Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "Q"

Qua, Robert, private Webster Armstrong
Qua, Rob't, private Armstrong Armstrong
Quack, Ab'm, lieut. Fisher Yates
Quack, Ab'm, corporal Fisher Yates
Quack, Abrm, Jr., private Fisher Yeoman
Quack, Ab'm D., ensign Fisher Yoeman
Quack, David, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Quack, David, private Fonda
Quack, Fred'k, private Schuyler Groot
Quack, Gradus, private Wemple Outhout
Quack, Isaac, corporal Schuyler Lausing
Quack, Isaac, corporal Schuyler Ostrum
Quack, Isaac, private Schuyler Lansing
Quack, Isaac, private Fisher Mabee
Quack, Jacob, private Schuyler Groot
Quack, Jacob, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Quack, John, private Fisher Yates
Quack, John, private Fisher Putman
Quack, Mindert, lieut. Fisher Yates
Quack, Mindert, private Fisher Fisher
Quack, Myndert Wm., lt. Fisher Fisher
Quack, Nich's, sergeant Fisher Mabee
Quack, Nich's, private Fisher Putman
Quack, Vincent, lieut. Fisher
Quack, Wm., private Fisher
Quackenboos, Fred'k, priv. Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Quackenboos, Peter, priv. Schuyler Vischer
Quackenbos, Ab'm, lieut. Fisher Snook
Quackenbos, Ab'm, corpl. Fisher
Quackenbos, Dan'l, priv. Livingston Shaver
Quackenbos, Garret, priv. Livingston Shaver
Quackenbos, Gradus, priv. Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Quackenbos, Isaac, private Fisher Fisher
Quackenbos, Jacob, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Quackenbos, John, corpl. Fisher
Quackenboss, Jno., private Wemple Bancker
Quackenbos, M. W., lieut. Fisher Wemple
Quackenbos, Nich's, sergt. Fisher
Quackenbos, Nich's, priv. Fisher
Quackenbos, Wm., private Fisher Degraas
Quackenbos, Wm., private Fisher Fisher
Quackenbosh, Gosa, sergt. Yates Brown
Quackenboss, Abr'm. priv. Hays
Quackenboss, David, corp. Clyde Van Everat
Quackenboss, Henry, col.
Quackenboss, Hunter, priv. Clyde Van Everat
Quackenboss, Isaac, priv. Clyde Weeser
Quackenboss, James, sergt. Hays
Quackenboss, Jeremy, pr. Clyde Van Everat
Quackenboss, John, priv. Wemple Bancker
Quackenboss, John B., adjt. Schuyler
Quackenboss, Peter, sergt. Clyde Van Everat
Quackenboss, Reinard, pr. Cooper Blauvelt
Quackenboss, Reynier, pr. Hays Blauvelt
Quackenboss, Reynard, pr. Hays Ackerson
Quackenbus, Ab'm, lieut. Fisher Gartnere
Quackenbus, Ab'm, priv. Fisher Gartnere
Quackeubus, David, sergt. Fisher Wemple
Quackenbus, David, priv. Fisher
Quackenbus, Goose, sergt. Yates Wiltse
Quackenbus, Isaac, priv. Fisher Fisher
Quackenbus, John, private Fisher Gartneer
Quackenbus, Mindert, lieut. Fisher Fisher
Quackenbus, Mindert, lieut. Fisher Wemple
Quackenbus, Nich's, sergt. Fisher Gartneer
Quackenbus, Peter, corpl. Fisher Gartneer
Quackenbus, Peter, corpl. Fisher Fisher
Quackenbus, Peter, private Fisher Gartner
Quackenbus, William, pr. Fisher Gartneer
Quackenbush, Adrian, pr. Schuyler Vischer
Quackenbush, David, priv. Fonda
Quackenbush, Garret, pr. Livingston Shaver
Quackenbush, Gerret, ser. Schuyler Veeder
Quackenbush, Harman, pr. Yates Brutt
Quackenbush, Harman, pr. Yates Vandenburgh
Quackenbush, James, lieut. Hays A. P. 14-243
Quackenbush, James, priv. HaysTourneur
Quackenbush, John, priv. Wenys Bancker
Quackenbush, Peter, priv. Schuyler Vischer
Quackenbush, Tunis, priv. Van Woert Whiteside
Quackenbush, William, pr. Fisher Fisher
Quant, Fred'k, private Harper Bogart
Quant, Fred'k, private Schuyler Lansing
Quant, Fred'k, private Schuyler Groot
Queen, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Queen, Owen, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Quick, Andrew, private Thomas Chapman
Quick, Andrew, private Crane -Lockwood
Quick, David, private Malcom Delavan
Quick, George, private Pawling Hunter
Quick, Hendricus, private Cantine
Quick, Jacob, private Pawling Westfall
Quick, John, private Pawling Westfall
Quick, John, private Drake Delivan
Quick, John, *private Allison Lieut. Decker
*Ordered out against Indians under Brant Oct. 9, 1786; badly wounded at Menga Creek on the 12th. Farmer, Mamacating, Ulster county. C, 151.
Quick, John, private Dragoons Delavan
Quick, John private Crane Lockwood
Quick, John, Jr., private Drake Delivan
Quick, Lewis, private Hathorn Case
Quick, Peter, corporal Hathorn Case
Quicke, Andrew, private Crane Lawrence
Quilhot, Stephen, private Van Alstyn Claw
Quimbe, Nath'l, private Hathorn Case
Quimby, Stephen, private Willet Conine
Quimby, Stephen, private Willet Cannon
Quin, William, private Willet Fonda
Quivey, Asa, sergeant Webster McNitt
Quock, David, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Quock, Mindert, lieut. Fisher Fisher
Quock, Mindert Q., sergt. Fisher Fisher
Quockenbos, Davis, lieut. Fisher Wemple
Quoller, Casper, Jr., priv. Clyde House
Quolling, Henry, sergeant Clyde House
Quollinger, And'w, private Clyde Diffendorf
Quollinger, Casper, private Clyde Diffendorf
Quollinger, Hend'k, sergt. Clyde House
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