Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "S"

Sabens, Billings, private Field Dyckman
Sabens, Joshua, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Saber, Henry, private Fonda
Sacie, David, private Wemple
Sacket, Ananias, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Sacket, Benjamin, private Whiting King
Sacket, Benjamin, private Noble
Sacket, Benjamin, private Harper Allen
Sacket, Benjamin, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sacket, Daniel, lieut. Malcom Livingston
Sacket, James, private Thomas Sacket
Sacket, John, private Harper Allen
Sacket, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sacket, Prime, private Pawling Sacket
Sacket, Prince, private Wessenfels Hunt
Sacket, Richard, captain Pawling
Sacket, Richard, captain Pawling
Sacket, Richard, captain Thomas
Sacket, Richard, captain
Sacket, Richard, private Thomas St. John
Sacket, William, private Thomas Lawrence
Sackett, John, private Thomas Sackett
Sackett, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sackett, Richard, private Thomas Sackett
Sackett, Richard, captain Thomas
Sackett, Solomon, private Thomas Sackett
Sackott, Solomon, private Thomas St. John
Sackner, John, corporal Clyde Dygert
Sacks, Peter, private Wynkoop
Sadler, William, private Hathorn Telford
Sadlor, John, private Pawling Wood
Sadore, Stephen, corporal Hammond Orser
Safford, Jon'n, drummer Malcom Blakely
Sage, Benjamin, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Sage, Daniel, private Whiting Gilbert
Sage, Selah, private Whiting Gilbert
Sageman, Jacob, private Johnson Johnson
Saibner, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer
Sails, Mordecai, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Sails, Ezekiel, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Sailsbury James, private Williams Shepardson
St. Clair, George, private Pawling Faulkner
St. Clair, John, private Johnson Jansen
St. Clair, John, private Johnson Cross
St. Clair, John, private Johnson Wilkins
St. John, Abijah, private Thomas St. John
St. John, Abr'm, private Field Hecock
St. John, Adam, private Pawling Hunter
St. John, Adam, private Johnson Cross
St. John, Gideon, private Wessenfela Pawline
St. John, John, private Crane Scofield
St. John, John, Jr., private Crane Lewis
St. John, Joseph, private Wessenfels White
St. John, Joseph, private Pawling Burnet
St. John, Moses, captain Thomas
St. John, Moses, lieut. Thomas Sackett
St. John, Noah, private Johnson Ostrander
St. John, Noah, private Cantine Ramsea
St. John, Sam'l,* ord. serg. Willet Whelp
*Hadley, Saratoga County. A. P. 20-400.
St. John, Samuel, private Johnson Ostrander
St. John, Tedius, private Wemple Fonda
St. John, Thedius private Wemple Mynderson
St. John, Thos., private Field Barnum
St. Johns, Adam, corporal Johnson Ostrander
Salback, Jacob, private Livingston Smith
Salback, Johannis, sergt. Livingston Rockenfelle
Salback, Johannis, priv. Livingston Rockenfelle
Salback, Philip, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Salbugh, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Rockenfelle
Sales, Benjamin, private Schuyler Ostrum
Sales, Mordica, sergeant Van Veghten Winne
Salge, Henrich, private Vrooman Stubrach
Salge, Henrich, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Salhild, Isaac, lieut. Willet Welp
Salisbury, Ab'm, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Salisbury, Benanuel, priv. Van Ness
Salisbury, Francis, lieut. Van Bergen Witbeck
Salisbury, Francis, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Salisbury, Gideon, private Graham Muller
Salisbury, James, private Williams Stowel
Salisbury, John, private Pawling Westfall
Salisbury, John, private Fisher Yates
Salisbury, Joseph, private Graham Magee
Salisbury, Joseph, private Willet Tearse, A.P. 19-241
Salisbury, Lawrence, priv. Dubois Dubois
Salisbury, Lawrence, priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Salisbury, Lawrence, priv. Van Bergen Witbeck
Salisbury, Lukas, private Graham Magee
Salisbury, Silvester, priv. Van Alstyn Vosburgh
Salisbury, Wessel, lieut. Van Bergen Uubois
Salisbury, Wessel, lieut. Van Bergen Witbeck
Salisbury, Wm., private Van Bergen
Salkell, Isaac, sergeant Dubois Lee
Sailer, Jacob, private Fisher Yates
Sails, Jacob, private Whiting Gilbert
Sails, Samuel, sergeant Whiting Gilbert
Sally, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Sally, Thomas, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Salmon, Absalom, private Willet Henry
Salmon, Absolum, private Whiting Herrick
Salmon, Absolum, private Willet Tearse
Salmon, Ashell, private Graham Pearce
Salabagh, John, corporal Van Rensselaer
Salsbury, Gideon, private Willet Rockfeller
Salsbury, Harmanus, priv. Van Rensselaer Bries
Salsbury, Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Salsbury, John, captain Whiting
Salsbury, John, private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Salsbury, Joseph, sergeant Quackenboss Van Wie
Salsbury, Joseph, private Willet Harrison
Salsbury, Joseph, private Van Renaselaer Staats
Salabury, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Salsbury, Lawrence, priv. Van Bergen Van Schaick
Salsbury, Lawrence, priv. Van Rensselaer Btaats
Salsbury, Lucas, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Salsbury, Silvester, priv. Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Salsbury, Silvester, priv. Wynkoop
Salsbury, Tobias, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Salsman, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Salsman, Henry, private Klock Miller
Salsman, John, private Klock Miller
Saltman, Geo., private Klock Miller
Saltman, Henry, private Klock Klock
Saltman, Henry, Jr., priv. Klock Miller
Saltmarch, William, priv. Willet Van Rensselaer
Saltmarsh, Wm., sergeant Whiting Salsbury
Salts, Benj'n, private Schuyler Lansing
Salts, Benjamin, private Schuyler Ostrum
Saltsman, George, private Klock Miller
Saltsman, Henry, private Klock Suts
Saltsman, John, private Klock Miller
Salyea, Henry, private Graham Lansing
Salyea, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Salyer, Edward, private Hays Blauvelt
Salyer, Michael, sergeant Hays Blauvelt
Salyer, Mich'l, private Hays Tourneur
Salyer, William, private Hays Ackerson
Samborn, Nath'l, private Yates Yates
Sambourng, Nath'l, priv. Yates Wiltse
Samburns, Nath'l, private Yates Brown
Sammon, Corn's, private Pawling Burnet
Sammon, Jacob, corporal Johnson Jansen
Sammon, Matt'w, corporal Johnson Gillispy
Sammon, Matthew, private Johnson Johnson
Sammon, Matt'w, private Johnson Smith
Sammons, Fred'k, sergeant
Sammons, Jacob, corporal Johnson Jansen
Sammons, Jacob, private Johnson Ostrander
Sammons, Jacob, private Yates Yates
Sammons, Jacob, private Fonda
Sammons, Johannes, priv. Cantine
Sammons, John, private Hathorn McCambly
Sammons, Matt'w, corpl. Johnson Jansen
Sammons, Reuben, corpl. Hathorn Shepherd
Sammons, Sam'l, ensign Fonda
Sammons, Samson, ensign Fonda
Sammons, Teunis, private Johnson Cross
Sammons, Tennis, private Johnson Jangen
Sammons, Thomas, priv. Pawling Pawling
Sample, Hugh, private Fisher Snook
Sample, Sam'l, private Fisher McMaster
Sampson, George, private Luddington Knapp
Sanders, John, private Willet Cannon
Sanders, John, private Wemple Schermerhorn
Sanders, Peleg, corporal Willet Pearcy
Sanders, Wait, private Graham Williams
Sanders, Wait, private Willet White
Sanders, Wait, Jr., private Willet White
Sanderson, John, private Fisher Fisher
Sandford, David, private Hathorn Minthorn
Sandford, John, sergeant Hathorn Minthorn
Sandford, Ezra, corporal Hathorn Minthorn
Sandrys, Henry, private Clyde Difendorf
Sands, John, corporal Drake Strang
Sands, Samuel, private Thomas Purdy
Sands, Steven, private Hammond
Sandy, Corn's, corporal Drake Delivan
Sante, Gilbert, private Graham Vail
Santford, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Odle
Santjohn, Matt'w, private Hathorn Case
Santon, William, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Sarbough, William, priv. Fisher Little
Sarin, Philips, private Fisher Yeoman
Saring, Nich's. private Fisher Fisher
Sarles Rich'd. private Thomas Moseman
Sarles, Thadeus, private Thomas
Sarlls, James, private Thomas
Sarlls, Will., private Thomas
Sarrine, Isaac, private Luddington Lane
Sarvis, John, sergeant Harper Putman
Sarvis, John, private Fisher Snook
Sasha, Ab'm, private Fisher Yeoman
Sasha, Wm., private Fisher Yeoman
Sason, Tho's, private Van Veghten Dunning
Sasse, David, private Wemple Bancker
Satin, Ease, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Satsman, Henry, private Klock Miller
Saturly, Joseph, private Graham
Saucks , Antreas, private Vrooman
Saults, James, private Schuyler Ostrum
Saunders, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Saunders, Isaac, private Van Alstyn Van Buren
Saunders, John, private Willet Marshall
Savage, Edward, private Webster McNitt
Savage, Edward, private Armstrong McNitt
Savage, James, private Williams Armstrong
Savage, James, private Webster Long
Savage, James, private Armstrong Long
Savage, Joel, private Willet Skinner
Savage , Roger, private Whiting Salsbury
Savage, Roger, private Whiting Kellogg
Savery, Nehemiah, sergt. Pawling Hunter
Saviour, John, private Willet Wright
Sawer, Moses, private Webster Childs
Saws, James, private Thomas Moseman
Sawyer, Moses, private Webster
Sawyer, Nodiah, private Webster Childs
Sax, Peter, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Saxberry, Corn's, private Fonda
Saxton, Eben'r, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Saxton, Eben'r, private Van Ness
Saxton, Gersham, corpl. Van Veghten Woodworth
Saxton, Gersham, private Graham Lansing
Saxton, Gersham, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Saxton, John,* private Pawling Sacket
*Dutchess C. A. P., 22-88.
Saxton, Noble, private Platt Kinnue
Sayer, Joshua, private Hathorn Bailey
Savles Ahab, sergeant Van Veehten Woodworth
Sayles, Ahab, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Ahab, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Ezekiel, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Ezekiel, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Jacob, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, John, private Van Veghten Winne
Sayles, John, private Van Veghten Dunham
Sayles, Mordica, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Mordica, sergeant Van Veghten Dunham
Sayles, Stephen, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayles, Sylvenus, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sayls, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Saymore, Wm., private Van Veghten
Sayre, Benj'n, private Wisner Baly
Sayre, Daniel, private Hathorn Minthorn
Sayre, James, private Hathorn Sayres
Sayre, Job, private Hathorn Mervin
Sayre, Jonas, private Hathorn McCamley
Sayre, Lewis, sergeant Hathorn McCamley
Sayre, Lewis, sergeant Wisner Baly
Sayre, Seeby, sergeant Dubois Gano
Sayre, Thomas, sergeant Hathorn McCamly
Sayres, John, captain Hathorn
Scangen, Thomas, private Wemple Van Atten
Scarborough, Wm., priv. Fisher Little
Schafer, Henry, private Clyde House
Schafer, Johannis, private Vrooman Miller
Schaick, Hend'k, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Schall, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Scham, Jeremiah, private Van Bergen Van Schaick
Schanemen, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Schank, William, corporal Willet Hole
Schankler, Jerem'h, priv. Malcom McKinstry
Schannon, John, sergeant Wemple Outhout
Schannon, John, corporal Wemple Outhout
Schapman, Jno., Corp. Snyder Swart
Scharm, Peter, private Van Bergen
Scharp, Geo., captain Schuyler
Scharp, Jacob, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Scharp, Lawrence P., priv. Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Scharp, Martinus, lieut. Schuyler Sharp
Sceed, Stephen, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Scheate, Andony, private Clyde House
Scheel, Peter, private Klock Righter
Scheets, Peter, corporal Klock Righter
Schefer, Adam, private Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Adam, Jr., priv. Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Clifist'n, corporal Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Christ'n, private Vrooman Heager
Schefer, Christ'r, private Vrooman Heager
Schefer, Debald, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Dennis, private Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Dennis, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Dewald, private Vrooman Strubach
Schefer, Dewald, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Henrich, sergeant Vrooman BArown
Schefer, Henrich, private Vrooman Stubach
Schefer, Henrich, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Henrich, private Vrooman Rightmier
Schefer, Henricus, private Vroman Miller
Schefer, Henry, private Vrooman Becker
Schefer, Jacob, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Johannis, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Johannis, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Schefer, Johannis, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Johannis, Jr., pr. Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Johannis F., priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Johannis Jas., pr. Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Johs. J., private Vrooman Rightmier
Schefer, Johannis T., pr. Vrooman Richtmyer
Schefer, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, John, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, John, private Vrooman Miller
Schefer, John, Jr., private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, John F., private Vrooman
Schefer, Joost, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Joost, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Schefer, Lambert, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Marcus, private Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Marcus, private Vrooman Miller
Schefer, Marcus, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Schefer, Marcus, private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Marcus, private Vrooman Becker
Schefer, Marcus, Jr., priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Marcus, Jr., priv. Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Marcus, Jr., priv. Vrooman Miller
Schefer, Peter, corporal Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Peter, Jr., corpl. Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Peter, Jr., private Vrooman Brown
Schefer, Tenes.Jr., private Vrooman Stubrach
Schefer, Teunis, private Vrooman
Schefer, Zewald. private Vrooman Stubrach
Schell, Adam, private Vrooman Rightmier
Schell, Christian, private Vrooman Becker
Schell, Christ., private Vrooman Rightmier
Schell, Fred'k, private Vrooman Becker
Schell, George, corporal Vrooman
Schell, George, private Vrooman Miller
Schell, Jacob F., private Vrooman Stubrach
Schell, Jacob F., private Vrooman Miller
Schell, Jacob F., private Vrooman Brown
Schell, Jacob J., private Vrooman Stubrach
Schell, Jacob J., private Vrooman Brown
Schell, John F., private Vrooman Stubrach
Schell, Joost, corporal Vrooman Rightmier
Schell, Juost, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Schelman, George, private Vrooman
Schelmedine, Richard, cor. Vrooman
Schelmentine, Rich'd, sgt. Vrooman Becker
Schenck, Abm., major Platt
Schenck, Daniel, lieut. Brinckerhoff Brinkerhoff
Schenck, George, private Clyde House
Schenck, George, private Bellinger Staring
Schenck, Ralph, corporal Vandenburgh Storm
Schenck, Ruliff, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Scheneman, Henry, private Willet Debois
Schenk, Peter A., sergeant Platt Lee
Scherme, Hend'k, corporal Van Bergen Dubois
Schermehorn, Jacob, priv. Van Bergen Witbeck
Schermerhorn, Aaron, pr. Wemple
Schermerhorn, Aments, pr. Wemple
Schermerhorn, And'w, pr. Wemple Fonda
Schermerhorn, And'w, pr. Wemple Mynderson
Scherrnerhorn, And'w, pr. Wemple Wanson
Schermerhorn, Bar't F., en. Wemple Bancker
Scbermerhorn, Barth'w, p. Wemple
Schermerhorn, Barth'w, p. Wemple Fonda
Schermerhorn, Beth'l, pr. Wemple Outhout
Schermerhorn, Ber'd S.,cn. Wemple Bancker
Schermerhorn, Corn's, pr. Van Bergen
Schermerhorn, Corn's, pr. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Schermerhorn, Daniel, cap. Van Rensselaer
Schermerhorn, Fram'r, en. Wemple Bancker
Schermerhorn, Garret, pr. Wemple
Schermerhorn, Henry I., p. Wemple Van Petten
Schermerhorn, Jacob, cpt. Wemple
Schermerhorn, Jacob, lieut. Schuyler Van Wee
Schermerhorn, Jacob, lieut. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Jacob, ser. Van Rensselaer Bries
Scbermerhorn, Jacob, ser. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Jacob, priv. Wemple Mynderson
Schermerhorn, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Sharp
Schermerhorn, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Husted
Schermerhorn, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Bries
Schermerhorn, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Jacob C., m. Van Rensselaer
Schermerhorn, Jacob C., p. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Jacob H., p. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Jacob J., p. Wemple Outhout
Schermerhorn, Jacob R., s. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, John, priv. Wemple Fonda
Schermerhorn, John, priv. Wemple Mynderson
Schermerhorn, John I., pr. Wemple
Schermerhorn, John J., pr. Wemple
Schermerhorn, John L., pr. Willet Livingston
Schermerhorn, John R., sgt. Van Rensselaer Staats
Schermerhorn, John W., cap. Van Rensselaer
Schermerhorn, Maus, priv. Wemple Bancker
Schermerhorn, Nich's, serg. Wemple Van Slyck
Schermerhorn, Nich's. priv. Wemple Bancker
Schermerhorn, Nich's.priv. Wemple Van Slyck
Schermerhorn, Nich's, priv. Wemple Woodworth
Schermerhorn, Philip, pr. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Schermerhorn, Richard, p. Wemple Mynderse
Schermerhorn, Rich'd, pr. Wemple Outhout
Schermerhorn, Ryer, priv. Wemple Van Petten
Schermerhorn, Ryk't, pr. Wemple Outhout
Schermerhorn, Samuef, pr. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Schermerhorn, Samuel, pr. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Simon, pr. Wemple Outhout
Schermerhorn, Trum'r, en. Wemple Bancker
Scherp, Solomon, private Van Rensselaer
Schilling, Alex'r, private Wemple Wanson
Schimel, Diedrick, private Clyde House
Schimel, Francis, private Clyde House
Schimmel, Jacob, private Willet Gillet
Schirp, Gysbert, private Van Bergen Dubois
Schneider, Godlib, private Clyde House
Schneider, Jacob, private Clyde House
Schneider, John, private Clyde House
Schneider, Peter, lieut. Vrooman
Schneyder, John, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Schneyder, Johannis, priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Schneyder, Ludwick, priv. Vrooman House
Schnider, Godlib, private Clyde House
Schnider, Michael, private Clyde House
Scholl, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Schomaker, John, private Van Bergen Dubois
Schonden, Josiah, private Clyde Diffendorf
Schonmaker, Wilhelmus, p. Johnson Jansen
School, Henyost, lieut. Klock Righter
Schoolcraft, Adam, private Van Woert Petit
Schoolcraft, Christ., priv. Van Woert Doty
Schoolcraft, Cobus, priv. Van Woert Whiteside
Schoolcraft, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Schoolcraft, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Brown
Schoolcraft, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Miller
Schoolcraft, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Schoolcraft, John, sergt. Schuyler Slingerlandt
Schoolcraft, John, sergt. Schuyler Groot
Schoolcraft, John, priv. Willet White
Schoolcraft, John, priv. Willet Cannon
Schoolcraft, John, priv. Willet Harrison
Schoolcraft, John, priv. Harper Bogart
Schoolcraft, John, priv. Schuyler Groot
Schoolcraft, Lawrence, ad't Vrooman
Schoolcraft, Lawrence, pr. Vrooman Brown
Schoolcraft, Lawrence, pr. Vrooman Stubrach
Scboolcraft, Lawrence, pr. Vrooman Miller
Schoolcraft, Lawrence, pr. Schuyler Slingerlandt
Schoolcraft, Law'ce, Jr., pr. Vrooman Miller
Schoolcraft, Peter, private Willet Debois
Schoolcraft, Peter, private Graham Miller
Schoolcraft, Peter, private Vrooman Stubrach
Schoolcraft, Peter, private Vrooman Brown
Schoolcraft, Peter, private Vrooman Miller
Schoolcraft, Wm., private Vrooman Becker
Schoomaker, Coffey, priv. Willet
Schoomaker, Ed'd, private Snyder Swart
Schoonmaker, Abr'm, adjt. Johnson
Schoonmaker, David, scr. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Scboonmaker, David, priv. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Edward, lt. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmakcr, Edw'd, ser. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, sergt. Malcom Cantine
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, sergt. Wynkoop
Schoonmakcr, Ed'd, priv. Hoghtaling
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, priv. Hathorn Bogardus
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, priv. Malcom Cantine
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, priv. Hays
Schoonmaker, Ed'd, priv. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, Ed'd A., pr. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Ed'd E., pr. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Egbert, Jr., p. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, Fred'k, pr. Cantine
Schoonmaker, Fred'k, Jr., s. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Hend'k, capt. Wynkoop
Scboonmaker, Hezekia, pr. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, Hec'h, priv. Hays
Schoonmaker, Isaac, priv, Johnson Ostrander
Scboonmaker, Isaac, priv. Johnson Jansen
Schooumaker, Issae, priv. Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Schoonmaker, Jacob, priv. Johnson Cross
Schoonmaker, Jacob, priv. Cantine Hasbrouck
Schooumaker, Jacob D., pr. Cautine Hasbrouck
Schoonmaker, James, priv. Hathorn Brodhead
Schoonmaker, Johannis, p. Wynkoop Scboonmaker
Schoonmaker, Jno., Sergt. Schuyler Van Wee
Schoonmaker, John, sergt. Quackenboss Van Wie
Schoonmaker, John, priv. Pawling Pawling
Schoonmaker, John, priv. Pawling Livingston
Schoonmaker, John, priv. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, John C., pr. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, John E., pr. Pawling Livingston
Schoonmaker, Martin, ser. Pawling Westbrook
Scboonmaker, Mart's, priv. Cantine
Schoonmaker, Nich's, priv. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, Peter, corpl. Wynkoop
Schoonmaker, Peter, priv. Hays
Schoonmaker, Sam'l, priv. Wynkoop De Witt
Schoonmaker, Sam'l, priv. Platt Brodhead
Schoonmaker, Tharick, pr. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Thark. sergt. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmaker, Thark, cor. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Schoonmacker, Tjerck, pr. Wynkoop
Schoonover, Benj'n, priv. Dubois Gano
Schoonover, James, priv. Dubois Gano
Schoonover, Thomas, priv. Malcom Delavan
Schott, James, private Willct Livingston
Schott, Thos., private Willet Fonda
Sohott, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Schounhoven, Peter, priv. Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Schouten, Esias, private Clyde Difendorif
Schouten, Jacob, private Van Schoonhoven Collins (?)
Schouten, Simon, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Schouten, Wm., corporal Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Schovel, Abner, private Malcom Blakely
Schram, Clem't, private Van Bergen Dubois
Scbram, Clem't, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Schram, Fred'k, sergeant Van Bergen
Schram, Fred'k, sergeant Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Schram, Fred'k, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Schram, Fred'k, corporal Van Bergen Witbeck
Schram, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Dubois
Schram, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Schreiber, Steph'n, private Clyde House
Schrem, Peter, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Schremling, Henry, lieut. Clyde Van Everat
Schreinling, Tawalt, priv. Fisher Putman
Schriber, Steph'n, private Clyde House
Schriver, Balties, private Weissenfels White
Schryer, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Schryver, Albartus, priv. Humphrey
Schuh, Joseph, private Fisher Yates
Schulds, Will., sergeant Klock
Schultz, John, sergt. maj. Klock
Schults, Abr'm, lieut. Brinckerhoff
Schunemen, Jolin, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Schut, Alex'r, private Van Schoonhoven
Schut, Christian, corporal Pawling Pawling
Schut, Chriatian, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Schut, Isaac, private Livingston Elliot
Schut, Solomon, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Schut, Solomon, private Pawling Livingston
Schut, Solomon, private Livingston Shaver
Schut, Wm., private Bellinger Herder
Schutt, Abr'm, corporal Brinckerhoff Schutt
Schutt, Christian, private Snyder Swart
Schutt, Heindrick,* private Hardenbergh Robinson
*Enlisted in Robinsons' Minute Men for six months in May, 1776, in Power's Rangers, Sept 15, 1776, discharged on account of disability Nov. 18, 1776. Broome, Schoharie Co. A. P., 23-23.
Schuft, James, corp'l Brinckerhoff Schutt
Schutt, James, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Schutt, James, privato Brinckerhoff Schutt
Schutt, Johannes, captain Brinckerhoff
Schutt, Solomon, private Pawling Hunter
Schuyler, Abr'm, lieut. Lansing Forest
Schuyler, David, private Willet Gross
Schuyler, Derick, private Willet Livingston
Schuyler, Dirck, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Schuyler, John, sergeant Vrooman Stubrach
Schuyler, Jno., sergeant Vrooman Brown
Schuyler, John, sergeant Vrooman Miller
Schuyler, John, private Willet Skinner
Schuyler, John, private Vrooman
Schuyler, Jno., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Schuyler, Peter, lieut. Schuyler Ostrum
Schuyler, Peter, private Schuyler Lansing
Schuyler, Peter, private Schuyler Ostrum
Schuyler, Peter, private Schuyler Vischer
Schuyler, Philip, private Scbuyler Ostrum
Schuyler, Philip, P., col.
Schuyler, Reuben, private Wemple Fonda
Schuyler, Reuben, private Schuyler Ostrum
Schuyler, Simon, private Vrooman Stubraeb
Schuyler, Simon, private Vrooman Brown
Schuyler, Simon, private Vrooman Miller
Schuyler, Stephen I., col.
Schyler, David, Jr., priv. Clyde Dygert
Schyler, Jost, private Clyde Dygert
Schyler, Nichi's, private Clyde , Dygert
Schyler, Peter, private Clyde Dygert
Scidmore, Abner, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Scidmore, John, corporal Van Veghten Winne
Scidmore, Zoplier, corpl. Van Veghten Dunham
Sckinkle, Henry, Jr., priv. Van Rensselaer Philips
Scisco, John, private Yates Hadlock
Scoffield, Ezra, private Luddington Mead
Scoffield, Smith, sergeant Crane Lewis
Scofield, Amos, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Amos, private Benedict Gould
Scofield, Caesar, private Pawling Sacket
Scofield, David, sergeant Crane Lewis
Scofield, David, corporal Crane Lewis
Scofield, David, private Hathorn Minthorn
Scofield, David, private Thomas Chapman
Scofield, David, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Deliverance, priv. Crane Scofleld
Scofield, Eben'r, captain Crane
Scofield, Elisha, private Pawling Sacket
Scofield, Elisha, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Einathan, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Gideon, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Henry, private Wessentels Hunt
Scofield, Henry, private Crane Lawrence
Scofield, Henry, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Henry, private Crane Bouton
Scofield, Henry, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, James, private Wessenfels Hunt
Scofield, Jesse, private Thomas Chapman
Scofield, Jonathan, private Hathorn Minthorn
Scofield, Joseph, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Joseph, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Josiah, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Mich'l, private Crane Scofleld
Scofield, Mich'l, private Crane Bouton
Scofield, Moses, corporal Pawling Sackett
Scofield, Nathan, private Hathorn McCamley
Scofield, Peter, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Peter, private Crane Lewis
Scofield, Seaser, private Hays Stevenson
Scofield, Silas, sergeant Thomas Hubby
Scofield, Silvenus, private Brinckerhoff Storm
Scofield, Smoth, sergeant Thomas Chapman
Scofield, Smith, sergeant Crane Lockwood
Scofield, Smith, sergeant Crane Lewis
Scofield, Smith, private Crane Scofield
Scofield, Sylvanus, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Scofield, Wm., private Crane Scofield
Scoonover, Joseph, private Pawling Westfall
Scoot, Joseph, private Fisher Little
Scoot, Thomas, private Harper Harrison
Score, Jacob, private Hays Gardner
Scot, Abm., private Yates
Scot, Benjamin, corporal Yates Hadlock
Scot, Stephen, private Yates Brutt
Scot, Thomas, private Yates Brutt
Scothman, James, private Thomas Moseman
Scott, Abm., private Field Hecock
Scott, Alex'r, private Hathorn Mervin
Scott, Alex'r, private Malcom Drake
Scott, Archibald, private Hathorn Telford
Scott, Arch'd, private Wessenfels White
Scott, Cornelius, sergeant Willet Hole
Scott, David, private Schuyler Foreast
Scott, Elijah, lieut. Thomas Moseman
Scott, Elijah, lieut. Drake Drake
Scott, Elijah, lieut. Drake Boyd
Scott, Elijah, private Webster Long
Scott, Elijah, private Hyat
Scott, Hend'k, private Van Ness
Scott, Henry, corporal Willet Marshall
Scott, Henry, private Hathorn Case
Scott, Isaac, private Graham Husted
Scott, James, corpl. Johnson Cross
Scott, James, private Johnson Cross
Scott, James,* private Clyde Wilson
*Wounded in body and hands at Cherry Valley Nov. 11, 1778. Cherry Valley, Montgomery Co. B. 6-69.
Scott, James, private Johnson Jansen
Scott, James, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Scott, James, private Dubois Lee
Scott, John, lieut. Van Rensselaer Price
Scott, John, private Phillips Ostrander
Scott, John, private Webster Tozer
Scott, John, private Graham
Scott, John, private Hopkins Waters
Scott, John, private Van Woert Wells
Scott, Jno., private Van Woert Brown
Scott, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Scott, John, private Graham Husted
Scott, ---, major Wille A. P. 21-81.
Scott, Joseph, private Fisher
Scott, Peter, sergeant Field Hecock
Scott, P. Ashton, private Van Woert Brown
Scott, Simon, sergeant Graham Husted
Scott, Stephen, private Yates Yates
Scott, Stephen, private Van Woert Gilmore
Scott, Thaddeus, private Hathorn Bartolf
Scott, Thaddeus, private Hathorn McCambly
Scott, Thomas, corporal Yates Yates
Scott, Thomas, corporal Yates Weltse
Scott, Thomas, private Phillips Miller
Scott, Thomas, private Harper Harrison
Scott, Thos., private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Scott, Walter, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Scott, Wm., sergeant Van Alstyn Truesdell
Scott, William, private Johnson Smith
Scott, Wm., private Graham Muller
Scott, Wm., private Weisenfels
Scott, William, private Van Alstyn Truesdel
Scott, Wm., private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Scott, Wm., private Graham Husted
Scou, Warner, private Drake Haight
Scout, Thomas, private Yates Brown
Scouten, Andrew, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Scouten, Corn's, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhooff
Scouten, Eph'm, sergeant Brinckerhoff Schutt
Scouten, Esias, privata Clyde Diffendorf
Scouten, Johannes, sergt. Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Scouten, John, private Hopkins Brinckerhoff
Scouten, John, private Van Woert Pettit
Scouten, Simon, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Scouten, Simon, private Brinckerhof Schutt
Scouton, John, corporal Willet Livingston
Scoutten, Corn's, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Scrafer, George, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Scram, John, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Scramlen, David, private Fisher Mabee
Scranton, Merchant, priv. Harper Drake
Screls, Benjamin, private Willet Livingston
Scriber, Sacock, private Yates
Scriber, Stephen, private Willet Fonda
Scribner, Aaron, sergeant Dubois Dubois
Scribner, Aaron, private Van Schoonhoven White
Scribner, Abel, corporal Yates
Scribner, Abel, corporal Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Scribner, Abel, fifer Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Scribner, Abel, private Willet Livingston
Scribner, Abel, private Yates Brutt
Scribner, Abel, private Yates Yates
Scribner, Abel, private Yates Brown
Scribner, Adam, private Van Schoonhoven White
Scribner, John, private Willet Livingston
Scribner, John, private Harper Harrison
Scribner, John, private Yates Brown
Scribner, Jon'n, private Dubois Dubois
Scribner, Nath'l, captain Luddington
Scribner, Samuel, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Scribner, Stephen, private Thomas Chapman
Scribner, Thadeus, private Willet White
Scribner, Thad's, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Scribner, Thadeus, private Van Schoonhoven
Scribner, Thadeus, private Steenbergh
Scribner, Thaddeus,private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Scribner, Theodious, priv. Willet White
Scribner, Thomas,*sgt.-mj. Willet
*Discharged dec. 31, 1782. Albany county, A. P. 21-561.
Scribner, Thomas, sergeant Willet Gillet
Scribner, Thomas, private Willet White
Scribner, Zadock, sergeant Willet Livingston
Scribner, Zadock, sergeant Yates Brown
Scribner, Zadock, private Yates Brown
Scribner, Zeph., private Crane Lockwood
Scribner Zoedack, corporal Dubois Dubois
Scrier, Nich's, private Yates Weltse
Scrisselman, Christian, pr. Willet Putman
Scriver, Stephen, privato Wynkoop Swart
Scrvver, Abartus, private Wynkoop Swart
Scryver, Albarius, private Wynkoop Swart
Scryver, Albcrtiis, sergeant Wynkoop Swart
Scryver, John, private Wynkoop Swart
Scryver, Martin, corporal Wynkoop Swart
Scryver, Stephen, private Wynkoop Swart
Scudder, Ezekiel, private Willet A. P. 17-712.
Scudder, John, sergeant Willet A. P. 17-712.
Scut, Abm., private Yates Newell
Scut, Hend'k, private Van Bergen Hadlock
Scut, Joseph, private Humfrey
Scut, Peter, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Scut, Solomon, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Scut, Wm., sergeant Livingston Kline
Scutt, Abm., private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Scutt, Abm., private Yates Weltse
Scutt, Christian, corporal Wessenfels Pawling
Scutt, Fred'k, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Scutt, Hugh, ensign Johnson Roosa
Scutt, Joseph, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Scutt, Joseph, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Scutt, Peter, private Willet Cannon
Scutt, Peter, private Luddington Scribner
Scutt, Solomon, private Harper Bogart
Scutt, Solomon, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Scutt, Stephen, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Sciitt, Stephen, private Vandenburgh Storm
Scutt, William, private Wessenfels Godwin
Scutt, William, private Willet Cronin
Scutt, William, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Scutt, William, Jr., private Willet Conine
Sea, Abr'm, private Van Veghten Winnie
Sea, Abm., private Van Veghten Dunham
Sea, David, private Van Veghten Dunham
Seacraft, Jacob, sergeant Vrooman Miller
Seacy, Wilhelmus, private Wemple Wanson
Seager, Evert, private Harper Bogart
Seal, John, private Yates Brutt
Sealant, John, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Sealey, Nath'l, private Crane
Scaly, Coenrad, private Phillips Ostrander
Sealy, Daniel, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sealy, David, private Van Woert Wells
Sealy, Eben'r, corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Sealy, Eben'r, private Van Woert Wells
Sealy, Eben'r, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sealy, Eli, corporal Thomas Moseman
Sealy, Eli, private Thomas Moseman
Sealy, Gideon, private Hays Stevenson
Sealy, Gideon, private Crane Lawrence
Sealy, Joseph, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Sealy, Mattw, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Sealy, Nath'l, private Crane Scofield
Sealy, Silas, private Crane Bouton
Sealy, Thadeus, corporal Thomas Moseman
Sealy, Will., private Field Barnum
Seaman, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Seaman, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Randall
Seaman, Dan'l, private Drake Boyd
Seaman, Harmanus, priv. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Seaman, Helmes, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Seaman, Helmus, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Seaman, Isaac, + lieut. Johnston Wright
+Queens Co. A. P. 21-440.
Seaman, John, private Hopkins Talmadge
Seaman, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Seaman, Willet, private Thomas Hobby
Seaman, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Seamans, Isaac, private Thomas Purdy
Seamons, Caleb, private Hays Gardner
Scamons, John, private Hays Onderdonk
Seamons, Joseph, private Hays Onderdonk
Seamons, Paul, private Hays Onderdonk
Seamonds, Henry, private Drake
Searles, James, private Thomas St. John
Searles, John, private Thomas Moseman
Searles, John, private Thomas S. John
Bearles, Ricli'd, private Thomas St. John
Searles, Rich'd, private Thomas Moseman
Searles, Richard, Jr., priv. Thomas Moseman
Searles, Thadeus, private Thomas Moseman
Searles, Thadeus, private Thomas St. John
Searles, William, private Thomas St. John
Searles, William, private Thomas Moseman
Sears, Ab'm, private Van Veghten Dunham
Sears, Alliten, private Malcom Drake
Sears, Benj'n, private Field Barnum
Sears, Elnathan, private McClaughry A. P. 19-390.
Sears, Enoch, corporal Field Barnum
Sears, John, private Malcom Drake
Sears, Peter, private Field Barnum
Sears, Samuel, private Stevenson
Sears, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Dunham
Sears, Seth, private Field Barnum
Sears, Seth, Jr., private Field Barnum
Sears, Stephen, private Hopkins Barnum
Sears, Stephen, private Field Barnum
Sears, Sunderland, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Sears, Sunderland, private Van Schoonhoven White
Sears, Thomas, lieut. Field Dyckman
Sears, Thos., lieut. Field Barnum
Seart, Jacob, private Klock Bradbig
Seasey, Ab'm, private Wemple Outhout
Seasy, David, private Wemple Outhout
Seatin, Willard, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Seaton, John, lient. Graham Wilson
Seaton, William, lieut. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Seavens, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Seavy, David, private Wemple Outhout
Seawant, Philip, private Hays Smith
Seaward, Jedediah, sergt. Harper Allen
Seawise, John, private Fisher McMaster
Sebein, John, ensign Klock Ruff
Seber, Henry,++ private Cox Van Evert
++Wounded at Oriskany August 6, 1777. Caughnawaga District. C 3, Cc 56.
Seber, Hend'k, private Fisher Veeder
Sebo, Harry, private Livingston Houserad
Sebre, Will., private Van Rensselaer Bries
Sebrew, John, corporal Malcom McKinstry
Sebring, Corn's, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Sebring, Isaac, qr. mr. Brinckerhoff
Sebring, Isaac, sergeant Brinckerhoff Van Wyck

Sebring, Lewis, private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Seby, John, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Secam, Jonas, private Harper Lawrence
Secaus, Jonas, private Pawling Lawrence
Secor, Andrew, private Cooper Gardner
Secor, Andrew, private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Benjamin, private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Daniel, drnmmer Hays Ackerson
Secor, Isaac, private Cooper Gardner
Secor, Isaac, private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Isaac, private Hays Onderdonk
Secor, Isaac J., private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Jacob, private Cooper Blauvelt
Secor, Jacob, private Hays Onderdonk
Secor, James, sergeant Hays Ackerson
Secor, James E., private Hays Blauvelt
Secor, Jonas, private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Josiah, private Hammond
Secor, Samuel, private Hays Ackerson
Secor, Warner, private Drake Haight
Secord, Isaac, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Secord, Josiah, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Sedam, And'w, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Sedam, Tunis, private Yates Hadlock
Seddam, Sam'l, private Yatea Hadlock
Sedore, Isaac, private Wessenfels Hunt
Sedore, Stephen, private Hammond Comb
See, Abraham, private Hammond Orser
See, Abm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
See, David, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
See, David, private Hammond Comb
See, David, private Hammond Hartling
See, David, private Van Bergen Honeywell
See, Harmonas, private Van Veghten Woodworth
See, Isaac, private Hammond Requa
See, Isaac, private Hammond Martling
See, Isaac, Jr., private Hammond Requa
See, James, sergeant Hammond Requa
See, James, private Hammond Comb
See, James, private Hammond Orser
See, James, Jr., private Hammond Requa
See, Paul, private Hammond Requa
See, Peter, private Hammond Requa
Seeber, Conradt, private Klock Ruff
Seeber, Henry, private Fonda
Seeber, John, private Willet Hole
Seeber, John, private Clyde Leipe
Seeber, John W., private Clyde Leipe
Seeber, William, lieut, Clyde Leipe
Seebor, Jacobus, corporal Clyde Van Everat
Seeger, Garret, private Schuyler Van Wee
Seeger, Garret, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Seeger, John S., private Schuyler Veeder
Seely, Caleb, private Hathorn Mervin
Seely, David, private Van Woert Doty
Seely, Eli, corporal Thomas St. John
Seely, Eli, Sr., private Tliomas St. John
Seely, Gideon, captain Drake
Seely, Gideon, captain Benedict
Seely, Gideon, Jr., private Crane Lawrence
Seely, James, private Crane Lewis
Seely, John, sergeant Yates Wiltse
Seely, John, private Hathorn Minthorn
Seely, John, private Hathorn McCambly
Seely, John, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Seely, Joseph, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Seely, Nath'l, Corp. Crane Bouton
Seely, Nehe'h, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Seely, Samuel, sergt. Hathorn Sayres
Seely, Samuel, corporal Platt Van Santvoort
Seely, Samuel, private Phillip Ostrander
Seely, Sam'l, private Wisner Baly
Seely, Silranus,* private Graham Acker
*Enlisted March, 1778; shot by a sentinel in the right thigh at Phillipsburgh, April 12, 1778. Weaver, Southeast Precinct, Dutchess Co. C. 24, I. 122.
Seely, Thadeus,+ corporal Thomas Moseman
+ Enlisted, 1780; wounded in head and arms and taken prisoner by British Cavalry at Bedford, Nov. 21, 1780. Farmer, Bedford, Westchester Co. A. 229.
Seely, Thadeus, private Thomas St. John
Seemon, Mich'l, private Graham Husted
Seepmoes, John, corp. Wynkoop Van Bewen
Seepmoes, John, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Seepmoes, Wm., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Seepmoes, Wm., private Wynkoop De Witt
Seers, Enoch, corporal Field Dyckman
Seers, Sunderland, private Van Schoonhoven
Seese, David, private Wemple Outhout
Seever, John, lieut. Schuyler Tillman
Seever, John, ensign Clyde Ruff
Segendorph, Adam, lieut. Livingston Smith
Seger, Edw'd, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Seger, Malachi, private Johnson Jansen
Seger, Peter, private Schuyler Veeder
Seger, Peter, private Quackenboss
Segor, Malachi, private Johnson Cross
Seiber, Henry, private Fonda
Seiffer, John, private Clyde Leipe
Seiro, Hunry, private Webster Tozer
Seitzer, Fred'k, private Van Alstyn
Sela, Stephen, private Van SchoonhoyenVan Denburgh
Selah, John, private Hathorn McCamly
Selback, Christian, private Klock Zeely
Selbaugh, Henerits, priv. Fisher Veeder
Sele, Joseph, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Selfer, Geo., private Van Woert Gilmore
Selfridge, Ed'd, private Van Woert Gilmore
Seltridge, Ed'd, private Van Woert Doty
Selfridge, Ed'd, private Van Woert Brown
Selfridge, Edward, private Van Woert McKillip
Selfridge, Jno., corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Selfridge, John, corporal Van Woert Brown
Selfridge, Jno., private Van Woert Gilmore
Selfridge, Jon'n, corporal Van Woert Hodge
Selfridge, Oliver, private Van Woert Gilmore
Selfridge, Oliver, private Van Woert Hodge
Selfridge, Oliver, private Van Woert Doty
Selfridge, Oliver, private Van Woert Brown
Sell, Uriah, private Luddington Kidd
Selleck, Fred'k, corpi, Thomas Gilbert
Selleck, Gershom, private Benedict Gould
Sellich, Hanerits, private Fisher Veeder
Selly, John, private Dubois Dubois
Semon, Baltis, sergeant Livingston Shaver'
Semonds, Joseph, private Platt Brodhead
Semons, Harmanus, priv. Van Rensselaer Turner
Semons, Henry, private Drake Haight
Senberry, Corn's, Jr., priv. Fisher Degraas
Sencebough, Henry, priv. Johnson Cross
Sension, Adam, private Johnson Roosa
Senlant, Joliu, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Sennet, Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Seperly, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Serapport, Geo., sergeant Schuyler Van Aernum
Sergeant, James, private Wessenfels Hunt
Sergeant, James, private Pawling Sacket
Series, Tho's, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Serls, Thadeus, private Crane Lockwood
Serois, Geo., private Fisher Snook
Sert, Jacob, private Klock Zealy
Servan, Garret, private Hays Tourueup
Servant, Abraham, private Hays Tourneur
Servant, Adoryon, private Hays Smith
Servant, Garret, private Hays Tourneur
Servant, Henry, private Hays Tourneur
Servant, Philip, corporal Hays Tourneur
Servant, Philip, private Hays Bell
Servant, Philip, private Hays Tourneur
Service, Christian, private Fisher Yeomans
Service, Fred'k, private Fisher Snook
Service, John, private Fisher McMaster
Service, John, private Fisher Snook
Service, Philip, private Fisher
Service, Rich'd, private Fisher McMaster
Servis, Christ'n, private Fisher Snook
Servis, Fred'k, private Fisher Snook
Servis, Geo., private Fisher Snook
Servis, Hend'k, private Fisher Snook
Servis, John, private Fisher Snook
Servis, Rich'd, private Fisher Snook
Sessee, Ab'm, private Dubois DeMout
Sestreanes, Weack, private Klock Klock
Setz, Henry, private Clyde Leipe
Sever, Jacob, adjutant Clyde
Sever, John, ensign Clyde Ruff
Severs, Jno., private Schuyler Van Aernum
Severse, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Severson, Dirick, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Severson, Dirk, private Van Bergen Van Schaick
Sexton, James, private Van Rensselaer Graves
Sextran, Noble, private Van Ness
Seyaut, James, private Drake Boyd
Seyman, John, private Graham Conklin
Seymour, Jesse, private Crane Chapman
Seymour, Jesse, private Crane Scofield
Seymour, Thaddeus, priv. Benedict Gould
Shaddock, James, private Fisher Yeoman
Shaddock, Thomas, corpl. Fisher Yeoman
Shaddock, Thos., private Fisher McMaster
Shaddock, Thos., private Fisher Snook
Shaddock, Thomas, priv. Fisher Yeoman
Shaddon, Peter, sergeant Van Bergen Van Schaick
Shadenburgh, Jury Jac'b, p. Van Rensselaer Staats
Shades, Adam, private Willet Tearse
Shades, Adam, private Willet Henry
Shadow, Peter, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Shafer, Barth'w, sergeant Klock Miller
Shafer, Charles, private Quackenboss Slingerlandt
Shafer, Francis, private Quackenboss Slingerlandt
Shafer, Hendrick, private Vrooman Stubrach
Shafer, Johannes, private Hathorn Brodhead
Shafer, John, sergeant Willet Elsworth
Shafer, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Shafer, John C., lieut. Willet Cannon
Shafer, Lambert, private Vrooman Miller
Shafer, Marcus, private Vrooman Stubrach
Shafer, Peter, corporal Vrooman Miller
Shaff, Hend'k, sergeant VanSchoonhovenTaylor
Shaff, Henry, private Van Woert Whiteside
Shaff, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Shaff, John, private Van Woert Hodges
Shaff, John, private Van Woert Brown
Shaff, John, private Van Woert Whiteside
Shaff, William, sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
Shaft, Wm., sergeant Van Woert Whiteside
Shaff, Wm., private Van Woert Hodges
Shaffaer, John, private Klock Helmer
Shaffer, Barth'w, sergeant Vrooman Miller
Shaffer, Barth'w, sergeant Klock Zeely
Shaffer, Henry, private Klock Zealy
Shaffer, Jacob, private Klock Zeely
Shaffer, James, private Fisher Little
Shaffer, John, private Klock Zeely
Shaffer, John, private Klock Bedhig
Shaffer, John, private Klock Klock
Shaffer, John, private Klock Suts
Shaffer, John, private Fisher Little
Shaft, Hend'k, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Shait, Peter, private Klock Miller
Shaler, John, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Shalkill, Ezrah, sergeant Dubois Lee
Shall, George, private Klock Miller
Shall, George, private Klock Zeely
Shall, George, private Willet Harrison
Shall, Hendrick, private Willet Harrison
Shall, John, private Willet Gross
Shall, John, private Harper Putman
Shambling, Henry, private Fisher Fisher
Shan, Jacob, private Fisher Little
Shanemon, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Shank, George, private Fonda
Shanse, Jeremiah, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Shapley, Richard, private Armstrong McNitt
Shaply, Richard, prirate Webster Childs
Share, Andries, private Hathorn Bogardus
Share, Matt'w, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Shareman, Christ'r, corpl. Van Rensselaer Shaw
Sharer, Robert, private Pawling Westfall
Sharp, Abraham, private Webster
Sharp, Andrew, private Webster Childs
Sharp, Andrew, private Harper Drake
Sharp, Andrew, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sharp, Andrew, private Van Woert Doty
Sharp, Coenrad, private Schuyler Vischer
Sharp, Corn's, sergeant Van Woert Wells
Sharp, Corn's sergeant Van Woert Pettit
Sharp, Eliakim, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sharp, George, captain Van Rensselaer
Sharp, George, captain Schuyler
Sharp, George, private Van Renaselaer Sharp
Sharp, Jacob, private Fisher Snook
Sharp, James, private Hays Onderdonk
Sharp, John, private Graham
Sharp, John, private Van Woert Doty
Sharp, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenbergh
Sharp, John, private Graham Wilson
Sharp, Joseph, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sharp, Martinus, lieut. Van Rensselaer De Forest
Sharp, Martin, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Sharp, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Sharp, Peter, sergeant Yates Hadlock
Sharp, Peter, private Harper Harrison
Sharp, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Sharp, Peter, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sharp, Peter, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Sharp, Peter, private Van Woert McKillip
Sharp, Philip, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Sharp, Philip, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Sharp, Richard, private Van Woert Brown
Sharp, Richard, private Van Woert Whiteside
Sharp, Solomon, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Sharp, William, corporal Wisner Baly
Sharp, William, private Yates Brown
Sharpanard, Simon, private Hammond Comb
Sharpe, Matthew, lieut. Van Rensselaer Fraist
Sharpentine, Jacob, private Fisher Snook
Sharpnut, Simeon, private Stevenson
Sharrow, Samuel, private Armstrong
Sharsa, Daniel, private Van Alstyn Claw
Shart, Peter, private Platt Bradbick
Sharter, John, private Hathorn Conklin
Shasa, Ab'm, private Fisher Yeoman
Shasa, William, private Fisher Yeoman
Shattuck, Thomas, sergt. Willet Gray
Shaufelt, Christ'r, private Van Bergen
Shaver, Adam, private Graham Miller
Shaver, Adam, private Graham Muller
Shaver, Adam, private Harper Putman
Shaver, Barth'w, sergeant Klock Miller
Shaver, Charles, lieut. Livingston Shaver
Shaver, Charles, private Livingston Rockfeller
Shaver, Christ'r, private Schuyler Tillman
Shaver, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
Shaver, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Shaver, Hend'k, private Willet Fonda
Shaver, Henry, private Klock Breadbake
Shaver, Henry, private Klock Zeely
Shaver, Henry, private Willet Harrison
Shaver, Jacob F., captain Livingston
Shaver, John, captain Livingston
Shaver, John, ensign Schuyler Lansing
Shaver, John, sergeant Schuyler Lansing
Shaver, John, corporal Livingston Shaver
Shaver, John, fifer Graham Husted
Shaver, John, private Klock Zeely
Shaver, John, private Wessenfels White
Shaver, John, private Pawling Pawling
Shaver, Jno., private Graham Hermance
Shaver, John, private Livingston Rockfeller
Shaver, John, private Schuyler Sharp
Shaver, John, private Fisher
Shaver, Jorst, private Schuyler Visher
Shaves, Nich's, private Fonda
Shaver, Peter, sergeant Schuyler Lansing
Shaver, Peter, private Livingston Shaver
Shaver, Peter, private Livingston Shaw
Shaver, Peter, private Schuyler Lansing
Shaver, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Shavileer, Wm., private Hopkins Wheeler
Shaw, Ant'y, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Shaw, Comfort, corporal Wiltet Putman
Shaw, Comfort, fifer Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Shaw, Comfort, drummer Van Rensselaer Niles
Shaw, Comfort, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Shaw, Dan'l, private Van Woert Gilmore
Shaw, Dan'l, private Van Woert Doty
Shaw, Dan'l, private Yates Weltse
Shaw, Dan'l, private Field Hecock
Shaw, Duncan, lieut. Webster
Shaw, Duncan, lieut. Armstrong
Shaw, Ezra, sergeant Dubois Chamberlain
Shaw, Henry, sergeant Harper Putman
Shaw, Henry, private Malcom Blakely
Shaw, Ichabod, sergeant Field Dyckman
Shaw, Jacob, corporal Willet Putman
Shaw, James, captain Van Rensselaer
Shaw, James, sergeant Willet Tearse
Shaw, Jas., sergeant Willet Henry
Shaw, James, private Pawling Williams
Shaw, James, private Van Bensselaer Shaw
Shaw, James, Jr., private Luddington Mead
Shaw, James Minor, priv. Van Bensselaer Niles
Shaw, Jedediah, private Van Ness Whiting
Shaw, John, lieut. Willet Elsworth
Shaw, John, corporal Schuyler Lansing
Shaw, John, private Hopkins Talmadge
Shaw, Juhn, private Drake Seely
Shaw, John, private Bchuyler Lansing
Shaw, John, private Dragoons Delavan
Shaw, Joseph, private Van Ness Whitney
Shaw, Joshua, private Wessenfels Thompson
Shaw, Joshua, private Luddington Mead
Shaw, Nath'l, private Yates Hadlock
Shaw, Keal, corporal Schuyler Lausing
Shaw, Neal, private Schuyler Lansing
Shaw, Patrick, private Hays Hogencamp
Shaw, Pelig, private Weisenfels
Shaw, Samuel, captain Van Rensselaer
Shaw, Stephen, private Fonda
Shaw, Thomas, private Johnson Jansen
Shaw, Thomas, private Johnaon Cross
Shay, John, private Cortland
Shay, Marcom, sergt. maj. Harper Bogart
Shea, Timothy, private Crane Truesdell
Sheakerman, Philip, sergt. Willet Elsworth
Shear, Ab'm, private Brinkerhoof
Shear, Abr'm, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Shear, Lodewick, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Shear, Peter, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Shearer, James, private Hammond
Shearer, Will., private Yates Wiltse
Shearman, Abial, corporal Drake Seely
Shearman, Caleb, private Yates Hadlock
Shearman, Elisha, sergeant Drake
Seely, Shearman, Jenkins, priv. Willet White
Shears, Andrew, private Wyukoop Swart
Sheaver, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Shedden, Ab'm, lieut. Hyat
Shedden, Moses, lieut. Hyat
Sheeir, Martin, sergeant Klock Ruff
Sheely, Martin, private Clyde Ruff
Sheep, Geo., private Fisher Veeder
Sheep, Geo. F., private Fisher Veeder
Sheep, George F., private Fonda
Sheever, Will., private Yates Weltse
Shefer, Adam, private Clyde House
Sbefer, Henry, private Klock Miller
Sheff, Geo., corporal Willet Fonda
Shefrer Henry, private Klock Zeely
Sheffer Henry, private Klock Bedbig
Sheffer Jacob, private Klock Bradbig
Sheffer Joh's, private Livingston Smith
Sheffer John, private Klock Miller
Sheffer Nich's, private Klock Bradbig
Sheffer Nich's, private Livingston Smith
Sheffield, John, private Whiting Bostwick
Sheffield, Nathan, private Willet Fonda
Sheffield, Nathan, private Van Veghten
Shehan, Butler, corporal Fisher Fisher
Shelar, ---, private Van Woert Gilmore
Shelden, George, corporal Van Rensselaer Niles
Sheldon, Isaac, ensign Van Rensselaer Niles
Shelden, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sheldon, Benj'n, ensign Van Veghten Winne
Sheldon, George, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Sheldon, Isaac, ensign Van Rensselaer Niles
Sheldon, John, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Sheldon, Sam'l, lieut. Van Veghten
Sheldon, William, private Wessenfels Hunt
Sheley, Martin, private Yates Brown
Shelft, Christ., private Fisher Snook
Shell, Adam, private Graham Lansing
Shell, Adam, private Vrooman Stubrach
Shell, Adam, Jr., corporal Klock Kock
Shell, Christ., private Bellinger Small
Shell, Fred'k, private Willet Fonda
Shell, Fred'k, private Bellinger Frank
Shell, John, private Klock Miller
Shell, John, private Bellinger Small
Shell, Joost, private Vrooman
Shell, Philip, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Shelley, Wm., private Schuyler Ostrum
Sheliup, Christ., private Fisher McMaster
Shelly, Fred'k, private Fisher Snook
Shelly, John, sergeant Van Rensaelaer Woodworth
Shelly, Wm., private Schuyler Lansing
Shelly, Wm., private Schuyler Ostrum
Shelman, Geo., private Vraoman Stubrach
Shelman, Geo., private Vrooman Brown
Shelmentein, Rich'd, corp. Vrooman Heager
Sheloman, Geo., private Vrooman Stubrach
Shelps, Bayly, private Van Ness
Sheltenburger, Casper, pr. Willet
Shely, Martin, private Yates
Shenough, Frederick, priv. Hays
Shepard, John, private Webster Long
Shepard, Moses, private Phillips Miller
Shepardson, Dan'l, private Williams Rice
Shepardson, Enoch, priv. Williams Shepardson
Shepardson, Enoch, priv. Williams Rice
Shepardson, John, private Williams Shepardson
Shepardson, John, private Williams Stowel
Shepardson, John, private Williams Rice
Shepardson, William, priv. Williams Shepardson
Shepardson, Zeph'h, priv. Williams Stowel
Shepardson, Zeph'h, priv. Williama Shepardson
Sheperd, James, private Harper Vroman
Sheperd, Joel, private Willet Newell
Shephard, Bem'n, private Lansing Shepherd
Shephard, Dan'l, captain Wessenfels
Shephard, Didamus, corp. Van Veghten Winne
Shephard, Dedymus, ser. Van Veghten Woodworth
Shephard, Israel, sergeant Van Rensselaer
Shephard, James, private Willet Harrison
Shephard, Jonathan,* lt. Allison Duncan
*Killed in action on the Delaware river, July 22, 1779. A. P. 15-514.
Shephard, Nath'l, private Van Veghten Winne
Shepherd, Benjamin, priv. Hathorn Shepherd
Shepherd, Benjamin, priv. Wessenfels Godwin
Shepherd, Colvil, captain Hathorn
Shepherd, Colvill, captain Lansing
Shepherd, Daniel, adjutant Hopkins
Shepherd, Didymus, ser. Van Veghten
Shepherd, Hen'y, private Webster Long
Shepherd, Israel, private Van Rensselaer
Shepherd, James, private Willet Van Renselaer
Shepherd, James, private Newkirk Crawford
Shepherd, James, private Van Rensselaer Graves
Shepherd, John, private Webster Hamilton
Shepherd, John, private Armstrong
Shepherd, Jon'n, corp. Van Rensselaer Hawley
Shepherd, Jonathan, priv. Wessenfels Shephard
Shepherd, Silas, private Armstrong
Shepherd, William, priv. Yates Vandenburgh
Sheppard, Henry, private Willet Livingston
Sheppard, Horace, private Willet Newell
Sheppard, Joel, private Willet Henry
Sheppard, Rufus, private Willet Pearcy
Shepperd, Isaac, private Cortland
Shepperley, Barnard, priv. Van Reusselaer Vanderhoof
Sheppun, Wm., private Van Cortlandt
Sherburn, Henry, private Williams Shepardson
Sherburne, Henry, private Williams Rice
Sherdifent, Jon'n, private Weisenfels
Sherer, John, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Sherer, Robert, private Graham Sherwood
Sheridan, Rich'd, private Wemple
Sberman, Abial, sergeant Crane Lawrence
Sherman, Abial,* private Drake Delavan
*Shot through right hand at Fort Independence, January 10, 1777. Cooper, Salem, Westchester Co. C. 63.
Sherman, Batchelor, priv. Van Woer Gilmore
Sherman, Batchelor, priv. Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Bach, private Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Caleb, private Yatos
Sherman, Christ'r, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Sherman Henry, sergeant Van Veghten Van Woert
Sherman, Henry, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Sherman, Jenkms, private Willet White
Sherman, Jinken, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Sherman, John, private Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Lamuel, corporal Van Woert Hodge
Sherman, Lemuel, corporal Van Woert Doty
Sherman, Lemuel, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sherman, Lemuel, private Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Peter, private Crane Lawrence
Sherman, Shubael, sergt. Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Shubal, corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Sherman, Shubal, private Van Woert Whiteside
Sherman, Wm., private Hopkins Talmadge
Sherrard, Robert, private Wessenfels Westfall
Sherts, David, sergeant Van Rensselaer Philip
Sherwood, Adiel, captain Graham
Sherwood, Asahel, sergt. Armstrong
Sherwood, Daniel, private Malcom McKinstry
Sherwood, David, private Hays Smith
Sherwood, Elijah, private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, Elisha, private Drake
Sherwood, Gersham, lieut. Hammond Martling
Shepherd, Henry, private Armstrong Long
Sherwood, Isaac, private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, Jacob, private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, James, private Harper Putman
Sherwood, James, private Van Schoonhoven White
Sherwood, Job, private Hammond Comb
Sherwood, Job, private Drake Boyd
Sherwood, Joseph, private Drake
Sherwood, Joshua, private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, Joshua, private Drake Boyd
Sherwood, Justis, private Drake
Sherwood, Moses, private Hammond Martling
Sherwood, Moses, private Wessenfels
Sherwood, Newcomb, serg.
Sherwood, Oliver, private Crane Lawrence
Sherwood, Samuel, lieut. Webster
Sherwood, Samuel, sergt. Webster
Sherwood, Sam'l, private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, Seth, captain Webster
Sherwood, Seth, lieut. Harper Drake
Sherwood, Seth, private Webster
Sherwood, Setli, private Armstrong
Sherwood, Seth a., priv. Webster
Sherwood, Seth N., priv. Armstrong
Sherwood, Squire, sergt. Wessenfels Shephard
Sherwood, Stephen, lieut. Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Sherwood, Stephen, ens'n Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Sherwood, Stephen, priv. Van Bergen Honeywell
Sherwood, Wm., private Hammond Orser
Sherwood, Wm., private Van Bergen Honeywell
Shetman, Geo., private Vrooman Stubrach
Shew Garret, private Hays Smith
Shew Gilbert, corporal Hays Smith
Shew Gilbert, private Hays Smith
Shew Godfred, sergeant Fonda
Shew Godfred, private Fonda
Shew Henry, sergeant Harper Putman
Shew, Henry, sergeant Fisher Little
Shew, Henry, private Fisher Little
Shew, Jacob, private Harper Putman
Shew, Jacob, private Fisher Little
Shew, John, private Hays Smith
Shew, John, private Fisher Little
Shew, Stephen, private Fonda
Sheyder, Nich's, private Vroman Becker
Shide, Peterr, private Willet Fonda
Shieff, Geo., private Bellinger Staring
Shields, James, private Graham Magee
Shields, William, sergeant Pawling Westfall
Shiely, Coenradt, private Pawling Westbrook
Sniffer, Johannis, private Livingston Smith
Shiffield, Charles, private Van Veghten Dunham
Shiffield, Christ'r, private Van Veghten Dunham
Shifiield, Nath'l, private Van Veghten Dunharn
Shiffield, Nath'l, private Van Veghten Winne
Shift, Christ'r., private Fisher Snook
Shilder, John, private Humfrey
Shilft, Christ'r, private Fisher Yates
Shilft, Fred'k, private Fisher Mabee
Shilft, Fred'k, private Fisher Snook
Shill, Jacob, corporal Klock Miller
Shill, Jacob, corporal Klock Zeely
Shill, Jacob, corporal Klock Bedhig
Shill, Jacob, private Klock Zeely
Shill, Jacob, private Klock Kock
Shill, Jacob, private Klock Bradbig
Shiller, John, private Willet Tearse
Shiltenberger, Casper, pr. Willet Elsworth
Shinnel, Francis, private Clyde House
Shipman, Ashael, private Van Woert Gilmore
Shipman, Dan'l, private Van Woert Doty
Shipman, Dan'l, private Van Woert Hodge
Shipman, Elisha, private Van Woert Doty
Shipman, Timothy, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Shipman, Tim'y, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Shipman, Tim'y, private Van Veehten Winne
Shipperly, Barnet, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shireman, Geo., corporal Clyde Dygert
Shitser, Hend'k, private Klock Bradbig
Shittler, John, private Wessenfels White
Shoe, Augustinus, private Wynkoop
Shoe, Henry, sergeant Willet Fonda
Shoe, Jacob, corporal Willet Fonda
Shoecraft, Jacob, private Johnson Wilkin
Shoecraft, Jacob, private Pawling Hunter
Shoecraft, John, sergeant Pawling DeWitt
Shoecraft, John, sergeant Pawling Piercy
Shoefelt, Christ'r, private Willet Conine
Shoefelt, John, private Wessenfels Pawling
Shoefelts, Christ'r, private Dubois Dubois
Shoemaker, Han Jost, pr. Bellinger Staring
Shoemaker, John, sergeant Quackenboss Van Wie
Shoemaker, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Shoemaker, Jost, private Fonda
Shoemaker, Rudolph, priv. Fisher Putman
Shoemaker, Thomas, corp. Bellinger Gittman
Shoemaker, Thomas, priv. Bellinger Frank
Shoemaker, Thomas, priv. Fisher Fisher
Shoeman, William, private Fonda
Sholl, Hanyost, lieut. Klock Righter
Sholl, John, lieut. Klock Miller
Sholl, John, lieut. Klock Righter
Sholl, John, lieut. Klock Wagner
Sholl, John, corporal Van Rensselaer Staats
Sholl, John Jost, ensign Klock Wagner
Sholl, Joseph, lieut. Klock Hess
Shomaker, Christ., private Bellinger Frank
Shomaker, Stophel, private Bellinger Frank
Shook, William, captain Fisher Snook
Shool, John, private Willet Gross
Shoolcraft, Peter, private Graham Miller
Shoot, Aaron, private Binkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Shorfelt, Christophel, priv Van Bergen Van Schaick
Short, Hendricus, private Wynkoop
Short, Henry, private Pawling Hunter
Short, Henry, private Wynkoop
Short, Peter, private Pawling Hunter
Short, Peter, private Pawling Livingston
Short, Petrus, private Wynkoop
Short, Zachariah, private Snyder Swart
Shortenburgh, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Turner
Shorter, Casparus, private Pawling Westbrook
Should, George, private Klock Klock
Should, John, private Klock Klock
Shoulders, Jacob, private Harper Bogart
Shoulds, Hendrick, private Klock Klock
Shourt, Adolph, private Hays Blauvelt
Shourt, Hendrick, private Cooper Blauvelt
Shourt, Hendrick, private Hays Blauvelt
Shourt, Lewia, private Hayg Blauvelt
Shourt, William, private Graham Conklin
Shouse, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Shouten, Jacob, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Shouton, Hugh, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Shouton, Johannis, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Show, Ebenezer, private Willet Hole
Showers, George, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Showers, Will, corporal Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Showers, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Shuble, Wentworth, priv. Willet Welp
Shucraft, Jacob, private Johnson Ostrander
Shucraft, John, sergeant Wessenfeig White
Shuck, Zacharias, private Schuyler Ostrum
Shufalts, Jno., private Graham Hermance
Shufalts, William, Jirivate Graham Hermance
Shular, George, private Fisher Marselus
Shuler, Lawrence, lieut. Fisher McMaster
Shules, John, private Klock Hess
Shulet, Abm., lieut. Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Shullup, Christian, private Fisher McMaster
Shult, Hend'k, sergeant Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Shult, Hend'k, sergeant Van Rensselaer Philips
Shulters, David, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shultes, Barent, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shultes, William, private Willet Debois
Shultis, Casparus, lieut. Livingston Smith
Shultis, Hend'k, sergeant Livingston Pulver
Shultis, Jacob, corporal Klock Miller
Shultis, John, sergeant Klock Miller
Shultis, John, private Klock Miller
Shultis, John, private Graham Husted
Shultis, Philip, corporal Livingston Smith
Shultis, Ph., private Livingston Shaver
Shultis, Philip, private Livingston Smith
Shultis, William, sergeant Klock Miller
Shultiz, John, sergeant Klock Miller
Shults, Ab'm, lieut.
Shults, Abraham, private Willet Elsworth
Shnlts, Abm., private Willet Harrison
Shults, Casparus, lieut. Van Rensselaer Elliot
Shults, Christ'r, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Shults, George, private Klock Kock
Shults, Henry, private Willet Elsworth
Shults, Johannis, Jr., cor. Klock Kock
Shults, John, private Klock Miller
Shults, John, private Klock Kock
Shults, John, private Pawling Pawling
Shults, John, private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Shults, William, sergeant Klock Miller
Shultus, Barent, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shultus, David, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shultus, Henry, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Shultz, Ab'm, lieut. Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Shultz, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Shultz, Henry, private Klock Miller
Shultz, Jacob, corporal Klock Miller
Shultz, Jacob, private Klock Miller
Shultz, Jacob, private Klock Zeely
Shultz, Jacob private Klock Cayser
Shultz, John, sergeant Klock Miller
Shultz, John, private Klock Kock
Shultz, John, private Klock Cayser
Shultz, John, private Klock Miller
Shultz, William, sergeant Klock Miller
Shumaker, John, private Bellinger Frank
Shumaker, Thos., private Bellinger Herder
Shuneman, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Shurk, James, private Drake Boyd
Shurmun, Darius, private Field Dyckman
Shurter, Casparus, sergt. Pawling Pawling
Shurts, John, sergeant Graham Miller
Shut, Frec'k, private Cortland
Shut, James, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburg
Sbute, Ezek'l, private Hammond
Shute, William, private Willet Putman
Shutes, George, private Klock Kock
Shuts, Abraliam, private Willet Elsworth
Shuts, Abraham, private Harper Bogart
Shuts, Adam. private Livingston Pulver
Shuts, Christley, private Wemple Mynderse
Shuts, Fred'k, private Wessenfels
Shuts, John, lieut. Livingston Shaver
Shuts, John, lieut. Livingston Shaw
Shuts, John, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Shuts, John H., private Livingston Shaver
Shuts, Petrus, private Livingston Shaver
Shuts, Wm., private Fisher Snook
Shuts, Wm., Jr., private Fisher Snook
Shutter, Henry, private Klock Miller
Shutter, Jacob, fifer Schuyler Slingerlandt
Shutter, Robt., sergeant Newkirk McBride
Shutter, Wm., private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Shutts, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Shutts, John, lieut. Van Reusselaer Rockfeller
Shutts, John, private Graham Muller
Shyle, Peter, private Klock Miller
Sibel, Jacob, private Schuyler Lansing
Sickelson, Jacob, lieut. Cooper Blauvelt
Sickles, Jacob, ensign Hays Sickles
Sickles, Jacob, ensign Hays Hogencamp
Sickles, Jacob, corporal Hays Sickles
Sickles, Johannis, sergeant Hays Sickles
Sickles, John, sergeant Hays Hogencamp
Sickles, John, private Wessenfela Brewster
Sickles, Robert, private Hays Sickles
Sickles, Robert, private Hays Hogencamp
Sickles, William, captain Hays
Sickles, William, private Hays Hogencamp
Sickner, Jacob, private Graham Husted
Sidman, Jacob, private Johnson Roosa
Sidmore, Zophur, corporal Van Veghten Dunham
Sidnigh, Wm., private Vrooman Miller
Sidon, Isaac, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Sidways, James, drummer Wessenfels Godwin
Sifentia, Manisa, private Johnson Johnson
Sifer, Abraham, private Drake Drake
Sign, John, private Van Schoonhooven Hicks
Signor, Abertus, private Platt Bloom
Silback, John, private Klock Kock
Silbock, John, private Klock Cayser
Sillagh, John, private Klock Kock
Silfaidge, Jno., corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Silicker, Jacob, private Drake Boyd
Silgwith, William, private Hathorn Case
Silkworm, William, private Johnson Ostrander
Silkworth, William, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Silleback, Christ'n, private Klock Kock
Silleback, Christ., private Fisher Veeder
Silleback, John, private Klock Kock
Sillebeck, Hemest, private Fisher Veeder
Sillepoch, Henerist, private Fisher Veeder
Sillepoch, John, private Fisher Veeder
Sillick, Darling, private Crane Lewis
Sillick, Fred'k, private Crane Chapman
Sillick, Gershom, private Crane Chapman
Sillick, James, private Wessenfels Hunt
Sillick, Nathan, private Crane Lewis
Sillinback, John, private Fisher Veeder
Silsbe, Enos, private Hatborn McCamply
Silsbee, David, privata Dubois Gano
Silsbee, Israel, private Drake Seely
Silsby, Elijah, private Pawling Sacket
Silsby, Enos, private Wisner Baly
Silsby, Israel, sergeant Crane Lawrence
Silsby, Israel, private Stevenson
Silsby, Jonathan, private Phillips Miller
Silsby, Joseph, private Hathorn McCamly
Silvester, Prince, private Willet Pearcy
Silyea, Hend'h, corporal Vrooman Stubrach
Simbergh, Jacob, private Fisher Veeder
Simeons, Jon'n, private Luddington Scribner
Simer, Gerom, private Bellinger Smalll
Simer, Isaac, private Belliuger Small
Simeral, Robert, private Newkirk Crawrord
Simkins, John, private Luddington Mead
Simkins, John, private Luddington Lane
Simkins, John, Jr., private Luddington Lane
Simkins, Robt., private Luddington Lane
Simmerman, Coenraet, pr. Clyde Leipe
Simmerman, Henry, pnv. Clyde Leipe
Simmins, Joseph, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Simmon, Christ'r, private Van Rensselaef Shaw
Simmon, John, private Bogert
Simmons, Aaron, private Humfrey
Simmons, Benjamin, priv. Pawling Hunter
Simmons, Cornelius, priv. Johnson Gillispy
Simmons, Corn's, private Pawling Faulkner
Simmons, Fred'k, sergeant Fisher Veeder
Simmons, Fred'k, private Fisher Veeder
Simmons, Insilo, private Humfrey
Simmons, Jacob, private Johnson Johnson
Simmons, Jacob, private Yates ¥ates
Simmons, Jacob, private Fonda
Simmons, John, private Wessenfels Bowen
Simmons, Joseph, private Hathorn Conklin
(Typists note, the name is written Simmons' from here down, old typesetting error?)
Simmons' Mat'w, private Johnson Cross
Simmons' Moses, private Thomas Hubby
Simmons' Paul, private Hays Tourneur
Simmons' Ruben, private Malcom Drake
Simmons' Sampson, ensign Fonda
Simmons' Samuel, private Hathorn Telford
Simmons' Thomas, private Fisher Veeder
Simmons' Teunis, private Johnson Cross
Simmons' Wilhelmus, pr. Van Bensselaer Shaw
Simmons' Willet, private Stevenson
Simon, John, private Platt Bradbick
Simons, Benjamin, private Pawling Williams
Simons, Enoch, private Pawling Sacket
Simons, Fred'k, private Fisher Veeder
Simons, Isaac, private Thomaa Purdy
Simons, Jacob, lieut. Willet Gross
Simons, James, private Harper Putman
Simons, John, private Willet Harrison
Simons, John, private Pawling Burnet
Simons, John, private Malcom McKinstry
Simons, Joshua, private Wallet Livingston
Simons, Ruben, private Wemple Schermerhorn
Simons, Theodius, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Simons, Wm., private Livingston Houserad
Simpson, Andrew, private Williams Long
Simpson, And'w, private Webster Long
Simpson, And'w, private Armstrong Long
Simpson, Edward, private Schuyler Tillman
Simpson, George, private Wessenfels Shepherd
Simpson, James, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Simpson, John, private Hathorn McCamly
Simpson, John, private Wessenfels Harden burgh
Simpson, Joseph, private Willet Fonda
Simpson, Nich's, private Fisher Mabee
Simpson, Peter, private Dubois Burnet
Simpson, Peter, Jr., priv. Graham Vail
Simpson, Samuel, corporal Hathorn McCamly
Simson, Alex'r, lieut. Williams McNitt
Simson, Alex'r, lieut. Webster McNitt
Simson, Alex'r, lieut. Armstrong McNitt
Simson, And'w, private Webster Long
Simson, Edw'd, private Van Rensselaer
Simson, Henry, private Schuyler Veeder
Simson, Henry, private Fisher Degraas
Simson, James, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Simson, Robert, private Graham
Simson, Robert, private Van Rensselaer King
Sinberry, Benj'n, private Fisher Degraas
Sinberry, Corn's, private Fisher Degraas
Sine, John, private Van Schoonhove Aylsworth
Sine, Peter, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Sines, Peter, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Singer, John Valent., priv.Vrooman Brown
Singer, John V., sergeant Vrooman Becker
Singer, Peter, private Schuyler Van Wee
Sinsipough, Henry, private Johuson Jansen
Sipperly, Barnard, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Sipperly, Jacob, private Van Bensselaer VanDerhof
Sipperly, Philip, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Sippler, Henry, private Van Renselaer Shaw
Sisam, John, private Livingston Shaver
Sisco, Henry, private Yates Hadlock
Sissin, John, private Yates Yates
Siason, John, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Sissorn, John, private Yates Brown
Sitcher, John, lieut. Cooper Blauvelt
Sitcher, John, lieut. Hays Bell
Sitney, Henrich, private Vrooman Stubrach
Sitney, Joost, private Vrooman
Sitney, Peter, private Vrooman Stubrach
Sitney, Peter, private Vrooman Brown
Sitney, Peter, private Vrooman Miller
Sitney, William, private Vrooman Stubrach
Sitney, Wm., private Vrooman Brown
Sitney, Wm., private Vrooman Miller
Sitnev, Wm., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Sits, Baltus, private Clyde House
Sits, Hend'k, private Klock Wagner
Sits, John, drummer Platt Bradbick
Sittell, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Sitterling, Hend'k, private Schnyler Van Aernnm
Sitterling, Jacob, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Sitterly, Jacob, corporal Schuyler Van Aernum
Sittirling, Henry, private Schuyler Van Aernum,
Sittirling, Jno., private Schuyler Van Aernum
Sittle, Hend'k, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Sittle, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Sitz, Baltus, private Clyde House
Sitz, George, private Klock Klock
Sitz, Hend'k, private Klock Hess
Sitz, John, private Clyde House
Sitz, Nich's, corporal Clyde House
Sitz, Nich's, private Clyde House
Sitz, Peter, private Clyde Leipe
Sivell, Benj'n, private Van Bergen
Sixbee, John, private Schuyler Slingerlandt
Sixbee, Nich's, private Schuyler Hogan
Sixbee, Nich's, private Quackenboss
Sixberry, Adam, private Fisher Degraas
Sixberry, Adam, private Fisher Marselus
Sixberry, Benjamin, Corp. Fisher Degraas
Sixberry, Corn's, sergeant Fisher Degraas
Sixberry, Corn's, corporal Fisher Degraaa
Sixberry, Corn's, private Fisher Degraas
Sixberry, Corn's, private Dubois DeMout
Sixberry, Corn's, private Fisher Marselus
Sixberry, Corn's, Jr., priv. Fisher Degraas
Sixberry, Uend'k, private Fisher Marselis
Skarmahorn, Corn's, priv. Graham Vail
Skatts, Barth'w, private Newkirk Vankeuren
Skegle, Rich'd, sergeant Drake Kronkhite
Skelly, Alex'r, private Van Woert Gilmore
Skelly, Alex'r, private Van Woert Doty
Skelly, William, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sketch, James, private Van Woert Doty
Skidmore, Abner, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, Abner, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, Abner, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, John, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, John, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, Solomon, corp. Van Veghten, Woodworth
Skidmore, Solomon, priv. Van Veghten Woodworth
Skidmore, Zophar, corpl. Van Veghten
Skinnel, Francis, private Willet Fonda
Skinner, David, private Webster Childs
Skinner, David, private Armstrong McNitt
Skinner, David, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Skinner, Elijah, lieut. Whiting
Skinner, Elijah, Jr., priv. Whiting Bostwick
Skinner, James, lieut. Willet Hole
Skinner, Jcsse, private Whiting Herrick
Skinner, John, private Graham
Skinner, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Skinner, John, private Van Rensselaer Stoats
Skinner, Jonathan, sergt. Willet Gray
Skinner, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Skinner, Josiah,* lieut. Willet
*Appointed April 8, 1781; resigned his commission in favor of Thomas Skinner June 10, 1782. A. P. 14-428, 16-13.
Skinner, Josiah, sergt.-maj. Van Rensselaer
Skinner, Josiah, private Whiting King
Skinner, Michael, private Willet Skinner
Skinner, Michael, private Willet Cannon
Skinner, Solomon, private Whiting
Skinner, Solomon, private Graham Bostwick
Skinner, Thomas, captain Willet
Skinner, Thomas, lieut. Willet Cannon
Skinner, Thomas, sergeant Noble
Skinner, Thomas, private Fisher Yeoman
Skniffen, Peter, private Thomas Lawrence
Skniffen, Thomas, private Thomas Lawrence
Skniffen, William, private Thomas Lawrence
Skouten, Dirck, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Skouten, Dirck, sergeant Vah Schoonhoven Taylor
Skouten, Dirck, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Skouten, Jacob, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Skouton, Dirck, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Steenbergh
Skul, Nathan, private Whiting Kellogg
Skuts, Johannis, lieut. Livingston Shaver
Skuts, John, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Skuts, John A., private Livingston Shaw
Skutt, Tunis, sergeant Brinckerhoff Brower
Slack, Joseph, private Whiting Herrick
Slack, William, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Slara, Joseph, private Webster McNitt
Slarra, Samuel, private Webster Long
Slasen, Amos, private Crane Scofield
Slasen, Jcsse, private Crane Lawrence
Slason, Ab'm, private Crane Scofield
Slason, Amos, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Deliverance, private Crane
Slason, Eben'r, private Crane Lawrence
Slason, Eben'r, private Crane Scofield
Slason, Eben'r, Jr., priv. Crane Lewis
Slason, Eleazcr, private Crane Scofield
Slason, Eleazer, Jr., priv. Crane Scofield
Slason, Elizar, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Henry, private Thomas Gilbert
Slason, Israel, private Crane Lewis
Slasou, Jesse, private Crane Scofield
Slason, John, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Nathan, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Sam'l, private Crane Chapman
Slason, Sam'l, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Stephen, private Crane Scofield
Slason, Stephen, private Crane Lewis
Slason, Stephen, private Thomas Gilbert
Slater, David, sergeant Pawling Sacket
Slater, David, corporal Pawling Sacket
Slater, Isaac, private Johnson Roosa
Slater, Isaac, private Johnson Concklin
Slater, John, private Johnson Johnson
Slater, Robt., private Schuyler Groot
Slater, Robt., private Schuyler Van Wee
Slater, Robt., private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Slator, Nidi's, private Pawling Livingston
Slator, William, private Pawling Livingston
Slatry, Patrick, private Yates Hadlock
Slats, Peter, private Bellinger Staring
Slaughson, David, corpl. Van Veghten
Slaughter, John, private Johnson Gillispy
Slawson, Ab'm, private Benedict Gould
Slawson, Amos, private Thomas Chapman
Slawson, Amos, private Hays Stevenson
Slawson, David, corporal Van Veghten Van Woert
Slawson, Deliverance, pr. Crane Bouton
Slawson, Eben'r, major Benedict
Slawson, Henry, private Benedict Bouton
Slawson, Jon'n, fifer Crane Lewis
Slawson, Nath'l, private Crane Lewis
Slawson, Samuel, private Wessenfels Hunt
Slawson, Samuel, private Crane Lewis
Slawson, Stephen, private Crane Scofield
Slawter, Gilb't, private Thomas Thomas
Slay, John, private Hathorn Telford
Slayer, Henry, private Graham Lansing
Slaytor, John, private Pawling Hunter
Slaytor, Robt., corporal Schuyler Lansing
Sleght, Ab'm, sergeant Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Sleght, Henry B., private Wynkoop Bogardus
Sleght, Henry B., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Sleght, Jacobus, qr. mr. Platt
Sleght, John, private Halborii Brodhead
Sleght, John, corporal Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Sleght, Jolin, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Sleght, Peter, private Wynkoop Swart
Sleght, Solomon, private Wynkoop
Sleght, Tunis, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Sleight, Abraham, sergt. Wessenfels Dodge
Sleight, Ab'm, sergeant Ilopkina Van Benschoten
Sleight, John, private Weasenfels Dodge
Slight, Henry, private Dubois McFoght
Slingerlandt, Teunis, capt. Schuyler
Slingerlandt, Teunis, capt. Quackenboss
Slip, Wm., private Yates Hadlock
Sloan, James, private Webster Long
Sloan, James, private Armstrong Long
Sloan, James, private Van Rensselaer Dencker
Sloan, James, private, Schuyler Tillman
Slobits, Mich'l, private Fisher Yates
Slocum, Benj'n, cnsigu Field Dyckman
Slocum, Elezer, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Slocum, George, private Field Dyckman
Slocum, Joseph, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Slon, William, private Hathorn Telford
Sloot, Isaac, private Luddington Baker
Sloot, John, sergeant Brinckerhoff Schutt
Sloot, John, private Luddington Lane
Slop, Francis, private Schuyler 0strum
Sierra, Sam'l, private Armstrong Long
Slos, John, private Livingston Shaver
Slott, Corn's, sergeant
Slott, William, private Johnson Wilkins
Sloughter, Isaac, private Johnson Mastin
Slouter, Dan'l, private Wessenfels Pawling
Slouter, Nich's, private Wessenfels Pawling
Slouter, William, private Wessenfels Pawling
Slover, Isaac, private Dubois Burnet
Slover, Isaac, private Wessenfels
Slowter, Win., private Malcom Livingston
Slup, Francis, corporal Schuyler Lansing
Slup, Francis, private Schuyler Lansing
Sluten, Adam, private Dubois Dubois
Slutt, Ab'm, private Willet
Slutt, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Slutt, John, private Pawling Williams
Slutt, John, private Luddington Scribner
Slutt, Mavvel, corporal Wessenfels Godwin
Slutt, Silas, corporal Drake Drake
Slutt, Wm., private Willet
Sluyder, Nich's, private Yrooman
Sluyter, Ab'm, corporal Pawling De Witt
Sluyter, Corn's, private Wessenfels Livingston
Sluyter, Corn's, private Malcom Cantine
Sluyter, Corn's, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Sluyter, Jacob, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Sluyter, James, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Sluyter, James, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Sluyter, Nich's, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Sluyter, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Sluyter, William, private Pawling Livingston
Sluyter, Will., private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Sly, Conrade, private Hathorn Minthorn
Sly, Conrod, private Hathorn Bailey
Sly, Elisha, private Yates Hadlock
Sly, Elisha, private Yates Weltse
Sly, Henry, private Yates Weltse
Slyder, Nich's, private Vrooman
Slyke, Jacobus V., private Klock Zealy
Slyke, Wm. S., private Klock Breadbake
Slyngerlandt, Peter, priv. Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Slyngerlant, Jacob, corpl. Schuyler Lansing
Slyngerlant, Jacob, private Schuyler Lansing
Slyter, Adam, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Slyter, Nich's, private Vrooman Stubrach
Smades, Benjamin, private Johnson Ostrander
Smades, Petrus B., private Wynkoop Van Buren
Small, Henry, sergeant Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Small, Isaac, private Hopkins Lane
Small, James, private Van Woert Gilmore
Small, James, private Luddington Mead
Small, James, private Luddington Baker
Small, James, Jr., private Luddington Mead
Small, John, captain Bellinger
Small, Zach'h, private Luddington Mead
Smalley, David, private Williams Rice
Smalley, Reuben, private Willet Harrison
Smalley, Reuben, private Graham Muller
Smalley, Reuben, private Platt Kinnue
Smalling, Jacob, corporal Willet Newell
Smally, James, private Luddington Knapp
Smart, George, qr. mr. ser. Platt
Smawley, Eli'a, private Whiting Salsbury
Smawley, Reuben, private Whiting Salisbury
Smawley, Zaccheus, priv. Luddington Lane
Smeath, James, private Klock Klock
Smedes, Benjamin B., priv. Johnson Johnson
Smedes, Benjamin B., priv. Johnson Jansen
Smedes, John, surgeon Levies
Smedus, Petrus B., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Smedus, Petrus B., private Wynkoop Swart
Smiley, John, private Wemple Mynderse
Smiley, John, private Wemple Bancker
Smith, Aaron, private Webster Childs
Smith, Aaron, private Armstrong McNitt
Smith, Aaron, private Fonda
Smith, Abijah, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Smith, Abner, corporal Dragoons Delavan
Smith, Abner, private Drake Seely
Smith, Abner, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Abr'm, lieut. Crane Truesdel
Smith, Abraham, sergeant Hays BIauvelt
Smith, Ab'm, sergeant Crane Truesdell
Smith, Ab'm, drummer Hupkins Lane
Smith, Abr'm, drummer Luddington Lane
Smith, Abraham, private Hathorn Shepherd
Smith, Abraham, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Abraham, private Hays Gardner
Smith, Abraham, private Hays Blauvelt
Smith, Abr'm, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Abraham, Jr., priv. Crane Truesdell
Smith, Adam, private Willet Hole
Smith, Adam, private Willet Gillet
Smith, Adam, private Hays Smith
Smith, Adam, private Bellinger Frank
Smith, Adam, private Bellinger Herder
Smith, Adam, private Wemple
Smith, Adron, private Fonda
Smith, Albert, private Hays Blauvelt
Smith, Alpheus, corporal Field Barnum
Smith, Alpheus, drummer Hopldns Barnum
Smith, Alpheus, private Wessenfels
Smith, Alpheus, private Luddington Knapp
Smith, Alpheus, private Field Barnum
Smith, Anning, lieut. Johnson Cross
Smith, Anth'y, private Willet Harrison
Smith, Arent, private Fonda
Smith, Arthur, captain Johnson
Smith, Asa, private Hopkins Lane
Smith, Asa, private Luddington Waterbury
Smith, Asa, private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Smith, Aury, captain Hays
Smith, Balgert, private Klock Miller
Smith, Baltis, private Willet Cannon
Smith, Bultus, sergeant Klock Righter
Smith, Baltus, private Klock Miller
Smith, Baltus S., private Klock Miller
Smith, Benajah, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Smith, Benajah, private Luddington Mead
Smith, Benj'n, sergeant Benedict Seely
Smith, Benjamin, private Thomas Chapman
Smith, Benj'n, private Van Woert Gilmore
Smith, Benj'n, private Van Woert Brown
Smith, Bill, sergeant Willet Gillet
Smith, Caleb, corporal Thomas Chapman
Smith, Caleb, private Hathorn McCamley
Smith, Caleb, private Hathorn Shepherd
Smith, Caleb, private Drake Delivan
Smith, Caleb, private Van Woert Doty
Smith, Caleb, private Wisner Baly
Smith, Caleb, Sr., private Crane Lockwood
Smith, Caleb, Jr., private Crane Lockwood
Smith, Charles, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
Smith, Christian, private Van Alstyn Philips
Smith, Christ'r, sergeant Van Alstyn Van Buren
Smith, Christopher, priv. Whiting Gilbert
Smith, Coenradt, private Fonda
Smith, Corn's, corporal Fonda
Smith, Corn's, private Fonda
Smith, Corn's, private Haya Hogencamp
Smith, Corn's C., private Haya Ackerson
Smith, Danick, private Fonda
Smith, Dan'l, sergeant Fonda
Smith, Dan'l, corporal Wisner Miller
Smith, Daniel, private Hathorn Miller
Smith, Daniol, private Whiting Miller
Smith, Uaniel, private Thomas Miller
Smith, Daniel, private Thomas St. John
Smith, Dan'l, private Malcom Drake
Smith, Daniel, private Malcom Livingston
Smith, Daniel, private Platt Kinnue
Smith, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Smith, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Thompson
Smith, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Van Weert
Smith, David, lieut. Luddington Crane
Smith, David, sergeant Hays Sickles
Smith, David, sergeant Hays Hogencamp
Smith, David, private Thomas Hubby
Smith, David, private Thomas Gilbert
Smith, David, private Lansing Brown
Smith, Dickinson, private Webster Hamilton
Smith, Dirck, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Smith, Doctor, private Wessenfels Hunt
Smith, Doctor, private Crane Lawrence
Smith, Ebenezer, corporal Whiting Salisbury
Smith, Ebenezer, private Whiting Gilbert
Smith, Eben'r, private Armstrong
Smith, Edward, private Wessenfels White
Smith, Edward, private Hays Onderdonk
Smith, Edward, private Luddington Mead
Smith, Eleazer, private Drake Delivan
Smith, Elezer, private Drake Lawrence
Smith, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven VanDenburgh
Smith, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Smith, Elijah, sergeant Wessenfels Godwin
Smith, Elijah, corporal Wessenfels Godwin
Smith, Elijah, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Smith, Elisha, sergeant Luddington Crane
Smith, Elisha, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Smith, Elisha, private Luddington Knapp
Smith, Enos, private Wessenfels White
Smith, Ezekiel, private Willet Welp
Smith, Ezekiel, private Graham Vail
Smith, Francis, private Hathorn Case
Smith, Francis, private Johnson
Smith, Francis, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Smith, Fred'k, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Fred'k, corporal Bellinger Frank
Smith, Fred'k, corporal Bellinger Herder
Smith, Fred'k, corporal Bellinger Staring
Smith, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Smith, Garret, private Hays Tourneur
Smith, Garret, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Garret, private Harper Lawrence
Smith, Garrit, private Pawling Lawrence
Smith, Geo., sergeant Bellinger Frank
Smith, George, sergeant Klock Righter
Smith, George, sergeant Newkirk Vankeuren
Smith, Geo., sergeant Bellinger Herder
Smith, Geo., sergeant Bellinger Staring
Smith, George, corporal Klock Miller
Smith, Geo., corporal Johnson Wood
Smith, George, corporal Graham Conklin
Smith, George, private Klock Miller
Smith, George, private Johnson Cross
Smith, George, private Wessenfels Thompson
Smith, Geo., private Klock Cayser
Smith, Gilbert, private Webster Long
Smith, Gilbert, private Armstrong Long
Smith, Gilbert, private Luddington Lane
Smith, Hannis, private Bellinger Herder
Smith, Harmanus, corpl. Fisher Veeder
Smith, Harmanns, private Fisher Veeder
Smith, Helmis, private Schuyler Lansing
Smith, Hend'k, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Smith, Hend'k, private Klock Hess
Smith, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Smith, Hend'k, private Klock Wagner
Smith, Henry, corporal Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Smith, Henry, private Hathorn McCamley
Smith, Henry, private Hathorn Case
Smith, Henry, private Klock Miller
Smith, Henry, private Willet Gross
Smith, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf
Smith, Henry, private Graham
Smith, Henry, private Webster
Smith, Henry, private Van Woert Brown
Smith, Henry, private Van Veghten
Sniith, Henry, private Graham Vail
Smith, Isaac, private Wessenfels White
Srnitli, Isaac, private Thomas Sackett
Smith, Isaac, private Thomas St. John
Smith, Isaac, private Hays Onderdonk
Smith, Isaac, private Hays Hogencamp
Smith, Isaac, private Hammond Orser
Smith, Isaac, private Cortland
Smith, Isaac, private Wisner Baly
Smith, Isaac, private Drake Haight
Smith, Isaac, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Israel, private Hopkins Talmadge
Smith, Jacob, private Hathorn Bailey
Smith, Jacob, private Hathorn Bartolf
Smith, Jacob, private Newkirk Vankeuren
Smith, Jacob, private Stevenson
Smith, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Smith, Jacob, private Wisner Bartoff
Smith, Jacob, private Crane Truesdel
Smith, James, sergeant Horton
Smith, James, private Wessenfels Shephard
Smith, James, private Willet Gross
Smith, James, private Willet Conine
Smith, James, private Pawling Westfall
Smith, James, private Thomas Furdy
Smith, James,* private Thomas Lyons
*Shot through right shoulder and cut by bayonets at North Castle, Nov. 19, 1782. North Castle, W. Chester Co. C, 88, Cc, 17.
Smith, James, private Malcom Blakely
Smith, James, private Hopkins Waters
Smith, James, private Hopkins Lane
Smith, James, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, James, private Platt Bradbick
Smith, James, private Livingston Houserad
Smith, James, private Livingston Shaver
Smith. James, private Humfrey
Smith, James, private Drake Drake
Smith, James, private Drake Haight
Smith, James, private Luddington Mead
Smith, James, private Luddington Lane
Smith, James, private Drake Buckhout
Smith, Jared, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Smith, Jeremiah, private Pawling Hunter
Smith, Jeremiah, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Smith, Jeremiah, private Luddington Waterbury
Smith, Jesse, private Thomas Sackett
Smith, Johannes, private Cantine
Smith, John,+ lieut. Van Rensselaer
Entered in 1776 as sergt. in Capt. Jacob Seaber's Levies, re-enlised in Capt. Mackin's for the war in 1777, procured a substitute and was discharged; Lieut. in Capt. Breadbeck's from 1778 to '9. Manlius, Oonondaga Co. A. P., 21-197.
Smith, John, major Hays
Smith, John, lieut. Van Schaaick
Smith, John, lieut. Van Alstyn Philips
Smith, John, sergeant Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Smith, John, sergeant Thomas Lawrence
Smith, John, sergeant Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Smith, John, corporal Bellinger Herder
Smith, John, fifer Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Smith, John, corporal Fonda
Smith, John, private Hathorn McCamley
Smith, John, private Hathorn Bartolf
Smith, John, private Johnson Ostrander
Smith, John, private Wesseufela Pawling
Smith, Jno., private Willet Elsworth
Smith, John, private Willet Gross
Smith, John, private Willet Gray
Smith, John, private Phillips Miller
Smith, John, private Pawling Pawling
Smith, John, private Pawling Westfall
Smith, John, private Newkirk Vankeuren
Smith, John, private Willet Newell
Smith, John, private Webster Childs
Smith, John, private Clyde Dygert
Smith, John, private Malcom Livingston
Smith, John, private Hays Onderdook
Smith, John, priv ate Harper Allen
Smith, John, private Harper Bogart
Smith, John, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Smith, John, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Smith, John, private Bellinger Frank
Smith, John, private Wemple Wanson
Smith, John, private Dubois Dubois
Smith, John, private Dubois Burnet
Smith, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Smith, John, private Wisner Bartolf
Smith, John, private Drake Haight
Smith, John, private Crane Scofield
Smith, John, private Luddington Lane
Smith, John, private Graham Wilson
Smith, John, Jr., private Schuyler Van Aernum
Smith, John 0., sergeant Willet Cannon
Smith, John C., corporal Willet Marshall
Smith, John C., private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Joihn E., private Hays Onderdonk
Smith, John L., 2d maj. Hays
Smith, Jonas, private Hathorn Van Deusen
Smith, Jonas, private Wessenfela Livingston
Smith, Jonas, private Pawling DeWitt
Smith, Jonas, private Pawling Pawling
Smith, Jon'n, private Field Barnum
Smith, Joseph, lieut. Wisner Bartolf
Smith, Joseph, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Smith, Joseph, corporal Wessenfels Shephard
Smith, Joseph, corporal Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Smith, Joseph, drummer Platt Lee
Smith, Joseph, drummer Dubois Lee
Smith. Joseph, drummer Field Dyckman
Smith, Joseph, drummer Field Barnum
Smith, Joseph, private Hathorn Shepherd
Smith, Joseph, private Willet Elsworth
Smith, Joseph, private Pawling Wood
Smith, Joseph, private Hopkins Waters
Smith, Joseph, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Smith, Joseph, private Harper Vrooman
Smith, Joseph, private Bellinger Frank
Smith, Joseph, private Duboia DeMout
Smith, Joseph, private Livingston Shaver
Smith, Joseph, private Drake Haight
Smith, Joseph, private Lansing Shepherd
Smith, Joseph private Van Alstyn Van Buren
Smith, Joseph, Sr., private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Smith, Joshua, private Hathorn Telford
Smith, Joshua, private Hopkins Brinckerhoff
Smith, Joshua, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Joshua, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Smith, Josiah,§ lieut. Canfleld (Conn.) Stoddard
§Badly wounded and taken prisoner on a reconnoissance between Stamford and East Chester, May 27, 1782. Farmer, Poundridge, W. Chester Co. Bb 8.
Smith, Jost, private Bellinger Herder
Smith, Jost, private Bellinger Staring
Smith, Lamuel, private Truesdell
Smith, Lawrence, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Smith, Lemuel, sergeant Crane Truesdel
Smith, Lemuel, private Cortland
Smith, Lemuel, private Wessenfels
Smith, Leir, private Whiting Gilbert
Smith, Levi, private Willet Wright
Smith, Lewis, private Van SchoonhovenVandenburgh
Smith, Lewis, private Steenbergh
Smith, Lige, private Johnson Wilkin
Smith, Ludlow, private Hathorn Case
Smith, Ludlow, private Johnson Ostrander
Smith, Ludlow, private Dubois Burnet
Smith, Major, private Luddington Mead
Smith, Major, private Field Hecock
Smith, Marlis, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Smith, Martin, corporal Hopkins Brinckerhoff
Smith, Martin, private Brinkerhoff Brinckerhoff
Smith, Mathew, private Crane Chapman
Smith, Matthew, private Klock Cayser
Smith, Matthew, private Thomas Gilbert
Smith, Matthias, private Klock Helmer
Smith, Michael, sergeant Graham Husted
Smith, Michael, private Graham Hermance
Smith, Morris, private Thomas Purdy
Smith, Morris, private Brinckerhoft Brinckerhoff
Smith, Moses, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Smith, Moses, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Smith, Nathan, lieut. Van Woert Hodges
Smith, Nath'l, corporal Crane Lockwood
Smith, Nath'l, private Thomas Sacket
Smith, Nath'l, private Hays Onderdonk
Smith, Nath'l, private Stevenson
Smith, Nath'l, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Nath'l, private Benedict Osburn
Smith, Nath'l, Jr., private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Nath'l, sergeant Luddington Waterbury
Smith, Nehem'h, private Platt Bloom
Smith, Nicholas, corporal Willet Gross
Smith, Nich's, private Klock Righter
Smith, Nichi's, private Graham Lansing
Smith, Nichi's, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Smith, Nichi's, private Harper Bogart
Smitli, Nichi's, Jr., private Klock Righter
Smith, Noah, private Thomas Miller
Smith, Noah, corporal Thomas St. John
Smith, Noah, private Thomas St. John
Smith, Obadiah, private Graham Conklin
Smith, Oliver, corporal Thomas Purdy
Smith, Oliver, corporal Thomas Sacket
Smith, Peleg, sergeant Hays Stevenson
Smith, Pelick, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Peter, sergeant Cooper Blauvelt
Smith, Peter, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Smith, Peter, corporal Wessenfels Thompson
Smith, Peter, private Graham Hermance
Smith, Peter, private Hays Tourneur
Smith, Peter, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Peter, private Bellinger Frank
Smith, Peter, private Bellinger Harder
Smith, Peter, private Livingston Shaver
Smith, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Smith, Peter J. A., private Van Rensselaer
Smith, Philip, captain Livingston
Smith, Philip, private Klock Ruff
Smith, Philip, private Willet Harrison
Smith, Philip, private Clyde Ruff
Smith, Philip, private Hopkins Water
Smith, Philip, private Livingston Pulver
Smith, Pliilip, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Smith, Philip, private Luddington Mead
Smith, Philip, private Graham Husted
Smith, Policarpus, lieut. Whiting Salsbury
Smith, Pollycarp, private Harper Allen
Smith, Prusia, private Graham
Smith, Prussia, private Webster
Smith, Reuben, private Armstrong
Smith, Reuben, private Crane Truesdel
Smith, Reuben, private Williams Shepardson
Smith, Reyard, private Hays Ackerson
Smith, Rich'd, sergeant Thomas Purdy
Smith, Rich'd, corporal Thomas Purdy
Smith, Rich'd, private Webster Childs
Smith, Rich'd, private Dubois Chamberlain
Smith, Rich'd, private Luddington Lane
Smith, Robert, private Hathorn Telford
Smith, Robert, private Wemple Fonda
Smith, Robt., private Wemple Mynderse
Smith, Robt., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Smith, Rodger, private Van Woert Hodge
Smith, Samuel, sergeant Hathorn Telford
Smith, Sam'l, corporal Drake Haight
Smitti, Samuel, private Whiting Salisbury
Smith, Sam'l, private Malcom Drake
Smith, Samuel, private Hays
Smith, Samuel, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Smith, Sam'l, private Luddington Crane
Smith, Samuel, private Van Alstyn
Smith, Selah, private Wisner Baly
Smith, Seth, private Luddington Mead
Smith, Simeon, private Yates Brutt
Smith, Simeon, private Yates Weltse
Smith, Solomon, private Graham
Smith, Solomon, private Drake Seely
Smith, Solomon, private Crane Lawrence
Smith, Solomon, private Luddington Crane
Smith, Solomon, private Luddington Lane
Smith, Stephen, sergeant Newkirk Crawford
Smith, Stephen, private Thomas Sackett
Smith, Stephen, private Hays Onderdonk
Smith, Stephen, private Hays Gardner
Smith, Stephen, private Graham Husted
Smith, Sylvester, fifer Brinckerhoff Schutt
Smith, Teunis P., private Van Rensselaer
Smith, Thomas, sergeant Willet Welp
Smith, Thomas, sergeant Vandenburg Wheeler
Smith, Thomas, corporal Wessenfels White
Smith, Thos., corporal Dubois Lee
Smith, Thomas, private Hathorn Brodhead
Smith, Thomas, private Wessenfels Bowen
Smith, Thomas, private Vrooman
Smith, Thomas, private Van Veghten Winne
Smith, Thomas, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Smith, Thomas, private Crane Truesdell
Smith, Thomas, private Luddington Lane
Smith, Tim'y, private Pawling Faulkner
Smith, Westel, sergeant Hathorn Sayres
Smith, Westle, sergeant Wisner Baly
Smith, Wilhelmus, private Schuyler Lansing
Smith, Wm., adjutant Platt
Smith, William, private Williams Armstrong
Smith, William, sergeant Webster
Smith, William, sergeant Armstrong Armstrong
Smith, William, sergeant Van Bergen Witbeck
Smith, Will., fifer Snyder Swart
Smith, William, sergeant Klock Righter
Smith, William, private Klock Ruff
Smith, William, private Johnson
Smith, William, private Wessenfels Godwin
Smith, William, private Willet Skinner
Smith, William, private Willet Cannon
Smith, Wm., private Bellinger Staring
Smith, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Smith, Wm., private Dubois Burnet
Smith, Wm., private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Smith, Wm., private Wessenfels
Smith, Wm., private Van Bergen Dubois
Smith, Zaccius, private Humfrey
Smith, Zachariah, private Pawling Pawling
Smith, Zachariah, private Livingston Shaver
Smith. Zacharias, private Wessenfels
Smyth, Helmes, private Schuyler Lansing
Snake, Geo., private Clyde Buff
Snaper, Geo., private Schuyler Van Aernnm
Sneck, George, private Klock Buff
Snedecar, Isaac, corporal Vandenburg Wheeler
Snedecar, Theunis, private Hays Smith
Snedeker, Isaac, private Hays Graham Smith Vail
Snedeker, James, private Wessenfels
Sncduar, George, private Cortland
Sneek, George, private Klock Ruff
Snell, Adam, corporal Klock Klock
Snell, Adam, private Klock Kock
Snell, Adam, private Klock Zeely
Snell, Adam, private Klock Cayser
Snell, Adam, private Klock Suts
Snell, Adam, Jr., corporal Klock Kock
Snell, Fpinus, private Klock Suts
Snell, Geo., private Klock Klock
Snell, Geo., private Klock Suts
Snell, Han Joost,* private Klock Kock
*Shot through the body and foot Oct. 25, 1781. Palatine Distr., Montgomery Co. B. 113.
Snell, Honeekle, private Klock Hess
Snell, Jacob, drummer Klock Miller
Snell, John, fifer Klock Zeely
Snell, John, private Klock House
Snell, John, private Klock Kock
Snell, John, Jr., private Klock Klock
Snell, John F., private Klock Suts
Snell, John Jacob, private Klock Miller
Snell, John I., fifer Klock House
Snell, John J., private Klock Breadbake
Snell, John J., private Klock Kock
Snell, John Job, private Klock Miller
Snell, John S., private Klock Kock
Snell, Joost, private Klock Kock
Snell, Nich's, sergeant Klock Suts
Snell, Nich's, private Klock Righter
Snell, Nich's, private Klock Zeely
Snell, Nch's, private Klock Klock
Snell, Nich's, private Klock Bradbig
Snell, Peter, private Klock House
Snell, Peter, private Klock Klock
Snell, Peter, private Klock Cayser
Snell, Peter, private Klock Suts
Snell, Robt., private Fonda
Snell, Sefrinus, private Klock Klock
Snells, Adam, private Klock Cayser
Snider, Adam, sergeant Fisher Veeder
Snider, Adam, private Fisher Veeder
Snider, Dan'l, Jr., private John son Johnson
Snider, George, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Snider, Henry, private Johnson Cross
Snider, Jacob, corporal Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Snider, John, private Wessenfels Dodge
Snider, Martin, private Van Veghten Dunham
Snider, Moses, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Snider, Peter, private Van Alstyn Philips
Snider, Simon, private Van Alstyn
Sniffen, Andrew, private Thomas Lyon
Sniffen, And'w, private Hobby
Sniffen, James, corporal Thomas
Sniffen, James, private Thomas Thomas
Sniffen, John, private Johnson Concklin
Sniffen, John, private Thomas Thomas
Sniffen, Peter, private Thomas Lawrence
Sniffen, Reuben, sergeant Thomas
Sniffen, Reuben, private Thomas Hubby
Sniffen, Reuben, private Thomas Purdy
Sniffen, Reuben, private Thomas Lyon
Sniffen, Renben, Jr., priv. Thomas Purdy
Sniffen, Shubal, private Humfrey
Sniffen, Thomas, private Thomas Lawrence
Sniffer, George, private Thomas Miller
Snock, Henry, private Fisher Snook
Snock, Jolin, captain Fisher
Snock, William, lieut. Fisher Snook
Snoden, Francis, private Wessenfels Dodge
Snody, Wm., private Van Schoonhoven
Snook, Conrad, private Van Veghten Dunning
Snook, Henry, private Fisher Snook
Snook, John, lieut. Fisher Marselis
Snook, John, ensign Fisher
Snook, John, private Fisher Marselis
Snook, William, captain Fisher
Snow, Samuel, private Whiting King
Snow, Samuel, private Van Bergen
Snow, Will, sergeant Field Dykeman
Snuck, John, private Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Snuck, Martin, private Van Rensselaer Graves
Snugg, Jolin, private Van Kensselaer
Snyder, Ab'rn, sergeant Pawling Westbrook
Snyder, Abraham, sergt. Hays Smith
Snyder, Abraham, private Pawling Livingston
Snyder, Abraham, private Hays Smith
Snyder, Ab'm, private Wynkoop DeWitt
Snyder, Adam, sergeant Fisher
Snyder, Andrew, private Platt Brodhead
Snyder, Benj'n, private Wynkoop
Snyder, Christian, private Wynknop
Snyder, Christ'r, sergeant Platt Brodhead
Snyder, Christ'r, sergeant Pawling Van Aken
Snyder, Christ'r, private Yatcs Brown
Snyder, Christ'r, private Wynkoop DeWitt
Snyder, Christ'r, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Snyder, Conrad, private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Snyder, Conradt, private Livingston Rockefelle
Snyder, Cornelius, private Hathorn Conklin
Snyder, Corn's, private Dubois Burnet
Snyder, Daniel, private Johnson Smith
Snyder, Elias, private Hathorn Bogardus
Snyder, Elias, private Pawling Van Aken
Snyder, George, corporal Vrooman Miller
Snyder, George, private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, George, private Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, George, private Platt Bloom
Snyder, George, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Snyder, Geo., Jr., private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, Geo. G., private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, Gotlib, sergeant Schuyler Sharp
Snyder, Hend'k, sergeant Wynkoop DeWitt
Snyder, Hend'k, private Hays Smith
Snyder, Henry, sergeant Pawling Van Aken
Snyder, Henry, private Johnson Ostrander
Snyder, Henry, private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, Hermanes, private Hays Smith
Snyder, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Brown
Snyder, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Miller
Snyder, Jacob, corporal Yates Weltse
Snyder, Jacob, private Johnson Jansen
Snyder, Jacob, private Pawling DeWitt
Snvder, Jacob, private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, Jacob, Jr., private Vrooman Miller
Snyder, Jeremiah, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Snyder, Johannis, sergeant Wynkoop
Snyder, Johannis, private Vrooman Rightmier
Snyder, Johannis, private Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, Johannis, Jr., pr. Vrooman Miller
Snyder, John, private Johnson Wilkin
Snyder, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, John, private Vrooman Brown
Snyder, John, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Snyder, John, private Yates Brutt
Snyder, John, private Van Rensselaer DeGarmo
Snyder, John, private Yates Weltse
Snyder, John, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Snyder, John, Jr., private Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, John M., private Wynkoop DeWitt
Snyder, Lawrence, private Van Rensselaer
Snyder, Lodowivk, sergt. Livingston Houserad
Snyder, Lodowick, sergt. Livingston Pulver
Snyder, Lodowick, private Livingston Elliot
Snvder, Lodowick, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Snyder, Lodwick, ensign Van Schaick
Snyder, Lodwick, private Vrooman Miller
Snyder, Lodwick, private Livingston Shaver
Snyder, Ludwig, private Vrooman Stubrach
Snyder, Ludwig, private Vrooman Miller
Snyder, Ludwig, private Vrooman Heager
Snyder, Mark, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Snyder, Martin, sergeant Hathorn Bogardus
Snyder, Martin, private Wynkoop DeWitt
Snyder, Paul, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Snyder, Peter, lieut. Vrooman
Snyder, Peter, private Hays Smith
Snyder, Philip, sergeant Vrooman
Snyder, Sam'l, sergeant Livingston Rockenfelle
Snyder, Sam'l, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Snyder, Solomon, private Wynkoop
Snyder, Wm., corporal Livingston Rockenfelle
Snyder, Wm., corporal Van Rensaelaer Rockfeller
Snyder, William, private Graham Muller
Snyder, Wm., private Vrooman Brown
Snyder, William, private Livingston Rockfeller
Snyder, Wm., private Livingston Houserad
Snyder, Wm., private Schuyler Ostrum
Snyder, Wm., private Livingston Rockenfelle
Snyder, Wm., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Snyder, Wm. H., private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Snyder, Zacha'h, sergeant Van Bergen
Snyder, Zach'h, private Van Bergen
Snyder, Zach'h, Jr., corp. Van Bergeu
Snyder, Zacharias, corpl. Van Bergen Van Schaick
Snyder, Yerry, private Livingston Houserad
Sodan, John, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Soder, Pettet, private Thomas Chapman
Sodert, Wm., sergeant Fisher Yates
Sohake, Jon'n, private Graham Magee
Sohock, John, private Graham Magee
Solace, John, private Drake Boyd
Sole, Isaac, lieut. Noble
Sole, William, qr. mr. ser. Willet
Sole, William, private Willet Van Renselaer
Solis, John, private Drake Haight
Solomon, John, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Soloven, John, private Pawling Wood
Somendyck, Jacob, drum. Brinckerhoff Schutt
Somendyke, Jacob, sergt. Brinckerhoff Brower
Somerndyke, Jacob, sergt. Hopkins Brinckerhoff
Somerndyke, Wm., sergt. Brinkerhoff Van Wyck
Somes, Richard, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Somes, Stephen, corporal Brinckerhoff Brower
Son, Moses, private Van Alstyn Truesdel
Sonake, Jon'n, private Graham Magee
Sools, Wm., qr. mr. serg. Willet Putman
Soop, Coenrad, private Schuyler Hogan
Sopen, Tim'y, private Dubois Chamberlain
Soper, Timothy, private Dubois Chamberlain
Soper, Timothy, private Graham Busted
Sorine, Charles, private Luddington Crane
Sorine, Israel, private Luddington Crane
Sotterly, Eacus, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Soube, Mich'l, private Fouda
Soude, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Soule, Elijah, private Graham Pearce
Souper, David, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Souser,' John, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Soutant, John, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Southard, Gilbert, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Southard, Henry, private Wessenfels Dodge
Southard, Henry, private Pawling Hunter
Southard, Henry, private Vandenburgh Storms
Southard, Isaac, private Brinkerhoff Storms
Southard, James, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Southard, John, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Southard, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Southard, Jouas, private Brinkerhoffi Brinkerhoff
Southard, John, Jr., priv. Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Southard, Sam'l, sergeant Van Ness
Southerland, Silas, sergt. Thomas Hubby
Southerland, Silas, sergt. Thomas Lyons
Sowden, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Sower, Peter, corporal Van Rensselaer
Spack, Thobias, private Wemple Wanson
Spaerback, Martinus, priv. Clyde House
Spahn, Nich's, private Bellinger Frank
Spalden, Nemiah, sergt. Willet Hole
Spalding, Elijah, sergeant Yates Brown
Spalding, Elijah, drummer Yates Brown
Spalding, Elijah, private Yates Hadlock
Spalding, Neh'h, sergeant Van Rensselaer Graves
Spalding, Nehem'h, sergt. Van Ness Whiting
Spalding, Sam'l, private Van Ness
Spalding, Walter, private Bogert
Spaldwin, Edward, private Van Ness
Spalsbeck, John, private Clyde Weeser
Spanenburgh, Jacob, priv. Pawling Hunter
Spanknebel, John, private Wemple
Spannenbergh, Jacob, pr. Graham Hermance
Sparbeck, Conradt, pnv. Willet Harrison
Sparbeck, Martinus, priv. Clyde House
Sparkbek, Martiuus, priv. Schuyler Van Aernum
Sparke, Alex'r, private Harper Allen
Sparks, Abraham, private Johnson Jansen
Sparks, Abraham, private Johnson Robinson
Sparks, Ab'm, private Wessenfels Westfall
Sparks, Abraham, private Pawling Piercy
Sparks, Abraham, Jr., pr. Johnson Johnson
Sparks, Jacob, sergeant Johnson Roosa
Sparks, Pearl,* private Campbell Diefendorf
*Shot through left arm at Oriskanie August 6, 1777. Canajoharie District. B. 176, I 39.
Sparks, Robert, sergeant Johnson Cross
Sparks, Robert, sergeant Johnson Jansen
Sparks, Robert, sergeant Pawling Burnet
Sparks, Robert, private Pawling De Witt
Sparks, Robt., private Graham
Sparling, George, private Wynkoop
Sparling, John, private Pawling Hunter
Sparling, John, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Spaulding, Ed'd, private Van Ness Tanner
Spaulding, Sam'l, private Van Ness Tanner
Spawn, Joachem, private Schuyler Hogan
Speakerman, Philip, sergt. Willet Elsworth
Speanbergh, Jacob, private Wessenfels White
Spears, Arch'd, private Steenbergh
Specher, John, private Klock Zealy
Speck, Abr'm, private Wemple
Speck, Claas, private Wemple Bancker
Speckman, Phillip, private Livingston Pulver
Speed, George, private Harper Bogart
Speed, George, private Van Bergen
Speed, Henry, private Willet Marshall
Speed, Henry, private Graham Muller
Speed, Henry, private Van Bergen
Spence, John, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Spence, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Spencer, Aaron, private Fisher Degraas
Spencer, Abner,+ private Barrel (Connec't) Stevens
+ Enlisted 1776; taken prisoner by Indians at the Cedars. Hillsdae, Columbia county. A. P. 22-80.
Spencer, Amos, corporal Howley
Spencer, David, private Howley
Spencer, Eleazer, lieut. Van Ness
Spencer, Eleazer, lieut. Howley
Spencer, Eliphez, private Howley
Spencer, Ezekiel, private Webster Long
Spencer, Israel, private Van Ness Tanner
Spencer, Jabin, private Webster Childs
Spencer, Jerem'h, private Webster Childs
Spencer, John, lieut. Willet Van Bensselaer
Spencer, Jonah, private Fisher Yeoman
Spencer, Jon'n, private Fisher Yates
Spencer, Jon'n, private Fisher Yeoman
Spencer, Matt'w, corporal Graham Vail
Spencer, Matthias, sergt, Howley
Spencer, Nath'l, private Fisher Yeoman
Spencer, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Spencer, Nimos, private Van Ness
Spencer, Orang, private Fisher Yates
Spencer, Peleg, private Whiting King
Spencer, Phineas, private Van Ness
Spencer, Rufus, private Graham Vail
Spencer, Sam'l, sergeant Van Rensselaer Cady
Spencer, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Philips
Spencer, Sam'l, private Field Barnum
Spencer, Trueman, private Willet Newell
Spencer, Trueman, private Willet Henry
Spencer, Trueman, private Willet Hole
Sperling, George, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Sperling, John, sergeant Wynkoop
Sperling, John, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Spicer, Jeremiah, private Hopkins Wheeler
Spicer, Mich'l, private Willet Newell
Spicer, Nathan, private Willet Newell
Spike, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Spike, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Dunham
Spikeman, Philip, private Livingston Shaver
Spikerman, John, private Livingston Shaw
Spilman, Conradt, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Spinose, Anthony, private Wessenfels Hunt
Spire, Jeremiah, private Wessenfels Shephard
Spire, Jerem'h, private Dubois Chamberlain
Spitcer, Aaron, private Graham Lansing
Spitcer, Aaron, private Wemple Van Slyck
Spitcher, Aaron, private Wemple Fonda
Spitcher, Aaron, private Wemple Mynderson
Spitcher, Garret, private Weinple Van Petten
Spitcher, Garret, private Wemple Van Allen
Spitcher, Gerrit, private Wemple Wanson
Spoke, James, private Drake Boyd
Spoil, Nich's, private Bellinger Staring
Spoil, Nich's, private Bellinger Small
Spoon, John, private Willet Skinner
Spoon, Nich's, private Willet Gillet
Spoone, John, private Clyde Difendorf
Spoor, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Spoor, Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Spoor, Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Spoor, Jahor, private Fisher McMaster
Spoor, Jeroon, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Spoore, John, private Fisher McMaster
Spoore, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Spoore, Nich's, private Fisber McMaster
Spore, Abm., private Van Bergen Witbeck
Spore, John, corporal Fisher McMaster
Spore, John C., private Van Bergen
Spore, Nich's, private Fisher McMaster
Spoten, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Spotten, James, private Schuyler Tillman
Spotteu, Thos., corporal Van Rensselaer Sharp
Spotten, Thos. L., private Schuyler Tillman
Spotten, Will., private Van Schaick
Spotten, William, private Schuyler Tillman
Spotter, William, private Platt Van Santvoort
Spow, Isaac, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Spraage, John, private Thomas Moseman
Spracher, Geo., sergeant Klock Bedhig
Spracher, George, sergt. Klock Zeely
Spracher, George, private Klock Zeely
Sprag, Elisha, private Van Slchonhoven Visscher
Sprag, John, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Sprage, John, private Luddington Lane
Sprager, Conrad, private Willet Fonda
Spragg, John, private Weissenfels Godwin
Spragge, Benj'n, private Wessenfels Thompson
Sprague, Amasa, private Hathorn Case
Spragne, Benjamin, priv. Dubois Lee
Sprague, Eben'r, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Sprague, Elijah, private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Sprague, Elijah, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Sprague, Elijah, private Luddington Mead
Sprague, George, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Sprague, Gibson, private Van Woert Wells
Sprague, Gibson, private Van Woert Gilmore
Sprague, Gideon, corporal Hathorn Case
Sprague, Gideon, private Dubois Burnet
Sprague, Jerem'h, private Luddington Mead
Sprague, John, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Collins
Sprague, John, private Luddington Mead
Sprague, Solomon, private Van Woert Wells
Sprague, Stephen, private Hathorn Shepherd
Spraig, John, corporal Hays Stevenson
Spraig, John, private Wessenfels
Spraker George, Jr., priv. Klock Zeely
Sprange, Alexander, priv. Willet Skinner
Spreacher, Conrad, priv. Klock Bradbig
Spreacher, Geo., sergeant Klock Suts
Spreacher, Geo., corporal Klock Cayser
Spreacher, George, private Klock Hess
Spreacher, Geo., private Klock Bradbig
Spreacher, Geo., Jr., priv. Klock Bradbig
Spreag, Amasa, private Johnson Wilkin
Spreag, Jno., private Malcom Livingston
Spreague, Alex'r, private Weisenfels
Sprecher, George, sergt. Klock Zealy
Sprecher, George, private Klock Zealy
Sprecker, George, private Klock Miller
Spreecker, George, sergt. Klock Breadbake
Spreecker, Geo., Jr., priv. Klock Breadbake
Spreecker, John, private Klock Breadbake
Sprigg, John, private Malcom Livingston.
Sprinar, Dan'l, private Schuyler Lansing
Spring, Ephraim, sergeant Van Rensselaer Turner
Spring, John, corp. Armstrong
Spring, John, private Webster Childs
Spring, Nath'l, sergeant Whiting King
Springer, Benj'n, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Springer, Dennis, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Springer, Dennis, private Schuyler Groot
Springer, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Springer, Rich'd, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Springer, Rich'd, corporal Van Veghten Van Woert
Springer, Rich'd, corporal Van Veghten Winne
Springsted, William, priv. Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Springsteed, Benj'n, priv. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Springsteel, Garret, priv. Brinckerhoff Schutt
Springsteel, Samuel, priv. Hays Smith
Springsteen, Bastiaen, pr. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Springsteen, David, priv. Hays Gardner
Springsteen, David, priv. Brinkerhoff Storm
Springsteen, Isaac, private Hays Gardner
Springsteen, Jacob, sergt. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Springsteen, Jereme, dr. Graham Magee
Springsteen, John, private Hays Ackereon
Springsteen, John, private Hays Gardner
Springsteen, John S., priv. Hays Gardner
Springsteen, Sam'l, priv. Drake Kronkita
Springsteen, Sam'l, priv. Drake
Springsteen, Slaughts, pr. Hays Gardner
Springsteen, Will., private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Sprong, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Sprong, David, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Sprug, Gideon, private Hays Gardner
Sprung, Ephraim, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sprung, John, sergeant Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Spucher, George, sergeant Klock Miller
Spunster, Benj'n, private Van Rensselaer
Squaren, Frank, private Drake Drake
Sqires, Frank, private Drake Drake
Squires, Ichabod, sergeant Wessenfels Shephard
Squoral, Daniel, private Pawling Wood
Staates, Peter, private Platt Bloom
Staats, Abr'm, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Staats, Abr'm I., private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Staats, Barent, lieut.-col. Schuyler
Staats, Barent, lieut.-col. Van Rensselaer
Staata, Barent, sergeant Van Rensselaer Staats
Staats, Barent, corporal Van Rensselaer Staats
Staats, Barent, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Staats, Hend'k, private Snyder Swarts
Staats, Henry, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Staats, Jacob, qr. master Van Rensselaer
Staats, Jacob, lieut. Van Rensselaer Staats
Staats, Jacob, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenbnrgh
Staats, John, ensign Van Rensselaer Bries
Staats, John, private Van Alstyn Claw
Staats, John, Jr., private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Staats, Rich's, captain Van Rensselaer
Staats, Philip,* lieut. Van Rensselaer Staats
*Wounded in the leg July, 1777. Crawlo., east. dist., Rensselaerswyck Manor, Albany Co. C. 67.
Staats, Philip, lieut. Van Rensselaer Woooworth
Stackwell, Levi, private Armstrong Tozer
Stader, Jost, private Graham Muller
Stafford, Amos, private Graham Vail
Stafford, Amos, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Stafford, Richard, sergeant Wessenfels White
Stafford, Samuel, private Van Veghten Thompson
Stage, John, private Dubois Burnet
Stagg, Abraham, sergeant Hathorn
Stagg, Abraham, private Hathorn Bailey
Stagg, Adam, private Pawling Piercy
Stagg, Benjamin, private Pawling DeWitt
Stagg, John, private Hays Onderdonk
Stagg, John, private Platt Van Santvoort
Stagg, Paul, private Hays Ackerson
Stagg, Peter, private Hathorn Bailey
Stailey, George, private Wemple Wanson
Stailey, Matthew, private Wemple Wanson
Stale, George, private Fisher Fisher
Staley, Hend'k, private Fisher McMaster
Staley, Henry, corporal Fisher McMaster
Staley, Henry, private Fisher McMaster
Stalk, John, private Willet Van Rensselaer
Stalker, John, private Willet Marshall
Stalker, William, private Harper Bogart
Stall, Joseph, private Fisher Fisher
Stall, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Stall, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Stall, Rudolph, private Klock Ruff
Staly, Jacob, private Fonda
Staly, Hend'k, corporal Fisher McMaster
Staly, Rulif, private Fisher Snook
Stain, Fred'k, private Fisher Gartnere
Stam, Jacob, private Klock Zeely
Stam, Philip, private Fisher Gartner
Stamm, George, private Klock Klock
Stamm, George, private Klock Suts
Stamm, Laurence, private Klock Klock
Standley, John, private Wemple Van Petten
Standley, John, private Wemple Fonda
Standley, John, private Wempio Wanson
Stanford, Getham, private Drake Delivan
Staning, Adam, private Fisher Yates
Stalling, Philip, private Fisher Gartner
Stanley, Gideon, private Drake Boyd
Stanley, Joseph, private Pawling Williams
Stanly, John, private Van Woert Wells
Stanning, Adam, private Fisher Gartnere
Stanning, Fred'k, private Fisher Gartnere
Stanning, John, private Fisher Gartner
Stanning, Nichi's, private Fisher Gartnere
Stanning, William, private Fisher Gartnere
Stansel, Nich's, drummer Graham Lansing
Stansel, Nich's, private Schuyler Lansing
Stansill, George * private Klock Kock
*Wounded in the shoulder at Johnstown October 25, 1781. Canajoharie. B, 86.
Stansill, Nicholas, private Klock Kock
Stanten, Peter, private Whiting
Stanton, Benj'n, private Malcom McKinstry
Stanton, Rufus, private Malcom Drake
Stanton, William, private Hathorn Case
Stanton, William, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Stanton, William, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Staples, Jon'n, private Pawling Westfall
Staples, Nathan, private Wessenfels Brewster
Starenbergh, Christ, priv. Fisher Veeder
Staring, Adam, ensign Bellinger Frank
Staring, Adam, ensign Bellinger Staring
Staring, Adam, private Klock Miller
Staring, Adam, sergeant Bellinger Huber
Staring, Adam, sergeant Belliiiger Frank
Staring, Adam, sergeant Bellinger Herder
Staring, Adam, sergeant Bellinger Staring
Staring, Adam, private Klock Miller
Staring, Adam, private Bellinger Frank
Staring, Adam, private Bellinger Staring
Staring, Adam, private Fisher Fisher
Staring, Adam I., private Bellinger Staring
Slaring, Conrad, private Bellinger Huber
Staring, Fred'k, private Fisher Fisher
Staring, Geo., private Harper Putman
Staring, Geo., private Bellinger
Staring, Hend'k, captain Bellinger
Staring, Hend'k, private Bellinger Frank
Staring, Henry N., corpl. Bellinger Staring
Staring, Jacob, private Klock Cayser
Staring, Jacob, private Bellinger Huber
Staring, John, private Fisher Putman
Staring, Joseph, sergeant Fisher Putman
Staring, Nich's, private Bellinger Frank
Staring, Peter, private Bellinger Frank
Staring, Valentine, private Bellinger Huber
Staring, Valentine, Sr., pr. Bellinger Huber
Stark, Aaron, fifer Field Dyckman
Stark, Aaron, fifer Graham Pearce
Stark, Asahel, sergeant Yates Weltse
Stark, Asahel, private Van Rensselaer
Stark, Christ'r, sergeant Van Rensselaer De Ganno
Stark, Christ'r, private Yates Brown
Stark, Henry, private Dubois Lee
Stark, Henry, private Field Dyckman
Stark, James, private Graham Pearce
Stark, John, private Dubois Dubois
Stark, John, private Field Dyckman
Stark, Jon'n, private Graham Pearce
Starkweather, Roger, corp. Harper Drake
Starn, Adam, private Fisher
Starn, Fred'k, private Fisher
Starn, Nich's, private Fisher
Starn, Nich's, corporal Fisher
Starn, Philip, private Fisher
Starnberg, Lambert, Jr., co. Vrooman Miller
Starnberger, Lambert, cor. Vrooman
Starnbergh, Jacob, private Fisher Yates
Starns, Wm., sergeant Malcom Blakely
Starr, Aaron, private Wessenfels Bowen
Starr, Comfret, private Williams Shepardson
Starring, Adam, private Fisher Yeeder
Stars, Aaron, private Wessenfels Thompson
Stars, Moses, private Wessenfels Thompson
Start, Nathan, private Hopkins Lane
Start, Nathan, private Harper Drake
State, Benjamin, private Livingston Elliot
State, Geo., sergeant Bellinger Gittman
State, Hend'k, private Livingston Pulver
State, John, lieut. Livingston Pulver
Steak, George, private Klock Zeely
Steal, John, private Armstrong McNitt
Steancle, Nich's, private Klock Klock
Stebbins, Lewis, private Hays Stevenson
Stebbins, Lewis, private Dragoons Delavan
Stebbins, Nchemiah, corpl. Thomas Gilbert
Stebbins, Neh'h, private Benedict Bouton
Stebens, Lewis, private Field Hecock
Stebens, Neh'h, private Field Hecock
Steecher, John, private Klock Miller
Steeder, Nicholas, private Klock House
Steein, John, private Fisher
Steel, John, private Webster Armstrong
Steel, John, private Williams Armstrong
Steel, John, private Armstrong Armstrong
Steel, Jon'n, private Willet Pearcy
Steel, Thomas, nrivate Harper Drake
Steel, Thomas, private Van Woert Wells
Steel, Thomas, private Van Woert Gilmore
Steel, Thomas, private Webster Armstrong
Steen, Geo., ensign Fisher McMaster
Steen, Geo., private Fisher McMaster
Steen, John, private Fisher Marselis
Steen, Wm., sergeant Fisher McMaster
Steen, Wm., private Fisher McMaster
Steenbarch, James, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Steenbergh, Ab'm, private Wessenfels Pawling
Steenbergh, Abraham, pr. Pawling Pawling
Steenbergh, Abr'm Z., pr. Wynkoop
Steenbergh, Corn's, priv. Hopkins Van Benschoten
Steenbergh, Elias, capt. Van Schoonhoven
Steenbergh, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Steenbergh, James, priv. Van Schoonhoven
Steenbergh, Jeremiah, pr. Klock Kock
Steenbergh, Jerem'h, pr. Van Bergen Witbeck
Steenbergh, Johannis, pr. Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Steenbergh, John, private Johnson Johnson
Steenbergh, John, private Pawling Pawling
Steenbergh, John, private Wessenfels Pawling
Steenbergh, John, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Steanbergh, John, private Wynkoop De Witt
Steenbergh, John Van, pr. Hathorn Conklin
Steenbergh, Peter, private Wessenfels Pawling
Steenbergh, Peter, private Harper Bogart
Steenbergh, Peter, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Steenbergh, Thomas, priv. Wynkoop Dedrick
Steenbergh, Tbos. G., pr. Wynkoop Dedrick
Steenborough, Peter, priv. Weisenfels
Steenra, Corn's, private Drake Delivan
Steenrod, Corn's, private Dragoons Delavan
Steenrod, Eben'r, private Drake Seely
Steenrod, Eben'r, private Crane Lawrence
Steenrod, Solomon, priv. Wessenfels Hunt
Steenrod, Solomon, priv. Crane Lockwood
Steer, John, private Fisher Marselus
Steers, Peter, private Wemple Wanson
Stehl, Dedrick, private Bellinger Frank
Steily, Henry, private Wemple Mynderse
Stein, Adam A., private Fisher Veeder
Stein, Conrad, ensign, Fisher Snook
Stein, George, ensign Fisher Snook
Stein, William, sergeant Fislier Snook
Steins, Peter, private Fisher Veeder
Stelwell, Sam'l, private Yates Yates
Stely, Ruleph, private Fisher Snook
Stenbergh, John, corporal Van Bergen Witbeck
Stenbrander, Benj'n, priv. Van Bergen
Stenebrander, David, pr. Van Bergen
Stennard, Ogilsby U., pr. Wessenfels
Stenpel, Wens, private Clyde Leipe
Stensell, George, private Klock Kock
Stensell, Nich's, private Klock Kock
Stensil, Wm., private Klock Suts
Stenson, Wm., private Van Rensselaer
Stensrel, Geo., corporal Clyde Weeser
Stensrel, Nich's, private Clyde Weeser
Stephen, Amasa, private Fisher Fisher Little
Stephen, Simon, Jr., priv. Whiting Bostwick
Stephens, Albert, private Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Amasa, private Fisher
Stephens, Amasa, corpl. Fisher
Stephens, Daniel, sergt. Willet Wolcott
Stephens, David, private Hathorn Miller
Stephens, David, private Malcom McKinstry
Stephens, David, private Wisner Miller
Stephens, Elijah, private Van Veghten Thompson
Stephens, Elisha, private Hathorn Miller
Stephens, Elisha, private Hathorn Minthorn
Stephens, Elisha, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Stephens, Isaac, fifer Willet Hole
Stephens, John, private Pawling De Witt
Stephens, John, private Pawling Livingston
Stephens, Jolin, private Willet Tearse
Stephens, Jon'n, private Wisner Miller
Stephens, Joseph, private Wisner Miller
Stephens, Joseph, private Van Duzer
Stephens, Justice, private Wessenfels Brewster
Stephens, Matt'w, private Platt Bloom
Stephens, Oliver, private Crane Lewis
Stephens, Peter, corporal Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Resolvert, priv. Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Reuben, Sr., pr. Crane Lewis
Stephens, Reuben, Jr., pr. Crane Lewis
Stephens, Ruliff, private Cooper Gardner
Stephens, Rulif, sergeant Hays Onderdonck
Stephens, Russell, private Field Hecock
Stephens, Russell, private Graham Pearce
Stephens, Samuel, corpl. Van Veghten
Stephens, Silvanus, priv. Crane
Stephens, Stephen, private Cooper Gardner
Stephens, Stephen H., pr. Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Stephen N., pr. Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Stephen S., pr. Hays Onderdonk
Stephens, Thomas, corpl. Field Dyckman
Stephens, Thos., private Van Rensselaer Olds
Stephens, Thos., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Stephens, Wm., sergeant Yates Hadlock
Stephens, Wm., private Hays Onderdonk
Stephenson, Andrew, priv. Webster Sherwood
Stephenson, Fred'k, priv. Van Ness
Stephenson, James, priv. Williams McNitt
Stephenson, James, priv. Webster Armstrong
Stephenson, James, priv. Armstrong Armstrong
Sterberg, Ab'm, private Vrooman Brown
Stering, John, private Fonda
Stern, Adam, private Fisher Veeder
Sternberg, Abm., private Vrooman Miller
Sternberg, Abraham, priv. Vrooman
Sternberg, David, sergeant Vrooman
Sternberg, Jacob, private Vrooman Miller
Sternberg, Jacob, private Fisher Fisher
Sternberg, Lambert, corp. Vrooman Miller
Sternberg, Lambert, priv. Vrooman Miller
Sternberger, Abm., private Vrooman Stubrach
Sternberger, David, sergt. Vrooman Stubrach
Sternberger, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Sternberger, Jacob, priv. Vrooman Brown
Sternberger, Jacob, priv. Fisher Yates
Sternberger, Lambert, cpl. Vrooman Brown
Sternberger, Lambert, cpl. Vrooman Stubrach
Sternberger, Lambert, cpl. Vrooman Miller
Sternberger, Lambert, pr. Vrooman Rightmyer
Sternberger, L'bert,Jr., cpl. Vrooman Stubrach
Sternbergcr, L'bert,Jr.,cpl. Vrooman Brown
Sternbergh, Abm., private Vrooman Stubrach
Sternbergh, Abm., private Vrooman Miller
Sternbergh, Jacob, private Fisher Yatea
Sterrenbergh, Joseph, ser. Fisher Yates
Stert, Clirist'r, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Stevans, John, private Clyde Leipe
Stevans, Samuel, private Van Veghten Thompson
Stevens, Dan'l, sergt. Wiltet Newell
Stevens, Dan'l,* private Willet
*Shot through the lungs. Columbia Co. B. 72.
Stevens, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Elijah, private Malcom McKinstry
Stevens, Elijah, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Elisha, private Hathorn Miller
Stevens, Elisha, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, James, sergeant Yates Hadlock
Stevens, James, sergeant Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Stevens, James, sergeant Yates Wiltse
Stevens, Jered, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Stevens, Jerem'h, private Drake Boyd
Stevens, John, drummer Crane Lewis
Stevens, John, private Willet Gross
Stevens, John, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Stevens, John, private Vandenburgh Storm
Stevens, John, private Wemple Bancker
Stevens, John, private Wemple Van Slyck
Stevens, John, private Drake Boyd
Stevens, Joseph, corporal Van Veghten Thompson
Stevens, Joseph, corporal Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Joseph, corporal Van Veghten Winne
Stevens, Joseph, private Van Veghten
Stevens, Matt'w, private Van Woert Pettit
Stevens, Oliver, private Stevenson
Stevens, Peter, private Wemple Bancker
Stevens, Peter, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Reuben, private Stevenson
Stevens, Russel, private Wessenfels White
Stevens, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stevens, Solomon, private Malcom Blakely
Stevens, Stephen, private Malcom
Stevens, Wm., sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
Stevens, Will., sergeant Yates Weltse
Stevens, William, private Malcom
Stevens, Wm., private Van Woert Wells
Stevens, William, private Van Woert Brown
Stevens, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Stevens, Will., private Van Rensselaer
Stevenson, Benjamin, cap. Hays
Stevenson, Hugh, private Johnson Ostrander
Stevenson, Will., private Thomas Thomas
Stever, Henry, ensign Van Alstyn Van Buren
Stever, Jacob, sergeant Van Alstyn Van Buren
Stevers, Jerem'h, corp. Hammond Orser
Steward, Daniel, private Armstrong P.
Steward, Dan'l, private Wemple Mynderse
Steward, Elemul, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Steward, Geo., private Wemple Van Slyck
Steward, Geo., private Luddington Lane
Steward, James, private Wemple Van Slyck
Steward, James, private Van Woert Whiteside
Steward, Jedediah, corp. Whiting
Steward, Jedediah, private Whiting Herrick
Steward, John, private Willet Conine
Steward, John, private Thomas Moseman
Steward, John, private Graham Muller
Steward, Jno., corporal Wemple Wanson
Steward, John, private Wemple Bancker
Steward, John, Jr., private Armstrong
Steward, Leflet, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Steward, Lemuel, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Steward, Robert, private Willet Marshall
Steward, Solomon, private Graham Sherwood
Steward, Stephen, private Crane
Stewart, Alex'r, qr. mr. Malcom
Stewart, Alex'r, corporal Webster McNitt
Stewart, Alex'r, private Williams Long
Stewart, Alex'r, private Webster Long
Stewart, Alex'r, private Armstrong McNitt
Stewart, Alex'r, Sr., priv. Webster Long
Stewart, Arch'd, private Webster Long
Stewart, Charles, lieut. Wessentela Brewster
Stewart, Charles, sergeant Weissenfels
Stewart, Charles, private Cooper Gardner
Stewart, Dan'l, private Webster Child
Stewart, Dan'l, private Wemple Wanson
Siewart, David, private Williams Long
Stewart, David, private Armstrong Long
Stewart, David, private Webster Long
Stewart, Eliphalet, sergt. Van Rensselaer
Stewart, Geo., corporal Willet Gillet
Stewart, Geo., private Willet Gillet
Stewart, Geo., private Wemple
Stewart, James, ensign Williams Long
Stewart, James, ensign Webster Long
Stewart, James, ensign Armstrong Long
Stewart, James, corporal Armstrong Long
Stewart, James, private Willet Livingston
Stewart, James, private Webster Long
Stewart, James, private Hays Smith
Stewart, James, private Van Woert Gilmore
Stewart, James, private Van Woert Brown
Stewart, James, private Van Woert McKillip
Stewart, John, corporal Webster Childs
Stewart, John, sergeant Willet Gillet
Stewart, John, private Willet Harrison
Stewart, John, private Willet Pearcy
Stewart, Lemuel, corporal Van Rensselaer Odle
Stewart, Oliver, private Webster
Stewart, Oliver, private Armstrong
Stewart, Robt., lieut. Williams Long
Stewart, Robt., lieut. Webster Long
Stewart, Robt., lieut, Armstrong Long
Stewart, Sam'l, sergeant Webster Long
Stewart, Samuel, sergeant Graham
Stewart, Samuel,* private McCrea Doty
*August 26 to Nevember 23, 1779. A. O. 15-244.
Stewart, Samuel, private Webster
Stewart, Solomon, private Armstrong McNitt
Stewart, William, private Willet Livingston
Stewart, William, private Webster Long
Steynbrenner, Benj'n, pr. Vrooman Richtmyer
Stickel, Nicholas, private Graham Husted
Sticklin, John, private Thomas Lawrence
Sticklin, John, Jr., private Thomas Lawrence
Stickling, John, private Thomas St. John
Stidwell, John, private Drake Haight
Stiles, Reuben, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Still, Francis, private Schuyler Ostrum
Still, John, private Johnson Wilkin
Still, Robert, private Hathorn Telford
Still, Robt., private Malcom Drake
Stillison, David, private Whiting Davis
Stillman, Henry, private Willet Tearse
Stillman, Henry, private Willet Henry
Stillwell, James, sergeant Pawling Pawling
Stillwell, Sam'l, private Yates Brutt
Stillwill, James, sergeant Pawling Pawling
Stillwill, Thos. K., private Benedict Osburn
Stilt, James, private Johnson Wilkin
Stilwell, Sam'l, private Yates Wiltse
Stimens, Philip, sergeant Clyde Dygert
Stimpson, Wm., private Van Rensselaer
Stine, Geo., ensign Fisher Putman
Stine, William, private Thomas St. John
Stinebriner, David, private Hathorn Bogardus
Stinger, Solomon, private Pawling Sacket
Stiples, Nathan, private Hathorn Telford
Stitt, John, private Johnson Gillispy
Stivers, Jeremiah, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Stobats, Mich'l, private Fisher Yates
Stobits, Mich'l, private Fisher Yates
Stock, Godfrey, private Van Woert Wells
Stock, Godfrey, private Van Woert Hodges
Stockbridge, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Stockem, Isaac, private Drake Drake
Stocker, Seth, private Jobnsou Smith
Stockbam, Sam'l, private Crane Lockwood
Stocks, Godfrey, private Van Woert Gilmore
Stockum, Jon'n, private Hopkins Lane
Stockum, Wm., private Hopkins Lane
Stockwell, Levi, captain Levies +
+In several regiments.
Stockwell, Levi, private Armstrong Tozer
Stocum, Wm., private Malcom Livingston
Stodard, John, private Malcom Blakely
Stokam, Isaac, private Drake Strang
Stone, Aaron, private Webster Long
Stone, Aaron, private Armstrong
Stone, Conrad, ensign Fisher Fisher
Stone, Dan'l, private Duboia Chamberlain
Stone, David, private Fisher Dykeman
Stone, George, lieut. Fisher Yeoman
Stone, George, ensign Fisher Yeoman
Stone, George, private Fisher Yeoman
Stone, Israel, private Armstrong
Stone, Swelster, private Malcom McKinstry
Stone, Wm., sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Stone, Will, private Fisher Yeoman
Stonebrander, David, priv, Wessenfels Dodge
Stoneburner, David, priv. Malcom Delavan
Stoner, Henry, private Fonda
Stoner, Henry, private Malcom
Stook, Godfrey, private Van Woert Doty
Stoop, Francis, private Schuyler Lansing
Stopplebeen, Jacob, priv. Willet Cannon
Stopplebeen, Jacob, priv, Willet Marshall
Stoppelbeen, Jacob, priv. Van Rensselaer Philip
Stopplebeen, Johannes, pr. Van Alstyn
Stoppelbeen, Mich'l, priv. Van Rensselaer Philip
Stopplebeen, Peter, sergt. Graham Muller
Stoppelbeen, Peter, priv. Van Rensselaer Philip
Stopplebeen, Peter, priv. Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Stopplebeen, Peter, priv. Graham Muller
Stopplebern, Mich'l, priv. Van Renaselaer Osterhoudt
Stoppleton, Peter, sergt. Graham Muller
Storam, Eben'r, private Graham Pearce
Storbitts, Mich'l, private Fisher Yates
Storing, Philip, private Fisher Putman
Storm, Ab'm, sergeant Hammond Comb
Storm, Abraham, sergeant Hammond Orser
Storm, Abraham, private Cooper Blauvelt
Storm, Ab'm, private Hammond Martling
Storm, Abr'm, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Storm, David, lieut. Van Veghten Van Woert
Storm, David, private Hammond Orser
Storm, David, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Storm, David, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Storm, Hank, private Thomas
Storm, Isaac, private Van Veghten Thompson
Storm, Isaac, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Storm, Isaac, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Storm, Isaac, Jr., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Storm, Isaac, Sr., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Storm, Jacob, private Johnson Cross
Storm, James, lieut. Van Veghten Thompson
Storm, James, lieut. Van Veghten Winne
Storm, John, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Storm, Nich's, private Hammond Orser
Storm, Nich's, private Fisher Yates
Storm, Nich's, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Storm, Philip, private Fisher Yates
Storm, Thomas, captain Vandenburgh
Storm, Thomas, captain Brinkerhoff
Storms, Abraham, private Hays Smith
Storms, David, private Willet Welp
Storms, Isaac, private Graham
Storms, Isaac, private Van Veghten Winne
Storms, Isaac, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Storms, James, lieut. Van Veghten Van Woert
Storms, James, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Storms, John, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Storms, Nich's, private Hammond Martling
Storms, London, private Hays(?) Stevenson
Storn, Jacob, private Fisher Veeder
Storn, John, private Fisher
Stornbergh, Joseph, sergt. Fisher Yates
Stort, Amos, private Whiting Salisbury
Stort, Wm., private Harper Harrison
Stolt, Abraham, private Wessenfels Brewster
Stott, William, private Hays Onderdonk
Stoughton, Levi, private Willet Newell
Stoul, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Stoutenburgh, Is'c, Jr., p. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Stoutenburgh, Jacobus, p. Thomas Lyons
Stovel, John, private Yates Hadlock
Stoven, Isaac, private Cortland
Stover, Francis, private Schuyler Van Wee
Stover, Jacob, private Yates Weltse
Stow, Isaac, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Stowel, Asa, private Williams Rice
Stowel, David, captain Williams
Stowel, David, lieut. Williams Shepardson
Stowel, David, private Williams Rice
Stowel, Hezekiah, private Williams Rice
Strachan, John, private Klock Zeely
Stracher, John, private Klock Miller
Strader, Jost, private Graham Muller
Strader, Jost, private Livingston Rockfeller
Strader, Nich's, private Klock Miller
Strahan, John, private Graham Conklin
Strail, John, corporal Fisher McMaster
Strail, John, private Fisher McMaster
Strang, Gerard, private Drake Boyd
Strang, Gilbert, private Drake Boyd
Strong, Henry, captain Drake
Strang, Joseph, major Drake
Strang, Joseph, Jr. priv. Drake Boyd
Strang, Tho's, private Drake Strang
Strannee, William, private Whiting Cady
Stranton, Marchen, priv. Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Straub, William, private Klock Klock
Straub, William, private Klock Suts
Straught, Jacob, private Hays Blauvelt
Strawback, Adam, private Willet Gross
Strawbeck, Adam, private Clyde Ruff
Streader, Nicholas, private Klock Miller
Streader, Nich's, private Klock House
Strecher, John, private Klock Miller
Streder, Nicholas, private Klock House
Streeker, John, private Klock Miller
Strevel, Uldrick, private Livingston Elliot
Stricker, Ab'm, private Johnson Smith
Strickland, Abraham, serg. Johnson Concklin
Strickland, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Strickland, Jacob, private Johnson Ostrander
Stricklin, Abraham, sergt. Johnson Mastin
Stricklin, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Stricklin, John, private Thomas Lawrence
Stricklin, John, Jr., priv. Thomas Lawrence
Striker, Abr'm, private Johnson Concklin
Stringham, Wm., private Hays Smith
Strobeck, Adam,* private Wiltet Gross
*Wounded in the arm and bakc July 7, 1781. Montgomery County. B. 36.
Strobeck, Adam, private Clyde Brown
Strobeck, Adam, private Clyde Leipe
Strobeck, Fred'k, private Clyde Brown
Strobeck, Fred'k, private Clyde Leipe
Strobeck, Jacob, private Clyde Leipe
Strobegh, Adam, private Willet Fonda
Strobell, Christ'r, private Bellinger Staring
Strobidge, James, private Crane Lawrence
Stronck, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Strong, Elias,+ private Willet Pearcy
+Enlisted early in 1782; discharged 1784. A. P. 18-107.
Strong, Gabriel, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Strong, Gabriel, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Strong, Joel, private Wessenfels
Strong, John, private Willet Conine
Strong, John, private Pawling Hunter
Strong, John, private Drake
Strong, Joseph, private Wessenfels
Strong, Robert, private Harper Bogart
Strong, Warham, private Willet Newell
Stroop, Bastyane, private Van BergenWitbeck
Stroop, Jacob, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Stroop, John, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Strovel, John, corporal Yates Yates
Strovel, John, private Yates Hadlock
Strover, Mandeville, priv. Yates Vandenburgh
Rtrovor, Manuel, private Yates Vandenburgh
Strubel, Christ., private Klock Klock
Strubel, Christ'r, private Klock Suts
Strutt, Aaron, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Stryker, Abraham, private Pawling Wood
Stryker, Abraham, private Pawling Burnet
Stuart, Charles, lieut. Wessenfels Westfall
Stuart, Charles, Jr.,++sergt. Wessenfels Westfall
++Fredericksburgh, Dutchess county. A. P. 15-321.
Stuart, Charles, sergeant Pawling Sackett
Stuart, Ezekiel, private Wessenfels Brewster
Stuart, John, filer Pawling Sackett
Stuart, Oliver, private Webster
Stuart, Oliver, private Harper Harrison
Stuart, Wm., private Fisher Snook
Stuberach, Barent, private Graham Lansing
Stubergh, Barent, private Vrooman Miller
Stubits, Michael, private Fisher Yates
Stubrach, Barent, private Vrooman Stubrach
Stubrach, Barent, private Vrooman Brown
Stubrach, Barent, private Vrooman Miller
Stubrach, Barent, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Stubrach, Christ'n, captain Vrooman
Stubrack, Barent, private Graham Lansing
Stue, Thomas, private Webster McNitt
Stukelin, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Stul, Jno., private Webster Armstrong
Stull, Wilhelmus, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
Stun, George, ensign Fisher Yates
Sturdevant, Consider, q.m. Wessenfels Pawling
Sturdevant, David, private Hopkins Lane
Sturdevant, Isaac, corporal Wessenfels White
Sturdevant, Isaac, private Wessenfels Brewster
Sturdivant, David, private Pawling Williams
Sturdivant, Isaac, sergeant Malcom Delavan
Sturdivant, Richard, priv. Luddington Waterbury
Sturges, Ab'm, private Wessenfels
Styles, Israel, private Van Veghten Winne
Stymets, William, private Platt Van Santvoort
Suard, Daniel, private Crane Chapman
Suard, Reuben, private Willet Pearcy
Subar, John, ensign Klock Ruff
Suber, Coenradt, privato Klock Ruff
Suck, Zacherius, private Schuyler Lansing
Sudam, Oke, liout. Platt Brodhead
Sudam, Oke, lieut. Wynkoop
Sugler, Richard, sergeant Drake
Suits, George, private Willet Skinner
Suits, Peter, private Willet Skinner
Sulbach, Garret,* private Klock Breadbeck
*Wounded in the abdomen Aug. 6, 1777. Palatine Distr. B. 139.
Sulback, Christian, private Klock Zeely
Sulfridge, Oliver, private Willet Livingston
Suller, Andrew, private Clyde Difeudorf
Suller, Gospord, private Clyde Diffendorf
Sullivan, Chas., sergeant Wemple Wanson
Sullivan, Chaa., private Wemple Fonda
Sullivan, Chas., private Wemple Wanson
Sullivan, David, sergeant Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Sullivan, David, corp. Graham Magee
Sullivan, David, corporal Van Renssalaer Schermerhorn
Sullivan, George, private Phlllips Miller
Sullivan, Jacob, lieut. Wemple Wanson
Sullivan, John, private Newkirk McBride
Sullivan, Mich'l, private Wessenfels Brewster
Sullivan, William, private Pawling Westfall
Suits, John, private Klock Hess
Suits, Peter, sergeant Klock Miller
Sumers, Rubt., private Van Woert Gilmore
Summers, Nich's, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Summers, Robt., private Van Woert Gilmore
Summers, Robt., private Van Woert Doty
Summons, John's, sergt. Cantine Hasbrouck
Sumple, Hugh, private Fisher Yates
Sunicher, Lodowick, priv. Hays
Sup, William, private Graham Wilson
Supes, Coenradt, private Quackenboss
Surdam, Ardris, private Yates Hadlock
Surdam, Lawrence, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Surdam, Lawrence, private Yates Brown
Surdam, Lump, private Yates
Surdam, Rynear, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Surdam, Sam'l, private Yates Brown
Surdam, Tunis, private Van Woert Hodges
Surdan, Tunis, private Yates Hadiock
Surgent, James, private Stevenson
Suro, Henry, private Webster
Surret, David, private Van Woert Whiteside
Surtland, Ambros, private Willet Wright
Suthard, Henry, private Cortland
Suthard, Thomas, private Van Alstyn Philips
Sutherland, Ancus, private Vrooman Richmyer
Sutherland, Gurlin, priv. Wessenfels Dodge
Sutherland, James, priv. Wessenfels Shephard
Sutherland, Joseph, priv. Hopkins Talmadge
Sutherland, Rich'd, priv. Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Sutherland, Silas, sergt. Thomas Lyon
Sutherland, Silas, sergt. Hobby
Sutherland, Smith, captain Graham
Sutherland, Solomon, priv. Hopkins Talmadge
Sutherland, Stephen, priv. Drake Seely
Sutherland, Stephen, priv. Crane Lawrence
Sutherland, William, corp. Wessenfels Shephard
Sutherland, Wm., private Dubois Chamberlain
Sutherly, Aukis, private Vrooman
Suts, Derick, private Klodk Klock
Suts, Dirck, private Klock Suts
Suts, John, lieut. Klock Klock
Suts, John, private Klock Klock
Suts, John, private Klock Suts
Suts, John, private Klock Miller
Suts, Peter, captain Klock
Suts, Peter, sergeant Klock Klock
Suts, Peter, private Klock Klock
Suts, Peter, private Klock Miller
Sutten, Joseph, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Sutton, And'w, private Drake Drake
Sutton, James, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Sutton, John Pell, private Drake Drake
Sutton, Solomon, private Drake Drake
Sutton, Thomas, private Phillips Miller
Sutton, William, private Pawling Westfall
Sutts, John, private Klock Kock
Sutts, John, Jr., private Klock Kock
Sutts, Peter, corporal Klock Zeely
Sutts, Peter, corporal Klock Kock
Suvis, Henry, private Webster Tozer
Suyland, Johannis, private Wynkoop Bogardus
Suyland, Johannis, private Wynkoop Swart
Swaar, Jacob, private Pawling Pawling
Swain, John, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhom
Swan, Edward, private Van Alstyne A. P. 18-176.
Swan, Wm., private Malcom Delavan
Sward, Stephen, private Crane Chapman
Swart, Abraham, private Johnson Jansen
Swart, Benj'n, sergeant Fisher Mabee
Swart, Benj'n, sergeant Fisher Degraas
Swart, Benjamin, corporal Malcom Cantine
Swart, Benjamin, private Fisher McMaster
Swart, Beuj'n, private Fisher Degraas
Swart, Benjamin, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Swart, Corn's, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Swart, Cornelius, private Wynkoop Swart
Swart, Cornelius L., priv Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Swart, Daniel, private Johnson Gillispy
Swart, Dan'l, private Johnson Jansen
Swart, Denes, corporal Vrooman
Swart, Dennis, private Vrooman Brown
Swart, Geo., private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Swart, Isaac, private Johnson Gillispy
Swart, Isaias J., lieut. Fisher Degraas
Swart, Jacobus, private Wemple Van Allen
Swart, James, private Wemple Van Patten
Swart, Jerem'h, lieut. Fisher Marselis
Swart, John, private Fisher Yates
Swart, John, private Fisher Degraas
Swart, John, private Johnson Gillispy
Swart, John, private Johnson Wilkin
Swart, John, private Fisher McMaster
Swart, Lawrence, private Vrooman Heager
Swart, Lawrence, private Vrooman Stubrach
Swart, Lawrence, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Swart, Nicholas, sergeant Wemple Van Petten
Swart, Peter, ensign Vrooman Heager
Swart, Peter, ensign Vrooman Heager
Swart, Peter, private Wynkoop
Swart, Philip, captain Snyder
Swart, Pliilip, captain Wynkoop
Swart, Sies, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Swart, Teunis, private Vrooman Miller
Swart, Thomas, private Wesseufela Pawling
Swart, Thomas, privata Wynkoop Van Beuren
Swart, Thomas, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Swart, Thunis, lieut. Wemple Van Petten
Swart, Tobias, corporal Wynkoop Swart
Swart, Tobias, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Swart, Tunis, private Fisher McMaster
Swart, Tunis, private Wynkoop De Witt
Swart, Walter, private Fisher Degraas
Swart, Walter, private Fisher Marselis
Swart, Will., lieut. Fisher Marselis
Swart, Will., sergeant Fisher Marselis
Swart, William, private Hathorn Bogardus
Swart, William, private Pawling
Swart, Wm., private Malcom Cantine
Swart, Wm., private Fisher
Swart, William, private Wynkoop Swart
Swartout, Aaron, fiter Hathorn Miller
Swartout, Jacobus, ensign Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Swartwout, Aaron, fifer Hathorn Miller
Swartwout, Aaron, fifer Hathorn Minthorn
Swartwout, Cornelius, ser. Pawling Wood
Swartwout, Corn's, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Swartwout, Corn's, + priv. McClaughry Cuddeback
+Right hip bone broken by a musket ball, and shot in left thigh at Peenpack, Ulster Co., Oct. 13, 1778. Farmer, Peenpack. B. 71.
Swartwout, Derick, corpl. Vandenburgh Storm
Swartwout, Jabes, lieut. Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Swartwout, Jack, private Wessenfels White
Swartwout, Jacobus, ensign Brinckerhoff
Swartwout, Jacobus, ensign Schutt Brinkerhoof
Swartwout, James, ensign Brinckerhoff Brower
Swartwout, James, private Klock
Swartwout, John, corporal Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Swartwout, John, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Swartwout, John, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Swartwout, John, private Graham Conklin
Swartwout, Moses, private Wisner Miller
Swartwout, Rich'd, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Swartwout, Samuel, priv. Wessenfels Dodge
Swartwout, Sam'l, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Swartwout, Thomas, corpl. Brinckerhoff Schutt
Svvartwout, Thomas, priv. Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Swartwout, Wm., lieut. Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Swartwout, Wm., lieut. Brinckerhoff Schutt
Swartwout, Wm., lieut. Brinckerhoff Brower
Swayer, Lambert, sergeant Willet Putman
Swayer, Lambert, private Willet Fonda
Sweat, Wm., sergeant Van Rensselaer De Garm
Sweet, Amos, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Sweet, Amos, private Yates Hadlock
Sweet, Benj'n, private Graham Vail
Sweet, Godfrey,* private Van Rensselaer
*Wounded in right hand and wrist at Fort Ann. July 7, 1777.
Sweet, James, private Harper Drake
Sweet, Jerem'h, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Sweet, Nathan, private Weisenfels
Sweet, Robert, private Weisenfels
Sweet, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Sweet, Silas, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Sweet, Thomas, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Swart, Thuner, lieut. Wemple Van Patten
Sweet, Timothy, corporal Graham Vail
Sweet, Wm., sergeant Yates
Sweet, Win., sergeant Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Sweet, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Sweeting, Lewis, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sweeting, Nath'l, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Sweetling, Ambus, private Malcom Livingston
Sweezy, Joseph, private Wessenfels White
Swegles, Matthias, private Wisner Bartolf
Swertfeeger, Augustin, pr. Schuyler Tillman
Swetling, Ambus, private Malcom Livingston
Swift, Ambrose, private Wessenfels
Swift, Isaiah, corporal Luddington Mead
Swift, Isaiah, corporal Luddington Baker
Swingle, Herivmus, private Johnson Jansen
Swing, Joseph, private Brinckerhoff Storm
Swisselman, Christian, pr, Willet Putman
Swits, Ab'm, major Wemple
Swits, Henry, private Wemple Mynderson
Swits, Jacob, private Wemple Fonda
Swits, Jacob, private Wemple Mynderson
Swits, Jacob A., corporal Wemple Fonda
Swits, Jacob A., private Wemple Mynderson
Swits, Jacob I., private Wemple Fonda
Swits, Jacob I., private Wemple Mynderson
Swobe, Michael, private Fonda
Swolve, Michael, private Fonda
Swoonover, Benj'n, private Pawling Westfall
Sword, Thomas, private Wemple Bancker
Swords, Thomas, private Wemple Wanson
Sybel, Jacob, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Syble, Martinus, sergeant Schuyler Groot
Syble, Martinus, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Sybrand, Wiele, private Yates Yates
Sybre, Jacob, private Schuyler Groot
Syce, Ab'm, private Wemple Bancker
Sycher, John, lieut. Hays
Syder, Lodowick, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Syfert, John, private Klock Miller
Syfert, John, private Klock House
Sylmser, Mayrter, private Fisher Degraas
Symmister, John, drum'r Willet Skinner
Symonds, Ruben, private Wemple Mynderson
Sypher Jacob, private Hammond Martling
Sypher Jacob, private Hammond Requa
Sypher Jeremiah, private Hammond Orser
Sypher John, private Hammond Comb
Sypher John, private Hammond Martling
Sypher John, private Hammond Requa
Sypher John, private Hammond Orser
Sypher John, Jr., private Hammond Requa
Sypher Pero, corporal Hammond Orser
Sypher Peter, drummer Hammond Orser
Sypher Peter, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Syphert, Godfrey, private Klock Kock
Syphor, John, private Horton

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