Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887


The names in the following Alphabetical Lists are taken from volumes, entitled " An Account of Certificates Issued by the Treasurer of the State of New York." The parts in these volumes referring to the Militia and Levies are headed: " In pursuance of a Law passed the 37th Day of April, 1784, Entitled ' An Act for the settlement of Levies and Militia, for their services in the late War and for other purposes therein mentioned,' " &c., &c.

The Rosters of Officers preceding the Alphabetical list and arranged according to Counties, are taken from the Minutes of the Provincial Congress, Committees of Safety and Arrangement, and of the Council of Appointment. The Editor has found it impossible to reconcile the obvious differences between the Councils of Appointment arrangements and the above pay lists. The Levies and Militia were governed by the following Laws, passed by the Legislature, superseding or amending the regulations of the Provincial Congress, given in the first part of this volume:

Chap. 5. An Act for granting to the Governor £10,000 for paying, subsisting and defraying expenses of the Militia, whenever he shall call them into actual service. Feb. 21, 1778.

Chap. 15. An Act exempting persons from Drafts in the Militia, who procure others to enlist.

Chap. 22. An Act for raising 700 men to be employed in the Defense of this State. March 31, 1778. They were to serve until Jan. 1, 1778, on Continental Pay and Rations, Drafts to be made out of Pierre Van Cortlandt's, Drake's, Thomas', Westchester, Field and Luddington, Dutchess Co. Mil. Regiments.

Chap. 28. An Act for completing the 5 Continental Battalions raised under the Direction of this State, April 1, 1778. Authorizing Drafts from the Militia, every 15th man to serve for 9 months, and to rendezvous at Easton, Penn. The men obtained hereby are given in the Continental Regiments.

Chap. 33. An Act for regulating the Militia. April 3, 1778.

Chap. 33, of 1779. An Act for raising 1,000 men, for the Defence of the Frontiers of the State, March 13, 1779. To be officered by 1 Lt. Col., 1 Major, 5 Captains, 5 - 1st and 5 - 2d Lieuts., 1 Surgeon, 1 Adjt., 1 Qr. Mr.; Levies to be raised by Drafts from the Militia of such Counties as the Governor, with the advice of Colonels, shall decide.

Chap. 13, 3d Session of 1779. An Act further to amend Act for regulating the Militia.

Chap. 53, 3d Session, 1780. To raise Troops for the defence of the frontiers, March 11, 1780. " Whenever V. S. Congress shall have declared that the troops are to be paid at the expense of U. S."

Chap. 55. For regulating the Militia.

Chap. 70, June 34, 1780. For raising Levies to re-inforce the Army of the U. S.

Chap. 73, July 1, 80. To complete the Continental Battalions. Bounties of Wheat, 10 bush. enlisting bounty and 1 1/2 bushel per month of service if entered on or before Aug. 1. Deficiencies in the Levies to be made up by Draft from Militia.

Chap. 4, Sept. 29,1780, 4th Session. To raise Troops for the further Defence of the Frontiers.

Chap. 14, Oct. 9, 1780. To complete the Quota of the Troops of this State to serve in the Army of the U. S. during the War. To be raised within the several Counties according to the following apportionment of the No. of 100: Albany, 40; Ulster, 14; Dutchess, 25; Orange, 11; Westchester, 3; Tryon, 5, Charlotte, 2. Amended Feb. 21, 1781.

Chap. 23, March 10, 1781. To raise Troops for the immediate Defence.

Chap. 32, March 21,1787. For raising 2 Regiments for the Defence of this State on Bounties of unappropriated Lands.

Chap. 60, July 1, 1780, For a further Company of Troops for the Defence of the State. Out of the Militia.

Chap. 8, Nov. 17, 1781. For the farther Defence of this State. Governor empowered to raise 1,500 men for not more than one year.

Chap. 22, March 23, 1782. For raising Troops to complete the Line of this State in the service of U. S., and the two Regiments to be raised on Bounties of unappropriated Lands, and for the further Defence of the Frontiers.

Chap. 27, April 4,1782. To regulate the Militia.

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