Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Thanks to James F. Morrison for letting us use his book!

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "B"
[By reference to the Index the County to which the Regiment belonged can be ascertained.]
Sorry, but I don't think I have the stamina to put the index on line. Note: Some of the names are out of alpha, that is the way they have been entered in the book. ajb Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Baard, Andrew, private Schuyler Sharp
Babcock, Amos, corporal Van Rensselaer Husted
Babcock, Amos, private Wessenfels Bowen
Babcock, Amos, Jr., priv. Van Rensselaer Shaw
Babcock, Azariah, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Babcock, Benjamin, priv. Willet Marshall
Babcock, Benjamin, priv. Graham Lansing
Babcock, Chiaries, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Babeock, David, private Graham Lansing
Babcock, David, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Elisha, private Wessenfels Bowen
Babcock, Elisha, private Willet Tearse
Babcock, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Ezariah, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Babcock, James, private Hathorn Sayre
Babcock, James, private Hathorn Shepherd
Babcock, James, private Hays Ackerson
Babcock, James, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Babcock, Jason, sergeant Van Rensselaer Odle
Babcock, Job, private Van Veghten
Babcock, Job D., private Hays Gardner
Babcock, Job E., private Hays Gardner
Babcock, John, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Jno., corporal Van Rensselaer Odle
Babcock, John, private Wessenfel Bowen
Babcock, John, private Harper Drake
Babcock, John, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Babcock, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Babcock, John, private Van Woert Brown
Babcock, John, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, John, private Van Woert McKillip
Babcock, John B., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Babcock, John B., private Willet Tearse
Babcock, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Babcock, Jon'n, private Van Veghten
Babcock, Joseph, corporal Van Rensselaer Husted
Babcock, Joseph, private Van Renselsaer Shaw
Babcock, Joshua, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Babcock, Joshua, private Van Rensselaer Randall
Babcock, Nehemiah, priv. Harper Drake
Babcock, Newman, private Willet Tearse
Babcock, Silas, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Silas, Jr., private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Solomon, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Babcock, Thos., private Hays Gardner
Babcock, Win., sergeant Whiting Davis
Babelt, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Bacer, Jacob, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Bacer, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bacher, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Bachus, Jno., private Klock Miller
Bachus, John, private Klock Klock
Baches, John, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Backer, Barnert, private Willet Debois
Backer, Garret, private Wemple Van Petten
Backer, Ichabod, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Backer, John, corporal Schuyler Ostrum
Backer, John, corporal Van Rensselaer Turner
Backer, John, private Yates Hadlock
Backer, John, private -------------Humphrey
Backer, Judah, private Van Cortlandt
Backer, Martin, private Van Woert Brown
Backer, Martinus, private Van Woert Gilmore
Backer, Martinua, private Van Woert Whiteside
Backer, Petrus, lieut. Wynkoop
Backer, Zenas,* private Willet
Backley, Nich's, private Armstrong Skinner
Backman, Henry, private Willet Fonda
Backman, John, private Hays Ackerson
Backnes, John, private Klock Kock
Backney, Nich's, private Webster
Backter, John, private Klock Helmer
Backter, Thos., private Klock Helmer
Bacon, Abel, corporal Yates Hadlock
Bacon, Abel, private Yates
Bacon, James, private Malcolm Blakely
Bacon, Joseph, private Vsn Rensselaer Odle
Bacon, Penual, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bacon, Phenias, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoot
Bacon, Phineas, private Schnyler Tillman
Bacon, Winthrop, private Yates Yates
Bacon, Winthrop, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bacor, Herrington, private Yates Hadlock
Badcock, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Badcock, Nehemiah, priv. Van Veghten Woodworth
Badcock, Silas, Jr,, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Bader, Francis, private Bradbick Platt
Bader, Melgert, private Klock Miller
Bader, Mebzcr, private Klock Miller
Bader, Mich'l, private Klock Hess
Bader, Mich'l, private Klock Miller
Bader, Mich'l, private Klock Klock
Bader, Mich'l, private Klock Cayser
Bader, Mich'l, private Klock Suts
Badford, And'w, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Baden, Melgar, private Klock Miller
Badley, John, private Quackenboss
Badnian, David, private Klock Zeely
Badow, Jacob, private Hopkins Lane
Baerdt, Andries, Jr., corpl. Van Rensselaer De Forest
Baerdt, Andries, private Schuyler Sharp
Baga, James, private Yates Yates
Bage, James, private Wemple Mynderse
Baggs, James, private Yates Weltse
Bagley, David, private Willet Harrison
Bagley, John, private Van Ness
Bagly, Josiah, private Van Ness
Bago, James, private Yates Yates
Bags, James, private Yates Yates
Barchus, Jno., private Klock Miller
Bailer, Joseph, private Klock Zeely
Bailey, David, private Willet Van Rensselaer
Bailey, David, private Newkirk McBride
Bailey, David, drummer Graham Bostwick
Bailey, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bailey, George, sergeant Van Rensselaer Odle
Bailey, Gilbert, private Crane Lockwood
Bailey, Hew, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bailey, John,+ private Horton
Bailey, John, private Wessenfels Hunt

*Enlisted January 1781; discharged January, 1784. Buffalo. A. P. 24-324.
+ Enlisted 1778. Mt. Pleasant, Westchester Col. A.P. 20-142.

Bailey, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bailey, Joseph, private Wessenfels Westfiill
Bailey, Joseph, private iJiiddington Waterbury
Bailey, Moses, private Pawling Williams
Bailey, Muses, private Malcolm Livingston
Bailey, Peleg, private Luddington Baker
Bailey, Richard, captain Hathorn
Bailey, Rich'd, lieut. Hathorn Sayres
Bailey, Richard, private Hathorn Bailey
Bailey, Richard, private Wessenfels Westrall
Bailey, Rich'd, private Williams Shepardson
Bailey, Stephen, private Van Alstyn Truesdel
Bailey, Theod's, adjutant Graham
Bailey, Thomas, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bailey, Tim'y, corporal Van Schoonhoven
Bailey, Timothy, private Willet White
Bailey, Tim'y, private Malcom Livingston
Bailey, Tim'y, private Van Aistyn Truesdel
Baillie, John, private Hathorn Telford
Baily, Dan'l, private Duboia Gano
Baily, John, private Hammond Martling
Baily, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Baily, Jolm, private -------------Horton
Baily, Rich'd, corporal Malcom Blakely
Bain, Casp., private Livingston Shaver
Baistle, John, private Van Rensselaer Bries(?)
Bakeman, Ashmeal, private Fisher Yates
Bakeman, Asmael, private Fisher Yates
Bakeman, Eshman, private Fisher Yates
Bakeman, Ishmeal, private Fisher Yates
Bakeman, Jacob, sergeant Van Bergen Van Schaick
Baker, Adam, private Fisher Degraas
Baker, Albert, private Willet Gray
Baker, Albert, private Willet Wright
Baker, Albert, private Armstrong
Baker, Andrew, private Willet Livingston
Baker, And'w, private Van Rensselaer Price
Baker, Barth'w, private Johnson Ostrander
Baker, Benj'n, ensign Webster Childs
Babbett, Daniel, private Field Hecock
Baker, Conrad, sergeant Graham Lansing
Baker, Conradt, private Pawling Hunter
Baker, Cocnradt, private Schuyfer Lansing
Baker, Dan'l, private Hammond Requa
Baker, Dan'l, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Baker, David, private Willet Tearse
Baker, David, private Van Woert Whiteside
Baker, David, private Vau Rensselaer Niles
Baker, Edmund, captain Luddington
Baker, Edy, private Van Veghten Thompson
Baker, Eleazer, qnar. mr. Luddington
Baker, Elisha, private Field Dykeman
Baker, Garret, private Wemple Van Allen
Baker, Gilbert, private Hammond Requa
Baker, James, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Baker, James, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Baker, Jesse, lieut. Hammoud Requa
Baker, Jesse, corporal Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Baker, Jesse, private Wessenfels Dodge
Baker, Jesse, private Brinckerhoff Brinkerhoff
Baker, Johannis S., priv. Vrooman
Baker, John, private Wessenfels Thompson
Baker, John, private Malcom
Baker, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Baker, John, private Hammond Orser
Baker, John, private Livingston Shawl
Baker, Joseph, private Platt Van Santvoort
Baker, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Baker, Joshua, quar. mr. Luddington
Baker, Joshua, Jr., private Luddington Mead
Baker, Josiah, ensign Luddington Mead
Baker, Judah, private Malcom Delava
Baker, Judah, private Hopkins Barnum
Baker, Lemuel, private Yates Vandenburgh
Baker, Martiiius, private Van Woert Whiteside
Baker, Morris, private Hammond Requa
Baker, Moses, ensign Brickerhoff Binckerhoft
Baker, Peter, lieut. Wynkoop
Baker, Peter, sergeant Wessenfels White
Baker, Peter, private Van Woert Whiteside
Baker, Petrus, lieut. Wynkoop
Baker, Phineas, private Platt Lee
Baker, Richard, private Wesson White
Baker, Richard, private Pawling Pawling
Baker, Samuel, private Willet Van Rensselaer
Baker, Solomon, private Webster Childs
Baker, Solomon, sergeant Armstrong McNitt
Baker, Stephen, s. major Luddington
Baker, Stephen, private Whiting Herrick
Baker, Storm, sergeant Graham Lansing
Baker, Timothy, private Webster Childs
Baker, Timothy, private Armstrong McNitt
Baker, Thomas, private Malcom
Baker, Thomas, private Hays Smith
Baker, Thomas, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Baker, William, sergeant Wessenfels White
Baker, William,* private Willet Welp
Baker, William, private Pawling Sackett
Baker, Wm., private Dubois Lee
Baker, William, private Graham Pearce
Baker, William, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Bakus, John, private Klock Miller
Baldman, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Baldwin, Aaron, private Wessenfels
Baldwin, Alex'r, sergeant Willet Gray
Baldwin, Alex'r, private Van Veghten
Baldwin, Corn's, lieut. Graham Sherwood
Baldwin, David, private Field Barnum
Baldwin, Elisha, private Luddington Scribner
Baldwin, Henry, private Luddington Scribner
Baldwin, Hezekiah, priv. Willet Gray
Baldwin, James, corporal Luddington Scribner
Baldwin, Nathan, private Whiting Bostwick
Baldwin, Seth, +private
Baley, Daniel, private Hathorn Sheperds
Baley, Geo., sergeant Van Rensselaer Randall
Baley, George, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Baley, Nathaniel, private Hathorn Miller
Ball, Aaron, corporal Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Ball, FIamen, private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Ball, John, private Wessenfels Westfall
Ball, Jno., private Malcom McKinstry
Ball, John, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Ball, Mattice, private Vrooman Stubrach
Ball, Mattice, private Vrooman Brown
Ball, Mattice, private Vrooman Miller
Ball, Peter, quar. master Vrooman
Ball, Stephen, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Ball, William, private Pawling Burnet
Ballard, Benony, private Harper Harrison
Ballard, Caleb, corporal Lnddington Mead
Ballard, Caleb, private Wessenfels Thompson
Ballard, John, private Pawling Williams
Ballard, Peleg, private Luddington Mead
Ballard, Tracy, private Luddington Scribner
Bally, George, private Van Rensaelaer Odle
Balman, John, private Fisher Fisher
Balah, Andrics, private Klock House
Balsle. Andries, private Klock House
Balsle, Peter, private Klock Helmer
Balsliiy, Andrew, private Klock Zeely
Balsly, Peter, private Klock Cayser
Balyca, Simon, sergeant Johnson Ostrander
Balys, Dan'l, private Lansing Shepherd
Balys, Rich'd, captain Wisner
Balys, Richard, private Hathorn Shepherd
Balys, Rich'd, Jr., private Wisner Balys
Bamp, Sherry, private Pawling Livingston
Bapmt, John, private Wemple Bancker
Bancker, Abr'm, private Hays Stevenson
Bancker, Flores, 1st lieut. _________Van Schaick
Bancker, Francis, private Wessenfels Hardenbnrgh
Bancker, Fred'k, private ____________Humphrey
Bancker, Heud'k, private Hammond Requa

* Enlisted April 10, 1781, as drummer in Capt. Durey's, lost his feet by frost in winter of 1782. Dutchess Col., A. P. 20-380.
+ Grosvenor's (Conut. Regt.), Ballston, Saratoga Co. A. P. 23-19.
++ Shot through left arm and body while on a reconnoitering party of L. I. Sound in a boat under Captian Eluthan Close,
Oct. 28,1773. Laborer, Outward N. Y. C. A. 215.

Bancker, James, private Harper Allen
Bancker, Nich's, private Hammond Comb
Bancker, Nich's, private Hammoiid Martleng
Bancker, Solomon, private Johnsoa Ostrander
Bancker, Thomas, captain Wemple
Bancker, Tho's B., captain Wemple
Banday, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer
Banick, Geo., private Pawling DeWitt
Banker, Garret, private Schuyler Vischer
Banker, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Banker, Nich's, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Banker, Thomas, private Graham Conklin
Banks, Arthur, sergeant Schuyler Slingerlandt
Banks, Benj'n, private Van Ness
Banks, David, private Willet Conine
Banks, John, sergeant Dragoon Delavan
Banks, John, private Thomas St. John
Banks, Jon'n, sergeant Thomas Lyon
Banks, Obediah,++ private Mead Howe
Banks, Jon'n, sergeant Thomas St. John
Banks, Jon'n, corporal Thomas Hobby
Banks, Jon'n, corporal Lyon Thomas
Banks, Jon'n, corporal Thomas Lyon
Banks, Jon'n, private Thomas Lyon
Banks, Sam'l, sergeant Thomas Lyon
Banks, Sam'l, sergeant Thomas Lyon.
Banks, Sam'l, private Thomas Lyon
Banks, Sam'l, private Thomas Moseman
Banks, Sam'l, private Thomas Hobby
Banson, John, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Banter, John, private Van Veghten
Banter, John, private VanSchoonhoven Hicks
Banter, Hendrick, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Banter, Helebrant, private Willet Fonda
Banther, John, sergeant Van Schoonhorn Aylsworth
Banvert, Abr'm, private Field Hecock
Bany, Ichabod, private Bellinger Staring
Barber, Benjamin, private Whiting Gilbert
Barber, Edward, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Barber, Elisha, private Wessenfels Westfall
Barber, Elisha, private Pawling Westfall
Barber, James, private VanWoert Pettit
Barber, John, adjutant Hathorn
Barber, John, lient. Hathorn Tedford
Barber, John, lieut. Newkirk Vankeuren
Barber, John, corporal Webster Hamilton
Barbor, John, private Webster Hamilton
Barber, John, private Webster Thomas
Barber, John, private Webster Hamilton
Barber, John, private Armstrong Wilson
Barber, Jon'n, corporal Williams Hamilton
Barber, Jon'n, corporal Webster Long
Barber, Jon'n, private Armstrong Wilson
Barber, Joseph, private Wessenfels Westfall
Barber, Joseph, private Pawling Westfall
Barber, Moses, lieut. Vandenbergh Storm
Barber, Reuben, private Wessenfels Pawling
Barber, Reuben, private Hopkins Barnnm
Barber, Reuben, private Schuyler Tillman
Barber, Sam'l, private Luddington Knapp
Barber, Simeon, corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Barber, Simeon, private Van Veghten Winne
Barber, Solomon, private Van Schoonhoven Vandenburgh
Barber, Thomas, private Hopkins Barnnm
Barber, William, private Graham Lansing
Barber, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Odle
Barch, George, private Klock Kocks
Barchwith, John, corporal Willet Livingston
Barcker, Peter, private Van Veghten
Barckley, James, private Johnson Johnson
Barcky, Jacob, private Bellinger Frank
Barclay, John, sergeant Lansing Houston
Barcley, James, private Johnson Jansen
Barcup, Andrew, private Willet Harrison
Bard, Francis, private Schuyler Slyngerland
Bard, Peter, private Minthorn
Barden, Isaac, private Whiting Gilbert
Barder, Michael, private Klock Cayser
Bardine, William, private Johnson Ostrander
Bardsley, John, private Yates Brown
Bardsley, Levi, private Yates
Bardsly, Stiles, sergeant Whiting Salisbury
Bardt, Nicholas, * lieut. Clyde Diefendorf
Barely, Isaac, private Fisher Snooks
Baremore, Henry, drum. Hays Smith
Baremore, Marshall, priv. Vandenburgh Wheeler
Baremore, Marshall, priv. Dubois Lee
Baremore, Win., private Ronda
Barganer, Peter, private Livingston Pulver
Bargor, Peter, private Luddington Lane
Barhart, Jerem'h, private Wynkoop Swart
Barheit, Tunis, private Fisher McMaster
Barheyd, Elish, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Barheydt, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Barheydt, Wouter, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Barhout, Corn's, private Wemple Wanson
Barhout, John, private Wemple Fonda
Barhout, Lewes, private Wemple Mynderson
Barhout, Nich's, lieut. Wemple Outhout
Barhout, Thunes, private Wemple Fonda
Barhuydt, Jacob, private Wemple Van Slyck
Barhydt, Jacob, private Wemple Van Slyck
Barhydt, James, private Steenbergh
Barhydt, Jno., private Wemple Van Slyck
Barhydt, Nich's, lieut. Wemple Fonda
Barhyte, Walter, private VanR
ensselaer Bries
Bark, George, private Pawling Burnet
Barker, Elihu, sergeant Whiting King
Barker, James, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Barker, John, drummer Willet Pearcy
Barker, John, private Willet Pearcy
Barker, Levi, private Whiting King
Barker, Nath'l, sergeant Armstrong McNitt
Barker, Natlian, private Hopkins Lane
Barker, Peter, lieut. Whiting Kings
Barker, Philip, private Willet Putman
Barker, Sam'l, private Binckerhoff Brower
Barker, Solomon, private Whiting King
Barkere, Thomas, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Barker, William, private
Barker, Zenos, private Willet Cannon
Barkerd, Hermanus, priv. Willet Debois
Barkeyt, Wouter, private Schuyler Van Wee
Barkill, Lewis, private Fisher Fisher
Barkins, David, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Barkley, Tliomas, sergeant Newkirk McBride
Barkman, John, private Graham Williams
Barlet, John, private Fisher Yates
Barley, James, private Drake Kronkhites
Barley, Jonathan, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Barlow, Joseph, private Cortland
Barlow, Joseph, private Wessenfels
Barlow, Natnan, private Field Hecock
Barmore, Wm., private ___________Fonda
Barn Hauk, John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Barnard, Simon, corporal Willet Elsworth
Barne, Samuel, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Barner, Joseph, private Graham Lansing
Barner, Simon, private Willet Cannon
Barnes, Benom, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Barnes, Elisha, private Whiting Glibert
Barnes, Glen, private Wessenfels
Barnes, Guilliam, private Wessenfels
Barnes, Jacob, corporal Malcom McKinstry
Barnes, Jacob, private Malcom
Barnes, Jacob, private Fisher Wemple
Barnes, James, sergeant Van Schoonhoven
Barnes, James, private Webster Childs
Barnes, James, private Armstrong McNitt
Barnes, James, private Graham Lansing
Barnea, Jesse, private Van Ness
Barnes, John, corporal Willet Wright
Barnes, John, private Weasenfels White
Barus, John, private Pawling Hunter

* Wounded in the breast at Johnstown, Oct. 25, 1781, Canajoharie district. B. 136, C. 37.

Barnes, John, private Webster Childs
Barnes, John, private Webster McNitt
Barnes, Joseph, private Graham Lansing
Barnes, Nath'l, private Whiting Gilbert
Barnes, Samuel, private Whiting Gilbert
Barnes, Solomon, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Barnes, Thomas, private Webster Long
Barnes, Wm., private Vandenburgh Storm
Barne s, Wm., private Brinckerhoff Brower
Barnes, Wm., Jr., private Pawling Wood
Barne t, John, private Pawling Pawling
Barnet, Jolin, private Livingston Shaver
Barnet, Moses, private Yates Hadlock
Barnet, Nathaniel, private Wessenfels
Barnet, Simon, private Livingston Smith
Barnet, Simon, private Livingston Shaver
Barnet, Symon, private Vaun Rensselaer Elliot
Barnett, John, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Barnett, John, private Van Bergen, Dubois
Barney, Edward, private Williams Rice
Barney, James, private Williams Shepardson
Baruey, John, private Williams Shepardson
Barnham, Thos., corporal Van Schoonhoven Collins (?)
Barnhard, Henry, private Humphrey
Barnhardt, Chas., corporal Fisher McMaster
Barnliart, Charles, private Fisher McMaster
Barnhart, Christr., private Graham Hermance
Barnhart, Christr., private Graham Husted
Barnhart, Henry, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Barnhart, John, corporal Fisher McMaster
Barnhart, John, private Fisher McMaster
Barnliart, John, private Fisher Snook
Barnhart, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Barnhart, Philip, private Vrooman Heager
Barnhart, Wm., private Vrooman
Barnhoke, John, private Brinkiirhoff Van Wyck (?)
Barnord, Simon, corporal Willet Elsworth
Barns, Benoni, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Barns, Glean, private Cortland
Barns, J. Van Ostrant, priv. Hays Tourneur
Barns, Jacob, private Fisher Fisher
Barns, James, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Barnes, James, sergeant VanSchoonhoven Visscher
Barns, James, private Vau Schoonhoven Visscher
Barns John, private Armstrong McNitt
Barns John, private Fisher Fisher
Barns John, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck(?)
Barns Nath'l, corporal Harper Allen
Barns Nath'l, private Harper Allen
Barns Samuel, private Harper Allen
Barns Thomas, private Van Schoonhoven Collins (?)
Barnum, Aza, captain Field
Barnum Azar, captain Hopkins
Barnum Bethuel, ensign Van Rensselaer Townsend
Barnum Bethuel, ensign Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Barnum Bethuel, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Barnum Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Barnum Israel, private Willet Livingston
Barnum Israel, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Barnum Jabez, private Van Reusselaer Staats
Barnum Jonah, corporal Field Barnum
Barnum Levy, sergeant Harper Drake
Barnum Noah, corporal Wessenfels Shephard
Barnum Noah, corporal Field Barnum
Barnum Noah, private Field Barnum
Barnum Samuel, surgeon Crane
Barnum Stephen, private Wessenfels Shepherd
Barnum Stephen, private Field Barnum
Barnum Thomas, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Collins
Barnum Thomas, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Barnum William, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Barnum Will., private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Baron, Anth'y, private Platt Brodhead
Baroon, Anth'y, private Pawling Pawling
Barope, Andrew, private Wemple Mynderson
Barope, John, private Wemple Fonda
Barope, Thomas, private Wemple Wanson
Barr, Daniel, private Wessenfels Brewster
Barr, John, lieut. Wessenfels Bowen
Barr, John, lieut. Wessenfels Westfall
Barr, Jon.n, private Dubois Gano
Burr, Moses, fifer Willet Wright
Barrans, Jacob, private Fisher Fisher
Barrans, John, private Fisher Fisher
Barrerd, Peter, private Harper Harrison
Barrel, Colmaii, private Whiting Bostwick
Barres, James, private Yates Brown
Barret, Abraham, private Thomas St. John
Barret, Abraham, private Thomas Mosema
Barret, Isaac, Jr., private Luddington Mead
Barret, John, private Wessenfels Dodge
Barret, John, corporal Pawling Hunter
Barret, John, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Barret, John, private Luddington Lane
Barret, Marcus, sergeant Thomas St. John
Barret, Marcus, sergeant Thomas Moseman
Barret, Nath'l, corporal Thomas Moseman
Barret, Reuben, private Thomas St. John
Barret, Reuhen, private Stevenson
Barret, Samuel, plivate Lnddington Knapp
Barret, William, private Malcom Delavan
Barrett, Abraham, private Thomas Moseman
Barrett, Barth'w, sergeant Willet Hale
Barrett, Bethuel, private Thomas Moseman
Barrett, Isaac, private Luddington Baker
Barrett, Isaac, private Luddington Lane
Barrett, John, private Luddington Mead
Barrett, Jonathan, private Willet Marshall
Barrett, Justus, private Luddington Mead
Barrett, Marcus, sergeant Thomas Moseman
Barrett, Reuben, private Thomas Moseman
Barrett, Samuel, private Thomas St. John
Barrett, Danniel, private Thomas Moseman
Barrett, Will., private Luddington Mead
Barrick, George, private Johnson Cross
Barrick, George, private Johnson Johnson
Barringer, David, sergeant Van Rensselaer Sharp
Bimiiger, David, sergeant Van Rensselaer Husted
Barriuger, John, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Barringer, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Barringer. Philip, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Barrington, Lewis, private Harper Bogart
Barrit, Jun'n, private Van Rensselaer Hawley
Barrow, Daniel, private Pawling De Witt
Barrow, Daniel, private Pawling Livingston
Barrow, Dan'l, private Wynkoop Van Benren
Barry, Sam'l, private; Luddington Knapp
Barry, William, private Harper Putman
Barsh, Adam, private Klock Wagner
Barsh, Ludolph, private Klock Wagner
Barsh, Rudolph, private Platt Bradbick
Barst, Johannes, private Willet Debois
Bart, Andries, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Bart, Andries, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Barte, Nich's, lieut. Clyde Diffendorf
Bartel, Andries, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bartel, Will., private Van Rensselaer Bries
Barten, Joseph, private Van SchoouhovenHick
Bartholf, Cornelius, priv. Hathorn Miller
Bartholf, Cozinas, private Hathorn Bailey (?)
Bartholf, Crinus, corporal Hathorn Bartholt
Bartholf, Henry, ensign Hathorn Bartholt
Bartholf, James, private Hathorn Bartholf
Bartholf, John, private Hathorn Bartholf
Bartholf, Feter, captain Hathorn
Bartholf, Stephen, private Hathorn Bartholf
Bartholomew, Dehohald, p. Vrooman
Barth'w, Dewalt, private Willet Livingston
Barth'w, Dewalt, private Graham Lansing
Barth'w, Jabold, private Vrooman
Barth'w, Jeptha, private Webster Tozer
Barth'w, John, private Webster Tozer
Barth'w, Joseph, private Webster Tozer
Barth'w, Joseph, private Armstrong Tozer
Barth'w, Samuel, private Webster Tozer
Barth'w, Philip, private Yates Brown
Barth'w, Stephen, private Webster
Barth'w, Zebalt, private Vrooman
Bartine, Sam'l, private Luddington Mead
Bartle, Andries, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bartle, William, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bartlet, Barth'w, sergeant Armstrong McNitt
Bartlet, Geo., private ---------------Truesdell
Bartlet, Hans, private Wessenfels Breivster
Bartlet, Joseph, private Harper Harrison
Bartlet, Levi, private Pawling Hunter
Bartlett, Barth'w, sergeant Webster Long
Bartlett, Barth'w, corporal Webster Long
Bartlett, Barth'w, private Webster Long
Bartlett, Geo., private Crane Truesdel
Bartley, Abr'm, private Malcom McKinstry
Bartley, Dan'l, private Wemple Van Petten
Bartley, Ebeu'r, private Hathorn Mervin
Bartley, Jacob, private Wessenfels Dodge
Bartley, Jacob, private Pawling Wood
Bartley, James, private Wemple Bancker
Bartley, Mich'l, private Wemple Bancker
Bartley, Simon, private Livingston Houserad
Bartly, Esaias, corporal Fisher Fisher
Barton, Henry, lieut. Wisner Bartoff
Bartoff, Peter, captain Wisner
Barton, Stephen, corporal Wisner Bartoff
Bartolf, Crinus. corporal Hathorn Miller
Bartolf, Crinus, corporal Hathorn Bartolf
Bartolf, Henry, (?) lieut. Hathorn Bailey
Bartolf, Henry, ensign Hathorn Bartolf
Bartolf, Peter, captain Hathorn
Bartolf, Samuel, private Hathoru Bailey
Barton, Caleb, corporal Drake Boyd
Barton, Caleb, private Drake Boyd
Barton, Caleb, private Drake Haight
Barton, Elijah, private Luddington Lane
Barton, Gilbert, private Dubois Lee
Barton, Gilbert, private Luddington Lane
Barton, Isaac, private Johnson Mastin
Barton, Stephen, private Newkirk Crawford
Bartons, Elisha, private Drake Haight
Bartow, Andrew, private Luddington Lane
Barupt, John, private Wemple Bancker
Barus, Wm., sergeant Brinckerhoff Storm
Barwell, James, private Johnson Concklin
Barwick, Robert, private Hays Gardner
Baseman, John, private Pawling Piercy
Basford, Wm., s. m. Drake
Bashford, James, private Luddington Lane
Bashford, Wm., corporal Drake Haight
Basseroom, John, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Bassett, Caesar, private Pawling Livingston
Bassett, Cesar, private Wessenfels Pawling
Basset, Cesar, private Pawling Pawling
Basset, John, private Fisher Wemple
Basset, Nehemiah, private Whiting Davis
Basset, Seth, private Yates Yates
Basteyance, Jno., sergeant Wemple Wanson
Basteyance, John, private Wemple Mynderson
Bastick, Edwd., corporal Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Batchellor, Zeph., lieut. Fonda
Bate, James, private Hays Tourneur
Bateluthermark, J., private Clyde Leipe
Bateman, John, adjutant Harper
Bateman, John, lieut. Harper Vrooman
Bates, Elisha, private Crane Lewis
Bates Hickby, sergeant Hopkins Van Benschoten
Bates Huke, private Briuckerhoff Brower
Bates Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bates Justus, private Wessenfels
Bates Michl., private Klock Miller
Bates Stephen, sergeant Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Bates Will., private Yates Brown
Bates Zeph., private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Bates Zepheniah, private Van Cortland
Batey Samuel, private Willet Livingston
Batinger, Martin, private Clyde House
Batman, Reuben, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Batts, Elisha, private Crane Scofield
Batts, Jobs., private Livingston Shaver
Bauch, Christian, sergeant Vrooman Heager
Bauch, Christ., sergeant Vrooman Richtmyer
Bauch, Christ., sergeant Vrooman Becker
Bauch, Christn., private Vrooman Becker
Bauch, Corn's, sergeant Vrooman
Bauch, Corn's, corporal Vrooman Rightmier
Bauch, Corn's, private Vrooman Rightmier
Bauch, David, private Vrooman
Bauman, Fred'k, private Bellinger Herder
Bauman, Geo. A., private Bdliuger Herder
Bauch, Heuiich, private Vrooman Heager
Bauch, Heiirich, private Vrooman Becker
Bauch, Henrich, private Vrooman Heager
Bauch, Henrich, Jr., priv. Vrooman
Bauch, Jacob, private Vrooman Brown
Bauch, Johs., lieut. Vrooman Stubrach
Bauch, Johannis, private Vrooman Heager
Bauch, John, private Vrooman
Bauch, John, private Vrooman Brown
Bauch, John, private Vrooman Becker
Bauch, Lawrence, private VroomanHeager
Bauch, Nich's, private Vrooman Miller
Bauch, Nich's, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Bauch, Nich's, private Vrooman Heager
Bauch, Nicholas, private Vrooman
Bauch, Nich's, private Vrooman
Bauch, Nich's Wm., private Vrooman Heager
Bauch, Peter, private Vrooman Brown
Bauch, Thomas, private Vrooman Strubach
Bauch, Thomas, private Vrooman Miller
Bauch, Thomas, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Bauch, Thomas, private Vrooman Becker
Bauch, Wm., private Vrooman
Bauch, Wm., private Vrooman Heager
Bauck, William, private Willet Debois
Baul, Samuel, private Klock Cayson
Baum, Fred'k, private Harper Putman
Baum, Philip, private Klock Miller
Bauman, Adam, private Bellinger Herder
Bauman, Adam, private Bellinger Staring
Bauman, Fred'k, private Bellinger Staring
Bauman Fred'k, private Wemple Van Petten
Bauman Geo. A., private Bellinger Herder
Bauman Hannis, private Bellinger Herder
Bauman Jacob, sergeant Bellinger Herder
Bauman Nich's, private Bellinger Herder
Bauman Stophel, private Bellinger Herder
Baunger, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Baus, Peter, private Whiting Gilbert
Baut, Conrat, private Van Bergen
Bauvelt, Abraham, sergeant Hays Onderdonck
Bavier, John, private Johnson Johnson
Bawert, John, sergeant Willet Gray
Bawin, Philip, private Klock Miller
Bawman, John, captain Clyde
Baxter, Benj'n, private Crane Lawrence
Baxter, David, private Crane Truesdell
Baxter, Isaac, private Dragoons Delavan
Baxter, John,* private Crane Truesdell
Baxter, Lockard, private Drake Haight
Baxter, Oliver, private Dragoons Delavan
Baxter, Thomas, private Willet Pearcy
Baxter, Thomas, private Crane Truesdell
Baxter, Thomas, Willet
Baxter, Aaron, private Henry
Bay, John, private Van Rensselaer Muller
Bayard, John, corporal Klock Cayser
Bayard, Valentine, corporal Klock Cayser
Bayelas, John, private Yates
Bayer, John, private Klock Suts
Bayer, John, private Fisher Veeder
Bayham, Robert, private Hathorn Minthorn
Bayham, Robert, private Hathorn McCamply
Bayles, Joseph, private Hathorn Minthorn
Bayley, Asher, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Bayley, Devow, private Drake Delivan
Bayley, Devoe, private Drake Haight
Bayley, Elias, private Luddington Mead
Bayley, Jacob, private Wemple Mynderson
Bayley, James, private Drake Haight
Bayley, Sam'l, private Hopkins Lane
Bays, James, private Van Rensselaer DeGarmo
Bazley, James, private Drake
Bazillai, Ransom, private Wessenfels Livingston
Beach, Benj'n, private Yates Weltse

*Wounded in the Shoulder and left arm, Westchester Co. C, 41.

Beach, Rawsel, private Whiting Salsbury
Bench, Tho's, private Van Woert Wells
Beacker, Henry, private Klock Klock
Beacraft, Jon'n, sergeant Van Rensselaer Oosterhoudt
Beacraft, Tho's, sergeant Willet Pearcy
Beacraft, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Oosterhoudt
Beadient, Zaimon, private Crane Scotield
Beadle, Mich'l, q. mr. Van Veghten
Beagle, Ab'm, private Drake
Beaker, Hend'k B., private Klock Klock
Bealon, Joseph, private Klock Zeely
Beam, Adam, private Van Schaick
Beam, Adam, private Bchuyler Tillman
Beam, John, private Schuyler Tillman
Beam, Wm., private Graham Wilson
Beams, Jerem'h, seigeant Van Veghten
Bean, William, private Pawling Pawling
Bear, Cufty, private Wynkoop
Bear, Yury, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Beard, Francis, private Schuyler Slingerlandt
Beard, John, private Wessenfels Westfall
Beard, John, private Willet Tearse
Bearmour, Henry, private Clyde Van Everat
Bears, John, corporal Hathorn Shepherd
Bears, Timothy, private Hathorn Ayres
Bearsh.Johu, private Livingston Smith
Beater, Jacob, private Dubois De Mont
Beath, Rob't, corporal Wemple Fonda
Beath, Teller, private Wemple Mynderse
Beath, Thomas, private Wemple Van Pelten
Beatis, Robert, private Cantiue Hasbrouck
Beats, Jesse, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Beatty, Alex'r,+ lieut. McClaughry Tilford
Beatty, John, private Williams McNitt
Beatty, Thomas, private Armstrong Armstrong
Beaty, John, private Webster McNitt
Beaty, John, private Hathorn Brodhead
Beauman, Adam, private Bellinger Frank
Beauman, Jacob, sergeant Bellinger Frank (?)
Beauman, Nich's, private Bellinger Herder
Beaur, John, private Wynkoop Swart
Beaver, John, private Wynkoop Swart
Beaver, Peter, private Wynkoop Swart
Beaye, Jas., private Drake Delivan
Bebee, Peler, private Wallet Van Rensselaer
Beccus, Josc-ph, corporal Armstrong McNitt
Bcehus, John, private Webster Childa
Becker, Ab'm, private Willet Harrison
Becker, Ab'm, private Vrooman Heager
Becker, Ab'm, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Ab'm, private Vrooman Becker
Becker Adam, private Graham Lansing
Becker Adam, private Vrooman Heager
Becker Adam, private Schuyler Lansing
Becker Adam, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Becker Albartus, sergeant Vrooman Rightmier
Becker Albertus, lieut. Harper
Becker Alb., private Vrooman
Becker Alb., Jr., private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker Bill, private Vrooman
Becker Coenraed, private Vrooman Heager
Becker Corn's P., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker David, private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker David, private Van Woert Whiteside
Becker David, Jr., private Vrooman
Becker Fred'k, private Vrooman
Becker Frederick, private Vrooman Heager
Becker Garret, private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker Garret, private Schuyler Hogan
Becker George, private Vrooman Stubrach
Beeker George, private Vrooman Brown
Becker George, private Vrooman Miller
Becker Gerurd, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker Gerred, private Vrooman
Becker Gerret, private Vrooman
Becker Harmanus, private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker Harmanus, private Vrooman
Becker Hend'k, private Vrooman Richtmyer

+Served from December 1776 through summer of 1777, New Windsor, Orange Col. A. P. 23-261, 124, 55.

Becker, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Becker, Henrich, private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, Henry, sergeant Bellinger Harber
Becker, Henry, private Klock Kock
Becker, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, Henry, private Schuyler Hogan
Becker, Isaac, ensign Vrooman Richtmyer
Beckcr, Jacob, private Vrooman Brown
Becker, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, Jacob, private Vrooman Miller
Becker, Jacob, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Jacob, private Livingston Smith
Becker, Johannis, private Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, Johannis, private Vrooman Miller
Becker, Johaiinig, private Van Bergen
Becker, Johau's A., sergt. Vrooman
Becker, Joh's Ab'm, priv. Vrooman Rightmyer
Becker, Joh's Alb's, priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Johan's A., priv, Vrooman
Becker, John'sF., private Vrooman Heager
Becker, Joiian's H., priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Johan's J., priv. Vrooman Rightmier
Becter, Johan's J., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Johan's B., corp'l Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, John H., private Vrooman
Becker, Johannis, P., prir. Vrooman Richtmye
Becker, Jobs. Wm., priv. Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, John, private Willet Livingston
Becker, Johu, private Vrooman Brown
Becker, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, John, private Vrooman Miller
Becker, John, private Yates Yates
Becker, John, private Van Woert Hodges
Becker, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Becker, John, private Yates Brown
Becker, John Ab., sergeant Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Jno. Ab., private Vrooman Becker
Becker, John Albs., corpl. Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, John Al., private Vrooman
Becker, John A., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Beeker, John B., private Vrooman Miller
Becker, John G.,fifer Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, John H., private Vrooman Becker
Becker, John I , private Vrooman
Becker, John J., private Vrooman Bightmier
Beekcr, John P., corporal Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, John P., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, Jno. S., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Becker, John St., private Vrooman
Becker, John N., private Vrooman Becker
Becker, John Wm., private Vrooman
Becker, Joost, major Vrooman
Becker, Joseph, private Webster Childs
Becker, Lodowick, private Schuyler Hogan
Becker, Martin, private Van Woert Whitesides
Becker, Nchs., private Vrooman
Becker, Peter, private Klock Ruff
Becker, Peter, private Wessenfels Brewster
Becker, Peter, private Clyde House
Becker, Peter, private Vrooman Becker
Becker, Philip, private Klock Kock
Becker, Philip, private Klock Kock
Becker, Philip, private Graham Lansing
Becker, Philip, private Schuyler Hogan
Becker, Silas, sergeant Hathorn Brodhead
Becker, Storm, captain Vrooman
Becker, Storm, sergeant Graham Lansing
Becker, Storm, surgeant Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, Storm, sergeant Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, Storm, corporal Vrooman
Becker, Storm, private Vrooman
Becker, Storm A., lieut. Willet Harrison
Becker, Storm A., private Vrooman Rightmier
Becker, Wm., ensign Humfrey
Becker, Wm., private Graham Lansing
Becker, Wm., private Vrooman Stubrach
Becker, Wm., private Vrooman Brown
Becker, Wm., private Vrooman Miller
Becket, Johu, private Hathorn Case
Becket, Runnel, private Van Renaselaer De Forest
Beckins, Elijah, private Graham Sherwood
Beckman, Henry, private Malcom Canting
Beckman, J., sergt. major Malcom Cantine
Beckman, John, sergeant Malcom Cantine
Bechns, Elijah, private Webster Childs
Beckus, Elijah, private Armstrong McNitt
Beckus, Jolm, private Armstrong McNitt
Beckurth, Daniel, private Willet Tearse
Beckwith, Daniel, private Willet Henry
Beckwith, David, private Dubois Chamberlain
Beckwith, John, s. m. Whiting Salsbury
Beckworth, Wm., private Whiting Bostwick
Bedal, Will., private Van Rensselaer Bries
Becraft, Willm., private Wemple Dietz,
Beddle, Danl., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Bedell, Jesse, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Beder, Christian, private Hathorn Bogardus
Bedford, Andrew, private Wynkoop Swartz
Bedford, Corns., private Pawling Hunter
Bedford, Cornelius, private Pawling Pawling
Bedford, John, private Wynkoop
Bedford, Jonas, private Pawling Pawling
Bedford, Jones, private Platt Brodhead
Bedford, Simon, private Wynkoop DeWitt
Bedhig, John, captain KIock
Bedient, Falmon, private Crane
Beedle, Saml., private Drake Strang
Bedle, Thomas, private Van Veghten
Bedleston, Henry, private Van Veghten Winne
Bedivel, Daniel, sergeant Willet Gray
Beebe, Bodrick, private Whiting Cady
Beebe, Constant, private Whiting Davis
Beebe, Constant, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Beebe, David, private Whiting Davis
Beebe, Martin, major Whiting
Beebe, Nath'l, corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Beebe, Nath'l, private Van Woert Wells
Beebe, Nath'l, private Van Woert Gilmore
Beebe, Nath'l, private Van Woert Doty
Bebee, Philo, corporal Noble
Beebe, Philo, private Whiting Cady
Beeby, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Beeby, Constant, sergeant Graham Williams
Beeby, Constant, private Graham Lansing
Beech, Benjn., private Van Rensselaer DeGarmo
Beedle, Danl., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Beedle, John, corporal Brower Brinckerhoff
Beedle, John, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Beedle, Joseph, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Beedle, Thos., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Beek, Nichs., private Schuyler Ostrum
Beeker, David, private Van Woert Doty
Beeker, Gerrit, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Beeker, John, private Wessenfels Brewster
Beeker, John, private Yates Yates
Beeker, Joseph, private Klock Kock
Beeker, Veter, corporal Cuyler
Beeker, Solomon, private Wallet Livingston
Beeker, Wouter, private Quackenboss Van Wie
Beekers, John, private Webster Childs
Beekman Benj., corporal Wessenfels Pawling
Beekman Benj., private Wessenfels Pawling
Beekman Benj., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Beekman Benj., private Wynkoop Swarts
Beekman Corns., lieut. Snyder Swarts
Beekman Corns,, lieut. Wynkoop Van Buren
Beekman Garret G., priv. Drake Boyd
Beekman Hend'k, private Wynkoop Bogardus
Beekman Hendricus, priv. Wynkoop Van Buren
Beekman Jacob, private Willet Conine
Beekman John, Jr., priv. Snyder Swarts
Beekman John,Jr., private Wynkoop
Beekman J. H., lieut.-col. Van Rensselaer
Beekman John I., sergeant Wynkoop Swarts
Beekman John J., sergeant Platt Brodhead
Beekman Theophs., priv. Klock Miller
Beekman Thomas, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Beekman Tierck. lieut. Hooehteling
Beeler, Jacob, private Klock Kock
Beeler, Joseph, private Klock Kock
Beelman, Jacob, private Schuyler Van Aerman
Beelman, John, private Schuyler Van Aerman
Beely, Jacob, private Klock Kock
Beely, Tim'y, corporal VanSchoonhoven Visscher
Beem, Jno., private Van Rensselaer Deucker
Beer, Adam, private Wynkoop
Beer, Henry, corporal Wynkoop
Beer, Henry, private Wynkoop
Beer, John, private Wynkoop
Beers, Fanton, private Crane Rockwood
Beera, John, private Lansing Shepherd
Beets Jacob, private Newkirk McBride
Beets James, lieut. Dubois Chamberlain
Begal John, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Begal Samuel, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Begal Stephen, private Luddington Lane
Begel John, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Begerdis, Robis, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Begleston, Henry, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Begordus, James, ensign Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Begordus, Peter, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Begrave, Mich'l, ensign VanSchoonhoven Collins
Bekler, Garret, private Wemple Van Petten
Belew, Isaac, sergean Drake
Belew, Isaac, private Drake
Belknap, Abel, lieut. Van Veghten Woodworth
Belknap, Abel, ensign Van Veghten Thompson
Belknap, Jacob, private Hathorn Case
Belknap, Thomas, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Bell, Fred'k, private Clyde Diffendorf
Bell, Fred'k, private Clyde Leipe
Bell, George,* private Bellinger Edge
Bell, Hendrick, private Hays Bell
Bell, Hendrick, private Hays Blauvelt
Bell, Henry, private Hays
Bell, Henry, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Bell, G. Henry, guide Bellinger
Bell, Jacob, private Bellinger Frank
Bell, Jacob, private Bellinger Herder
Bell, John, captain Hays
Bell, John, private Fisher McMaster
Bell, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Bell, Martin, private Van Woert Gilmore
Bell, Matt'w, private Harper Drake
Bell, Nich's, corporal Bellinger Staring
Bell, Robert, private Malcolm
Bell, Stephen, private Schuyler Lansing
Bell, Thomas, private Johnson Smith
Bell, Tho's, private Bellinger Frank
Bell, William, sergeant Hays Bell
Bell, William, private Webster
Bell, William, private Webster McNitt
Bell, William, private Armstrong McNitt
Bell, Wm., private Malcom
Bell, William, private Cooper Gardner
Bell, William, private Hays Gardner
Bell, Wm., private Horton
Bell, Wm., Jr., private Hays Onderdonk
Bell, Wm., Sr., private Hays Bell
Bell, Wm., Sen'r, private Hays Onderdonk
Bell, Wm. W., private Hays Bell
Bellas, Jonas, private Hathorn Mervin
Billiger, Michael, sergeant Johnson Johnson
Bellengar, Fred'k, private Klock Hess
Bellinger, Adam, corporal Platt Bradbick
Bellinger, Adam, private Clyde Diffendorf
Bellinger, Adam, private Clyde House
Bellinger, Adam, private Klock Cayser
Bellinger, Adam, private Klock Suts
Bellinger, Christ'n, private Harper Putman
Bellinger, Fred'k, lieut.-col. Bellinger
Bellinger, Fred'k, private Klock Zeely
Bellinger, Fred'k, private Klock House
Bellinger, Fred'k, private Clyde Leipe
Bellinger, Fred'k, private Klock Wagner
Bellinger, Hannis, private Bellinger Herder
Bellinger, Hend'k, private Klock Cayser
Bellinger, Hend'k, private Klock House
Bellinger, Henry, private Clyde Diffendorf

* Wounded in the thigh at Oriskany, Aug. 6, 1777. German Flatts. A. 163 Bellinger, Henry, private Klock Miller

Bellinger, Henry, private Klock House
Bellinger, Johannis, priv. Vrooman
Bellinger, Jon's L., lieut. Vrooman Richtmeyer
Bellinger, John L., ensign Vrooman
Bellinger, Johan's L., en'gn Bellinger
Bellinger, Johan's L., en'gn Bellinger
Bellinger, Johan's L., en'gn Vrooman
Bellinger, John, corporal Bellinger
Bellinger, John, corporal Bellinger
Bell, John, private Malcomb
Bellinger, John, private Vrooman
Bellinger, John, private Bellinger Frank
Bellinger, Joost, corporal Klock House
Bellinger, Jost, corporal Klock House
Bellinger, Jost, private Klock Miller
Bellinger, Marcus, Jr., corp. Vrooman Rightmier
Ilellinger, Marcus, corporal Vrooman Richtmyer
Bellinger, Marcus, private Vrooman
Bellinger, Marcus, private Vrooman Stubrach
Bellinger, Marcus, private Vrooman Miller
Bellinger, Marcus, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Bellinger, Marcus, private Vrooman Becker
Bellinger, Marcus, Jr., pri. Vrooman Richtmyer
Bellinger, Marcus, Jr., pr. Vrooman Becker
Bellinger, Martin, private Clyde House
Bell, Nich's, private Bellinger Frank
Bellinger, Nich's L., ensign Bellinger Herder
Bellinger, Peter, Sr., col.
Bellinger, Peter, Jr , q. mr. Bellinger
Bellinger, Peter, private Klock House
Bellinger, Peter, private Bellinger Frank
Bellinger, Peter, private Bellinger Herder
Bellinger, Peter, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Bellinger, Stoffel, private Bellinger Herder
Bellinger, William, corpl. Clyde Leipe
Bellows, Thomas, sergeant Armstrong McNitt
Bellows, Thomas, private Webster Hamilton
Bells, Elisha, private Van Woert Gilmore
Belmore, Stephen, private Van Woert Whiteside
Beltar, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Belue, Isaac, private Thomas Moseman
Bemus, Edmund, sergeant Williams Shepardson
Bemus, Wm., private Van Veghten Woodworth
Ben, Casper, private Livingston Smith
Ben, George, private Van Rensselaer Philips
Ben, James, private Livingston Smith
Bender, Christian, sergeant Quackenboss Slingerlandt
Bender, Christ'r, sergeant Schuyler Slingerlandt
Bender, Jacob, private Bellinger Staring
Benedict, Aaron, private Van Rensselaer
Benedict, Francis, private Bellinger Staring
Benedict, Isaac, private Van Rensselaer
Benedict, James, private Hathorn Miller
Benedict, James, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Benedict, Lewis, private Dragoons Delavan
Benedict, Peter, private Dragoons Delavan
Benedict, Stephen, lieut. Van Veghten Dunning
Benedict, Stephen, lieut. Van Veghten Woodworth
Benedict, Ambrose, private Drake Seely
Benedict, Amos, private Thomas Gilbert
Benedict, Azariah, private Wessenfels Hunt
Benedict, Benj'n, lieut. Crane Lockwood
Benedict, Benj'n, fifer Thomas Gilbert
Benedict, Caleb, ensign Van Schoonhoven Collins
Benedict, Eben'r, private Field Barnum
Benedict, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Benedict, Elias, private Harper Drake
Benedict, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Benedict, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Benedict, Elisha, private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Benedict, Elisha, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Benedict, Elisha, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Benedict, Elisha, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Benedict, Enoch, ensign Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Enoch sergeant Drake Seely
Benedict, Felix, Private Van Schoonhoven Collins
Benedict, Isaac, Private Yates Hadlock
Benedict, Isaac, Private Yates Wiltse
Benedict, Jacob, private Crane Lawrence
Benedict, James, private Hathorn Minthom
Benedict, James, private Yates Yates
Benedict, James, private Van Rensselaer
Benedict, James, private Yates Wiltse
Benedict, John, ensign Hathorn Bailey
Benedict, John, ensign Hathorn Minthorn
Benedict, John, ensign Hathorn McCamley
Benedict, Joner, private Hays (?) Stevenson
Benedict, Jos'h, lieut.-col.
Benedict, Joseph, lieut. Crane Lockwood
Benedict, Joseph, lieut. Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Joseph, sergeant Drake Seely
Benedict, Joseph, private Drake Seely
Benedict, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Benedict, Jos'h, Jr., priv. Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Lewis, private Drake Seely
Benedict, Lewis, private Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Micajah, private Steenbergh
Benedict, Nathan, private Drake Seely
Benedict, Nathan, private Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Kathan, private Benedict Gould
Benedict, Oliver, Jr., priv. Harper Harrison
Benedict, Peter, sergeant Benedict Seely
Benedict, Stephen, lieut. Van Veghten
Benedict, Tim'y, sergeant Hays Stevenson
Benedict, Tim'y, sergeant Drake Lawrence
Benedict, Tim'y, private Crane Lawrence
Benedict, Tom, private Wessenfels Hunt
Benedict, Uriah, private Willet White
Benedict, Uriah, private Van Schoonhoven
Benedict, William, sergt. Hathorn Minthorn
Beneway, Peter, private Yates Van Denburgh
Benedict, Ryer, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Beney, Nich's, private Fisher McMaster
Benham, James, corporal Hathorn Minthorn
Beninger, Isaac, private Hammond
Benjamin, Buack, private Willet Gray
Benjamin, Daniel, private Hathorn Minthom
Benjamin, Daniel, private Noble
Benjamin, David, private Hathorn
Benjamin, David private Pawling Westfall
Benjamin, Ebenezer, priv. Willet Gray
Benjamin, Eben'r, private Willet Harrison
Benjamin, Eben'r, private Platt Kinnie
Benjamin, Elijah, private Luddington Baker
Benjamin, James, private Crane Chapman
Benjamin, James, private Thomas Gilbert
Benjamin, Jon'n, private Dubois Gano
Benjamin, Josiah, lieut. Van Veghten Thompson
Benjamin, Josiah, lieut. Van Veghteu Woodworth
Benjamin, Josiah, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Benjamin, Josiah, private Van Veghten Dunham
Benjamin, Nathan, private Hathorn Minthorn
Benjamin, Richard, priv. Wisner Balys
Benjamin, Samuel, private Hathorn Sayres
Benjamin, Sammel, private Hathorn Shepherd
Benjamin, Samuel, private Wisner Balys
Benjamin, Silas, private Philips Miller
Benjamin, Siras, private Platt Lee
Benjamin, Syrus, private Dubois Lee
Benjamins, Daniel, private Whiting Davis
Benjamins, Daniel, private Whiting Salisbury
Benjamins, Daniel, private Malcom Livingston
Benjamins, Daniel, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Benjamins, Darius, priv. Luddington Mead
Benjamins, Eben'r, lieut. Whiting Davis
Benjamins, Eben'r, private Van Rensseliaer Cady
Benn, George, private Van Rensselaer Osterhout
Benn, George, private Van Reusselaer Philips
Benn, John, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Bennedict, Daniel, private Hathorn Minthorn
Benner, Frederick, private Platt Bloom
Benner, John, private Platt Bloom
Bonnet, Abraham, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Bennet, Amos, lieut. Fisher McMaster
Bennet, Amos, lieut. Fisher Yeomans
Bennet, Amos, private Hathorn Shepherd
Bennet, Benj., private Graham Sherwood
Bennet, Benj., private Yates Hadlock
Bennet, Brnj., private Van Rensselaer
Bennet, Bildad, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bennet, David, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bennet, Ephraim, sergeant Hathorn McCamly
Bennet, Ephraim, sergeant Van Rensselaer Fraist
Bennet, Ephraim, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Bennet, Ephraim, private Hathorn McCamly
Bennet, Ephraim, private Wisner Baly
Bennet, Ezra, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Bennet, Francis, private Yatea Brown
Bennet, Increase, private Field Heacock
Bennet, James, private Hathorn McCamley
Bennet, Isaiah, sergeant Luddington Kidd
Bennet, James, private Wisner Balys
Bennet, Jerem'h, corporal Dubois Gano
Bonnet, Jeremiah, private Hathorn Minthorn
Bennet, Jesse, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Bennet, John, private Wessenfels Thompson
Bennet, Jon'n, private Yates Hadlock
Bennet, Jon'n, private Yates Yates
Bennet, Jon'n, private Van Woert Brown
Bennet, Joseph, corporal Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Bennet, Joseph, private Malcom Delavan
Bennet, Mitchel, private Pawling Westfall
Benuet, Nathan, corporal Yatcs Brown
Bennet, Owen, private Willet Livingston
Bonnet, Owen, private Willet Gillet
Bennet, Richard, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Bennet, Richard, private Van Veghten Winne
Bennet, Richard, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bennet, Robert, private Yates Yates
Bennet, Robert, private Van Hensselaer De Garmo
Bennet, Robinson, private Yatcs Hadlock
Bennet, Robinson, private Yates Brown
Bennet, Thadeus, private Hathorn Hadlock
Bennet, Thomas, private Hathorn McCamly
Bennet, Wm., private Yates McCamly
Bennett, Abraham, private Hathorn McCamply
Bennett, Richard, private Yates Yates
Benneway, John, private Yates Yates
Benneway, John, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bennit, Amacy, private Field Dykeman
Bennit, Robert, private Yates Hadlock
Bennitt, Amos, private Yates Hadlock
Bennway, John, private Yates Brown
Bennway, Icabod, private Van Schaick
Benord, Thomas, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Benorray, John, private Yates
Benraft, Thomas, private Willet Marshall
Benrich, Franz, private Bellinger Small
Benscoten, James, private Graham Wilson
Benson, Bildad, corporal Van Veghten Van Woert
Benson, Bildad, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Benson, Bildad, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Benson, Bildad, private Van Veghten Winne
Benson, Ellas private Yates Hadlock
Benson, Elihu, private Van Veghten Thompson
Benson, Elihu, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Benson, Einathan, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Benson, Job, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Benson, Joel, private Yates Hadlock
Benson, Joel, private Van Hensselaer De Garmo
Benson, Johanes, corporal Hays Blauvelt
Benson, Johannes, private Hays Blauvelt
Benson, John, private Graham
Benson, John, private Hays
Benson, John, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Renson, John, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Benson, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Benson, Jolin, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Benson, John, private Van Veghten Dunham
Benson, Jon'n, private Fonda
Benson, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Benson, Peter, corporal Johnson Wood
Benthouse, Peter, private Wemple Fonda
Bentlet, Ricliard, private Webster Tozer
Bentley, Benjn., private Van Reusselaer Niles
Bentley, Oliver, lieut. Van Rensselaer Niles
Bentley, Richard, private Webster Tozer
Bentley, Samuel, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Bentley, Samuel, private Graham Vail
Bentley, Thomas, private Vandenburgh Wheel
Bentley, Tillinghost, lieut. Graham Vail
Bently, Benedict, private Van Veghten
Bently, Green, private Wisner Baly
Bently, Joseph, private Whiting Herrick
Bently, Richd, private Webster
Bently, Sam'l, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Bently, Thomas, private Whiting Herrick
Bentiy, Thomas, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bendy, Tillinghast, lieut. Vandenburg Wheeler
Benton, Jonathan, private Willet Newell
Berch, Lutwick, private Bellinger Herder
Berdick, Asa, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Berdick, Cary, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Berg, Ab'm. private Vrooman Stubrach
Berg, Adam, private Vrooman Brown
Berg, Philip, private Vrooman Brown
Berg, Philip, private' Vrooman Miller
Berg, Wm., private Vrooman Stubrach
Bergcr, Jacob, private Malcom Cantine
Berger, Jacob, private Pawling Van Aken
Berger, Jacob, private Wynkoop
Berger, Wilhelmus, private Wynkoop
Bergcr, Wouter, private Hathorn Boffardus
Berger, Woutcr, private Pawling Van Aken
Bergh, Ab'm, private Vrooman Miller
Berg, Philip, private Vrooman Stubrach
Bergh, Philip, private Vrooman Miller
Bergh, Philip, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Berhydt, Thuncs, private Wemple Fonda
Berimer, Casper, private Wessenfels Livingston
Berimer, Mich'l, private Wessenfels Livingston
Berimore, Marshal, private Dubois Lee
Beringer, Zacharias, priv. Schuyler Scharp
Berk, Carl, private Schuyler Tillman
Berkey, Jacob, private Bellinger
Berkey, Peter, sergeant Bellinger Frank
Berkie, Jacob, private Bellinger Herder
Berkie, Peter, private Bellinger Herder
Berkley, Elias, private Fisher McMaster
Berkman, Jacob, sergeant Van Bergen Dubois
Berky, Peter, sergeant Bellinger Frank
Bernard, Simon, private Wessenfels
Bernard, Fred'k,* surg. Harper

* From October 1 to December 31, 1780. Canajoharie. A. P. 16-1.

Bernard, Warden, private Pawling Williams
Berner, Hans Jurrie, priv. Wynkoop Swart
Berner, Joseph, private Vrooman
Bernet, John, private Graham Husted
Bernhart, Fred'k, private Yates
Bcrnhart, Harme, private Clyde Brown
Bernhart, Joseph, private Vrooman Rightmier
Bernhert, Henry, private Yates
Bernhert, Joseph, private Yates
Berrerd, Peter, private Harper Harrison
Berrett, John, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Berringer, David, sergeant Schuyler Scharp
Berringer, Jacob, private Wessenfels White
Berringer, Jacob, private Schuyler Scharp
Berringer, John, private Van Renaselaer Shaw
Berringer, John, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Berringer, Patrick, private Livingston Rockfeller
Berringer, Philip, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Berringer, Zacharias, priv. Van Rensselaer Sharp
Berry, Elisha, Jr., private Van Rensselaer Niles
Berry, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Berry, Jaboz, sergeant Luddington Knapp
Berry, Jabez, sergeant Luddington Waterbury
Berry, Jabez, sergeant Luddington Crane
Berry, James, private Weisenfels
Berry, John, lieut. Hopkins Lane
Berry, John, lieut. Luddington Crane
Berry, Nichi's, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Berry, Nich's, private Graham Vail
Berry, Peter, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Berry, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Berry, Samuel, sergeant Wessenfels Shephard
Berry, Sam'l, corporal Van Rensselaer Niles
Berry, Sam'l, private Hopkins Lane
Berry, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Berry, Sam'l, private Luddington Mead
Berry, Wm., Jr., corporal Van Alstyn Truesdel
Berry, Wm., private Fisher Degraas
Berry, Wm., private Fisher McMaster
Berry, Wm., private Van Alstyn Claw
Bersey, Weinings, private Willet Harrison
Bersh, Rudolph, private Van Schaick
Bertine, John, private Hammond Martling
Bertine, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Besemer, John, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Besemer, Mich'l, private Pawling Faulkner
Besey, Elias, private Webster Long
Beshar, Jacob, private Bellinger Frank
Bessay, Eph'm, private Van Woert Wells
Bessel, John, sergeant Dubois Chamberlain
Bessel, Seth, private Yates Brutt
Bessey, Ephraim, private Van Woert Pellet
Best, Benj'n. private Livingston Shaw
Best, Benjamin, private Livingston Elliot
Best, Benj'n, private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Best, Hend'k, corporal Livingston Pulver
Best, Jacob, private Van Ness Whiting
Best, John, lieut. Livingston Shaver
Best, Peter, private Livingston Rockfeller
Best, Wilhelmus, private Livingston Shaw
Best, Wm., private Livingston Pulver
Bestad, Alex'r, private Wemple Bancker
Bester, John, private Wallet Skinner
Betallemew, Jn'o, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Betel, Bennage, private Fisher Veeder
Bett, Casper, private Graham Wison
Bettess, John, private
Thomas Moseman
Bettess, John, private Thomas Moseman
Bettess, John, private Thomas St. John
Bettis, Jeremiah, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Bettis, Jeremiah, private Van Schoonhoven
Bettis, Wm., private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Belts, James, lieut. Dubois Chamberlain
Betts, Nathan, private Thomas Gilbert
Betty, Thomas, sergeant Newkirk Van Keuren
Betty, William, sergeant Phillips Ostrander
Bettyss, Jeremiah, private Steenbergh
Bevee, Nich's, private Fisher McMaster
Beveer, Jonas, sergeant Johnson Wilkina
Beven, Jacob, private Van Woert Whiteside
Bevens, Benjamin, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Bever, Edward, private Schuyler Groot
Bever, Jacob, corporal Yatea Brown
Bever, Nath'l, corporal Johnson Johnson
Bevere, Ab'm, private Johnson Jansen
Beverly, David, lieut. Fisher McMaster
Beverly, David, ensign Fisher McMaster
Beverly, Thomas, private Fisher McMaster
Bevey, Elias, private Armstrong
Bevey, Nich's, private Fisher McMaster
Bevie, Isaac, private Drake Hadden
Bevier, Andries, private Graham Sherwood
Bevier, Benj'n, sergeant Cantine
Bevier, Benjamin, private Graham
Bevier, Coenradt, private Pawling Piercy
Bevier, Conradt, private Cantine
Bevier, Corn's, private Graham
Bevier, Corn's, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Bevier, Jacob, private Graham
Bevier, Jacob, private Van Woert Whitesides
Bevier, Jacob, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Bevier, Johannes, private Graham
Bevier, Jonas, sergeant Johnson Gillespy
Bevier, Matt'w, sergeant Cantine
Bevier, Thomas, private Schuyler Groot
Bevils, Benjamin, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bevin, Benjamin, private Vrooman Miller
Bevins, Charles, private Johnson Johnson
Bevort, Alex'r, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Bevy, Nich's, private Fisher McMaster
Bewel, Samuel, sergeant Webster Long
Bewman, Fred'k, private Wemple Van Atten
Beyay, James, private Drake Delivan
Beyea, Isaac, private Luddington Lane
Beyce, Tohide, private Van Renseelaer De Garmo
Bibbins, John, fifer Van Rensselaer King
Bice, John, Jr., private Van Veghten Thompson
Bice, Yawnas, private Hoiton
Bicely, David, private Newkirk McBride
Bick, Mart's, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Bick, Martiuus, private Vrooman Becker
Bickart, John, private Klock Wagner
Bickel, John, private Fonda
Bicker, Corse, private Klock Zeely
Bicker, George, private Vrooman Stubrach
Bicker, Henry, corporal Harper Vroman
Bicker, Henry, private Clyde Leipe
Bicker, Jacob, private Vrooman Stubrach
Bickle, John, private Fonda
Bidleman, Simon, private Clyde Leipe
Bidwell, Daniel, sergeant Willet Wnght
Bidwell, Dan'l, corporal Van Veghten Dunham
Bidwell, Daniel, private Van Veghten Dunning
Bidwell, Daniel, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bidwell, David, sergeant Van Veghten Dunning
Bidwell, David, private Van Veghten Dunning
Bidwell, Jacob, private Van Veghten Dunning
Bidwell, Jacob, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Biffer, John Lide, sergeant Fisher Veeder
Bigelow, Joel, private Williams Rice
Bigelow, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Bigelow, Samuel, private Webster Long
Bigelow, Samuel, private Webster Tozer
Bigelow, William, private Williama Rice
Bigford, Samuel, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Biggel, Will. sergeant Van Rensselaer Bries
Biggraft, George, corporal Van Bergen
Biglow, Jotham, private Williams
Biglow, Sam'l, private Armstrong
Bigruft, Thomas, sergeant Platt
Bigs, Tim'y, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bigsby, Jonathan, private Van Ness Whitney
Bigsley, Christ'r, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bikert, Jacobus, private Klock House
Bikker, Nich's, private Yates Yan Den Burgh
Bikler, Nich's, private Yates Brutt
Biles, George, private Malcolm McKinstry
Biles, Walter, private Wessenfels Westfall
Bikley, And'w, private Webster Long
Billame, James, private Fisher Gartneer
Billens, James, private Fisher Fisher
Billing, James, private Fisher Yeoman
Billinger, Johan's L., ens'n Vrooman Rightmier
Billinger, John L., ensign Vrooman Miller
Billinger, Hend'k I., priv. Klock Wagner
Billinger, Henry, private Clyde Diefendorf
Billinger, Philip, private Clyde Leipe
Billings. James, private Fisher Yeoman
Billins, Increas, private Fisher Snook
Billins, Incris, private Harper Putnam
Bills, Elisha, private Van Woert Gilmore
Bills, Joel, corporal Whiting Gilbert
Binaway, John, private Yates Yates
Bineway, Peter, private Yates
Bingham, Richard, lieut. Willet Newell
Birch, Isaiah, private Field Dyckman
Bircham, Henry, corporal Schuyler Tillman
Birchum, Henry, private Schuyler Tillman
Bird, Samuel, private Hays Gardner
Birdick, Cary private Van Rensselaer Husted
Birdsal, Nathan, corporal Hathorn Telford
Birdsall, Bem'n, lieut.-col.
Birdsall, Dan'l, private Drake Boyd
Birdsall, Elemuell, private Field Barnum
Birdsall, Jacob, corporal Drake Haight
Birdsall, Jacob, private Drake Haight
Birdsall, John, private Luddington Kidd
Birdsall, Sam'l, private Drake Boyd
Birdsall, Tho's, private Fields Barnum
Birdsell, Squire, private Fields Hecock
Birdsell, Thomas, private Fields Hecock
Bireway, Peter, private Yates Brutt
Birth, Jerem'h, private Fisher Yeomans
Bise, John, private Drake
Bise, Wm., private Van Veehten Dunham
Bishet, Chas., private Klock House
Bishney, Francis, private Dubois Lee
Bishop, And'w, private Crane Lawrence
Bishop, And'w, private Crane Bouton
Bishop, Caleb, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Bishop, Chas., private Klock Cayser
Bishop, Epenetus, private Crane Scofield
Bishop, Epenetus, private Benedict Bouton
Bishop, James, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Bishop, James, private Crane Lockwood
Bishop, John, sergeant Pawling Livingston
Bishop, John, sergeant Willet Cannon
Bishop, John, corporal Dubois Burnet
Bishop, John, private Stevenson
Bishop, John, private Hammond
Bishop, John, private Drake Boyd
Bishop, John, private Crane Lockwood
Bishop, John, private Crane Scofield
Bishop, John, private Crane Truesdell
Bishop, John, private Crane Lewig
Bishop, Joshua, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Bishop, Levi, private Pawling Faulkner
Bishop, Levi, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Bishuit, Francis, private Field Dyckman
Biskit, Charles, private Klock House
Biskirk, Joseph, private Schuyler Lansing
Bisley, Oliver, private Luddington Crane
Bissill, John, sergeant Dubois Chamberlain
Bitcher, Adam, private Graham Wilson
Bitcher, Henry, private Van Veghten
Biteman, Peter, private Clyde Leipe
Bitser, Wilhelmus, private Livingston Smith
Bivins, John, private Whiting King
Bixby, Andrew, private Van Rensselaer Graves
Bisby, Manasseh, sergeant Williams Stowel
Bixby, And'w, private Van Ness
Bixby, Ephraim, private Williams Rice
Bixby, Samuel, sergeant Williams Shepardson
Bixby, Samuel, private Williams Rice
Blacius, Lawrence, private Willet Gross
Black, Abm., private Wessenfel Livingston
Black, Abraham, private Pawling Piercy
Black, Dick, private Crane Truesdell
Black, Henry, private Malcom Cantine
Black, Jack, private, Malcom Cantine
Black, James, private Hathorn Teltord
Black, James, private Webster Armstrong
Black, James, private Van Woert Gilmore
Black, John, private Platt Van Santvoor
Black, John, private Wynkoop
Black, Lewis, private Pawling Livinmaton
Black, Robert, private Hathorn Telford
Black, Robert, private Van Woert Gilmore
Black, Robt., private Malcom Drake
Black, Tob., private Willet Gillet
Black, Wm., private Van Veghten Winne
Blackland, Garret, G., lt., Fisher Wemple
Blackley, David, private Armstrong McNitt
Blackly, David, Private Armstrong Armstrong
Blackly, Geo., private Armstrong Armstrong
Blackly, James, private Armstrong McNitt
Blackly, James, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Blackly, John, private Armstrong Armstrong
Blackman, Ephm., corpl. Crane Bouton
Blackman, Joel, private Graham Williams
Blackny, Nichs., private Wessenfels Livingston
Blackney, Nichs., private Webster Long
Blain, Thomas, private Wisner Baly
Blair, John, lieut.-col. Van Woert
Blair, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Blair, John, Jr., private Wisner Baly
Blair, Robt., private Van Woert Gilmore
Blair, Robert, private Van Woert Doty
Blake, Freelove, private Whiting Salisbury
Blake, James, private Van Woert Gilmore
Blake, James, private Van Woert McKillip
Blakely, James, captain Malcom
Blakely, James, private Wiilet Livingston
Blakely, James, private Yates Yates
Blakely, John, private Webster
Blakesly, Nath'l., private Malcom Blakely
Blakly, David, private Webster
Blamely, Wm., private Harper Bogart
Blanard, Abner, sergeant Armstrong Tozer
Blanchard, Abiather, priv. Van Alstyne Truesdel
Blanchard, Abner, private Webster Tozer
Blanchard, Abner, private Armstrong Tozer
Blanchard, Joseph, private
Blancher, Abner, private Webster Thomas
Blancher, John, private Webster Conklin
Blancher, Richard, private Graham
Blancker, Anthony, priv. Hays Gardner
Blanding, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Blane, James, private, Platt Lee
Blane, John, private Hathorn
Blane, John, Jr., private Hathorn McCamley
Blane, Thomas, lieut. Hathorn Minthorn
Blane, Thomas, lieut. Hathorn McCamly
Blane, Win., major Hathorn
Blasins, Lawrence, private Willet Gross
Blass, Michael, private Livingston Rockefeller
Blass, Wm., private Livingston Pulver
Blassdell, Levi, sergeant Dubois Dubois
Blauvelt, Abrm., sergeant Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Abm., private Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Abraham, priv. Hays Smith
Blauvelt, Abraham,* priv. Hays Ackerson
Blauvelt, Abraham, priv. Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Abraham D., pr. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Adam, private Hays Onderdonk
Blauvelt, Aurie, captain Hays
Blauvelt, Cornelius, lieut. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Cornelius, sergt. Wessenfels Thompson
Blauvelt, Cornelius, corpl. Cooper Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Corns., corporal Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Cornelius, priv. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Cornelius, Sr., p. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Corns., private Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Daniel, private Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Daniel A., priv. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Fredk., private Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Garret, private Hays Bell
Blauvelt, Garret G., priv. Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Garret Jas., pr. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Garret, Jas., pr. Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Harmanes, priv. Hays Ackerson
Blauvelt, Harmanus, serg. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Harmanus, priv. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Hendrick, priv. Hays Sickles
Blauvelt. Hendk., A., pr. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Hendk., D., pr. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Isaac, corporal Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Isaac, corporal Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Isaac, private Hays Tourner
BlauveU, Isaac C., private Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Isaac G., private Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Isaac H., private Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Jacob, corporal Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Jacob, private Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Jacobus, sergt. Hays Onderdonck
Blauvelt, Jacobus, private Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Jacobus Johs., p. Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Johannes, capt. Hays
Blauvelt, Johannes, priv. Hays Onderdonck
Blauvelt, Johannes, priv. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Jobanes J., cor. Hays Hogencamp
Blanvelt, Johanes J., priv. Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Johannes J. A.,p. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Johannis D., pr. Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Johannis G., cor. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, John, captain Cooper
Blauvelt, John, private Cooper Blauvelt
Blauvelt, John, private Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, John, private Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, John G., corpl. Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, John G. R., pr. Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, John H., private Hays Ackerson
Blauvelt, Johoos, private Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Joseph, sergeant Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Joseph, private Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Joseph G., priv. Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Joseph G., priv. Hays Hogencamp

* Shot through the thigh and run through the breast near Orange Town, September 29, 1778. I, 132.

Blauvelt, Peter, private Hays Onderdonk
Blauvelt, Richard, private Hays Hogencamp
Blauvelt, Richard, private Hays Sickles
Blauvelt, Thomas, lieut. Hays Tourneur
Blauvelt, Thunis, sergt, Hays Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Thunis, private Hays Blauvelt
Blaw, John, private Platt Lee
Blazure, Lawrence, private Willet Fonda
Bleakly, David, private Williams Armstrong
Bleakly, John, private Williams Armstrong
Bleats, Geo., private Clyde Leipe
Bleckly, John, private Webster Long
Bleecker, Henry, private Roseboom
Bleeker, Jno. S., private Yates Vandenburgh
Bleekley, George, private Webster Hamilton
Bleekly, David, private Webster Childs
Bleekly, David, private Webster Armstrong
Bleekly, George, private Webster Armstrong
Bleekly, James, private Webster Childs
Bleekly, James, private Webster Hamilton
Bleeklev, John, private Webster Hamilton
Bless, Hend'k, private Livingston Pulver
Bless, Mich'l, private Livingston Rockenfeller
Blessens, Lorentz, private Klock House
Blidth, Benj'n, lient.
Blidth, Gideon, private
Blinn, Elisha, private Whiting Davis
Blioth, Gideon, private
Blodgett, Ab'm, private Drake Seely
Bloodgood, Wm., lient. Graham Magee
Bloemdal, Jacob, sergt. Roseboom
Bloemendal, Corn's, priv. Van Rensselaer De Forest
Bloemendale, John, sergt. V an Rensselaer Sharp
Bloomendal, John, private Schuyler Veeder
Blomendal, Jno., sergeant Van Rensselaer De Forest
Bloomindale, Philip, priv. Van Rensselaer Fraist
Bloomandal, Jacob, priv. Willet Harrison
Bloodgood, Oliver, private Crane Lockwood
Bloodgood, Oliver, private Thomas Gilbert
Bloodgood, William, lieut. Willet Elsworth
Bloom, Benj'n, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Bloom, Isaac, captain Platt
Bloom, Jacob, lieut. +
Bloom, John, private Hathorn Minthorn
Bloom, John, private Hathorn McCamly
Bloom, O'Key, private Pawling Westfall
Bloom, Peter, private Wessentels Westfall
Bloom, Silvester, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Bloomendale, John Schuyler Sharp
Bloomer, Abr'm, private Crane Lockwood
Bloomer, Abr'm, private Drake Delivan
Bloomer, Abr'm, private Dnbois Chamberlain
Bloomer, Abr'm, private Drake Haight
Bloomer, Joseph, private Pawling Faulkner
Bloomer, Reuban, private Thomas Lyons
Bloomer, William, private Johnson Johnson
Bloomer, Stephen, private Crane Lockwood
Bloomer, Stephen, private Drake Delivan
Bloomer, William, private Johnson Ostrander
Bloomin, Ab'm, private Dubois Chamberlain
Blours, David, private Van Rensselaer DeGarmo
Blower, David, private Yates Wiltse
Blower, Will., private
Blowers, Abiel, private Yates Hadlock
Blowers, Abiel, private Yates Brown
Blowers, Charles, private Van Woert Brown
Blowers, Chas., private Van Woert Gilmore
Blowers, Chas., private Van Woert Doty
Blowers, Samuel,++private Graham Sherwood
Blowers, Sam'l, private Van Woert Doty
Blowers, Sam'l, private Van Woert Whitesides
Bluen, John, major
Bluer, Thos., private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Bly, Clark, sergeant Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bly, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bock, Christ'r, sergeant Willet Elsworth
Boaly, Elias, private Luddington Knapp

+ Kings Co. Militia. Taken prisoner on L. I. early in the war. Yeoman, Brooklyn, L. I. A. P. 14-33.
++ Taken prisoner at Fort Ann, Oct. 80, 1780, exchanged May, 1782. Northampton, Montg'y Co. A. P. 19-331.

Bocker, Jacob, lieut. Willet, Welp
Bockee, Jacob, q. m. s. Hopkins
Bocker, Johaunis Alb'n, p. Vrooman Rightmier
Bocker, Zachariah, private Graham Wilsonh
Bodine, Isaac, private Hathorn Conklin
Bodine, Isaac, private Johnson Cross
Bodine, John, private Johnson Cross
Bodine, John, private Johnson Jansen
Bodine, John, private Hathorn Conklin
Boding, Isaac, private Johnson Jansen
Bodish, Gideon, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Bodle, William, private
Bodley, William, private Pawling Hunter
Bodly, William, private Pawling De Witt
Bodfy, William, private Pawling Pearcy
Bodfong, Aaron, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Bodlong, Benj'n, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Bodyne, John, private Johnson Gillispy
Boemns, Jon'n, private Willet Livingston
Boerum, Henry, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Boerum, Nich's, sergeant Pawling Wood
Boerum, Nich's, private Brinckerhoff Brinkerhoff
Boerum, William, corporal Vandenburgh Storm
Boerum, Wm., corporal Dubois McFoght
Boerum, William, private Pawling Wood
Boerum, Wm., private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Bogard, Henry, private Fisher Yeomans
Bogardus, Ab'm, private Van Bergen Dubois
Bogardus, Corn's, private
Bogardus, Egbert, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Bogardus, Ekibad, private Brinckerhoff
Bogardus, Eph'm, sergt. Van Bergen Witbeck
Bogardus, Evert, captain Hathorn
Bogardus, Evert, captain Wynkoop
Bogardis, Francis, private Brinckerhoff Browers
Bogardus, Hend'k, private Van Bergen Dubois
Bogardus, Henry, sergeant Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bogardus, Henry, private Willet Welp
Bogardus, Henry, private Weisenfels
Bogart, Isaac, captain Harper
Bogardus, Jacob, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bogardus, Jacob, private Van Bergen Dubois
Bogardus, James, ensign Van Bergen
Bogardus, James, sergeant Van Bergen Dubois
Bogardus, James,* private Wessenfels Hardenburgh

*Served in 1780, Poughkeepsie. A.P. 23-195.

Bogardus, James, private Harper Allen
Bogardus, Lewis, private Dubois Lee
Bogardiia, Naning, private Willet Conine
Bogardus, Nann'g, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bogardus, Nich's, private Wynkoop
Bogardus, Peter, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Bogardus, Peter, private Platt Lee
Bogardus, Peter, private Van Bergen Dubois
Bogardus, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bogardus, Peter, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Bogardus, Schibolet, priv. Van Schoonhoven Van Denberg
Bogart, Barent, private Cuyler
Bogart, Christ'r, private Schuyler Lansing
Bogardus, Corn's, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bogert, Cornelius, private Hathorn Brodhead
Bogart, Corn's, private Wessenfels Livingston
Bogart, Corn's, private Malcom Cantine
Bogart, Ran'l, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Bogart, David, private Hays Sickles
Bogart, David, private Hays Hogencamp
Bogart, Gilbert, corporal Cooper Blauvelt
Bogart, Gilbert, corporal Hays Blauvelt
Bogart, Gilbert, private Dubois Dubois
Bogart, Gisbert, private Hays Bell
Bogart, Henry, private Hathorn Brodhead
Bogart, Isaac, captain
Bogart, Jacob, sergeant Cooper Blauvelt
Bogart, Jacob, private Malcom
Bogart, Jacob, private Hays Blauvelt
Bogart, Jacob, private Hays Sickles
Bogart, Johannes, private Hays Sickles
Bogart, Johannis, private Hays Hogencamp
Bogart, John, sergeant Hays Sickles
Bogart, John, sergeant Hays Hogencamp
Bogart, Myndert., private Hays Wessenfels White
Bogart, Nich's, private Roseboom
Bogart, Peter, corporal Schuyler Lansing
Bogart, Peter, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Bogart, Peter, private Hammond
Bogart, Peter, private Schuyler Lansing
Bogart, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bogert, Ort, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Boges, Thomas, lieut. Armstrong Tozer
Bogges, James, lieut. Stockwell
Boggs, Thomas, lieut. Stockwell
Boggs, James, private Van Rensaelaer
Boggs, James, private Schuyler Tillman
Boggs, James, Jr., private Schuyler Tillman
Bogington, Sam'l, Luddington Waterbury
Bogington, Solomon, priv. Luddington Waterbury
Bogo, James, private Yates Yates
Bogue, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Bogworth, Heze'h, private
Bohal, Adam, private Clyde House
Bohal, Adam, private Clyde Leipe
Bohnnor, James, private Pawling Westfall
Boice, Aaron, private Hammond Requa
Boice, Abraham, private Wessenfels Pawling
Boice, Ab'm, private Temple Mynderse
Boice, Ab'rn, private Horton
Boice, Benjamin, sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
Boice, Benj'n, corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Boice, Benj'n, private Van Woert Doty
Boice, Hendrick, corporal Wessenfels White
Boice, Henry, private Van Woert Gilmore
Boice, Henry, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Boice, Isaac, private Wemple Mynderse
Boice, Jacob, private Horton
Boice, James, private Wemple Fonda
Boice, James, private Wemple Wanson
Boice, James, private Horton
Boice, Jehordah, private Yates
Boice, Jeohiada, private Yates Weltse
Boice, John, private Hammond Requa
Boice, Millar, private Van Woert Hodges
Boice, Miller, private Yates
Boice, Peter, private Horton
Boid, George, sergeant Schuyler Tillman
Boid, George, sergeant Schuyler Tillman
Boid, Thomas, private Williams Armstrong
Boid, "William, private Schuyler Tillman
Boigs, Philip, private Drake Delivan
Boiles, Walter, private Wessenfels Godwin
Bois, Miller, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Boise, Ab'm, private Webster Long
Boise, James, private Wemple Mynderson
Bolar, Simon, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Boldman, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Bollard, Tracy, private Field Hecock
Bolson, Alex'r, private Hays Gardner
Bolson, Ant'y, private Hays Gardner
Bolson, Corn's, private Hays Gardner
Bolson, John, corporal Hays Gardner
Bolson, John, private Hays Gardner
Bolt. Dan'l, private Crane Chapman
Bolt, Uriah, private Crane Chapman
Bolton, Alex'r, private Harper Harrison
Bolton, Alex'r, private Van Woert Pettit
Bolton, Alex'r. private Van Woert Doty
Bolton, James, lieut. Van Woert Pettit
Bolton, John, private Harper Harrison
Bolton, Samuel, private Harper Allen
Bomehower, George, priv. Willet Elsworth
Bonhoven, Geo., private Van Rensselaer Husted
Bonhoven, Geo., private Bogert
Boncker, Adolph, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Boncker, Nath'l, corporal Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Boncker, Stephen, private Brinckerhoff Browers
Bond, Rich'd, private Wemple Wanson
Bone, Benj'n, sergeant Van Woert Gilmore
Bonestarl, Philip, private Platt Bloom
Bonesteal, Henry, private Willet Livingston
Bonestecl, David, private Wan Rensselaer Philip
Bonester, Henry, corporal Willet Tearse
Bonkel, Jno., corporal Bchuyler Lansing
Bonker, Abraham, private Thomas Purdy
Bonkcr, Adolf, corporal Drake
Bonker, Adolph, private Drake
Bohker, Jacob, private Luddington Crane
Bonker, John, private Johnson Roosa
Bonker, Solomon, private
Bouker, Stephen, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Bonnesteel, David, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Bonnestcel, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bonnesteel, Hend'k, priv. Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bonnesteel, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bonnestell, Philip, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bonnet, Ephraim, sergeant Hathorn
Bonney, Ichabod, private Willet Gillet
Bonney, John, private Willet Hole
Bonney, John, private Willet Gillet
Bonnisteel, David, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Bont, Eph'm, private Graham Muller
Bont, John, lieut. Johnson Roosa
Bont, Peter, private Hammond Comb
Bonte, Matt'w, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bouter, Christian, ensign Van Schoonhoven
Bonter, Hend'k, lieut. Van Schoonhoven
Bookee, Jacob, lieut. Dubois McFogn
Booker, Jacob, lieut. Willet Welp
Booker, Jacob, private Livingston Smith
Boolman, John, private Harper Vrooman
Boom, Ab'm, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Boom, Fred'k, private Willet Gross
Boom, Fred'k, private Clyde Difendorf
Boon, Eichard, private Vrooman Miller
Boon, Daniel, private Johnson Johnson
Boord, John, corporal Williams Armstrong
Boorum, Wm., lieut. Platt Lee
Booth, David, private Willet Newell
Booth, Isaiah, private Hopkins Talmadge
Borden, Dan'l, sergeant Drake Boyd
Borden, Francis, private Johnson Jansen
Bordine, Dan'l, private Drake Boyd
Bordine, Francis, private Johnson Jansen
Bordock, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bore, Nath'l, private Hays Stevenson
Boreton, Samuel, private Pawling Sackett
Borgaudus, Matt'w, fifer Graham Vail
Horhims, Edward, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Borhans, Jacob, private Hays
Borhans, John, private Wynkoop Van Buren
Borich, Kasber, private Vrooman Miller
Bork, Christ., sergeant Willet Elsworth
Borkee, Jacob, lieut. Dubois Burnet
Borland, Charles, private Newkirk Crawford
Borland, Thomas, private Newkirk Crawford
Borows, James, private Yates Hadlock
Boroman, Robert, private Van Woert Hodge
Borough, Gideon, private Armstrong Tozer
Borrey, Isaac, private Hays Gardner
Borough, James, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Boroughs, James, private Yates Yates
Borroughs, Ephraim, priv. Webster Long
Borst, Baltus, private Vrooman Brown
Borst, Henrich, lieut. Vrooman Brown
Borst, Henry, lieut. Vrooman Miller
Borst, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Stubrach
Borst, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Brown
Borst, Jacob, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Borst, Johannes, private Willet Debois
Borst, Johannis, private Vrooman
Borst, Joliannis, private Vrooman Miller
Borst, Johannis, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Borst, Johannis, private Vrooman Brown
Burst, Johannis, Jr., priv. Vrooman Richtmyer
Borst, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Borst, John, private Vrooman Brown
Borst, John, private Vrooman Becker
Borst, Jno,, Jr., private Vrooman Becker
Borst, John, Jr., private Vrooman Rightmier
Borst, Joost, drummer Vrooman
Borst, Joost, private Vrooman Stubrach
Borst, Joost, private Vrooman Brown
Borst, Joost, private Vrooroan Becker
Borst, Joost, L, drummer Vrooman Rightmier
Borst, Martinus, private Vrooman Rightmier
Borst, Migel, private Vrooman Brown
Bort, Nichs., lieut. Clyde Diffendorf
Borst, Peter, private Vrooman Rightmier
Borst, Philip, private Vrooman Rightmier
Bortel, Fredk., private Van Rensselaer Philips
Bortel, John, private Van Rensselaer
Bortell, Barthw., private Armstrong Long
Borum, Nicholas, sergeant Hammond
Borus, Aaron, sergeant Fisher Putman
Bory, Will, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Boshart, Henry, private Dubois Fonda
Boskerk, Martin, private Van Schoouhoven Collins (?)
Boss, Jeremiah, private Van R
ensselaer Miles
Boston, Negro, private Willet Van Rensselaer
Bostwick, Edward, private Willet Cannon
Bostwick, Elijah, captain Whiting
Bostwick, Elijah, captain Graham
Bostwick, James, private Thomas Backet
Bostwick, John, private Thomas Sachet
Bostwick, John., private Thomas Chapman
Boskerk, Joseph, private Schuylei Lansing
Boskirk, Joseph, private Schuyler Lansing
Bostwick, Robert, sergeant Thomas Chapman
Bostwick, Robt., sergeant Thomas Sackett
Bostwick, Robt., sergeant Thomas St. John
Bostwick, Robert, private Thomas Sacket
Bostwick, Samuel, private Thomas Sacket
Bostwick, Saml., private Thomas Chapman
Bostwick, Stephen, private Thomas Sacket
Bostwick, Stephen, private Thomas Chapman
Bostwick, Stephen, private Thomas St. John
Bosworth, Ezekiah, private Whiting Gilbert
Bosworth, Jaben, private Whiting Salisbury
Bott, Daniel, private Wessenfels Hunt
Bothel, James, private Armstrong Long
Botter, Benjn., private Van Woert Whiteside
Bottle. Thos., private Drake Haight
Bottles, Joseph, private Willet Skinner
Bouch, Corns., corporal Vrooman Richtmier
Bouch, Lawrence, private Vrooman
Bouch, Thomas, private Vrooman Rightmyer
Bouch, Thomas, private Vrooman Miller
Bouch, Wm., private Vrooman Richtmyer
Bouchall, Hooper, private Willet Harrison
Boudish, John, sergeant Van Bensselaer De Garmo
Bough, Peter, private Willet Harrison
Boughton. Ezra. private Thomas St. John
Bourrough, Gideon, priv. Stockwell
Bouse, Henry, corporal Van Woert Whiteside
Bouse, Henry, private Willet Newell
Bouse, Jonn., private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Boush, Geo., private Klock Klock
Bouten, Jehiel, ensign Crane Lewis
Bouten, Jesse, private Crane Lewis
Bouten, John, corporal Crane Lewis
Bouten, Nathl., private Crane Lewis
Bouten, Saml., private Luddington Waterbury
Bouton, Benajah, private Crane Scofield
Bouton, Benajah, private Crane Bouton
Bouton, Benajah, private Thomas Gilbert
Bouton, Benjn., private Dragoon Delavan
Bouton, Danl., captain Crane
Bouton, Danl., lieut. Crane Scofield
Bouton, David, sergeant Drake Delivan
Bouton, David, private Drake Delivan
Bouton, Ebenr., private Crane Chapman
Bouton, Ebenr., private Crane Bouton
Bouton, Ebenr., private Thomas Gilbert
Bouton, Elijah, private Crane Lawrence
Bouton, Ezra, private Drake Lawrence
Bouton, Ezra, private Crane Lawrence
Bouton, Gould, captain Benedict
Bouton, Gould, private Thomas Gilbert
Bouton, Hezekiah, private Hays Stevenson
Bouton, Jesse, private Crane Lawrence
Bouton, Jesse, private Crane Scofleld
Bouton, Joel, quartermas'r Benedict
Bouton, Joel, private Thomas Gilbert
Bouton, Jehiel, sergeant Crane Scofield
Bouton, John, sergeant Thomas Gilbert
Bouton, John, private Benedict Gould
Bouton, Joseph, private Crane Scofield
Bouton, Matthew, private Crane Truesdel
Bouton, Moses, private Hays Stevenson
Bouton, Moses, private Drake Lawrence
Bouton, Nath'l., private Crane Scofield
Bouse, Nichs., private Van Rensselaer DeGarmo
Bouck, Nichs., private Schuyler Ostrum
Bouton, Noah, sergt.-maj. Benedict
Bouton, Noah, private Field Dykeman
Bouton, Noah, private Field Hecock
Bouton, Saml., lieut. Benedict Bouton
Bouton, Saml., private Crane Scofield
Bouton, Saml., private Luddington Scribner
Bouton, Saml., private Thomas Gilbert
Bonton, Seth, private Crane Lewis
Bouton, Seymour, private Crane Truesdell
Bouton, Sh'ubael, private Crane Truesdell
Bouton, Stephen, private Crane Scofield
Bouton, Stephen, private Crane Bouton
Bouton, Timy., private Pawling Sacket
Bouton, Timothy, private Crane Scofield
Bouton, Timothy, private Crane Bouton
Boutton, Hiel, ensign Crane Lewis
Boutten, John, sergeant Crane Lewis
Bouwen, Timothy, private Harper Vrooman
Bovee, Jacob, Jr., private Yates
Bovee, Nich's, private Fisher Degraas
Bovee, Nich's, private Fisher Snook
Bovee, Peter, private Yates
Bover, Edward, private Schuyler Groot
Bovert, Henry, private Fisher Mabee
Bovice, Ab'm, private Wemple Wanson
Bovie, Ab'm, private Wemple Wanson
Bovie, Jacob, private Yates Hadlock
Bovie, John, sergeant Yates Hadlock
Bovie, John, private Yates
Bovie, Matt'w, sergeant Fisher Marselus
Bovie, Matt'w, private Schuyler Lansing
Bovie, Martin, private Schuyler Lansing
Bovie, Nich's, private Wemple Van Slyck
Bovie, Peter, private Yates Hadlock
Bovie, Philip, private Schuyler Lansing
Bovier, David, private Wessenfels White
Bovier, David, private Pawling De Witt
Bovier, Simon, private Wessenfels White
Bowdick, Gideon, private Van Veghten Thompson
Bowdish, Gideon, private Van Veghten
Bowdish, Henry, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bowdish, James, private Johnson
Bowen, Daniel, private Hathorn Conklin
Bowen, Fred'k, private Klock Zeely
Bowen, Isaac, fifer Wessenfels Bowen
Bowen, Joel, private Willet (?)
Bowen, Prentice, captain Wessenfels
Bowen, Tim'y,* private Harper Schermerhorn

*Enlisted in 1780. Captured at Oneida, and disabled by bad treatment, etc., in Canadian prisons. Farmer, East Distr., Rensselaer Manor, Philippstown, Albany Co. B 103, Aa 14.

Bower, Dan'l, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bowers, Joel, private Hathorn Mervin
Bowers, Joel, private Wessenfels Westfall
Bowing, Dan'l, private Johnson Jansen
Bowing, Daniel, private Johnson Cross
Bowker, Zilas, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Bowley, Heman, lieut. Hathorn Shepherd
Bowman, Adam, private Dubois De Mont
Bowman, And'w, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bowman, Andries, private Schuyler Van Aernnm
Bowman, John, captain Clyde
Bowman, John, private Fisher McMaster
Bowman, Peter, private Yates Wiltse
Bowman, Rob't, private Van Woert Gilmore
Bowman, Rob't, private Van Woert Doty
Bowman, Rob't, Jr., priv. Van Woert Hodges
Bowne, Philip, lieut.(?) Graham
Bownen, Hendrick, sergt. Livingston Smith
Bownington, John, private Wessenfels
Bowton, Sam'l, private Wessenfels
Boy, Brave, private Wessenfels Hunt
Boy, Brave, drummer Hays Stevenson
Boy, Bray, private Hays (?) Stevenson
Boy, Brave, private
Boyce, Jacob, * private Hammond
* Shot through the right knee at Tarrytown, June 22, 1780. Westchester, I 98.
Boyce, James, private Graham Wilson
Boyce, John, private Hopkina Talmadge
Boyce, John, private Crake Boyd
Boyce, Thos., ensign Harper
Boyce, Thomas,+ ensign Drake Comb
+ Wounded by cutlass in neck and left arm near Pine's Bridge, March 3, 1782. Blacksmith, Philippsburgh, Westchester Co. C.29, Aa 42.
Boyd, Eben'r, captain Drake
Boyd, Geo., private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Boyd, James, private Schuyler Van Wie
Boyd, Jno., sergeant Armstrong Armstrong
Boyd, John, corporal Webster Hamilton
Boyd, Jon'n, private Cuyler
Boyd, Nath'l, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Boyd, Peleg, private Malcom Blakely
Boyd, Robert, private Hathorn McCamply
Boyd, Robert, private Webster
Boyd, Robert, private Webster Armstrong
Boyd, Robt., private Armstrong Armstrong
Boyd, Sam'l, private Hopkins Wheeler
Boyd, Thomas, private Willet Lvingston
Boyd, Thomas, private Webster Armstrong
Boyd, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Odle
Boyde, Wm., private, Schuyler Sharp
Boyer, Francis, private Willet Van Rensselaer
Brabner, John, q. m. sergt. Hathorn
Brace, Bobt., private Van Woert Welld
Brace, William, lieut. Yates Hadlock
Brackland, Garret, lieut. Fisher Veeder
Bracklen, Garret, lieut. Fisher Wemple
Bracklen, Garret G., lieut. Fisher Wemple
Brackman, Lodwick, priv. Van Bergen Witheck
Bracks, George, private Wessenfels Brewster
Brackbeck, John, captain Platt
Bradbig, John, captain Klock
Bradbuck, John,§ corporal Klock
§ Wounded in right shoulder at Oriskanie, August 6, 1777. Palatine Distr. A. 156.
Bradee, Jesse, private Crane Lawrence
Bradenburgh, Baltus, * pr. Bellinger Staring
*Wounded in the left thigh at New-Petersburgh, July 1780. Herkimer, Montgomery Co. Cc 82.
Bradford, James, private Wemple Van Slyck
Bradhack, John, private Bellinger Frank
Bradhouwer, Nich's, priv. Dubois (?) Fonda
Bradley, Dan'l O., private
Bradley, Ephraim, private Pawling Wood
Bradley, John, sergeant Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Branley, Nathan, private Pawling Westfall
Bradner, Ant'y, private Vrooman
Bradner, Colvil, private Hathorn Minthorn
Bradner, Colwell, private Minthorn
Bradner, John, qr. mr. Dubois
Bradner, John, lieut. Dubois Gano
Bradner, John, sergeant Hathorn Miller
Bradnor, Benoy, private Malcom McKinstry
Bradshaw Ashel, private Webster
Bradshaw John, private Field Dyckman
Bradshaw Rob't, private Fonda
Bradshaw Stephen priv. Vandenburgh Wheeler
Bradshaw Stephen priv. Graham Vail
Bradshaw Thomas lieut. Webster
Bradshaw Thomas lieut. Armstrong
Bradshaw Thomas lieut. Harper Harrison
Bradshaw Wm., private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Bradshaw Wm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Bradt, Aaron, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Bradt, Aaron, private Wemple Mynderson
Bradt, Ab'm, private Wemple Fonda
Bradt, Adrian, private Schuyler Slyngerland
Bradt, Andries, private Van Rensselaer
Bradt, Anthony, private Weniple Schemerhorn
Bradt, Ant'y D., private Wemple Bancker
Bradt, Arent A., private Wemple Outhout
Bradt, Arent S., private Wemple Outhout
Bradt, Corn's, private Wemple Van Petten
Bradt, Corn's private Wemple Van Atten
Bradt, Dan'l A., private Schuyler Veeder
Bradt, Dirck, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Bradt, Elias, private Wemple Van Petten
Bradt, Eph'm, corporal Wemple Outhout
Bradt, Garret, private Schuyler Slyngerlandt
Bradt, Garret, private Wemple Mynderse
Bradt, Jacobus, private Wemple
Bradt, Jacobus, private Wemple Outhout
Bradt, Jacobus A., private Wemple Outhout
Bradt, John, private Wemple Van Petten
Bradt, John, private Wemple Van Petten
Bradt, John, private Van Woert Doty
Bradt, John, private Schuyler
Bradt, John, private Schuyler Lansing
Bradt, Jno., private Scbuyler Lansing
Bradt, John, private Schuyler Vischer
Bradt, John, private Schuyler Hogan
Bradt, John B., private Yates Brown
Bradt, Jno. P., private Schuyler Lansing
Bradt, John S., private Wemple Van Atten
Bradt, Martin, private Schuyler Van Wee
Bradt, Myndert, private Wemple Van Petten
Bradt, Myndert, private Wemple Van Atten
Bradt, Nidi's, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bradt, Nich's, private Yates Brown
Bradt, Nich's, private Yates Weltse
Bradt, Peter A., private Schuyler Van Wee
Bradt, Peter B., private Schuyler Van Wee
Bradt, Samuel, private Wemple Mynderse
Bradt, Sam'l S., private Wemple Outhout
Bradt, Storm, private Willet Conine
Bradt, Storm, private Willet Harrison
Bradthack, Jacob, private Bellinger Frank
Bradwell, Henry, private Hays Tourneur
Brady, John, private Graham Vail
Brady, Simeon, private Drake Haight
Bragham, John, private Wemple
Bragham, John, private Wemple
Bragham, Joseph, private Wemple
Braiden, Thomas, private Johnson Robinson
Braim, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brain, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brain, Moses, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Brainer, Anthony, private Hathorn Miller
Brainer, Euben, sergeant Willet Gross
Brainward, Reuben, priv. Van Ness
Brakeman, Jacob, private Willet Harrison
Braman, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Bramble, Win., sergeant Schuyler Slyngerland
Bramble, Wm., sergeant Schuyler Groot
Bramer, Anthony, private Hathorn Minthorn
Branard, Caleb, private Van Ness
Brand, Michael, private Vrooman Richtmyer
Branda, Wilhelmus, priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Braudage, Nathan, private Stevenson
Brandavv, Hend'k, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Brandaw, Nich's, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Brandaw, Peter, corporal Van Bergen Witbeck
Brandaw, Peter, Jr., priv. Van Bergen Witbeck
Brandaw, Wm., private Van Bergen Dubois
Branden, Abraham, private Harper Allen
Brando, Wilhelmus, priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Branhart, Chas., private Fisher Yates
Brank, Eph'm, private Van Bergen
Bram, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brannah, James, sergeant
Brannan, Adam, private Johnson Cross
Brannon, Michael, private Wessentels White
Brannon, Reuben, private Wessenfels Goodwin
Brant, Edward, corporal Willet White
Brant, Mich'l, private Vrooman
Brant, Philip, private Drake Boyd
Brantner, Anthony, private Willet Debois
Brantner, Ant'y, private Vrooman Rightmier
Brantner, Anth., private Vrooman
Brasteld, And'w, private Wynkoop
Brate, Henry, lieut. Clyde Weeser
Bratback, Jacob, private Van Rensselasr De Forest
Bratt, Adrian, sergeant Quackenboss
Bratt, Dan'l, private Yates Yates
Bratt, Eliphalam, private Noble
Bratt, Hendk., private Schuyler Lansing
Bratt, Henry, private Klock Ruff
Bratt, Jacobus, private Klock Miller
Bratt, Jacobus, private Klock Ruff
Bratt, John, private Van Woert Brown
Bratt, John, private Van Woert Whiteside
Bratt, John, private Schuyler Lansing
Bratt, John B., lieut. Yates Yates
Bratt, John B., private Yates Yates
Bratt, Nichs., private Yates Yates
Bratt, Nichs., private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bratt, Peter, private Schuyler Veeder
Bratt, P. Bill., private Van Ness
Bratt, Strom, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Bratz, James, private Clyde Weeser
Braver, John, private Van Rensaelaer Price
Brawen, Eldrick, private Pawling Laurence
Brawn, Christr., private Drake Haight
Brawn, Nathan, private Drake Haight
Braws, Eliakim, private Johnson Ostrander
Bryant, John, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Brayton, Joseph, private Van Woert Wells
Brayton, Mattw., private Van Woert Brown
Breadbake, John, captain Klock
Breaden, Thomas, private Johnson Jansen
Brease, Henry, lieut. Yates Weltse
Breasted, Andrew, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Breawer, John, private Klock Klock
Breawer, Wm., private Klock Klock
Breel, Peter, private Webster Long
Breester, Joseph, private Schuyler Tillman
Bresea, Will., private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bresse, Jellis, sergeant Van Alstyne Philips
Brett, Fredk., private Wynkoop
Brett, James, private Wessenfels White
Brett, Robert, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Brett, Rombout, private Brinckerhoff Schults
Brett, Theods., private Brinckerhoff
Brettenback, Baltus, priv. Bellinger Staring
Brene, Henry, lieut. Yates Hadlock
Brevort, Abrm., private Van Bergen Honeywell
Brewer, Abraham, private Hays Tourneur
Brewer, Abraham, private Hammond
Brewer, Aury, private Hays Smith
Brewer, Cornelius, private Wessenfels Livingston
Brewer, Deliverance, priv. Hammond Comb
Brewer, Deliverance, priv. Hammond Requa
Brewer, Elias, sergeant Van Woert Wells
Brewer, Elias, sergeant Van Woert Coty
Brewer, Elias, private Van Woert Hodges
Brewer, Garrey, private Field Hecock
Brewer, Garrit, private Platt Lee
Brewer, Harman, lieut. Klock
Brewer, Hendk., private Luddington Lane
Brewer, Henry, private Wemple Van Slyck
Brewer, Henry, private Van Woert Hodges
Brewer, Henry, private Van Woert Whitside
Brewer, Isaac, private Hays Tourneur
Brewer, Isaac, private Hays Ackerman
Brewer, Jacob, private Willet Wright
Brewer, Jacob, private Hammond
Brewer, Jeremh., private Platt Lee
Brewer, Jeremiah, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Brewer, John, private Willet Fonda
Brewer, John, private Graham Conklin
Brewer, Mattw., lieut. Yates Hadlock
Brewer, Mattw., private Hammond
Brewer, Peter, private Vrooman Stubrach
Brewer, Peter, private Vrooman Heager
Brewer, Samuel, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Brewer, Samuel, private Hays Bell
Brewer, Saml., private Van Cortland
Brewer, Saml., private Luddington Lane
Brewer, William, private Klock Klock
Brewer, William, private Willet Cannon
Brewer, Wm., corporal Hopkins Van Benschoten
Brewer, Wm., private Humphrey
Brewer, William, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Brewer, Uldrick, sergeant Hays Tourneur
Brewster, Danl., corporal Van Bensselaer Townsend
Brewster, Henry, captain Weissenfels
Brewster, Harvey, Jr.,* It. Allison
* First Lieutenant, commanding company, when wounded and taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery. Blooming Grove, Orange Co., B, 11. A. P. 21-17.
Brewster, Jesse, corporal Weissenfels Brewster
Brewster, John, sergeant Hopkins Lane
Brewster, John, sergeant Luddington Mead
Brewster, Nathan, private Hathorn Van Deuse
Breirster, Peltiah, private Field Dyckman
Briant, Saml., private Van Veghten Winne
Blickman, Jacob, private Van Bergen
Brickman, Lodwick, corpl. Van Bergen
Brickman, Lodiwick, priv. Van Bergen
Bridges, Ed'd. private Drake
Bridleburgh, Baltus, priv. Fonda
Bries, Anth'y, captain Van Rensselaer
Briesee, Willm., sergeant Van Rensaelaer Bries
Briggs, Henry, private Hays Onderdon
Briggs, Isaac, private Drake Boyd
Briggs, Jasper, corporal Hays Bell
Briggs, Jeremh., private Weissenfels
Briggs, Jesper, private Hays
Briggs, John, private Hays Onderdonk
Briggs, Joseph, private Wisner Miller
Briggs, Joshua, private Thomas Hubby
Briggs, Josiah, private Van Woert Gilmore
Briggs, Lawrence, private Hays Bell
Briggs, Lawrence, private Hays Blauvelt
Briggs, Mattw., private Hays Bell
Briggs, Oliver, corporal Van Rensselaer Randall
Briggs, Philip, private Crane Lockwood
Briggs, Rufus, private Van Woert McKillip
Briggs, Stephen, private Graham Bostwick
Briggs, Thos., private Thomas Hobby
Brightman, Johnson, corp. Van Woert Wells
Brightman, Johnson, priv. Van Woert Whiteside
Brigs, Abrm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Brigs, Caleb, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Brigs, Caleb, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Brigs, Caleb, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Brigs, Christ'r, fifer Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brim, Jno., private Willet Fonda
Brimhall, Joseph, private Whiting Davis
Brimmer, Godfrey, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Brimmer, Jno., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Brinck, Corn's C., sergeant Wynkoop
Brinck, John, private Johnson Johnson
Brinct, John, private Johnson Roosa
Brinck, John, A., private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Brinck, Petrus, private Malcolm McKinstry
Brinckerhoff, Ab'm, col.
Brinckerhoff, Ab'm, priv. Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Brinckerhoff, Dan'l, drum. Brinkerhoff Brinckerhoof
Brinckerhoff, Dan'l, priv. Hopkins Van Benschoten
Brinckerhoff, Derick, priv. Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Brinckerhoff, Geo., priv. Vandenburgh Storms
Brinckerhoof, Geo., priv. Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Brinckerhoff, Hen., fifer Brinkerboff Brinckerhoff
Brinckerhoff, Henry, priv. Pawling Wood
Brinckerhofg, Isaac, priv. Hopkins Van Benschoten
Brinckerhoff, Isaac, priv. Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Brinckerhoff, Jacob, adjt. Brinckerhoff
Brinckerhoff, John, capt. Brinkerhoff
Brinckerhoff, John, priv. Hopkins Van Benschoten
Brinckerhoff, John, priv. Brinkerhoff Storms
Brinckerhoff, John G., cap. Brinckerhoff
Brink, Adam, private Wessenfels Pawling
Brink, Corn's, sergeant Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Corn's, private Johnson Jansen
Brink, Corn's, private Johnson Smith
Brink, Jacob, private Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Jacob, Jr., private Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, John, private Jobnson Jansen
Brink, John, private Wessenfels Pawling
Brink, John, Jr., private Wynkoop Dedrick
Brink, John C., private Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Peter, private Johnson Wilkins
Brink, Solomon, private Malcom McKinstry
Brink, Adam, private Pawling Hunter
Brinkerhoff, Geo., captain Hopkins
Brinkerhoof,,Geo., captain Briuckerhoff
Brink, Corn's, sergeant Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Corn's, private Pawling Hunter
Brink, Corn's, private Pawling Livingston
Brink, Corn's C., sergeant Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Henry, private Wynkoop
Brink, Jacob, Jr., sergeant Wynkoop
Brink, Jacob, Jr., private Pawlings Van Aken
Brink, Jacob, Jr., private Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, John, private Johnson
Brink, John, private Johnson, Jansen
Brihk, John, private Pawling Hunter
Brink, John, private Pawling Westbrook
Brink, John, private Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, John C., private Pawling Hunter
Brink, John C., private Wynkoop Van Buren
Brink, Jno. J., private Platt Brodhead
Brink, John T., private Wynkoop
Brink, Peter, ensign Wynkoop De Witt
Brink, Peter, private Johnson Gillespie
Brink, Peter, private Johnson Jansen
Brink, Peter, private Hays
Brink, Peter C., private Wynkoop DeWitt
Brink, Rob't, private Cantine
Brink, Solomon, private Johnson Cross
Brisbin, James, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Brisban, William, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Brisbin, Win., private Van Veghten Dunham
Brissenbecker, Balser, pr. Clyde Ruff
Brissie, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer
Bristar Silas, private Webster Long
Brister Dan'l, corporal Van Reusselaer Townsend
Brister Dan'l, private Van Reusselaer Townsend
Bristol Amos, private Whiting Kellogg
Bristol Benjamin, corpl. Whiting Salsbury
Bristole, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bristoll, Abel, private Whiting Bostwick
Britt, George, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Britt, Peter, private Wynkoop
Britt, Peter, private Wynkoop
Britt, William, corporal Wynkoop
Britt, William, private Wynkoop
Broad, Geo. Jah., private Klock Hess
Broad, John Jah., private Klock Hess
Broad, Peter Jab., private Klock Hess
Broadford, James, private Wemple Van Slyck
Broadhack, Jon'n, private Bellinger Small
Broadhead, Thos., private Wessenfels Pawling
Broadhook, John, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Breaker, James, private Whiting Herrick
Broakman, Godney, priv. Klock Ruff
Brock, Francis, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Brock, John, private Yates Brown
Brock, Will., corporal Drake
Brock, Wm., private Drake Drake
Brockway, Consider, priv. Van Rensselaer Turner
Brockway, Consider, priv. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brockway, Justus, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Brockway, Rich'd, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Brodback, Jacob, corporal Bellinger Staring
Brodhack, Barth'w, private Bellinger Small
Brodhack, Barth'w, private Bellinger Frank
Brodhacker, Bartley, priv. Van Rensselaer Bries
Brodhead, Charles, captain Hathorn Brodhead
Brodhead, Henry, q. m. ser. Pawling Piercy
Brodhead, Henry, sergeant Wessenfels White
Brodhead, Henry, private Graham
Brodhead, Henry, private Pawling De Witt
Brodhead, John, captain Platt
Brodhead, John, private Graham Sherwood
Brodhead, John, Jr., priv.
Brodhead, Sam'l, sergeant Cantine Hasbrouck
Brodhead, Will., sergeant Cautino
Brodhiead, William, priv. Pawling Be Witt
Brodish, John, corporal Harper Harrison
Brodthack, John, private Bellinger Staring
Brogs, Christ'r, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Brokeway, Gideon, filer Harper Allen
Bromhover, Geo., private Willet Fonda
Bronck, Jonas, private Van Bergen Van Schaick
Brondo, William, Jr., priv. Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bronk, Casper, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Bronk, Ephraim, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bronk, Ephraim, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Bronk, Jonas, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Bronk, Nicholas, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Bronk, Peter, ensign Van Bergen
Bronk, Philip, corporal Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Broock, Thorn., private Pawling Sackett
Brookman, Godfrey, priv. Klock Ruff
Brookman, Godfrid, priv. Clyde Ruff
Brook, John, private Yates
Brook, John, private Thomas Gilbert. A 26.
Brooke, Joseph, private VanSchoonhovenVan Denburgh
Brooker, William, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Brooks, Dan'l, private Crane Lawrence
Brooks, Dan'l, private Truesdell
Brooks, Geo., private Dubois Gano
Brooks, Jerem'h, private Malcom Drake
Brooks, Jesse, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Brooks, John, corporal Hays Stevenson
Brooks, John, corporal Drake Lawrence
Brooks, John, private Pawling Westfall
Brooks, John, private Hays Tourneur
Brooks, John, private Crane Lawrence
Brooks, John,* private Allison
* Taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery October 6, 1777. Exchanged August 1778. Farmer, Monroe, Orange Co. A. P. 23-265.
Brooks, John,+ private McClaughny Cuddeback
+ Enlisted in Capt. Corn. Hardenburgh's Co. (Col. R. Ritzema, 3d N. Y.), 1776. Shot through right arm at White Plains October 28, 1776. Enlisted in Capt. Cuddeback's Co. (Col. Jas. McClaughrey), Ulster Co. Mil. Three wounds in same arm in an expedition against Indians July. 1779. Laborer, Peenpack, Ulster Co. B 30.
Brooks, Joshua, corporal Van Rensselaer Staats
Brooks, Mich'l, private Pawling Sackett
Brooks, Mich'l, ++ private Thomas Gilbert
++ Accidentally wounded in the right leg on the march to Peekskill December 24, 1776. Tailor, Lower Salem, Westchester Co, A 26.
Brooks, William, sergeant Hathorn Miller
Brooks, Wm., private Dubois Gano
Brooks, Will., private Luddington Mead
Brooks, William, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Broom, Samuel, corporal Van Woort Whiteside
Brosea, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Brothers, John, sergeant Fisher
Brothers, John, corporal Fisher
Brothers, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brothers, John, private Fisher Little
Brothers, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brotherton, John, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Brotherton, Micajah, priv. Van Rensselaer Turner
Brotherton, Micajah, priv. Van R
ensselaer Schermerhorn
Brotherton, Zophar, priv. Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brott, Adrean, sergeant Quackenboss
Brougham, Simon, private Wemple Mynderse
Browden, Eben'r, private Luddington Kidd
Brower, Aaron, private Wessenfels Bowen
Brower, Abr'm, private Van Rensselaer
Browman, Benj'n, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Brower, Chas., private Brinckerhoff Brower
Brower, Corn's, private
Brower, Dan'l, private Brinckerhoff
Brower, David, sergeant Brinckerhoff Brower
Brower, Eidrick, private Harper Lawrence
Brower, Garret, private Vandenburgh Storm
Brower, Garret, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Brower, George, private Wessenfels White
Brower, George, private Van Rensselaer
Brower, Helmer, private Klock Zeely
Brower, Jeremiah, sergeant Wessenfels Dodge
Brower, Jeremiah, private Vandenburgh Storm
Brower, Jerem'h, private Van Schoonhooven Taylor
Brower, John, corporal Klock Kock
Brower, John, private Klock Kock
Brower, John, private Schuyler Lansing
Brower, Nicholas, captain Brinckerhoff
Brower, Richard, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Brower, Richard, private Schuyler Lansing
Brower, Teunis, private Pawling Livingston
Brower, Wm., private Willet Welp
Brower, William, private Wessenfels
Brower, Tunis, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Brown, Aaron, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Brown, Abraham, private Johnson Wood
Brown, Abm., private Wemple Mynderson
Brown, Abm., private Hammond
Brown, Abrm., private Crane Lewis
Brown, Abm., private Williamson Shepardson
Brown, Adam, sergeant Clyde Van Everat
Brown, Adam, private Vrooman
Brown, Adam, Jr., private Vrooman Heager
Brown, Adonijah, private Crane Lewis
Brown, Adonijah,Jr., priv. Crane Lewis
Brown, Alexr., private Hathorn Minthorn
Brown, Alexr., private Wisne Millerr
Brown, Amos, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Brown, Amos, private Crane
Brown, Ananias, private Crane Lockwood
Brown, Andw., corporal Benedict Osubrn
Brown, Asa, private Pawling Faulkner
Brown, Asa, private Pawling Wood
Br'owu, Asa, private Pawling Westfall
Brown, Benajah, lieut. Crane Lewis
Brown, Benajah, sergeant Crane Scofield
Brown, Benjn., ensign Hammond Orser
Brown, Benjn., private Van Veghten Thompson
Brown, Benjn., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Brown, Benjn., private Van Veghten Dunham
Brown, Breakaway, private Stevenson
Brown, Brocker, private Crane Lewis
Brown, Brook, private Drake Drake
Brown, Caleb, sergeant Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown, Caleb, corporal Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown, Caleb, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown, Chas., private Yates Hadlock
Brown, Christian, captain Vrooman
Brown, Christn., private Klock Ruff
Brown, Christr., private Drake Haight
Brown, Coenrad, licut. Clyde Brown
Brown, Cornelius, private Johnson Ostrander
Brown, Corns-, private Malcolm Delavan
Brown, Corns., private Luddington Mead
Brown, Daniel, private Thomas Hubby
Brown, David, sergeant Thomas Hubby
Brown, David, drummer Van Woert Brown
Brown, David, private Yates
Brown, David, § lieut. Mead (Conn't.) Green
§ Shot in the abdomen at Horseneck, Westchester Co., February 26, 1779. Farmer; Salem, Westchester Co. A 233, B 6-32.
Brown, David, private Van Woert Gilmore
Brown, David, private Van Woert Doty
Brown, David, private Drake Kronkhite
Brown, Deliverance, sergt. Benedict Seely
Brown, Deliverance, priv. Wessenfels Hunt
Brown, Deliverance, priv. Thomas Hubby
Brown, Deliverance, priv. Drake Seely
Brown, Deliverance, priv. Crane Lawrence
Brown, Ebenezer, private Johnson Johnson
Brown, Ebenezer, private Johnson Ostrander
Brown, Ebenezer, private Johnson Jansen
Brown, Eber, private Crane Scofield
Brown, Eber, private Benedict Gould
Brown, Edward, private Willet Marshall
Brown, Edward, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Brown, Elijah, private Crane Scofield
Brown, Elijah, private Crane Lewis
Brown, Eliphalet, private Wessenfels Hunt
Brown, Eliphalet, private Crane Scofield
Brown Eiisha, private Wessenfels Dodge
Brown Elisha, private Field Hecock
Brown Eno---, private Crane Lewis
Brown Enos, private Hays Stevenson
Brown Enos, Sr., private Crane Lewis
Brown Gerardus, private Drake
Brown Halsey, private Wessenfels Hunt
Brown Halsey, private Thomas Lyons
Brown Halsey, private Thomas Hubby
Brown Henry, private Wessenfels Godwin
Brown Henry, private Pawling De Witt
Brown Henry, private Whiting Salsbury
Brown Henry, private Whiting Kellogg
Brown Henry, private Yates
Brown Hezekiah, sergt. Yates Brown
Brown Hezekiah, private Yates
Brown Isaac, corporal Hammond Combs
Brown Isaac, corporal Hammond Orser
Brown Isaac, private Hatton Van Deuser
Brown Isaac, private Johnson Concklin
Brown Isaac, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Brown Isaac, private Lnddington Baker
Brown Jacob, private Crane Lewis
Brown Jacob, private Drake Delivan
Brown Jacob, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Brown James, private Hathorn McCamley
Brown James, private Wessenfels Shephard
Brown James, private Hopkins Waters
Brown James, private Crane Lockwood
Brown James, private Brinckerhoff Scbutt
Brown James H., private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Brown James H., corporal Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Brown Jeremh., private Wessenfels Westfall
Brown Jeremiah, private Webster Childs
Brown Jeremh., private Armstrong McNitt
Brown Jeremiah, private Malcom McKinstry
Brown Jesse, sergeant Van Rensselaer Townsend
Brown Jesse, private Webster Sherwood
Brown Joel, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Brown Joel, private Van Vegbten Woodworth
Brown John, ensign Vrooman
Brown John, sergeant Wossenfels Hunt
Brown John, corporal Graham Bostwick
Brown John, drummer Willet White
Brown John, private Klock Klock
Brown John, private Pawling Sacket
Brown John, private Thomas St John
Brown John, private Malcom McKinstry
Brown John, private Vrooman Heager
Brown John, private Platt Kinnue
Brown John, private Drake Delivan
Brown John, private Van Rensselaer King
Brown John, private Crane Lockwood
Brown John, Jr., private Crane Lewis
Brown Jonas, corporal Crane Lewis
Brown Jonas, private Crane Lewis
Brown Jon'n, private Johnson Mastin
Brown Jon'n, private Yates Vandenburgh
Brown Jon'n, private Dubois Chamberlain
Brown Jon'n, private Crane Lockwood
Brown Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown Joost, private Vrooman
Brown Joseph, sergeant Crane Lockwood
Brown Joseph, sergeant Crane Lawrence
Brown Joseph, corporal Thomas Lawrence
Brown Joseph, private Whiting King
Brown Joseph, private Vrooman Heager
Brown Joseph, private Drake Seely
Brown Joseph, private Yates Brown
Brown Joseph, private Thomas Lawrence
Brown Josiah, private Crane Chapman
Brown Jost, private Vrooman
Brown Lebias, private Hays Stevenson
Brown Libear, private Hays Stevenson
Brown Luther, private Willet Livingston
Brown Luther, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Brown Malachi, private Malcom Woodworth
Brown Malik't., private Pawling Burnet
Brown Mathew, captain Clyde
Brown Migel, private Vrooman Heager
Brown Migel, private Vrooman Heager
Brown Migel, private Vrooman Becker
Brown Moses, private Field Dyckman
Brown Nath'L, private Thomas Hobby
Brown Nath'L, private Stevenson
Brown Math'l, private Drake Boyd
Brown Nathan, private Crane Chapman
Brown Nehem'h, corporal Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown Neh'h, private Van Rensselaer Scbermerhorn
Brown Noah, private Dubois Chamberlain
Brown Noah, Jr., private Hopkins Waters
Brown Perias, private Willet Welp
Brown Peter, private Hathorn Conklin
Brown Peter, private Pawling Sackett
Brown Peter, private Crane Lawrence
Brown Peter, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown Reuben, private Crane Lewis
Brown Richard, private Hathorn Merwin
Brown Bich'd, private Schuyler Van Aerman
Brown Robt., private Van Rensselaer Turner
Brown Sam'l, sergeant Graham Bostwick
Brown Sam'l, sergeant Dubois Gano
Brown Sam'l, corporal Van Woert Gilmore
Brown Sam'l, corporal Van Woert Whiteside
Brown Samuel, private Wessenfels White
Brown Samuel, private Pawling Westfall
Brown Samuel, private Whiting Gilbert
Brown Sam'l, private Graham
Brown Sam'l, private Drake Delivan
Brown Sam'l, private Van Woert Whiteside
Brown Sam'l, private Dubois McFoght
Brown Sam'l, private Drake Haight
Brown Sam'l, private Crane Lockwood
Brown Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Brown Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Brown Sam'l, private Brinckorhoff Sehutt
Brown Sam'l, private Graham Vail
Brown Sebas, private Thomas
Brown Silas, private Drake Seely
Brown Silas, private Van Renselaer Odie
Brown Silas, private Crane Lawrence
Brown Silvanns, private Whitney Kellogg
Brown Solomon, private Crane Lawrence
Brown Solomon, private Crane Bouton
Brown Stephen, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Brown Stephen, private Brinckerhoffi Van Wyck
Brown Thomas, captain Yates
Brown Thos., lieut. Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Brown Thomas, lieut. Van Rensselaer Hawley
Brown Thomas, private Van Renselaer Niles
Brown Thos., private Thomas Lawrence
Brown Titus, private Thomas Hubby
Brown Tunis, private Willet Welp
Brown Valentine, sergt. Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
Brown Wm., captain Van Woert
Brown Wm., captain Lansing
Brown Will., sergeant Thomas Lawrence
Brower, William, private Klock Kock
Brown William, private Willet Conine
Brown Wm., private Malcom Delavan
Brown Wm., private Crane Lewis
Brown Wm., private Vrooman Brown
Brown Wm., private Cortland
Brown Zede'k, private Dubois Dubois
Brown Zephaniah, private Pawling Hunter
Brownen, Blackmail, sergt. Van Woert Doty
Browner, Benj'n, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Brownin, Blackman, sergt Van Woert Gilmore
Bruce, Ben'n, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Bruce, James, private Hammond Comb
Bruce, Jerem'h, private Van Schoonhoven Collins?
Bruce, Robert, q. m. sergt Pawling Williams
Bruce, Robert, sergeant Wessenfels Livingston
Bruce, Robt., sergeant Pawling Sacket
Bruce, Robert, sergeant Thomas St. John
Bruce, Robt., sergeant Crane
Bruce, Robert, corporal Cooper Blauvelt
Bruce, Robert, corporal Hays Blauvelt
Bruce, Robert, private Crane Truesdell
Bruce, Wm., private Hammond Comb
Bruckman, Godfried, priv. Clyde House
Bruckman, John, private Clyde House
Brue, Robt., sergeant Thomas Chapman
Bruer, Peter, private Vrooman Strubrach
Bruer, Peter, private Vrooman Miller
Bruin, Cornelius, private Johnson Smith
Bruiner, Fred'k, private Clyde House
Bruirie, Johannis N., serg. Livingston Kline
Bruise, John T., private Livingston Shaver
Brum, John, private Fisher Veeder
Brumer, Lodewick, private Willet Debois
Brumfield, James, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Brumfield, Jerem'h, priv. Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Brundage, Dan'l, lieut. Webster Tozer
Brundage, David, private Thomas Hobby
Brundage, Hachaliah, priv. Drake Haight
Brundage, James, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, James, private Thomas Chapman
Brundage, James, private Horton
Brundage, James, private Thomas Lawrence
Brundage, James, private Brinckerhoff
Brundage, Jesse, private Thomas Hubby
Brundage, Jesse, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, John, private Thomas St. John
Brundage, John, private Luddington Scribuer
Brundage, Joseph, private Crane Lawrence
Brundage, Josiah, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, Josiah, private Thomas Hobby
Brundage, Masten, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, Mostin, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, Nath'l, private Thomas Purdy
Brundage, Nath'l, private Thomas Hobby
Brundage, Silvanus, corpl. Thomas Hubby
Brundage, Silvanus, priv. Thomas Hubby
Brundage, Solomon, priv. Wessenfels Westfall
Brundage, Stephen, private Drake Seely
Brundage, Stephen, private Crane Lawrence
Brundage, Sylvanus, priv. Thomas Lyon
Brundage, Thomas, priv. Vandenburgh Wheeler
Brundage, Tim'y, private Thomas Lawrence
Brundeg, James, private Brinckerhoff
Brundige, Daniel, lieut. Armstrong Tozer
Brundige, John, private Hathorn McCamly
Brundridge, Tim y, qr. mr. Thomas
Bruner, Chris'n, private Clyde House
Bruner, Fred'k, private Clyde Diffendorf
Brunk, Corn's, private Johnson Smith
Brunk, Philip, private Van Bergen Dubois
Brunner, Jacob, private Klock Buff
Brunner, Peter, private Van R
ensselaer Staats
Brush, Benj'n, privata Van Veghten Woodworth
Brush, David, private Pawling De Witt
Brush, David, private Wessenfels
Brush, Eliakim, private Pawling De Witt
Brush, Gilbert, private Crane Lockwood
Brush, Isaac, private Wessenfels White
Brush, Isaiah, private Wessenfels
Brush, Jesse, private Thomas Miller
Brush, Jesse, private Thomas Sackett
Brush, Jesse, private Thomas St. John
Brush, Joshua, private Hathorn Conklin
Brush, Robert, private Hays Tourneur
Brush, Thomas, private Drake Delivan
Brush, Thomas, private Truesdell
Brustare, John, private Fisher Veeder
Bruster, John, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Bruster, John, private Field Hecock
Bruster, Sam'l, private Schuyler Tillman
Bruster, Sam'l, private Field Hecock
Brutt, Gerret Tuniss, capt. Yates
Bruyn Abraham, private Johnson Janson
Bruyn Beni'n, private Graham Sherwood (?)
Bruyn Cornelius, private Johnson Johnson
Bruyn Cornelius, private Johnson Jansen
Bruyn Johannis, private Johnson Jansen
Bruyn Zach's, private Johnson Gillispy
Bryan Alden, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Bryan, Sam'l, private Veghten Dunham
Bryent, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Bryon, John, private Hays (?) Stevenson
Buch, Henry, surgeon Wessentels
Buchanan, Eben'r Private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Buchanan, James, Private Wessenfels Westfall
Buchanan, James, Private Hathorn Telford
Buchanan, Patrick, private Van Woert Brown
Buchanan, Patrick, private Van Woert Doty
Buchanan, Robert, sergt. Hathorn Telford
Bucher, Nath'l, private Harper Harrison
Buck, Amos, sergeant Van Woert Pettit
Buck, Amos, private Van Woert Hodges
Buck, Amos, private Whiting Kellogg
Buck, Benjamin, private Whiting Salsbury
Bnck, Henry, surgeon Dubois
Buck, Ichabod, private Whiting Salsbury
Buck, Israel, Jr., drummer Hopbins Wheeler
Buck, John, private Van Veghten Thompson
Buck, John, private Van Veghten Winne
Buck, Perregreen, private Van Veghten Thompson
Buckbee, John, sergeant Thomas Moseman
Buckbee, John, sergeant Thomas St. John
Buckbee, Russel, private Crane
Buckel, John, corporal Webster
Buckerth, David, private Dubois Chamberlain
Bucket, John, private Dubois Burnet
Buckhout, Ab'm, captain Drake
Buckhout, Dan'l, private Drake Buckhout
Buckhout, Jacob, corporal Hammond Comb
Buckhout, James, private Wessenfels Thompson
Buckhout, John, private Cortland
Buckingham, Eben'r, priv. Van Schoonhoven
Buckingham, William, priv. Weissenfels
Buckler, Jabez, private Field
Buckley, Andrew, sergeant Harper Bogart
Buckley, Andrew, corporal Wiltet Elsworth
Buckley, Jabez, private Luddington Waterbury
Buckley, Thos., private Hammond
Buckly, And'w, private Willett Gillet
Buckman, Ab'm, drum maj. Dubois Lee
Buckman, Hendricus, priv. Wynkoop Van Buren
Buckout, John, private Yates Yates
Budd, Benjamin, sergeant Hathorn Mervin
Budd, Fred'k, private Hathorn Mervin
Budd, Gilbert, lieut.-col. Thomas
Budd, Gilbert, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Budd, John, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Budd, Joseph, private Drake Haight
Budiue, John, sergeant Fisher McMaster
Buel, Cirus, private Graham Sherwood
Buel, Grover, sergeant Humphrey
Buel, Jonathan, private Willet Skinner
Buel, Samuel, lieut. Armstrong
Buel, Samuel, sergeant Webster
Buese, Elias, private Webster
Buff, Jonathan, private Willet Harrison
Bugbee, Ezekiel, private Luddington Mead
Bugbee, John, sergeant Thomas Moseman
Bugbee, John, private Hopkins Wheeler
Bugbee, Sam'l, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Bugby, John, sergeant Thomas Moseman
Bugby, Russell, Jr., priv. Crane Lockwood
Bugby, Silvester, private Luddington Waterbury
Bugh, Robert, private Drake Delivan
Buice, Aaron, private Hammond Martling
Buice, Aaron, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Buice, Abraham, private Hammond Martling
Buice, Abm., Jr,, private Hammond Comb
Buice, Abm., Jr., private Hammond Requa
Buice, Jacob, private Hammond Martling
Buice, James, private Hammond Martling
Buice, John, private Hammond Comb
Buice, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Buice, Peter, private Hammond Requa
Buice, Thos., ensign Hammond Comb
Buice, Thomas, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Buice, Wm., private Hammond Martling
Buice, Wm., private Hammond Orser
Bukel, Christr., private Webster
Buley, John, private Drake
Bulice, Peter, private Malcom Cantine
Bull, Danl., private Johnson Roosa
Bull, James, corporal Newkirk Faulkner
Bull, Moses, private Newkirk Faulkner
Bull, Wm., private Van Alstyn Ostrander
Bullock, Charles, private Willet White
Bullock, Charles, private Willet Tearse
Bullock, Shubael, corporal Williams Shepardson
Bulman, John, private Willet Gross
Bnlman, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Bulsen, Henry, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bulsen, John, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bulsin, Benjn., private Scbuyler Ostrum
Busling, Hendk., private Schuyler Lansing
Buslin, Henry, private Schuyler Lansing
Bulsing, Garades, private Schuyler Lansing
Bulsing, Henry, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bulsing, John, sergeant Schuyler Ostrum
Bnlsing, John, corporal Schuyler Lansing
Bulson, Gradus, private Schuyler Ostrum
Bulson, Henry, private Willet Tearse
Bump, Aaron, private Van Woert Whiteside
Bump, Ichabod, private Yates Brown
Bump, Jacob, private Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Bump, Jezebud, private Yates Brutt
Bump, Moses, corporal Van Woert Doty
Bump, Pelatiah, private Dubois Chamberlain
Bump, Setathuel, private Dubois Chamberlain
Bump, Stephen, private Van Woert McKillip
Burnpas, Ruben, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Bumper, Ed'd, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bumper, Fredk., private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Bumper, Ruben, private Van RensselaerShaw
Bumpus, Fredk., private Willet Newell
Bumpus, Fredk., private Willet Henry
Bunce, Abraham, private Whiting
Buncker, Solomon, private Pawling Burnet
Buncker, Thomas, private Pawling Livingston
Bunda, Elisha, private Yates Hadlock
Bunda, Nath'l, private Yates
Bunda, Simeon, private Yates
Bunday, Ashbel, corporal Yates Brown
Bundle, John, private Benedict Gould
Bundy, Jerem'h, private Wessenfels
Bunkat, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Bunker, Solomon, private Wessenfels White
Bunn, Jacob, sergeant Fisher Snook
Bunn, Jacob, private Fisher Snook
Bunn, Jacob, private Fished Yeoman
Bonn, John, corporal Fisher McMaster
Bunn, John, private Fisher McMaster
Bunn, John, private Fisher Snook
Bunnell, Jonathan, private Armstrong
Bunnow, Simeon, private Wessenfels Shephard
Bunside, Wm., private Schuyler Veeder
Bunt, Peter, sergeant Van Bergen
Bunt, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Osterhoudt
Bunt, Eph'm, private Van Rensselaer Hawley
Buntler, Christ., ensign Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Bunstead, Fred'k, private Willet Gross
Bur, Daniel, private Malcolm McKinstry
Burance, Tjerick, private Weisenfels
Burbet, John, private Fisher Veeder
Burch, Admeral, lieut Fisher Veeder
Burch, Admiral, lieut. Van Woert Gilmore
Burch, Admiral, lieut. Van Woert Whiteside
Burch, Amos, private Van Woert Gilmore
Burch, Benj'n, private Field Hecock
Burch, Beverly, private Van Woert Hodges
Burch, Charles, private Field Hecock
Burch, Danl., private Field Hecock
Burch, David, private Field Hecock
Burch, George, private Field Barnum
Burch, Ichabod, private Van Woert Gilmore
Burch, Increase, private Yates Vandenburgh
Burch, Jerem'h, private Fisher McMaster
Burch, Jeremiah, private Fisher Fisher
Burch, Jerem'h, private Fisher Yeoman
Burch, Jerem'h, private Field Hecock
Burch, John, private Field Hecock
Burch, Jon'n, private Field Hecock
Burch, Josiah, private Wessenfels
Burch, Rich'd, private Van Woert Gilmore
Burch, Silas, private Field Barnum
Burch,, Thomas, private Van Woert Whiteside
Burch, Thos., private Van Woert Wells
Burcham, Henry, private Malcom McKinstry
Burched, Nath'l, private Cortland
Burchell, Jerem'h, private Hay
Burchild, Dan'l, private Crane Lawrence
Burchim, Henry, corporal Schuyler Sharp
Burdack, Gideon, private Van Cortlandt
Burden, Ab'm, private Van Veghten Dunham
Burdick, Abr'm, private Van Rensselaer Rundall
Burdick, Amos, private Luddington Mead
Burdick, Caleb, private Luddington Mead
Burdine, David, private Phillips Ostrander
Burdick, Asa, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Burdick, Cary, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Burdick, Gideon, private Malcom Delaran
Burdine, John, private Johnson Gross
Burdine, William, private Johnson
Burdine, Wm., private Dubois Burnet
Burdjah, Coenrad, private Drake
Burdock, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Burdock, Gideon, private Willet Conine
Burg, Philip, private Vrooman Stubrach
Burgardus, Jon'n C., priv. Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Burgarth, Lambert, private Graham Muller
Burgat, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer Graves
Burger, Jacob, private Wynkoop Swart
Burger, John, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Burger, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Burger, Martin, private Graham Husted
Burger, Stephen, private Weisenfels
Burger, Wilhelmus, priv. Malcom Cantine
Burger, Wilhelmus, priv. Wynkoop
Burger, Zechaniah, priv. Pawling De Witt
Burges, Archabel, private Stevenson
Burges, Archer, private Hays Smith
Burges, James, sergeant Pawling Sacket
Burges, James, sergeant Stevenson
Burges, James, private Wessenfels Hunt
Burges, John, private Wessenfels Thompson
Burges, John, private Hays Smith
Burges, Stephen, corporal Willet Harrison
Burges, Stephen, private Whiting Davis
Burges, Stephen, private Harper Alien
Burges, Stephen, private Graham Wilson
Burges, Thomas, private Cantine Ramsen
Burgesg, Archibald, prir. Drake Drake
Burgess, Archer, private Harpers
Burgess, Arch'd, private Hammond Orser
Burgess, Archibald, priv. Van Bergen Honeywell
Burgess, Mich'l, sergeant Wessenfels Thompson
Burgett, Lambert, private Willet Pearcy
Burgett, Milbury, private Willet - Pearcy
Burgh, Jonathan, private Wessenfels Shephard
Burgh, Jon'n, private Hopkins Waters
Burghdery, Philip, private Drake
Burghdo, Uoenrad, private Drake
Burghwood, Lambert, priv. Van Ness
Burgis, Thomas, private VanRensslaer
Burham, Jacobus, private Vandenburgh
Burhan, Barent, private Wynkoop
Burhance, Charick, private Harper Vroman
Burhance, Cherck, private Pawling Livingston
Burhance, Peter, Jr., priv. Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Burhans, Ab'm, sergeant Wynkoop
Burhans, Ab'm, corporal Wynkoop
Burhans. Ab'm, private Malcom Cantine
Burhans, Abr'm, private Wynkoop
Burhans, Abr'm, Jr., sergt. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, Abr'm, Jr., corp. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, Ab'm, Jr., priv. Wynkoop
Burhans, Barnard, private Wynkoop
Burhans, Benj'n, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, Cornelius, sergt. Wynkoop
Burhans, Corn's, private Platt Brodhead
Burhans, Corn's, private Wynkoop
Burhans, Corpelius, sergt. Wynkoop Van Beuren
Burhans, lhark, private Wynkoop
Burhans, Isaac, lieut. Wynkoop Van Beuren
Burhans, Isaac, lieut. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, Isaac, ensign Hathorn Bogardus
Burhans, Isaac, private Pawling Hunter
Burhans, John, sergeant Weisenfell
Burhans, John, corporal Pawling Westbrook
Burhans, John, corporal Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, John, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, John, Jr., private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Burhans, Jon'n, private Wynkoop Swart
Burnham, Josiah, private Willet Pearey
Burhans, Rich'd, private Wynkoop
Burhans, Sam'l, private Snyder Swart
Burhans, Sam'l, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Burhans, Tireck, private Pawling Hunter
Burhuydt, Corn's, private Wemple Fonda
Burhuydt, John, private Wemple Van Slyck
Burhuyt, Nich's, lieut. Wemple
Burhydt, James, private VanSchoonhoven Visscher
Burk, Aron, private Willet Harrison
Burk, George, corporal, Willet Conine
Burk, John, sergeant Hathorn
Burk, John, private Willet Harrison
Burk, John, private VanSchoonhoven Visscher
Burk, John, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Burkdurt, Philip, corporal Drake Strang
Burkeyt, Jacob, private Schuyler Van Wee
Burky, Jacob, private Bellinger Staring
Burky, Peter, sergeant Bellinger Staring
Burley, Ebenezer, private Graham Pearee
Burley, Ebenezer, Jr., priv. Graham Pearce
Buriey, Elijah, private Harper Drake
Burling, Benj'n, private Dubois Burnet (?)
Burling, Benj'n, private Dubois McFoght
Burling, Eben'r Sam'l, pr. Field Hecock
Burling, Gilead, private Hopkins Barnum
Burling, Gillard, private Field Hecock
Burling, Gillead, private Field Dyckman
Burlingham, Pardon, priv. Dragoons Delavan
Burlingham, Pardon, priv. Van Bergen Honeywell
Buriingham, Reuben, priv. Whiting Hernck
Burlingbam, Selas N., priv. Van Veghten Woodworth
Burlingham, Silas, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Burlingham, Silas, private Van Veghten Winne
Burlingson, Joel, private Dubois Lee
Burlison, Joel, private Field Dyckman
Burlison, Joel, private Field Barnum
Burlison, Fearnot, private Malcom Livingston
Burlyson, Ferenot, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Burman, Peter, private Johnson Roosa
Burnell, Thomas, private Luddington Knapp
Burnes, Charles, private Graham Muller
Burnes, Jacob, private Fisher Wemple
Burnet, Isaac, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Burnet, John, captain Pawling
Burnet, John, captain Dubois
Burnet, John, private Graham Vail
Bnrnet, William, private Graham
Burnett, Isaac, sergeant Brinkerhoff
Burnett, Patrick, private Hathorn Telford
Burnham, Mashal, private Van Alstyn Claw
Burns, Aaron, sergeant Fisher
Burns, Arent, private Wemple
Burns, Charles, private Johnson Jansen
Burns, David, private Hay Gardner
Burns, David, private Wemple Mynderson
Burns, Edward, private Pawling Sacket
Burns, Edw'd, private Crane Scofield
Burns, Edward, private Crane Lewis
Burns, Francis, private Newkirk Crawford
Burns, Francis, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Burns, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Burns, Sam'l, private Yates Hadlock
Burns, Sam'l, private Yates Weltse
Burns, William, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Burns, William, private Pawling Pawling
Burns, Wm., private Malcom Drake
Burns, William, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Burns, Wm., private Van Schoouhoven White
Burnside, John, private Quackenboss Veeder
Burnside, Thomas, private Quackenboss Veeder
Burr, Aaron, private Van Woert Whiteside
Burr, Aaron, private Van Woert Wells
Burr, Daniel, Jr.,* private Sand Manner
Burrack, Jerem'h, private Armstrong Tozer
Burral, Jon'n, private Stockwell
Burres, Philip, private Minthorn
Bums, Charles, private Graham Muller
Burris, Francis, private Newkirk McBride
* Enlisted 1776; taken prisoner as a scout near White Plains, and remained in New York till end of war. Oysterbay, L. I. A. P. 21-321.
Burris, James, private Yates Weltse
Burns, Thomas, sergeant Quackenboss Slingerland
Burrop, Thomas, private Webster McNitt
Burross, Dan'l, private Webster McNitt
Burross, Gideon, private Webeter McNitt
Burross, William, private Webster McNitt
Burrough, Benjamin, priv. Yates Yates
Burroughs, Benj'n, private Yates Yates
Burroughs, Benj'n, private Yates Yates
Burroughs, Daniel, private Webster Tozer
Burroughs, Daniel, private Armstrong Tozer
Burroughs, Gideon, priv. Webster Tozer
Burroughs, Gideon, priv. Armstrong Tozer
Burroughs, James, priv. Webster Tozer
Burroughs, James, priv. Armstrong Tozer
Burroughs, James, priv. Yates Yates
Burroughs, Jas., private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Burroughs, Joseph, private Armstrong Tozer
Burroughs, Philip, private Hathorn Minthorn
Burroughs, William, priv. Armstrong Tozer
Burrous, James, private Yates
Burst, Jacob J., private Harper Bogart
Burt, Christ'r, private Pawling Westfall
Burt, David, private Wisner Baly
Burt, David, private Hathorn McCamly
Burt, Henry, private Van Woert Brown
Burt, James, sergeant Hathorn Minthorn
Burt John, drummer Willet Cannon
Burt, John, private Hathorn Miller
Burt, John, private Hathorn Bailey
Burt, John, private Wisner Baly
Burt, Samuel, private Hathorn Bailey
Burteh, Hezekiah, private Dubois Lee
Burteh, Isaiah, private Dubois Lee
Burteh, Jesse, private Dubois Lee
Burteh, Joseph, private Dubois Lee
Burton, Jacob, sergeant Van Bergen
Burton, Joseph, private Van Alstyn Vosburgh
Burtt, Henry, private Van Woert Doty
Burvel, Wm., private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Burwell, James, private Pawling Piercy
Burwell, Will., private Van Rensselaer Turner
Buscark, Martin, private Van Woert Whiteside
Buschart, Coenrad, priv. Yates Hadlock
Busea, Hend'k, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Busbin, James, private Van Veghten Dunham
Bush, Asahel, sergeant Willet Newell
Bush, Asahel, corporal Willet Newell
Bush, Caunradus, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Bush, Conradt, corporal Yates Welse
Bush, Corn's, private Wessenfels Godwin
Bush, Counraudus, corpl. Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Bush, Danl., private Van Eensaelaer Woodworth
Bush, Ebner, private Platt Van Santvoort
Bush, George, private Klock Kock
Bush, George, private Klock Kock
Bush, George, private Clyde Weeser
Bush, Guilbard, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Bush, Henry, private Johnson Ostrander
Bush, Henry, private Pawling Faulkner
Bush, Henry, private Harper Vrooman
Bush, Johannes, private Van Rensselaer
Bush, Joh's, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Bush, John, private Willet Gray
Bnsh, John, private Harper Harrison
Bush, John, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
Bush, John, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Bush, John, private Cortland
Bush, John, private Yates Weltse
Bush, John, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Bush, John, private Brinckerhoff Brinkerhoof
Bush, Julius, private Klock Miller
Bush, Peter, private Pawling Wood
Bush, Peter, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Bush, Peter, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoof
Bush, Stephen, private Drake Seely
Bush, Stephen, private Crane Lawrence
Bush, Thomas, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Bush, Wm., sergeant Drake
Bush, Zachariah, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Bushart, Hend'k, private Fonda
Bushart, Henry, private Fonda
Bushart, Jacob, private Fonda
Bushart, John, private Fisher Fisher
Bushee, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Thompson
Bushert, John, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Bushert,, John, private Fisher Fisher
Bishert, John, private Fisher Wemple
Busk, Henry (Buck?) pr. Willet Gray
Buskurk, Derick, private Van Woert Whiteside
Buskurk, Martin, private Van Woert Whiteside
Buskark, Sam'l, private VanBergen Hoghtaling
Buskark, Rich'd, private Van Woert Gilmore
Buskart, John, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Buskirk, Dirike, corporal Van Woert Doty
Buskirk, John, corporal Van Woert Brown
Buskirk, John, private Van Woert Pettit
Buskirk, Martin, private Yates Yates
Buss, Christian, private Clyde Dygert
Bussan, Wm., private Graham Conklin
Bussin, John, private Wessenfel Godwin
Bussing, John, private Malcom Delavan
Bussing, William, private Malcom Delavan
Butal, Thos., private Drake Boyd
Butcher, Robt., private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Butler, Abraham, private Hathhor Mervin
Butler, Isaac, corporal Hays
Butler, Israel, private Hays Ackerson
Butler, John, private Pawling Faulkner
Butler, John, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Butler, Jno., private Schuyler Sharp
Butler, Jonathan, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Butler, Josephi, sergeant Malcom
Butler, Joseph, private Hays Ackerson
Button, Peter, private Field Hecock
Butler, Stephen, private Hophins Wheeler
Butler, Tim'y, private Field Hecock
Butler, Thomas, private Fisher Fisher
Butler, Zach'h, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Butly, Richard, private Armstrong Tozer
Butterfield, ---, lieut. Dubois De Mout
Butterfield, James, private Clyde Bawman
Buttler, Solomon, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Buttolph, Isaac, private Whiting Vosburgh
Button, Elezer, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Button, James, lieut. Van Woert Whiteside
Button, Peter, private Van Woort Hodges
Butts, William, corporal Wessenfels Livingston
Buzze, Jon'n, drummer Noble
Buzzie, Jon'n drummer Harper Allen
Buyce, Abm., private Wemple Wanson
Buyce, Henry, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Buyce, James, private Wemple Fonda
Buyce, James, private Wynkoop Swarts
Buyer, John, P., private Klock Cayser
Buyer, Valentine, private Klock Wagne
Buyear, Sylas, private Pawling Piercy
Buyker, Silas, private Pawling Pawling
Buyker, Sylas, Jr., priv. Pawling Piercy
Buys, Jas., private Wemple Outhout
Buyse (?), Jacob, Jr., eosn. Brinkerhoff Storm
Byard, John, private Pawling Hunter
Byce, Simon, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Bykman, Abm., private Brinckerhoff
Byington, David, private Wessenfels Dodge
Byington, Sam'l, private Luddington Lane
By Phenber(?), Jacobus, p. Livingston Smith
Byrky, Jacob, private Bellinger Staring
Bysbow, Andrew, private Willet Hole
Byvanck, John, private Graham Muller
Byvee, Nicholas, private Fisher Yeoman

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