdonk, Daniel, ensign Hays Bell
Onderdonk, Garret, priv. Hays Bell
Onderdonk, Garret, priv. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Henry, priv. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Isaac, ser. Hays Bell
Onderdonk, Isaac, private Malcom
Onderdonk, Jacob, captain Hays As 78
Onderdonk, James, ser. mr. Hays
Onderdonk, Jamea, private Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Johannes, pr. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Roehfr, priv. Hays Tourneur
Onderdonk, Thomas, priv. Hays Tourneur
Onderhert, Arent. private Wemple Mynderse
Onderkerk, Areut, private Wemple Outhout
Onderkirk, Abm., private Schuyler Tillman
Onderkirk, Jacob, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Onderkirk, John, private Willet Tearse
Onderkirk, John, Jr., prir. Schuyler Van Wee
Onderkirk, Tankel, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Onger, Frederick, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Oneal, James, private Van Alstyn Van Buren
Oneel, John, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
O'Neil, Charles, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Oneil, John, sergeant Van Alstyn Claw
Onum, Jonathan, private Phillips Miller
Oosterhoudt, Fred'k, priv. Klock House
Oosteroudt, H'd'cus P., p. Cantina Hasbrouck
Oosterhoudt, Hend'k, priv. Cantino Hasbrouck
Oosterhoudt, Tennis, corp. Canting Hasbrouck
Oosterhout, Ezekiel, corp. Hathorn Brodhead
Oosterhout, Henry, sergt. Quackenboss Van Wie
Oosterhout, Henry, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Oosterhout, Kryn, private Hathorn Brodhead
Oothout, Abm., captain Wemple
Oothout, Henry, private Schuyler Vischer
Oothout, Volkert, private Schuyler Lansing
Opheri, Michael, private Pawling Pawling
Orchard, John, private HopkinsWaters
Orchard, Thomas, corpl. Willet Elsworth
Orchard, Thomas, corpl. Harper Bogart
Orchart, Thomas, corpl. Wiltet Elsworth
Orchart, Thomas, private Willet Cannon
Orcut, James, private Armstrong
Orendoriili, Peter, private Bellinger Frank
Orendurff, Coenraed, priv. Clyde Ruff
Onm, Robert, private Hopkins Waters
Orlog, Fred'k, private Schuyler Lansing
Orlog, William, private Schuyler Lansing
Orlop, Fred'k, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Orlop, Fred'k, private Schuyler Langins
Orlop, Hend'k, corporal Schuyler Lansing
Orlop, William, private Schuyler Lansing
Orr, Will, lieut. Van Ness Tanner
Orser, Abm., private Hammond Comb
Orser, Abm., private Hammond Martling
Orser, Abm., private Hammond Orser
Orser, Abr'm, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Orser, Albert, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Orser, Elbert, sergeant Hammond Martling
Orser, John, private Honeywell
Orser, Jonus, captain Hammond
Orser, Jonas, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Orser, Nicholas, private Hammond Orser
Orsher, Onies, private Wille Putman
Orsons, John D., private Weisenfels Godwin
Ort, Corn's, private Graham Conklin
Osborn, Benjamin, private Hays Ackerson
Osborn, John, sergeant Hays Blauvelt
Osborn, Roger, lieut. Hays Ackerson
Osborn, William, corporal Hays Blauvelt
Osborn, Stephen, lieut. Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Osborne, Peter, private Hopkins Brindkerhoff
Osburn, Abm., private Wisner Baly
Osburn, Asher, private Whiting Kellogg
Osburn, ---, sergt. maj. Malcom
Osburn, Dennis, private Hammond Orser
Osburn, Ezekiel, private Field Barnum
Osburn, James, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Osburn, John, sergeant Crane Truesdel
Osburn, John, drummer Truesdell
Osburn, John, private Wessenfels White
Osburn, John, private Pawling Sackett
Osburn, John, private Thomas St. John
Osburn, Joseph, captain Benedict
Osburn, Joseph, private Wessenfels Hunt
Osburn, Peter, sergt. maj. Graham
Osburn, Peter, private Bnnckerhoff Van Wyck
Osburn, Samuel, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Osburn, Samuel, private Drake
Osburn, Samuel, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Osdall, John, V., sergeant Pawling Burnet
Osgood, Aaron, private Webster Hamilton
Osgood, Aaron, private Armstrong Wilson
Osgood, Aaron, Jr., privateWebster Hamilton
Osgood, Aron, Jr., private Webster Hamilton
Osgood, Nath'l, private Webster Hamilton
Osgood, Nath'l, private Armstrong
Osser, Ab'm, private Dragoons Delavan
Osson, Thomas, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Osterhaut, Gilbert, private Dubois Dubois
Osterhoudt, Abr'm, priv. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Osterhondt, Aldert, private Klock Westtall
Osterhoudt, Benj'n, sergt. Wynkoop
Osterdoudt, Benj'n, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Osterhoudt, Edward, priv. Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Elias, private Pawling Hunter
Osterhoudt, Elias, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Osterhoudt, Elias, private Wynkoop DeWitt
Osterhoudt, Hend'k, priv. Schuyler Van Wee
Osterhoudt, Hend'cus, pr. Cantine Hasbrouck
Osterhoudt, Hendricus. sgt. Cantine
Osterhoudt, Henry, private Pawling Hunter
Osterhoudt, Henry, private Pawling Liviugston
Osterhoudt. James, sergt Wynkoop
Osterdoudt, James, private Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Johannes, pr. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Osterhoudt, Johannis, pr. Hays
Osterhoudt, John, captain Van Rensselaer
Osterhoudt, John, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Osterhoudt, Martinus, pr. Cantine Hasbrouck
Osterhoudt, Peter, lieut. Wynkoop De Witt
Osterhoudt, Peter, corp. Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Peter, private Pawling Hunter
Osterhoudt. Peter, private Pawling Westbrook
Osterhoudt, Peter, private Wynkoop Schooumaker
Osierhoudt, Peter, Jr., pr. Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Petrus, sergt. Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Sam'l, corp. Wynkoop Dedrick
Osterhoudt, Sam'l, private Cantine
Osterhoudt, Tennis, Jr.,pr. Pawling Westbrook
Osterhoudt, Tennis, sergt. Pawling Westbrook
Osterhoudt, Teunis, sergt. Pawling Piercy
Osterhoudt, Teuuis, priv. Wynkoop
Osterhoudt, Tunis, sergt. Pawling Faulknep
Osterhoudt, Tunis, private Wynkoop De Witt
Osterhoudt, Wm., private Wynkoop Dedrick
Osterhout, Abm., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Osterhout, Fred'k, private Klock Miller
Osterhont, Helmus, private Schuyler Van Wie
Osterhout, Hend'k, private Pawling Pawling
Osterhout, Jacobus, sergt. Wynkoop
Osterhout, Johannis, priv. Wynkoop
Osterhout, John, sergeant Bellinger Frank
Osterhout, Peter, corporal Pawling Pawling
Osterhout, Peter, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Osterhout, Peter L., priv. Wynkoop
Osterhout, Teunis, sergt. Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Osterhout, Tunis, private Hays
Osterhout, Will., private Snyder Swart
Osterhout, William, priv. Wynkoop
Osterman, Christ., sergt. Fisher McMaster
Osterman, Clinst'n, sergt. Fisher Snook
Ostran, Gilbert, corporal Humfrey
Ostrander, Aaron, captain Van Alstyn
Ostrander, Aaron, lieut. Van Alstyn
Ostrander, Aaron, lieut. Van Alstyn Claw
Ostrander, Abm., drnm'r Yates Hudlock
Ostrander, Abm., private Van Rensalaer De Garmo
Ostrander, Abm., private Yates Brown
Ostrander. Adam, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, And'w, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Ostrander, Arend, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Ostrander, Benj'n, private Livingston Pulver
Ostrander, Corn's, private Brinkerhott Storm
Ostrander, David, captain Johnson
Ostrander, David, captain Phillips
Ostrander, Garret, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Garrit, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Ostrander, Hend'k, lieut. Schuyler Van Wie
Ostrander, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Ostrander, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Hend'k, Jr , pr. Van Rensselaer Philip
Ostrander, Henry, lieut. Quackenboss Van Wie
Ostrander, Henry, private Graham Muller
Ostrander, Henry, private Humfrey
Ostrander, Henry, private Van Bergen
Ostrander, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Henry, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Ostrander, Henry, private Wynkoop Swart
Ostrander, Isaac, private Van Renselaer Bries
Ostrander, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
Ostrander, James, private Wynkoop
Ostrander, Johannes, corp. Johnson Wilkin
Ostrander, Jno., adjt. Graham
Ostrander, John, lieut Wessenfels Pawling
Ostrander, John, lieut Pawling Livingston
Ostrander, Jno., lieut. Graham Muller
Ostrander, John, lieut. Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, John, ensign Van Rensselaer Staats
Ostrander, John, private Livingston Rockfeller
Ostrander, John, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Ostrander, Jno., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Ostrander, John, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Ostrander, Jon'n, sergeant Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Johntice, priv. Yates Brutt
Ostrander, Moses, private Pawling Livingston
Ostrander, Peter, sergeant Van Renssdaer Bries
Ostrander, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Ostrander, Peter, private Yates Brutt
Ostrander, Peter, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Ostrander, Peter, private Weisenfels
Ostrander, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Ostrander, Sam'l, private Wynkoop Swart
Ostrander, Teunis, sergt. Schuyler Ostrum
Ostrander, Teunis, private Schuyler Ostrum
Ostrander, Thomas, sergt. Pawling Faulkner
Ostrander, Wilhelmus, en. Johnson Ostrander
Ostrander, Wilhelmus, pr. Van Rensselaer Philip
Ostrander, William, ensign Johnson
Ostrander, William, priv. Johnson Gillispy
Ostrander, Wm., private Graham Williams
Ostrandt, Adam, private Harper Harrison
Ostrant, Aldert, private Pawling Westfall
Ostraut, Ezekiel, private Pawling Pawling
Ostrant, Peter, private Pawling Pawling
Ostrautter, Baltus, private Willet Harrison
Ostrom, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Ostrom, John, Jr., private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Ostronder, Peter, private Yates Hadlock
Ostrum, Henry, captain Schuyler
Ostrum, John, private Pawling Sacket
Ostrum, John H., private Schuyler Ostrum
Ostrum, Reulif, private Schuyler Ostrum
Ostrum, Ruliff, private Graham Wilson
Oswald, Thomas, private Webster Long
Oswald, Thomas, private Armstrong Long
Otis, James, private Graham Pearce
Otter, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Otterman, James, private Wessenfels Brewster
Otterman, James, private Wessenfels White
Otterson, And'w, private Hopkins Brinkerheff
Ottman, Christian, private Clyde Brown
Otto, Frantz, private Vroomau Richtmyer
Otto, Gotlieb, private Vrooman Brown
Otto, Gotlieb, private Vrooman Miller
Otto, Gotlieb, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Ouderkerk, Peter, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Ouderkirk, Andries, priv. Schuyler Lansing
Ouderkirk, Isaac, private Schuyler Lansing
Ouderkirk, Jacob, private Schuyler Lansing
Ouderkirk, John, private Schnyler Van Wie
Ouderkirk, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Ouderkirk, John, private Schuyler Ostrum
Ouderkirk, John, private Schuyler Ostrum
Ouderkirk, Peter, sergeant Schuyler Lansing
Ouderkirk, Peter, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Ouderkirk, Petrus, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Ouderkirk, Petrus, private Schuyler Groot
Ousterhoudt, Aldert, priv. Wessenfels Westfall
Ousterhoudt, Fred'k, priv. Klock Cayser
Ousterhoudt, Fred'k, priv. Klock House
Ousterhoudt, Fred'k, priv. Klock Wagner
Ousterhoudt, Hendrick, pr. Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Ousterhoudt, John, sergt. Bellinger Frank
Ousterhoudt, John, sergt. Bellinger Herden
Ousterhoudt, Sam'l, pnr. Cantine Hasbrouck
Ousterhoudt, Tunis, priv. Weasenfels Hardenburgh
Ousterhout, Henry, corpl. Wessenfels Livingston
Ousterhout, Peter, private Platt Brodhead
Out, Matthias, private Van Bergen Dubois
Ovendorph, Fred'k, private Bellinger Frank
Ovensants, Philip, corpl. Van Rensselaer Staats
Overaker, Wandle, private Yates Brutt
Overaker, Wandle, private Yates Van Den Burgh
Overbagh, Ab'm, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Overbagh, Benjamin, priv. Schuyler Van Vee
Overbagh, Clement, priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Overbagh, Isaac, private Van Bergen
Overbagh, Jerry, sergeant Van Bergen Dubois
Overbagh, Jerem'h, private Van Bergen
Overbagh, John, sergeant Van Bergen
Overbagh, John, corporal Van Bergen Witbeck
Overbagh, Peter, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Overlagh, Jerem'h, private Dubois Dubois
Overocker, Adam, private Van Rensselaer De Grarmo
Overocker, Adam, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Overocker, George, corpl. Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Overocker, Geo., corporal Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Overocker, George, private Van Rensselaer Van Derhoof
Overocker, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Overocker, Jacob, private Yates Weltse
Overocker, Mich'l, corpl. Van Rensaelaer Van Derhof
Overocker, Mich'l, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Overocker, Mich'l, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Overocker, Mich'l W., pr. Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Overoker, Adam, private Yates Hadlock
Overoker, Geo., private Yates Hadlock
Overpagh, Abr'm, corporal Tan Bergen Hoghtaling
Overpagh, Jeremiah, priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Overpagh, John, sergeant Willet Conine
Overpagh, John, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Overpagh, Wilhelmus, cor. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Overpagh, John, corporal Van Bergen Van Schaick
Overpaw, John, private Malcom Delavan
Overrocker, Adam, private Yates Brown
Overy, Joseph, corporal Wessenfels White
Ovet, Isaac, private Graham
Ovett, Isaac, private Van Woert Gilmore
Ovit, Eben'r, private Noble
Owen, David, corporal Newkirk Crawford
Owen, Joseph, Jr., private Thomas
Owen, Thad's, private Graham Conklin
Owens, Alenatus, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Owens, Amasa, private Wessenfels Brewster
Owens, Benjamin, private Johnson Wilkins
Owens, BenJamin, private Pawling Faulkner
Owens, Elisha, private Harper Vrooman
Owens, Epenetus, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Owens, Epenetus, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Owens, John, private Wessenfels White
Owens, Isaac, private Cortland
Owens, James, private Wessenfels White
Owens, Jedediah, private Thomas Thomas
Owens, Jerem'h, private Horton
Owens, Jesse, private Luddington Lane
Owens, John, private Johnson Johnson
Owens, John, private Pawling Faulknew
Owens, Jno., private Dubois Burnet
Owens, Jonathan, private Wessenfels Godwin
Owens, Jon'n, private Wessenfels White
Owens, Joseph, private Willet Pearcy
Owens, Joshua, private Phillips Ostrander
Owens, Na's, private Newkirk Crawford
Owens, Solomon, private Dubois Lee
Owens, Thaddeus, private Wessenfels
Owlman, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Oxberger, John, private Schuyler Lansing
Oxen, John, private Willet Newell
Oxtrim, Gilbert, corporal Graham Wilson

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