Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

Thanks to James F. Morrison for letting us use his book!

Alphabetical Roster of The State Troops.
Letter "I"

[By reference to the Index the County to which the Regiment belonged can be ascertained.] Sorry, but I don't think I have the stamina to put the Index on line. Some names are not in alpha order. From this point in time, I don't know if these are typos? ajb

Name and Rank, Regiment and Company

Ibie, Tiel, private Van Rensselaer DeForest
Ice, John, private Dubois McFoght
Ide, Ebenezer, private Whiting Herrick
Idol, James, private Van Rensselaer Odle
Ikeler, John, private Fisher
Ikler, John, sergeant Fisher Little
Ikler, John, corporal Fisher Little
Ikler, John, private Fisher Little
Imike, Johannis, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Impson, Benjamin, private Johnson Gillispy
Incall, Joseph, private Fislier Snook
Indian, Anthony, private Willet Harrison
Indian, Nicholas, private Willet Harrison
Infield, Batian, private Wemple Bancker
Ingalls, Elihu, lieut. (?) Graham
Ingallson, Josiah, Corp. Benedict Osburn
Ingdell, Sam'l, private Drake Lawrence
Ingells, James, private Van Rensselaer Turner
Ingersol, Dan'l, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Ingersol, Jonah, private Thomas Miller
Ingersol, Phillip, private Van Veghten Dunham
Ingersol, Philip, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Ingersoll, Jesse, private Van Veghten Woodworth
Ingersoll, Philip, private Van Veghten Dunning
Ingerson, John, private Wessenfels
Ingerson, John, private Crane Lewis
Ingles, James, private Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn
Ingles, Samuel, private Van Beusselaer Schermerhorn
Inglcss, Sam'l, private Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Inglis, Geo., corporal Wessenfels Westfall
Inglis, George, fifer Wessenfels Brewster
Ingliss, Sam'l sergeant Van Rensselaer Woodworth
Ingold, Johannis, private Vrooman Brown
Ingram, Justice, private Wessenfels Pawling
Ingrun, Humphry, private Willet Gray
Inman, Abm., private Van Veghten Van Woert
Inman, Benj'n, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Inman, Ezekiel, private Van Veghten Thompson
Inman, Ezekiel, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Inman, Mich'l, private Van Veghten Van Woert
Inman, Mich'l, private Van Veghten Winne
Innis, James, private, Wessenfels White
Inyer, Landert, private Van Bergen Witbeck
Ireland, Abraham, private Thomas Hubby
Irish, Benjamin, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Irish, John private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Irish, Thomas, private Vandenburgh Wheeler
Irvin, Andr'w, adjutant Klock
Irvin, Henry, lieut. Livingston Elliot
Irwin, James, private Van Woert Gilmore
Irvin, William, corporal Johnson Concklin
Irvine, Henry, private Graham Muller
Irwin, Henry, lieut. Livingston Houserad
Isaacs, Sam'l, private Thomas Gilvert
Isdawy, James, drum. m. Graham
Isdel, John, private Van Schoonhoven Hicks
Isden, John, drummer Harper Allen
Isinger, Ant'y, private Willet Pearcy
Israels, John, private Hammond Comb
Israels, John, private Hammond Requa
Ittick, Christ'r sergeant Van Schaick
Ittick, Counrad, private Van Schaick
Ittick, Geo., corporal Van Schaick
Ittig, Christ'n, sergeant Bellinger Gittman
Ittig, Coenrath, private Bellinger Herder
Ittigh, Coenrath, private Bellinger Staring
Ittigh, Fred'k, private Bellinger Frank
Ittigh, Fred'k, private Bellinger Staring
Ittigh, Geo., private Bellinger Staring
Ittigh, Jacob, private Bellinger Herder
Ittigh, Jacob, private Bellinger Staring
Ittigh, Marus, private Bellinger Herder
Ittigh, Markus, private Bellinger Staring
Iunsback, Philip, private Livingston Rockenfelle
Ively, John, private Yates Hadlock
Ives, Ephraim, private Pawling Wood
Ives, Gregory, private Wessenfels Dodge
Izerman, John, private Hays Hogencamp
Izerman, Joseph, private Hays Hogencamp

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