Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Thanks to James F. Morrison for letting us use his book!

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "D"

[By reference to the Index the County to which the Regiment belonged can be ascertained.] Sorry, but I don't think I have the stamina to put the Index on line. Some names are not in alpha order. From this point in time, I don't know if these are typos? ajb

Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Daby, Eben'r, sergeant Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Dackon, Jno., private Klock House
Dackstader, Greo., private Bellinger Harder
Dackstader, Hannis, corp. Bellinger Herder
Dackstader, John, corp. Bellinger Herder
Dackstader, Peter, private Bellinger Herder
Dackstedder, Nich's, priv. Klock Zeely
Daeksteder, Nich's, priv. Klock Bedhig
Dacksteder, Nich's, priv. Klock Kock
Dacksteder, Jno., private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Dacksteder, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Staats
Daey, Aaron, fifer Willet Pearcy
Dagget, Mayhew, sergeant Hopkins Talmadge
Daggsteady, Nich's, ser. Klock Miller
Dailey, Eben'r, sergeant Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Dailey, John, private Phillips Miller
Daily, Joseph, private Wessenfels Westfall
Daily, Robt., corporal Johnson Wilkins
Daily, Robert, private Johnson Cross
Daily. Robert, private Pawling Burnet
Daily, Robt., private Dubois Burnet
Daily, Samuel, private Wessenfels Westfall
Dailey, Samuel, private Graham
Dains, Abraham, sergeant Pawling Westfall
Dake, Chas., private Van Woert Brown
Dake, Chas., Jr., private Van Woert Brown
Dake, John, sergeant Phillips Ostrander
Dake, Manuel, sergeant Willet Wright
Dake, Oliver, private Willet Wright
Dake, Wm. Gold, private Van Woert Brown
Dalap, John, private Schuyler Ostrum
Dale, William, private Johnson Wood
Dales, William, private Johnson Jansen
Daley, Eben'r, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Daley, John, private Hathorn Miller
Daley, Sam'l, sergeant Van Veghten Van Woert
Daley, Sam'l corporal Van Veghten Woodworth
Dall, John, sergeant Hathorn Telford
Dall, William, private Willet Harrison
Dallaway, Jerem'h, private Brinekerhoff Van Wyck
Dallinaon, Jos., private Thomas Lawrence
Dalman, Wm., private Van Woert Brown
Dalmon, Henry, sergeant Wemple Outhont
Dalmouth, Ab'm, private Wemple
Dalmouth, Henry, sergeant Wemple
Dalton, William private Horton
Dalton, Wm., private Crane Cahpman
Daly, David, private, Van Veghten
Daly, John, corporal Hathorn Miller
Daly, Nathan, private Vrooman Heager
Dalway, And'w., private Pawling Livingston
Dalway, Jeremiah, private Pawling Livingston
Damerest, David, private Hathorn Bartolf
Damerest, Jacob, private Hathorn Bartholf
Damoth, Rich'd, private Clyde Van Everat
Dan, Abraham, private Thomas Chapman
Dan, Abr'm, private Crane Chapman
Dan, David, private Benedict Bouton
Dan, Hezekiah, private Crane Lewis
Dan, James, fifer Crane Schofield
Dan, James, fifer Crane Lewis
Dan, Jon'n, private Thomas Sacket
Dan, Nath'l, private Crane Lewis
Dan, Sam'l, private crane Lewis
Dan, Squire, private Crane Lewis
Dan, Thaddeus, private Luddington Baker
Dan, Will., private Luddington Baker
Danes, Ab'm, private Malcom McKinstry
Daniels, Asa, private Van Ness Tanner
Daniels, Elijah, private Thomas Moseman
Daniels, Elijah, private Drake Boyd
Daniels, Jacob, sergeant Graham Lansing
Daniels, Jacob, sergeant Schuyler
Daniels, Thomas, private Thomas Hobby o Davis
Dannals, Thomas, private Willet Harrison
Dannea, Lewis, private Vrooman Header
Dannels, Jacob, private Schuyler Lansing
Dannels, James, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoof
Dannils, Thomas, private Livingston
Dannily, Wm., private Livingston Elliot
Danon, Geo., private Cortland
Dansil, Daniel, private Harper Bogart
Dantum, Wm., private Van Woert Gilmore
Darby, George, private Pawling Pawling
Darby, Samuel, ensign Whiting Vosburgh
Darby, Wm., sergeant Drake Haight
Darbyshire, David, private Wessenfels Thompson
Darkin, Patrick, private Dubois Burnet
Darling, Bcnj'u, private Dubois Lee
Darling, Ebenezer, private Whiting King
Darling, John, private Whiting King
Darling, John, corporal Harper Vrooman
Darling, Peter, private Wessenfels Shephard
Darling, Peter private Graham Nail
Darling, Samuel, private Whiting King
Darling, Sam'l, private Graham Bostwick
Darling, Zeph'h, private
Darrow, Ambus, private Willet Gross
Darrow, Ammarias, private Graham Muller
Darrow Dan'l, private Willet Skinner
Darrow, Dan'l, private Graham Bostwick
Darrow, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer King
Darrow, Geo., private Willet Marshall
Darrow, George, private Willet Gray
Darrow, James, private Yates Yates
Darrow, James, private Yates Brown
Darrow, Jedediah, private Willet Hole
Darrow, Jedediah, private Noble

Darrow, Jedediah, private Harper Bogart
Darrow, Jedediah, private Van Rensselaer
Darrow, Jedediah, private Van Ness Whiting
Darrow, John, private Whiting Davis
Darrow, John, private Fisher Yeoman
Dashsteder, John, private Bellinger Frank
Dasinham, John, private Fisher Yates

Datcher, Will., private Benedict Bouton
Dater, Corn's, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Dates, John, private Vandenburgh Storm
Dates John; private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Daton, Fred'k, private Pawling Wood
Daton, Isaac, private Wessenfels
Dalton, Wm., private Hobby
Daty, Adam, Jr., private Hays Blauvelt
Daught, John, private Yates Brutt
Davee, Isaac, private Cortland
Davee, John, private Cortland
Davendorf, Dan'1, sergeant Willet Putman
Davendorph, Jacob, priv. Fisher Yates

Davenport, Charles, sergt. Whiting Salisbury
Davenport; Garret, private Platt Brodhead
Davenport, Jacob, private Yates Yates
Davenport Jacobus, priv. Hasbrouck
Davenport, John, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Davenport, Peter, private Yates

Davenport, Rioh'd, sergt. Yates Yates
Davenport, Richard, sergt. Yates Wiltse
Davenport, Robert, private Hatborn Mervin
Davenport, Robert, private Johnson Gillispy
Davenport, Bobert, private Johnson Jansen
Davenport, Robert, private Johnson Roosa
Davcrix, Elisha, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Daverson, James, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Darey, Samuel, sergeant Webster Tozer
Davice, Joseph, private Klock Hess
David, Adam, private Klock Ruff
David, Henry, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
David, Isaac private Wessenfels
David, John, private Wessenfels
Davids, David, private Hammond
Davids, Win., private Hammond Orser
Davids, Wm., private Hammond Martling
Davidson, Barnabus, prir. Malcom Blakely
Davidson, Daniel, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Davidson, James, private Williams Shepardson
Davis, Abelia, private Whiting Cady
Davis, Abm., sergeant Fisher Fisher
Davis, Abm., private Wemple Fonda
Davis, Abm. private Wemple Outhout
Davis, Abm., private Fisher Veeder
Davis, Adam, private Fisher Veeder
Davis, Adeliah private Whiting Herrick
Davis, Aerent, private Clyde Difendorf
Davis, Alverson, private Graham Pearce
Davis, Amos, private Van Rensselaer Cady
Davis, Amos, private Willet Gray
Davis, Andrew, private Pawling Hunter
Davis, Andrew, private Van Cortlandt
Davis, Andrew, private Van Ness Whitney
Davis, Andrew, private Howley
Davis, Andrias, private Pawling Pawling
Davis, Benj., private Hathorn Shephard
Davis, Benj., private Pawling Pawling
Davis, Benj., private Dubois Gano
Davis, Daniel, corporal Whiting Davis
Davis, Daniel, corporal Van Rensselaer Cady
Davis, Dan'l, fifer Williamson Shepardson
Davis, Dan'l, private Pawling Westfall
Davis, David, private Van Rensselaer Husted
Davis, Dennis, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Davis, Eben'r, sergeant Van Veghten Dunham
Davis, Elias, private Wessenfels Livingston
Davis, Ezra, sergeant Whiting Herrick
Davis, Geo., private Bellinger Small
Davis, George, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Davis, George, private Van Alstyn
Davis, Hend'k, private Minthorn
Davis, Isaac, sergeant Hammond Orser
Davis, Isaac, sergeant Fisher Veeder
Davis, Isaac, private Stevenson
Davis, Isaacc, private Fisher Veeder
Davis, Isaac, private Drake Boyd
Davis, Jacobus, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Davis, James, sergeant Fisher Fisher
Davis, James, sergeant Fisher Wemple
Davis, James, corporal Fisher Fisher
Davis, James, private Fisher Fisher
Davis, James, private Fisher Wemple
Davis, James, private Fisher Veeder
Davis, John, captain Whiting
Davis, John, lient. Van Veghten Van Woert
Davis, John, lieut. Van Veghten Winne
Davis, John, lient. Van Veghten Dunham
Davis, John, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Collins
Davis, John, sergeant Bellinger Herder
Davis, John, sergeant Bellinger Small
Davis, John, serreant Fisher Wemple
Davis, John, corporal Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Davis, John, private Johnson Gillispy
Davis, John, private Johnson Cross
Davis, John, private Willet Welp
Davis, John, private Whiting Davis
Davis, John, private Willet Pearcy
Davis, John, private Noble
Davis, John, private Graham Bostwick
Davis, John, private Malcom Cantine
Davis, John, private Wemple Fonda
Davis, John, private Van Rensaelaer Odle
Davis, John, private Fisher Yates
Davis, John, private Fisher Little
Davis, John, private Van Veghten Dunham
Davis, John, private Van Bergen
Davis, John, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Davis, John, private Snyder Swart
Dnvis, John, private Luddington Mead
Davis, John, private Brinckerboff Van Wyck
Davis, Joseph, fifer Hathorn Bogardus
Davis, Joseph, fifer Malcom Cantine
Davis, Joseph, fifer Wynkoop
Daris, Joseph, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Davis, Joseph, private Wynkoop Swart
Davis, Nathan, corporal Van Veghten Duham
Davis, Nathan, private Wessenfels Shephard
Davis, Nathan, private Humphrey
Davis, Paul, private Fields Dyckman
Davis, Peter, sergeant Roseboom
Davis, Peter, corporal Bellinger Small
Davis, Peter, private Bellinger Small
Davis, Peter, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Davis, Semps A., private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Davis, Sampson, sergeant Wynkoop
Davis, Samuel, private Wessenfels White
Davis, Samuel, private Pawling De Witt
Davis, Samuel, private Pawling Burnet
Davis, Sam'l, private Luddington Scribner
Davis, Squire, private Van Woert Gilmore
Davis, Thomas, private Fisher Degraas
Davis, Valentine, private Wessenfels Livingston
Davis, Valentine, private Pawling De Witt
Davis, Valentine, private Pawling Piercy
Davis, William, corporal Wessenfela Hardenburgh
Davis, William, corporal Malcom Drake
Davis, William, private Pawling Hunter
Davis, William, private Pawling Westbrook
Davis, William, private Pawling Piercy
Davis, Wm., private Drake Boyd
Davis, Wm.,* private Hammond
* Severely wounded near Verplank's Point, July, 1779. I. 21.
Davis, William, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Davis, William, Jun'r, pr. Pawling Westbrook
Davison, Alverson, private Dubois Lee
Davison, ---, private Hays

Davison, Dan'l, private Dubois McFoght
Davis, James, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Davits, John B., private Wynkoop
Day, Aaron, private Willet Harrison
Davy, Adam, private Harper Putman
Day, Aaron, fifer Harper Vrooman
Day, Aaron, private Van Rensselaer Hawley
Day, Aaron, private Willet Harrison
Day, Aron, fifer Willet Gray
Day, Henry, private Hathorn Telford
Day, Jerem'h, private Van Rensselaer Shaw
Day, John, private Malcom Delavan
Day, Jon'n, private Pawling Williams
Day, Jon'n, private Harper Allen
Day, Lewis, fifer Willet Fonda
Day, Lewis, private Harper Bogart

Daykins, Eiisha, private Luddington Mead
Daykins, Johnson, private Luddington Mead
Dayton, Cornbury, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Dayton, Hezekiah, private Brinckorhoff Brinckerhoff
Dayton, John, private Graham Bostwick
Deake, John, private KIock Klock
Deal, Jacob, private Hays Gardner
Deal, William, private Johnson Jansen
Deal, Wm., private Graham Wilson
Dealy, Nathan, private Vrooman
Dean Abraham, private Pawling Pawling
Dean Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Dean Ashbel, private Baldwin Mills, A. P. 19-91
Dean Benjamin, private Luddington Baker
Dean Caleb, private Luddington Baker
Dean Dan'l, ensign Field Dykeman
Dean Daniel, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Dean Eben'r, private Wessenfels Hunt
Dean Elijah, ensign Truesdell
Dean Elijah, private Fields Barnum
Dean Ephraim, private Drake Boyd
Dean Ezekiel, private Luddington Baker

Dean, Ezra.+ private Baldwin Mills
+ Served three years. A. P. 19-87.
Dean George, private Hathorn McCamply

Dean, Gideon, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dean, Gilbert, private Benedict Gould
Dean, Henry, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dean, Henry, private Van Veghten Denning
Dean, Isaac, private Cantine
Dean, Isaac, private Benedict Seely
Dean, Jabez, private Van Veghten Thompson
Dean, Jabez, private Van Veghten Dunham
Dean, Jabez, private Van Ness
Dean, Jadiali, private Hathorn Case
Dean, James, private Wessenfels
Dean, John, private Phillips Miller
Dean, John, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Dean, John, private Hammond Requa
Dean, John, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Dean, John, private Luddingtun Baker
Dean, Joseph, private Luddington Scribner
Dean, Reuben, private Wessenfels
Dean, Robert, private Drake Drake
Dean, Solomon, private Johnson Wilkins
Dean, Stephen, private Brinkerhoff Brower
Dean, Stewart, private Lansing Brown
Dean, Thos., private Hammond Requa
Dean, Wm., private Drake Boyd
Dean, Wm., Jr., drummer Drake Boyd
Deane, Isaac, private Cantine Ramsen
Deane, Jedediah, private Cantine Ramsen
Dean, Moses,* private Baldwin Mills
* Enlisted in 1777; detailed and served as sergeant of Artificers to end of war. A. P. 19-87.
Deane, Samuel, private Pawling Sacket
Dearkis, John sergeant
Deaven, Joseph, private Klock Hess
Deavice, Jacob, private Klock Cayser
De Barker, John, private Willet Conine
Debaum, David, private Hays Ackerson
Debble, Zacchariah, corpl. Whiting King
Debelt, James, corporal Hays Onderdonck
Debelt, Rieh'd, corporal Cooper Blauvelt
De Bocker, John, private Willet Cannon
Debois, Abraham, private Webster Long
Debois, Benjamin, captain Willet
De Bois, Corn's, adjutant Pawling
De Bois, Jacob, private Graham Williams
Debois, Thomas, private Hammond
Debois, William, private Johnson Smith
Decay, Thomas, private Hathorn McCamley
Deck, Henry, private Willet Gross
Deck, Henry, private Clyde House
Decker, Abraham, private Johnson Smith
Decker, Abr'm, private Livingston Shaver
Decker, Abr'm, private Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Decker, Abraham, Jr., pr. Johnson Gillispy
Decker, Abraham, Jr., pr. Johnson Jansen
Decker, Benjamin, private Johnson Johnson
Decker, Benjamin, private Johnson Roosa
Decker, Benjamin, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Benj'n, private Livingston Pulver
Decker, Benjamin, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Benjamin J., priv. Johnsen Cross
Decker, Cornelius, sergt, Hathorn Bartholf
Decker, Corn's, sergeant Hathorn McCambly
Decker, Corn's, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Decker, Counraud,private Livingston Shaver
Decker, Eleazer, private Johnson
Decker, Elias, private Johnson Gillispy
Decker, Elias, private Johnson Cross
Decker, Ellas, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Elijah, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Elira, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Ephraim, corporal Phillips Ostrander
Decker, Ephraim, private Wynkoop Swart
Decker, Evert, private Johnson Swart Jansen
Decker, Gabriel, private Hathorn McCambly
Decker, Geo., private Livingston Pulver
Decker, Gerrit, corporal Hathorn McCambly
Decker, Gerrit, private Hatborn Conklin
Decker, Isaac, private Newkirk Crawford
Decker, Isaac, private Wynkoop
Decker, Jacob, sergeant Dubois Bnrnet
Decker, Jacob, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Decker, Jacob, private Willet Harrison
Decker, Jacob, private Phillips Ostrander
Decker, Jacob, private Pawling Westfall
Decker, Jacob, private Livingston Shaver
Decker, John, major Klock
Decker, John, private Hathorn Bailey
Decker, John, private Hathorn Conklin
Decker, John, private Pawling Pawling
Decker, John, private Livingston Shaver
Decker, John, private Wisner Baly
Decker, John, Jr., private Pawling Pawlig
Decker, Lawrence I., corpl. Livingston Rockfeller
Decker, Leonard, ensign Van Rensselaer Rockfeller
Decker, Manassa, private Johnson Cross
Decker, Moses, private Hathorn
Decker, Moses, private Pawling Westfall
Decker, Noah, private Johnson Cross
Decker, Noah, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Noah, private Pawling Burnet
Decker, Peter, private Hathorn Miller
Decker. Peter, private Hathorn Bogardus
Decker, Peter, private Johnson Ostrander
Decker, Peter, private Johnson Jansen
Decker, Peter, private Johnson Smith
Decker, Peter, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Decker, Wilhelmus, priv. Johnson Gillispy
Decker, Wilhelmus, priv. Jobnson Cross
Decker, William, private Johuson Smith
Decker, Uriah, private Johnson Cross
Decker, Uriah, private Pawling Wool
Decline, Leopard, private Willet Livingston
Decline, Leonard, private Graham Lansing
Decoine, Edward, private Hays Ackerson
De Cooke, Corn's, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Dederick, Cato, private Wynkoop
Dederick, David, private Clyde Differdorf
Dederick, Devalt, private Clyde Diffendorf
Dederick, Dewalt, private Clyde Leipe
Dederick, Frederick, corpl Willet Conlne
Dederick, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Dederick, Gilbert, private Wynkoop
Dedrick, John, private Wynkoop
Dedrick, Fred'k, private Van Ucrgen Dubois
Dedrick, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Dedrick, Fred'k, private Van Rensselaer Philip
Dedrick, Harmanus, priv. Wynkoop Schoonmaker
Dedrick, Jacobus, ser. Wynkoop Dedrick
Dedrick, Jacobus, private Wynkoop De Witt
Dedrick, Matt'w, captain Wynkoop
Dedrick, Peter, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Dedrick, Peter, private Van Bergen Van Schaick
Dedrix, Theode, private Willet Livingston
Decker, Corn's, private Wisner Bartoff
Deeker, Garret, private Wisner Bartoff
Defendorf, Jacob H., priv Clyde Difendorf
Detendorf, Ja. H. B., pr. Clyde Difendorf
Defendorf, John, private Clyde Difendorf
Defendorf, Jno., private Willet Gillet
Defendorf, John J., priv. Clyde Difendof
De Fonda, Abm., private Yates Brown
De Fonda, Peter, private Yates Brown
Deforege, Reuben, private Wessenfels Hunt
Deforest, David, private Van BensselaerDe Forest
De Forest, Derick, lieut. Schuyler Lansing
Deforest, Derick, ser. Schuyler Lansing
Deforest, Direek, ser. Schuyler Ostrum
De Forest, Isaac, ser. Willet Pearcy
De Forest, Isaac, corp. Willet Pearcy
De Forest, Jacob, captain Van Rensselaer
Deforest, Jesse, private Schuyler Lansing
Deforest, Philip, private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Deforest, Reuben, private Thomas St. John
Deforest, Wm., private Van Rensselaer De Forest
Defraist, Martin, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
Defraist, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Fraist
De Fraist, Philip, private Van Rensselaer Sharp
Defreese, Eben'r, private Crane Lewis
De Funda, Abm., private Yates Brown
De Funda, Eldad, lieut. Yates Brown
De Funda, Jacobe, private Yates Brown
Degaimoe, Tunis, private Wemple Bancker
De Ganno, Abm,, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
De Ganno, Abm., private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
De Ganno, Jacob, private Van Renssclaer De Garmo
De Ganno, Jacob, ensign Van Rensselaer De Garmo
De Garmo, Jacob, private Quackenboss Van Wie
DeGarmo, Matt'w, captain Van Rensselaer
Degarmo, Tawes, private Wemple Van Slyck
Degarmo, Elias, private Cantine Ramsen
Degolen, James, private Willet Hole
DeGolya, James, private Wemple Van Petten
De Graaf, Abm., priv. Van Schoonhoven Taylor
De Graaf, Fred'k, private Fisher Marselus
De Graaf, Hendrick, priv. Hathorn Bogardus
Degraaf, Hend'k, private Snyder Swart
De Graaf, Henry, private Wynkoop Swart
Degraaf, Jerem'h, ser. Fisher Marselus
De Graaf, John, private Wynkoop Swart
DeGraaf, Mich'l, ensign Van Schoonhoven
DeGraaf, Simon, ens'n(?) Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Degraaf, Simon, private Wemple
Degraas, Emanuel, captain Fisher
Degraat, Henry, private Wynkoop Swart
De Grat, John, private Wynkoop Swart
De Graf, Jesse, private Harper Drake
DeGiraff, Abm., sergeant Wemple Van Slyck
DeGraff, Abm., private Van Sehoonhoven Taylor
DeGraff, Abm., private Wemple Fonda
DeGraff, Abm., private Wemple Mynderson
DeGraff, Abm., private Wemple Bancker
DeGraff, Abm., private Wemple Bancker
DeGraff, Abm, N., private Wemple Mynderse
DeGraff, And'w, private Wemple Van Petten
DeGraff, And'w, private Wemple Van Atten
DeGraff, And'w, private Wemple Fonda
DeGraff, Corn's, private Wemple Bancker
DeGraff, Jesse, corporal Wemple Wanson
De Graff, Jesse, private Wemple Van Atton
DeGraff, John, Sergeant Wemple Van Petten
DeGraff, John, private Wemple Mynderse
DeGraff, John, Jr., priv. Wemple Fonda
DeGraff, John K., private Wemple Bancker
DeGraff, Mich'l, lieut. Van Schoonhoven Taylor
DeGraff, Mich'l, ensign Van Schoonhoven Taylor
DeGraff, Moses, corporal Hopkins Van Benschoten
DeGraff, Moses, corporal Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Moses, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
DeGraff, Simon, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
DeGraff, Simon, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
DeGraff, Simon, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
DeGraff, Simon, private Wemple Fonda
DeGraff, Wm., private Wemple Van Petten
DeGraff, Wm., private Wemple Van Atten
DeGraff, William, private Wemple Swart
DeGrave, Simon, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Collins (?)
Degraw, Cornelius, priv. Hays Ackerson
Degraw, John, private Hays Ackerson
Degraw, John, private Hays Bells
Degraw, Luke, private Hays Onderdonk
William, private Hays Onderdonk
Degray, Thomas, private Field Hecock
DeGroat, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
De Groat, Henry, private Van Woert Gilmore
Degroat, Joseph, private Pawling DeWitt
DeGroat, Nich's, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
DeGroot, Elias, private Van Schoonhoven White
DeGroot, Isaac, private Platt Brodhead
Degrote, Joseph, sergeant Hathorn Case
Degrote, Joseph, private Wessenfels Hardenbergh
Degrote, States, private Drake
Degrout, Henry, private Van Schoonhoven Aylsworth
DeGrove, Abm., private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
DeGrove, Michael, ensign Van Schoonhoven Steenbergh
DeGrove, Tim'y, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Degrove, William, private Stevenson
Degrushe, Elias, private Hammond
Degrushie, Elias, private Wessenfels
Degullion, Joseph, private Wemple
DeGulyea, James, private Wemple Van Petten
DeGulyea, Jas., Jr., private Wemple Van Petten
Dehaisch, Philip, corpl., Klock Miller
Deharsh, Philip, private Harper Putman
Dehaist, Philip, corporal Klock Miller
Deharsh, Philip, private Klock Miller
Dehue, John, private Drake Haight
Dejo, Abm., Jr., private Cantine Hasbrouck
Delamater, Abrm., sergt. Wynkoop Van Beuren
Delamater, Abm., private Livingston Kockenfelle
Delamater, Abrm. A., priv. Wynkoop Swart
Delamater, Abrm.C., corp. Wynkoop Swart
De Lamater, Benj., priv. Willet Marshall
Dclamater, Benj., private Malcom Livingston
Delamater, Benj., private Van Alstyn Truesdel
Delamater, Benj., private Wynkoop Swart
Delamater, Corn's, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Delamater, Corn's, private Wynkoop De Witt
Delamater, Corn's C., priv. Wynkoop Swart
Delamater, Corn's J., priv. Wynkoop Swart
Delamater, David, private Wynkoop
Delamater, Henry, private Willet Cannon
Delamater, Isaac, private Hammond Orser
Delamater, Isaac, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Delamater, Jacob, private
Delamater, James, private Fisher Degraas
Delamteer, Jolin, corporal Pawling Westfall
Delamater, John, private Wynkoop Bogardus
Delamater, John, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Delamater, John, Jr., pr. Wynkoop Van Beuren
Dclamater, Samuel, priv. Hammond
Delamater, Win., private Brinkerhoff Storm
Delamatre, Jacob, private Hopkins Wheeler
Delameter, Benj., private Snyder Swart
Delameter, David, private Rnyder Swart
Delamater, Henry, private Willet Marshall
Delametter, Jacob, sergt. Van Alstyn Truesdel
Delancy, Frank, private Crane Lawrence
Delaney, Dennis, private Wessenfels Pawling
Delaney, Dennis, private
De Laney, Francis, private Wessenfels Hunt
Dalano, Nathan, private Yates Hadlock
Delano, Thomas, serg.-maj. Wessenfels Pawling
Delano, Thos., private Van Bensselaer Turner
Delany, Denis, private Pawling Hunter
Delany, Dennis, corporal Pawling Pawling
Delavan, Danl., captain Malcom
Delavan, Danl., private Crane Lockwood
Delavan, Nath'l, major Crane
Delavan, Samuel, captain Dragoons
Delavan Tim'y, private Crane Lockwood
Delaway, Jeremiah, priv. Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Delaway, John, Private Willet Putman
Delemont, Henry, sergeant Wemple
Delevan Joh, private Crane Lockwood
Delevan, Matt'w, private Dragoons Delavan
Delevan, Nath'l, Private Dragoons Eelevan
Delevan Nathan, Private, Crane Lockwood
Delevan Stephen, private Dragooons Delavan
Deleway, John, private Willet Tearse
Deline, Benj'n, lieut. Fisher Degraas
Deline. Benj'n, lieut. Fisher Little
Deline, Isaac, private Fisher McMaster
Deline, Isaac, private Fisher Snook
Deline, Ricyer, private Willet Putman
Deline, Ryer, private Fisher Snook
Deline, Wm., private Fisher Snook
Deliton, Ben]'n, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Delivan, Abr'm, private Luddington Waterbury
Delivan, Dan'l, lieut. Drake Delivan
Delivan, John, private Drake Delivan
Delivan, Matt'w, private Drake Delivan
Delivan, Nath'l, captain Drake
Delivan, Nathan, private Drake Delivan
Delivan, Samuel, captain Drake
Delivan, Stephen, private Drake Delivan
Delivan, Tim'y, lieut. Luddington Waterbury
Delivan, Timothy, private Luddington Waterbury
Dellenbag, Hend'k, sergt. Klock Bradbig
Dellenbag, John, sergeant Klock Bradbig
Dellina, Calvin, s. mate Willet
Dellino, Nath'l, private Willet Cannon
Dellino, Thomas, fifer Hopkins Wheeler
Delmont, Henry, private Wemple Bancker
Deloin, Benj'n, private Fisher
Delong, Dan'l, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Delong, David, private Willet Fonda
Delong, David, private Willet Wright
DeLong, David, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Delong, David, private Schuyler Ostrum
Dlong, Elias, lieut. Malcom Drake

Delong, Elias, private Van Ness
Delong, Ezekiel, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Delong, Francis,* lieut. Van Ness Hogeboom
* Wounded in breast and shoulder, Hillsdale, Columbia Co. Cc, 61. Delong, Francis, private Armstrong
Delong, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer De Farmo
Delong, Jacob, private Van Resselaer Vanderhoof
Delong, James, ensign
Delong, John, private Harper Harrison
Delong, Joseph, private Wiltet Gray
De Long, Joseph, private Yates Yates
Delong, Nich's, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Delong, Nich's, private Yates Weltse
Delson, Jacob, private Pawling Faulkner
Demarest, David, private Wessenfels Thompson
Demarist, James, private Hays Hogencamp
Demaurst, Nich's, private Weisenfels
De Melt, Garret, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Demerest, David, private Hays Hogencamp
Demerest, James, private Hays Ackerson
Demerest, Peter, private Hays Ackerson
Demerest, Samuel, sergt. Hathorn Miller
Demerist, John, private Hays Gardner

Demerk, Jacob V., private Pawling Pawling
Demick, Shubab, sergeant Luddington Mead
Demilt, Isaac, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Deming, Asahel, sergeant Whiting Gilbert
Doming, John, private Noble
Deming, Joseph, sergeant Whiting Gilbert

Deming, Sam'l, private Van Woert Gilmore
Demire, John, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Demise, Garret, private Willet Gross
Demmick, Sam'l, private Wessenfels
Demming, John, private Platt Kinnue
Demming, Sam'l, private Van Woert Gilmore
Demmon, Samuel, private Hopkins Talmadge
Demond, Isaac, private Pawling Wood
Demond, Peter, private Pawling Wood
De Mont, John, private Dubois De Mout
De Mont, Rich'd, private Dubois De Mout
Demooth John, private Harper Putman
Demoray David, private Yates Hadlock
Demoray David, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Demoray Samuel, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Demoree Nicholas, sergt. Yates Vandenburgh
Demorist, John, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Demot, James, private Johnson Mastin

DeMott, James, private Johnson Concklin
DeMout Mark, Captain Dubois

Demport, Umphrey, priv. Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Dempsey, Thomas, private pawling livingston
Dempsey, Mark, private Graham Conklin

Dempsey, Thomas, private Pawling Livingston
Dempsey, Thomas, corpl. Pawling Livingston
Demsey, Mark, private Graham Conklin
Demsey, Thomas, private Malcom McKinstry
De Mun, John, private Wessenfels Pawling
Demuth, Ded'k, private Clyde House
Demuts, Dedericx, private Clyde Leipe
Demuth, Dedrick, private Bellinger Herder
Demuth, Uidrick, private Bellinger Staring
Demuth, Fred'k, private Bellinger Frank
Demuth, Feo., adjutant Bellinger. A. P. 14-478.
Demuth, Hannis, lieut. Bellinger Herder
Demuth, John, lieut. Bellinger Frank
Demuth, John, lieut. Bellinger Herder
Demuth, John, private Bellinger Herder
Demuth, Maix, private Bellinger Herder
Demuth, Markus, private Bellinger Staring
Dencker, Henry, captain Van Renselaer
Dencker, Henry, Jr., sergt. Van Rensselaer Shaw
Dencker, Henry, Jr., priv. Van Rensselaer
Dener, Moses, private Schuyler Lansing
Dengh, Elijah, private Pawling Sacket
Denmg, Humphrey, priv. Van Renselaer Woodworth
Denions, William, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Denker, Henry, Jr , priv. Van Rensselaer
Denmick, Sam'l, private Cortland
Denning, Asa, sergeant Whiting
Denning, Daniel, private Noble
Denning, Dan'l, private Van Rensselaer Kings
Denning, David, private Whiting Bostwick
Denning, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Dunning
Denning, Humphrey, serg. Van Renaselaer Woodworth
Denning, Isaac, private Whiting Bostwick
Dennis, John, private liellinger Frank
Denning, Mich'l, captain Van Veghten
Denning, Zebulon, Corp. Whiting Bostwick
Dennis, Umphrey, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dennis, Umphrey, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Dennis, John, private Malcom Blakely
Dennis, John, private Bellinger Frank
Dennis, John, private Bellinger Staring
Dennis, John, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Dennis, John, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dennis, Philip, private Graham Wilson
Dennis, Samuel, sergeant Van Woert Whiteside
Dennis, Samuel, private Van Woert Wells
Dennis, Wm., corporal Van Veghten Van Woert
Dennis, Wm., private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dennis, Wm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Dennis, Wm., private Van Veghten Dunham
Dennison, Christ'r, sergt. Van Ness
Dennison, Dan'l, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Dennison, Ebenezer, priv. Van Rensselaer Niles
Dennissen, James, private Platt Van Santvoort
Denniston, Dan'l, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Denniston, John, private Johnson, Gillispy
Denniston, Wm., private Willet Elsworth
Denny, Barber, private Luddington Knapp
Denney, Bargo, corporal Graham Vail
Denny, Charles, private Hopkins Wheeler
Denny, Richard, private Hopkins Wheeler
Denny, Sover, private Vrooman Stubrach
Denton, Alexander, priv. Thomas Moseman
Denton, Alex'r, private Thomas St. John
Denton, Alex'r, private Thomas Moseman
Denton, Dan'l, private Thomas St. John
Denton, Daniel, private Thomas Moseman
Denton, Dan'l, private Thomas Moseman
Dennis, Jacob, private Bellinger Staring
Denton, James, lieut. Johnson Mastin
Denton, Joseph, private Pawling Wood
Denton, Joseph, private Thomas St. John
Denton, Joseph, private Thomas Moseman
Denton, Joseph, private Drake Madden
Denton, Jonas, private, Hathorn Shepard
Denton, Nath'l, private Yates Yates
Denton, Nath'l, private Van Renseelaer De Garimo
Denton Nath'l, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Denton Nath'l, private Yates Brown
Denton William, private Thomas Moseman
Denton Wm., private Thomas St. John
Deo, Christ'l, private Van Bergen
Depare, Andries, private Pawling Wood
Depeu, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
De Pew , Corn's, sergeant Cantine
Depew, John, sergeant Drake Buckhout
Depew, Wm., private Thomas Hobby
Depu, Ab'm, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
De Pue, John, corporal Wessenfels Thompson
De Pue, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschoten
Depun, Elias, private Willet
Depuy, Abraham, private Thomas St. John
Depuy, Benjamin, private Klock De Witt
Depuy, Benj'n, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Depuy, Elias, private Hathorn Brodhead
Depuy, Geo., private Thomas St. John
Depuy, John, private Pawling Westbrook
Depuy, John, Jr., private Cantine Hasbrouck
Depuy, Moses, ensign Hathorn Brodhead
Depuy, Moses, private Graham
Depuy, Peter, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Depuy, Samuet, private Klock Westfall
Depuy, William, private Thomas St. John
Deralt, John, corporal Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Derbishire, Daniel, private Wessenfels
Derbishire, James, private Wessenfels
Derbois, John, private Hathorn Mervin
Derby, James, private Field Hecock
Deryea, George, private Hathorn Mervins
Deridder, Evert, prirate Van Veghten Van Woert
Derivere, Corn's, corporal Hammond Orser
Denvere, Henry, private Hammond Martling
Derivien, Corn's, private Hammond Combs
Derivier, John, private Hammond
Deriviere, Con's, private Hammond Comb
Deriviere, Corn's, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Deriviere, Hend'k, corpl. Hammond Orser
Derivile, Solomon, private Wemple Mynderse
Derevrie, Corn's, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Dermott, James, private Dubois Burnet
Deronde, Abraham, priv. Hays Ackerson
Deronde, Jacob, private Hays Ackerson
Deronde, Hend'k, private Hays Gardner
Deronde, Henry, private Hays Ackerson
Deronde, Henry L, private Hays Ackerson
Deronde, Tobias, private Hays Ackerson
Deronderf, Jacob, private Fisher Yates
Derrow, James, private Van Rensselaer De Garmo
DeSylva, Joseph,*
* Volunteer, later private during the whole war. In August, 1776, escaping from confinement, he swam from Staten Island to New Jersey and gave information of General Howe's intentions. Broome, Schoharie county. A. P. 19-151.
Deuvel, Edmund, lieut. Dubois Chamberlain
Devandorph, Jacob, priv. Fisher Yates
Devence, Jacobus, private Johnon Johnson
Devendorf, Daniel, sergt. Willett Putman
Devenport, Gerrit, Jr., pr. Cantine Hasbrouck
Devenport, Peter, sergeant Yates Van Denburgh
Devenport, Rich'd, lieut. Yates Yates
Devenport, Thomas, priv. Van Duzer
Deverix, Elisha, sergeant Van Rensselaer Townsend
Deverix, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Deverix, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Deverix, Joseph, private Malcom
everix, Joseph, private Van Rensselaer Townsend
Deverix, Thadeus, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Deverix, Theod's, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Devers, John, private Van Schoonhoven White
DeVew, Henry, private Willet Elsworth
Devine, Asher, sergtant Vandenburgh Storm
Devine, Asher, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Devine, Oliver, private Pliatt Bloom
Devins, Jacobus, private Johnson Cross
Deviraux, Joseph, private Harper Lawrence
Devius, Jacobus, private Graham Sherwood
Devoe, David, private Hammond Martling
Devoe, David, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Devoe, Dirck, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Henry, private Willet White
Devoe, Henry, private Willet Tearse
Devoe, Isaac, drummer Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Isaac, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Isaac, private Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Devoe, Isaac, private Wessenfels
Devoe, Isaac J., corporal Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Jacob, private Van Schoonhoven Taylor
Devoe, James, private Hammond Comb
Devoe, John, dniminer Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, John, private Platt Lee
Devoe, John, private Schuyler Van Aernum
Devoe, John I., drummer Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, John I., private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, John R., private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Martinus, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Martinus, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Devoe, Samuel, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, Wm., corporal Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Devoe, William, corporal Van Schoonhoven Visscher
Devoe, William, corporal Van Schoonhoven
Devoe, Wm., private Hammond Martling
Devoe, Wm., private Van Bergen Honeywell
Devoet, Ab'm, private Van Schoonhoven
Devoo, Anth'y, private Wessenfels White
Devoo, David, private Drake
Devoo, David, private Drake
Devoo, Peter, private Drake

Devoo, Wm., private Drake
Devort, Sam'l, private Brinckerhoff Brower
Devose, Jacob, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Devour, Abraham, private Pawling Westfall
Dery, Adam, private Clyde House
Devy, Peter, private Clyde House
Devys, Arendt, private Diffendorf
Dewalt, Meyer, private Clyde Leipe
Dewell, Emanuel, lieut. Dubois Chamberlain
Dewever, Abm., private Schuyler Lansing
Dewey, Isaiah, private Yates Hadlock
De Witt, Abraham, priv. Pawling Westbrook
De Witt, Abm., private Van Bergen Dubois
De Witt, Abm., private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
De Witt, Abm., private Wynkoop De Witt
De Witt, Anderies A., pr. Cantine Hasbrouck
De Witt, Andrias, private Graham
De Witt, Benjamin, priv. Yates Yates
De Witt, Benjamin, priv. Graham Pearce
De Witt, Cornelius, priv. Pawling Westbrook
De Witt, Corn's, private Pawling Pawling
De Witt, Corn's, private Wynkoop Schooonmaker
De Witt, Corn's, private Wynkoop DeWitt
De Witt, Corn's, private Graham Pearce
De Witt, Corn's D., ser. Pawling Faulkner
De Witt, Cornelius D., pr. Cantine Hasbrouck

De Witt, Egbert, private Wessenfels White
De Witt, Gerrit, private Hathorn Mervin
De Witt, Jacob, drummer Hathorn Bogardus
De Witt, Jacob, private Wessenfels Pawling
De Witt, Jacob, private Pawling Pawling
De Witt, Jacob, private Pawling Burnet
De Witt, Jacob, private Wynkoop Swart
De Witt, Jacob I., private Wynkoop Swart
De Witt, Jacob R., captain Klock
De Witt, Jacobus, private Pawling Faulkner

De Witt, Jacobus, private Pawling De Witt
De Witt, James, corporal Wessenfels White
De Witt, James, private Pawling Piercy
De Witt, Johannis, private Wynkoop Schoonmaker
De Witt, Johannis, private Wynkoop De Witt
De Witt, John, private Hathorn Mervin
De Witt, John, private Graham
De Witt, John, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
De Witt, John, private Wynkoop De Witt
De Wit, John Jr., lieut., Brinkerhoff Storm
De Witt, John, Jun'r, priv. Pawling
De Witt, John I., private Hathorn Mervin
De Witt, John I., private Wynkoop De Witt
De Witt, John L., captain Wynkoop
De Witt, John P., captain
De Witt, Jon'n, Jun'r, pr. Graham
De Witt, Levi, captain Pawling
De Witt, Levi, lieut. Pawling Faulkner
De Witt, Luke, private Van Bergen Houghtaling
Dewitt, Luke, private Van Bergen Dubois
De Witt, Moses, private Phillips Ostrander
De Witt, Peter, private Wessenfels Thompson
Dewit, Peter, Jr., private Cortland
Dewitt, Reuben, lieut. Cantine Hasbrouck
De Witt, Teherit, private Cantine
De Witt, Thack C., private Wynkoop Van Buren
Dewitt, Theret C., private Wynkoop Van Buren
De Witt, Thomas, major Wessenfels
De Witt, Thomas, major Pawling
De Witt, Thomas, Jr., lieut. Vandenburgh Storm
De Witt, Tjerck, private Wynkoop
De Witt, Tom, private Cantine
De Witt, Tony, private Pawling Faulkner
De Witt, Wm., corporal Dubois Dubois
De Witt, William, private Hathorn Bogardus
De Witt, William, private Wessenfels White
De Witt, William, private Pawling De Witt
De Witt, William, private Pawling Piercy
De Witt, William, private Graham
De Witt, William, Jr., pr. White
Dey, Lewis, fifer Weisenfels

Deyell, William private Hathorn Bogardus
Deygert, Jost, captain Clyde
Deygert, Nich's, lieut. Clyde Dygert
Deygert, Nich's, private Clyde Dygert
Deygert, William, Jr., ser. Klock Breadbake
Deykert, Nich's, private Klock Wagner
Deyo, Elias, private Wessenfels Livingston
Deyo, Ezekiel, corporal Cantine Hasbrouck
Deyo, Henry, private Johnson Gillispy
Deyo, Hugh, corporal Wessenfels Livingston
Deyoe, Peter, private Graham Conklin
Deyoo, Dan'l, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Deyoo, Henry, private Cantine Ramsen
Deyoo, John, private Cantine Ramsen
Deyoo, Levi, ensign Cantine Hasbrouck
Dibble, Asa, private Webster Childs
Dibble, Dan'l, private Drake
Dibble, Dan'l, private Benedict Osburn
Dibble, Hezkiah, sergeant Willet Gray
Dibble, Joel, private Field Hecock
Dibble, Jon'n, sergeant Benedict Bouton
Dibble, Jon'n, private Crane Schofield
Dick, Henry, private Willet Fonda
Dick, Henry, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Dick, John, private Webster Hamilton
Dick, Paulis, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Dickens, Thomas, private Drake Seely
Dickens, Thomas, private Benedict Seely
Dickenson, Dan'l, major Van Veghten
Dickenson, John, private Wessenfels White
Dickenson, Joseph, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dickenson, Sam'l, sergt. Van Veghten Van Woert
Dickenson, Thomas H., p. Vandenbnrgh Van Wyck
Dickenson, Zebulon, priv. Van Veghten Woodworth
Dicker, Cha's C., private Livingston Rockfeller
Dicker, Francis, private Graham Muller
Dicker, Francis, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Dicker,Isaac, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Dicker, Jacob, sergeant Livingston Shaver
Dicker, John C., private Livingston Shaver
Dicker, Leonard, ensign Livingston Shaver
Dickerman, Joseph, priv. Hammond Orser
Dickerson, Gideon, sergt. Willet Fonda
Dickerson, James, private Willet Marshall
Dickerson, John, private Willet Wright
Dickerson, John, private Whiting Herrick
Dickerson, Joseph, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dickerson, Judathan, priv. Graham Williams
Dickeson, Icbabod, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Dickey, Matt'w, private Webster Long
Dickings, Arnold, private Crane Lawrence
Dickins, Arnold, private Crane Lockwood
Dickins, Arnold, Jr., priv. Crane Lockwood
Dickins, Mordecai, private Crane Lockwood
Dickins, Sam'l, private Crane Lockwood
Dickinson, John H., priv. Brinckerhoff Van Wyck
Dickinson, Joseph, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dickinson, Joseph, private Van Veghten Winne
Dickinson, Zebulon, fifer Van Vegbten Thompson
Dickinson, Zebulon, priv. Van Veghten Winne
Dickman, Joseph, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Dickson, Andrew, private Pawling Faulkner
Dickson, Dan'l, corporal Crane Bouton
Dickson, Dan'l, private Crane Scofield
Dickson, Dan'l, Jr., priv. Crane
Dickson, James, private Luddington Mead
Dickson, John, private Drake Seely
Dickson, John, private Crane Lawrence
Dickson, John, private Benedict Seely
Dickson, Marshal,* private Crane Lawrence
*Wounded in right hip at Crompond, June 24, 1779. Farmer, Lower Salem, W. Chester Col. I, 127. A 15.
Dickson, Nathan, sergeant Crane Lawrence
Dickson, Richard, private Willet
Dickson, Wm., private
Diedrick, Fred'k, private Van Bergen Dubois
Diedrick, Peter, private Van Bergen Dubois
Diets, Adam, ensign Schnyler Ostrum
Dietz, Han Joost, private Vrooman Stubrach
Dietz, Jacob, lieut. Vrooman Strubrach
Dietz, John, lieut. Vrooman
Dietz, John, lieut. Vrooman Strubrach
Dietz, John, private Vrooman Stubrach
Dietz, Joost, fifer Vrooman Stubrach
Dietz, Joost, fifer Vrooman Miller
Dickson, Theodorus, priv. Luddington Mead
Dietz, William, private Vrooman Brown
Dietz, Wm., private Vrooman Stubrach
Dietz, Wm., private Vrooman Miller
Dietz, Wm., Jun'r, priv. Vrooman Stubrach
Dieuel, Benj'n, private Dubois Chamberlain
Diezlaer, William, private Klock Miller
Difiendorf, Jacob, captain Clyde
Dikeman, Abraham, priv. Hays Tourneur
Dill, Darnel, private Johnson Wilkins
Dill, David, segeant Johnson Ostrander
Dill, David, private Johnson Gillispy
Dill, David, private Johnson Jansen
Dill, John, private Newkirk Faulkner
Dillenback, Baltus, private Clyde Diffendorf
Dillenback, Henry, sergt. Klock Zeely
Dillenback, Henry, private Klock Zeely
Dillenback, John, private Klock Breadbake
Dillenback, Jolin, private Klock Zeely
Dillenback, Jno., private Klock Suts
Dillenback, Martin, private Clyde Diffendorf
Dillenbag, Henry, private Klock Miller
Dillenbeck, Henry, sergt. Klock Breadbake
Dillenbeck, Henry, private Klock Bedhig
Dillenbeck, John, private Klock Bedhig
Dillenbeck, John, private Klock Klock
Dillenbeck, Martin, priv. Klock Ruff
Dilliknow, Calven, private Van Ness
Dillimthis, James, private Fisher Veeder
Dillinow, Nathan, private Whiting King
Dimick, Sam'l, private Pawling Hunter
Dimir, Ab'm, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Dimmer, Adam, private Vrooman Miller
Dimons, Henry, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Dincker, Henry, lieut. Schuyler Tillman
Diness, Philip, private Livingston Houserad
Diness, Yerry, private Livingston Houserad
Dingas, Hannes, private Bellinger Herder
Dinger, Emery, private Thomas
Dinger, John, Jr., private Thomas
Dingee, Sam'l, private Drake Haight
Dinger, Elijah, corporal Thomas Moseman
Dinger, Emery, private Thomas Moseman
Dinger, Emery, private Thomas St. John
Dinger, John, private Thomas Moseman
Dinger, John, private Thomas St. John
Dinger, John, Jr., private Thomas Moseman
Dinger, John, Sr., private Thomas Moseman
Dinges, Elijah, corporal Thomas Moseman
Dingey, Sam'l, private Drake Boyd
Dinghart, Jacob, lieut. Fisher Yates
Dingman, Casper, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Dingman, Garret, private Fisher Yeoman
Dingman, Gerrit, private Fisher Snook
Dingman, Isaac, private Van Alstyn
Dingman, Jacob, sergeant Fisher Yates
Dingman, Jacob, sergeant Fisher Yeoman
Dingman, Jacob, private Fisher Yeoman
Dingman, Jacob, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Dingman, Peter, private Fisher Yeoman
Dingman, Sam'l, private Willet Putman
Dingman, Sam'l, private Fisher Yeoman
Dingmanse, Adolphus, pri. Van Rensselaer
Dings, Jacob, private Livingston Shaver
Dings, Johannes, private Livingston Houserad
Dings, John, private Livingston Houserad
Dings, Stume, private Livingston Houserad
Dingsman, Dennis, private Clyde Van Everat
Dinger, Sam'l, private Drake Haight
Dinnis, John, private Van Cortlandt
Dinsman, Anth'y, private Clyde VanEverat
Dinton, James, lieut. Johnson Coucklin
Dinza, John, private Thomas
Dirick, Wm., private Van Rensselaer
Dirly Philip, private Wessenfels Shephard
Disbrow, Andrew, private Luddington Waterbury
Disbrow, David, sergeant Luddington Mead
Disbrow, Nathan, corporal Luddington Waterbury
Disbrow, Nathan, Jr., cur. Luddingtou Mead
Disby, Andrew, private Hopkins Lane
Divey, Samuel, sergeant Webster Tozer
Divine, John, private Wesscnfels White
Divany, Archibald, private Pawling Hunter
Dixon, Andrew, corporal Malcom Drake
Dixon, Hezekiah, private Pawling Sacket
Dixon, James, private Luddington Waterbury
Dixon, Hubert, private Harper Putman
Dixon Thaddeus, private Hopkins Barnum
Dixon, Woter, private Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Dixon, Wm., private Van Renaselaer Van Allen
Doann, Daniel, lieut. Field Dyckman
Dobbs, Dan'l, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenburgh
Dobbins, Henry, lieut. Hathorn Miller
Dobbin, Hugh, private Wessenfels Brewster
Dobbin, Robert, private Fisher Veeder
Dobson, John, private Willet Pearcy
Dochstader, Fred'k corpl. Fisher Yeoman
Dochslader, Nich's, lieut. Fisher Yeoman
Dockstater, John, private Clyde Difendor
Docksteder, Adam, corpl. Fisher Yates
Docksteder, Adam, private Fislier Yates
Docksteder, Fred'k, sergt. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Fred'k, Corp. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Fred'k, priv. Fonda
Docksteder, Fd'k F., serg. Fisher Veeder
Docksteeder, Fd'k F., priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Fd'k H., serg. Fisher Veeder
Docksteeder, Fd'k H., priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, George, corp. Fisher Yatew
Docksteder, Geo., private Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Geo. F., corp. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Geo. F. priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Geo. H., priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteeder, Hamuel F., p. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Hend'k, priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Hend'k F., pr. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Hend'k H., p. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Henry, priv. Fisher Yates
Docksteder, Jacob, private Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, John, private Fisher Yates
Docksteder, John F. priv. FisherVeeder
Docksteder, John H., priv. Fonda
Docksteder, John H., priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Leonard, priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Leonard, Jr., p. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Manuel, priv. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, ---, priv. Fonda
Docksteder, Mark, private Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Marks, priv. Fonda
Docksteder, Nich's, lieut. Fisher Veede
Docksteder, Nich's, sergt. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Nich's, priv. Fislier Veeder
Docksteder, Nich's F., pr. Fislier Veeder
Docksteder, Nich's F., pr. Fisher Little
Docksteder, Nich's H., ser. Fisher Veeder
Docksteder, Nich's H., pr. Fonda
Docty, Isaac, private Graham Muller
Docty, Shadwick, private Graham Miller
Dodge, Andrew, private Malcom
Dodge, Dan'l, private Wessenfels Dodge
Dodge, Daniel, private Willet Putman
Dodge, Dan'l, private Graham Williams
Dodge, Francis, private Van Bergen Honeywell
Dodge, Henry, captain Wessenfels
Dodge, Nath'l, corporal Thomas Miller
Dodge, Sam'l, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dodge, Stephen, private Pawling Williams
Doesbusled, Dan'l, private Thomas Purdy
Doffield, John, private Hathorn Case
Dogolen, Joseph, private Willet Hole
Dogoly, James, private Willet Pearcy
Dokins, Edward, private Wessenfels Brewster
Done, Elnathan, private Field Dykeman
Doney, William, private Willet Harrison
Donnolly, Wm., private Livingston Rockenfelle
Doolittle, Dan'l, private Crane Truesdell
Doolittle, Hackaliah, priv. Van Ness
Doolittle, Hopkins, private Wessenfels Hunt
Doolittle, Hopkins, private Hays Stevenson
Doolittle, Hopkins, private Crane Lawrence
Doolittle, Hopkins, private Crana Truesdell
Doolittle, Joseph, lieut. Crane Truesdel
Doolittle, Reuben, corpl. Crane Truesdel
Doolittle, Tim'y, private Van Ness
Dooly, Philip, private Graham Vail
Dooty, Joseph, corporal Van Rensselaer Cady
Dop, David, private Fonda
Dop, Johanms, private Van Schoonhoven Collins (?)
Dor, Matthew, private Whiting Cady
Doran, Alex'r, private Fisher McMaster
Doran, David, corporal Fisher
Doran, David, private Fisher
Doran, Jacob, sergeant Fisher
Doran, John, corporal Fisher Fisher
Dolery, Jerem'h, corporal Dubois McFoght
Dolittle, David, private Willet Newell
Dolittle, Tim'y, private Graham Muller
Dollaway, And'w, private Weisenfels
Dollewav,Jerem'h, private Hopkins Brinkerhoff
Dolph, John, private Hopkina Barnum
Dolph, John, private Livingston Elliot
Dolphin, Thomas, private Field Hecock
Dolson, Isaac, drummer Hathorn Minthorn
Dolson, John, private Hathorn Case
Dolson, John, private Johnson Ostrander
Dolson, John N., private Hays Sickles
Dolton, Win., sergeant Thomas Sacket
Dolton, Wm., sergeant Thomas Lyon
Dolton, William, private Thomas Lyon
Dolton, William, private Thomas St. John
Dom, Melger, private Bellinger Small
Domenck, John, drummer Vrooman Millet
Dominick, John, private Vrooman.
Dominick, Samuel, private Wessenfels Thompson
Domvee, David, private Luddington Crane
Donaldson, Ab'm, private Cantine Ramsen
Donaldson, Joseph, private
Donavan, Daniel, private Wessenfels White
Done, David, private Armstrong
Doringbergh, John, private Fisher Fisher
Dorling, John, lieut. Wemple Wilson
Dorn, Ab'm, private Wemple Wanson
Dorn, Ab'm, private Van Alstyn Van Valkenbnrgh
Dorn, David, private Fisher Veeder
Dorn, John, private Graham Wanson
Dorn, John, Jr., private Fisher Little
Dornbergh, John, private Fisher Fisher
Dors, Jeptha, private Malcom lilakely
Dors, Joseph, private Malcom Blakely
Dose, Peter, sergeant Van Rensselaer Price
Dotey, Isaac, corporal Van Rensselaer Grave
Dottey, John, private Armstrong Long
Dotton, Isaac, private Drake Haight
Dotton, Isaac, private Stevenson
Dotton, Will., private Luddington Mead
Doty, Asa, ensign Whiting Salsbury
Doty, Corn's, captain Van Woert
Doty, Elias, private Wessenfels
Doty, Isaac,* lieut. McCrea -----
* Commanding pilots; served from August 28 to November 23, 1779. A. P. 15-214.
Doty, Isaac, sergeant Willet Van Rensselaer
Doty, Jacob, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Doty, John, private Webster Long
Doty, Joseph, corporal Whiting Davis
Doty, Josepli, private Luddington Knapp
Doty, Joseph, private Graham Vail
Doty, Orman, private Yates Weltse
Doty, Oman, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Doty, Peter, private Van Rensselaer Vanderhoof
Doty, Peter, private Yates Weltse
Doty, Pliilip, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Doty, Reuben, private Whiting Davis
Dotey, Samuel, corporal Van Rensselaer Van Allen
Doty, Shadewick, private Graham Muller
Doty, Shadrick, private Willet Wright
Doty, Theodosius, private Webster McNitt
Doty, Yellis, private Willet Livingston
Dougherty, Corn's, private Livingston Shaver
Doughty, Elias, private Cortland
Doughty, Elias, private Weisenfels
Dourn, David, private Fisher Veeder
Douglas, Adam, private Newkirk McBride
Douglas, James, private Johnson Gillispy
Douglass, James, private Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Douglass, John, private Field Hecock
Douglass, Jonathan, priv. Willet Livingston
Douglass, Jon'n, private Van Schoonhoven
Douglass, Wheeler, private Roseboom
Douglass, William, private Newkirk McBride
Donandorve, Jacob, priv. Fisher Yates
Douws, John D. P., priv. Van Rensselaer Bries
Dovis, John, private Vandenburgh Van Wyck
Dowen, Ichabod, private Yates Hadlock
Dowey, Samuel, sergeant Webster Tozer
Dowin, David, private Fisher Veeder
Dowling, And'w, private Hopkins Talmadge
Downin, Corn's, private Luddingtou Knapp
Downen, Corn's, private Graham Vail
Downer, Corn's, sergeant Willet Welp
Downer, Israel, private Luddington Knapp
Downing, Cornelius, sergt. Vandenberg Wheeler
Downing, John, private Wessenfels Pawling
Downing, John, private Wessenfels Westfall
Downing, Roger, private Brinkerhoff Storm
Downs, John, corporal Hays Stevenson
Downy, Roger, private Vandenburgh Storm
Dowty, Elias, private Pawling Wood
Dox, Isaac, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Dox, James, private Hathorn Telford
Dov, John, private Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Dox, Peter, private Willet Livingston
Dox, Samuel, ensign Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Dox, Samuel, sergeant Van Schoonhoven Van Denburgh
Dox, Samuel, sergeant Van Schoonhoven White
Doxey, Stephen, private Weisenfels
Doxey, Stephen, private Brinckerfoff Brinckerhoof
Doxy, Stepnen, private Pawling Pawling
Doxy, Stephen, private Cortland
Doyl, Charlcs, private Snyder Swart
Doyle, Charles, private Wynkoop
Dovie, Stephen, private Fisher McMaster
Doyle, Stephen, private Fisher Yeoman
Drake, Elijah, lieut. Drake Boyd
Drake, Gilbert, colonel
Drake, Gilbert, lieut. col.
Drake, Gilbert, sergeant Pawling Williams
Drake, Gilbert, sergeant Hays Stevenson
Drake, Gilbert, private Dragoons Delavan
Drake, Gilbert, private Drake Haight
Drake, Gilbert, private Crane Truesdell
Drake, Gilbert, private Drake Buckhout
Drake, Jasper, sergeant Drake Boyd
Drake, Jasper, corporal Drake Boyd
Drake, Jasper, private Drake Boyd
Drake, Jerem'h, private Drake Boyd
Drake, John, captain Drake
Drake, John, lieut. Luddington Lane
Drake, John, private Drake Boyd
Drake, John, private Thomas
Drake, John, private Graham Vail
Drake, Joshua, captain Malcom
Drake, Joshua, captain Harper
Drake, Joshua, ensign Drake Boyd
Drake, Joshua, sergeant Drake Boyd
Draper, Joseph, corporal Graham Pearce
Drake, Joshua, private Dubois Gano
Drake, Joshua, private Drake Boyd
Drake, Josiah, private Cantine Ramsen
Drake, Richard, private Johnson Mastin
Drake, Sam'l, colonel
Drake, Sam'l, sergeant Hammond Orser
Drake, Sam'l, private Hammond Orser
Drake, William, private Johnson Jansen
Drake, William, private Johnson Smith
Drake, Wm., private Drake Boyd
Draper, John, sergeant Pawling Westfall
Draper, John, private Wessenfels Hardenbargh
Dratt, John, private Harper Drake
Dratt, John, corporal Van SchoonhovenVan Denbnrgh
Dratt, John, Jr., private Van Schoonhoven Van Denbergh
Drew, Gilbert, sergeant Luddinglon Mead
Drew, Gilbert, sergeant Luddington Mead
Drew, Isaac, private Luddington Knapp
Drew, Isaac, private Luddington Mead
Drew, Joshua, private Cantine Ramsen
Drew, Oliver, private Hathorn Brodhead
Drew, Oliver, private Wessenfels
Drew, Oliver, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Drew, Will'm,* corporal Graham Drake
* Wounded in the left leg at Miles Square, Westchester Co., July 26,1776. Frederickstown, Dutchess Col., A. 83, B. 6, 1.
Draper, Reuben, private Graham Pearce
Drew, Sam'l, private Luddington Mead
Drew, Wm., private Luddington Mead
Drisselman, Christ'r, priv. Clyde House
Drom, Nich's, private Klock Zeely
Drom, Zacharias, private Van Rensselaer
Drummer, Jacob, private Van Bensselaer Odle
Drum, Peter, private Willet Harrison
Dubois, Abm., private Webster Long
Dubois, Abm., private Livingston Shaver
Dubois, Andrew, private Johnson Gillespe
Dubois, Andries, private Hathorn Conklin
Dubois, Barent, sergeant Van Bergen Van Schaick
Dubois, Baurint, sergeant Van Bergen Whitbeck
Dubois, Barint, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Dubois, Benj'n, captain Dubois
Dubois, Benj'n, captain Van Bergen
Du Bois, Benj'n S., private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Dubois, Charles, private Willet Livingston
Dubois, Christian, lieut. Hopkins Van Benschoten
Dubois, Christ'r, lieut. Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Dubois, Coenradt, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dubois, Corn's, lieut. col. Van Bergen
Du Bois, Corn's, adjutant Pawling
Dubois, Corn's, lieut. Wessenfels Livingston
Dubois, Corn's, lieut. Pawling DeWitt
Dubois, Corn's, lieut. Pawling Piercy
Dubois, Corn's, private Hopkins Van Benschoten
Dubois, Corn's, private Platt Brodhead
Dubois, Cort, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Du Bois, Dan'l, corpl. Cantine
Dubois, David, private Wiessenfels Pawling
Dubois, David, private Wynkoop Dedrick
Dubois, David, Jr., private Pawling
Dubois, Garret, private Pawling Pawling
Dubois, Gideon, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
Dubois, Henry, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dubois, Isaac, corporal Hathorn Brodhead
Dubois, Isaac, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Du Bois, Jacob, private Hopkins Van Benschouten
Dubois, Jacob, private Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff
Dubois, Jacob, private Wynkoop
Dubois, James, private Hathorn Bogardus
Dubois, James, private Wynkoop Swart
Dubois, James, Jr., private Wynkoop Swart
Du Bois, Jerem'h, private Snyder Swart
Dubois, Jeremiah, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Du Bois, Joel, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Dubois, Joel, private Van Bergen Dubois
Dubois, Johannis, private Wynkoop
Dubois, John, lieut. Wessenfels Hardenburgh
Dubois, John, private Pawling Pawling
Dubois, John, private Wessenfels
Dubois, John, private Hooghteling
Dubois, John I., private Wynkoop
Du Bois, John J., lieut. Pawling Pawling
Dubois, Jonathan, corpl. Johnson Mastin
Dubois, Jonathan, corpl. Johnson Concklin
Dubois, Jonathan, private Johnson
Dubois, Lawrence, private Van Bergen Hoghtaling
Dubois, Lawrence, private Van Bergen Dubuis
Dubois, Lawrence, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Dubois, Lewis, colonel
Dubois, Martin, private Wessenfels Livingston
Dubois, Matt'w, private Wessenfels White
Dubois, Matt'w, private Wynkoop De Witt
Dubois, Nath'l, ensign Hathorn Case
Dubois, Nath'l, ensign Johnson Mastin
Dubois, Nath'i, ensign Johnson Concklin
Dubois, Peter, private Humfrey
Dubois, Robert, private Wynkoop Swart
Dubois, Samuel, private Hathorn Bogard
Du Bois, Sam'l, private Snyder Swart
Debois, Tho's, corporal Brinckerhoff Brower
Dubois, Tunis, private Brnickerhoff
Dubois, Wessel, private Hathorn Brodhead
Dubois, Wessel, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dubois, Wilhelmus, priv. Hathorn Case
Dubois, William, private Wynkoop De Witt
Duboys, Jeremiah, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Duboyse, Peter, private Brinckerhoff Schutt
Duch, John, private Stockwell
Docker, David, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Duckworth, Aaron, private Hathorn Shepherd
Dudley, Simeon, private Hawley
Duel, Banamiel, lieut. Willet Welp
Duel, Joseph, private Graham Halsted
Duel, Wilber, private Hopkins Talmadge
Duey, Sam'l, private Graham
Duff, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer Elliot
Duffield, John, private Johnson Ostrander
Duglass, Jno., private Schuyler Ostrum
Duglas, Jon'n, private Van Rensselaer
Duglass, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer
Duglass, Tho's, private Yates Van Den Burgh
Dulittle, Dan'l, private Truesdell
Dulittle, Joseph, sergt., Truesdell
Dull, Christian, private Snyder Swart
Dull, Christian, private Wynkoop De Witt
Dull, Counradt, private Klock Zeely
Dum, Nich's, private Klock Miller
Duman, John, private Wyukoop Van Buren
Dumerest, Cornelius, priv. Hathorn Bartholf
Dumerest, Corn's, private Wisner Bartoff
Dumerest, David, corporal Hathorn Bartholf
Dumerest, David, private Hathorn Bartholf
Dumerest, David, private Wisner Bartoff
Dumerest, Peter, private Hathorn Barthoff
Dumerest, Peter, private Wisner Bartoff
Dumerest, Samuel, private Hathorn Bartholf
Dumerest, Sam'l, private Wisner Bartoff
Dumerist, Cornelins, priv. Hathorn Miller
Dumm, Nich's, private Klock Kock
Dumm, Nicholas, private Klock Kock
Dummer, Nicholas, private Klock Kock
Dumon, Isaac, private Pawling
Dumon, John, private Wynkoop Van Beuren
Dumon, John, Jr., private Wynkoop Van Beuren.
Dumond, Corn's, sergeant Pawling Livingston
Dumond, Corn's, private Wynkoop
Dumond, Corn's, private Hooghteling
Dumond, Egbert, private Hooghteling
Dumond, Egenas, private Pawling Westbrook
Dumooe, Egenas, private Wynkoop
Dumond, Ignas, private Hathorn Bogardus
Dumond, Isaac, private Pawling Westbrook
Dumond, Isaac, private Hooghteling
Dumond, Johannes P., It. Wynkoop Bogardus
Dumond, Johannis P., en. Wynkoop
Dumond, John B., private Van Bergen
Dumond, Peter, sergeant Wynkoop Van Beuren
Dumond, Peter, private Pawling Westbrook
Dumond, Peter, private Wynkoop Swart
Dumond, Peter, Jr., sergt. Wynkoop Van Buren
Dumond, Peter, Jr., sergt. Wynkoop Swart
Dumond, Will., private Van Bergen
Dumont, John, private Graham Husted
Dumont, John H., private Wessenfels Livingston
DuMott, Isaac, private Johnson Concklin
Dun, Alex'r, private Armstrong Long
Dun, James, sergeant Fisher Veeder
Dun, James, private Fisher
Dun John, private Hathorn Brodhead
Dun Melgert, private Klock Bradbig
Dun, Nich's, private Klock Bradbig
Dun Oliver, private Cortland
Dun Rich'd, private Fisher Veeder
Dunavan, Daniel, private Harper Allen
Dunbar, Amos, private Hathorn Mervin
Dunbar, Amos, private Wessensfels Westfall
Dunbar, Amos, private Pawling Westfall
Dunbar, Amos, private Malcom McKins
Dunbar, Amos, private Hays
Dunbarre, Robt., private Harper Allen
Dunbar, Samuel, private Hays Stevenson
Dunbar, Wm., private Dubois Lee
Duncan, John, private Webster Hamilton
Duncan, John, private Wemple Bancker
Dunckel, Frank, private Clyde Leipe
Dunkle, George, private Clyde Leipe
Dunckel, Gerard, private Clyde Leipe
Dunckel, Nich's, corporal Clyde Leipe
Dunckel, Peter, sergeant Clyde Leipe
Duncket, Peter, sergeant Clyde Leipe
Dunghill, Peter, private Clyde Buff
Dunham, Charles, private Harper Harrison
Dunham, Charles, private Yates Brown
Dunham, Eben'r, private Fisher Degraas
Dunham, Eten'r, private Fisher Little
Dunham, Elijah, p'rivate Webster Lone
Dunham, Elijah,* private McCrea Doty
*Served from August 26 to November 27, 1779. A. P. 13-244.
Dunham, Elijah, private Yates Weltse
Dunham, Eph'm, private Yates Brown
Dunham, Hezekiah, capt. Van Veghten
Dunham, Holton, private Van Veghten Winne
Dunham, John, sergeant Harper Putman
Dunham, John, private Fisher Little
Dunham, John, private Van Woert Gilmore
Dunham, John, private Van Woert Hodges
Dunham, Joseph, private Van Woert Gilmore
Dunham, Joseph, private Van Woert Hodges
Dunham, Sam'l, private Graham
Dunham, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dunham, Sam'l, private Van Veghten Dunham
Dunham, Solomon, private Van Veghten Dunham
Dunham, Svlvanus, corpl. Van Veghten Woodworth
Dunham, Sylvanus, priv. Van Veghten Woodworth
Duning, James, corporal Van Veghten Thompson
Dnning, James, corporal Van Veghten Denning
Duning, James, corporal Van Veghten Dunham
Duning, Lewis, private Van Veghten Denning
Duning, Mich'l, lieut. Van Veghten Dunning
Dunkell, Peter, private Clyde Ruff
Dunkill, George, + private Clyde Leipe
+ Shot in the right eye in action near Torlagh, Montgomery county, July 10, 1781. Canajoharie. B 89.
Dunkin, Dan'l, private Crane Truesdell
Dunking, John, private Armstrong McNitt
Dunkle, Peter, private Clyde Ruff
Dunlap, John, sergeant Clyde Bowman
Dunlap, John, sergeant Van Woert Brown
Dunlap, John, private Johnson
Dunlap, John, private Van Woert Doty
Dunlap, Thomas, private Wessenfels Brewster
Dunlap, William, private Hathorn Brodhead
Dunlap, William, private Pawling De Witt
Dunlap, William, private Clyde Bawman
Dunlap, Wm., private Van Woert Gilmore
Dunn Adam, private Klock Hess
Dunn Alex'r, private Willet Livingston
Duun Henry, private Van Veghten Dunham
Dunn James, private Fisher Little
Dunn James, Jr., private Fisher Little
Dunn John, private Cantine Hasbrouck
Dunn John, private Fisher Little
Dunn Phineas, private Lansing Shepherd
Dunn Rich'd, private Fonda
Dunnals, Jacob, sergeant Willet Harrison
Dunnavan, Daniel, private Pawling Wood
Dunnavan, Dan'l, private Wessenfels White
Dunner, Jacob, private Fisher Yates
Dunnery, Zophar, private Vrooman Miller
Dunnin, David, private Pawling Westfall
Dunning, David, private Hathorn
Dunning, Eben'r, private Van Veghten Denning
Dunning, Ephraim, sergt. Yates Brutt
Dunning, Jesse, sergeant Van Veghten Dunham
Dunham, Jesse, sergeant Van Veghten Woodworth
Dunning, Jesse, private Van Schoonhoven
Dunning, Mich'l, captain Van Veghten
Dupe, Ab'm, corporal Drake Boyd
Dupe, John, sergeant Drake Boyd
Dupue, Hend'k, private Drake Boyd
Duraud, Francis, private Crane Lewis
Dure, John, private Klock House
Durgen, Patrick, private Dubois Burnet
Durgy, James, private Webster Long
Durgy, Leddias, private Graham
Durgy, Ledias, private Webster Long
Durgy, Nathan, private Webster Long
Durling, Benj'n, private Wessenfels
Duronden, Matt'w, private Wynkoop
Duryee, Abm., private Brinckerhoff Brower
Duryee, Charles, private Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoff
Dusen, Aaront, private Harper Harrison
Dusenberry, Chas., private Luddington Lane
Dusenberry, Jervis, priv. Luddington Lane
Dusenberry, Moses, priv. Luddington Lane
Dusenberry, Rich'd, priv. Drake
Dusenberry, Wm., private Luddington Lane
Dusenberry, Wm.,* private
* Quartermaster's department. Enlisted 1776 and served five years. Greene county. A. P. 23-1.
Dusenberry, Wm., Jr., pr. Luddington Lane
Dusenbury, Chas., private Hopkins Lane
Dusenbury, Gilbert, priv. Wessentels White
Dusenbury, Rich'd, private Drake
Dusenbury, Wm., sergeant Hathom Conklin
Dusenbury, Wm., corp'l Wessentels Dodge
Dusenbury, Wm., private Luddington Lane
Duskler, Mark, private Clyde House
Dusler, Jacob, drummer Clyde House
Dusler, Jacob, private Klock Klock
Dusler, Jacob, private Klock Suts
Dusler, John, private Clyde House
Dusler, Marks, private Clyde House
Dusler, William, sergeant Klock Righter
Dutcher, Abm., private Hammond Comb
Dutcher, Abm., private Hammond Orser
Dutcher, Abrm., private Van Bergen Honeywell
Dutcher, Barnabus, sergt. Hays (?) Stevenson
Dutcher, Barnard, private Pawling Williams
Dutcher, Baruk, private Van Cortlandt
Dutcher, David, private Weasenfels
Dutcher, Henry, private Pawling Hunter
Dutcher, Henry, private Harper Allen
Dutcher, Henry, private Wessenfels
Dutcher, Isaac, private Cooper Gardner
Dutcher, Isaac, private Hays Smith
Dutcher, Jacob, sergeant Hays Stevenson
Dutcher, John, private Yates Hadlock
Dutcher, John, private Van Veghten Thompson
Dutcher, Lawrence, priv. Yates
Dutcher, Lawrence, priv. Van Rensselaer
Dutcher, Peter, fifer Hays Smith
Dutcher Roelif, private Pawling Hunter
Dutcher Solomon, sergt. Van Woert Hodges
Duvell, Benj'n, private Dubois Chamberlain
Duyckman, Garret, private Hammond
Duyo, Ab'm, Jr., private Cantine Hasbrouck
Duysler, John, private Clyde Diffendorf
Duzenbury, Jarves, priv. Drake Boyd
Duzenbury, William, priv. Wessenfels Dodge
Dwelly, Abner, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Dwyer, John, private Williams Rice
Dybush, Jacob, private Bellinger Huber
Dyckens, Richard, private Cooper Gardner
Dyckens, Richard, private Hays Gardner
Dyckens, Tliomas, private Hays Gardner
Dyckert, Henry, private Clyde Leipe
Dyckert, Henry, private Clyde Weeser
Dyckert, Icbabort, private Clyde Weeser
Dyckman, Ab'm, private Hays Tourneur
Dyckman, Abr'm,+private Drake
+ Enlisted for six months in 1776; mounted guide in West Chester Co., with rank and pay as captain of the line killed March 4, 1782. Kingsbridge, N. Y. A. P. 24-358.
Dyckman, Benj'n, lieut. Drake Kronkhites
Dyckman, Benj'n, private Pawling Williams
Dyckman, Fred'c, private Van Rensselaer Bries
Dyckman, Garret, private Drake Kronkhite
Dyckman, Garret, private Drake
Dyckman, Hezekiah, priv. Wessenfels White
Dyckman, Hezekiah, priv. Luddington Mead
Dyckman, Jacob, private Drake
Dyckman, Jacobus, priv. Van Bergen Honeyw
Dyckman, James, private Drake
Dyckman, Jno., sergeant Drake Kronkhites
Dyckman, Joseph, captain Field
Dyckman, Mich'l, lient. Pawling Williams
Dyckman, Micli'l, lieut. Graham Williams
Dyckman, Robert, private Stevenson
Dyckman, Wm., private Malcom
Dyckman, Wm., private Malcom Delavan
Dyckman, Wm., private Drake Kronkhites
Dye, Amos, private Van Rensselaer Niles
Dye, John, sergeant Van Rensselaer Niles
Dyer, Azra, private Yates Yates
Dyer, Ezra, private Van Veghten Dunharn
Dyer, James, private Wessenfels Hardenburg
Dyer, John, sergeant Van Rensaelaer Turner
Dyer, John, private
Dygart, Petrus S., major Clyde
Dygart, Wm. H., private Klock Bradbig
Dygert, George, private Klock Breadbake
Dygert, George, private Klock Zealy
Dygert, Henry, private Klock Zeely
Dykeman, Joseph, captain Field
Dygert, Peter, private Klock Miller
Dygert, Peter, private Klock Zeely
Dygert, Peter H., sergt. Klock Zeely
Dygert, Peter H., sergt. Klock Bedhig
Dygert, Peter H., private Klock Breadbake
Dygert, Peter P., private Klock Zealy
Dygert, Peter P., private Klock Bedhig
Dygert, Peter S., private Klock Breadbake
Dygert, Peter S., corporal Klock Bradbig
Dygert, Peter W., private Klock Zealy
Dygert, Salbierenus P., p. Klock Zeely
Dygert, Seffreancs, private Klock Bradbig
Dygert, Seffreanes.Jr., pr; Klock Bradbig
Dygert, Sepinus H., priv. Klock Zealy
Dygert, Sepinus P., priv. Klock Zealy
Dygert, Sestreanes, priv. Klock Klock
Dygert, Severinus, priv. Harper Putman
Dygert, Sovrinus, private Klock Klock
Dygert, Sovrinus, private Klock Breadbake
Dygert, Sovrinus, private Klock Zeely
Dygert, Bovrinus H., priv. Klock Klock
Deygert, William, sergt. Klock Breadbake
Dygert, William, private Klock Hess
Dygert, William, private Klock Miller
Dygart, Wm., private Klock Cayser
Dygert, William, Jr., Berg. Klock Zeely
Dygert, Wm. H., private Klock Zeely
Dygert, William H., priv. Klock Bedheg
Dygert, William W., serg. Klock Zealy
Dykeman, Benj'n, private Fields Dykeman
Dytcher, David, private Brinckerhoff Van Benschouten
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