Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

FOURTH REGIMENT-(2d Rensselaerwyck Battalion).

Re-appointed April 1, 1778.

Colonel; Killan Van Renselaer
Lt. Col.; John H. Beeckman
1st Major: Cornelius Van Beuren

1st Company, Com'd Oct. 20, 1775.
(Under new arrangement 1st Co. 5th Reg't).
Capt., Coenradt Ten Eyck
1st Lt. Peter Witbeeck
2d Lt., Albert H Vanderzee
Ens'n, John L. Witbeeck

1st Company, under new arrang't., Comm'd Oct. 20, 1775, for 4th Co., 5th Reg't.
Capt., Isaac Miller
1st Lt. Hendrick Schans
2d Lt. Job's Lodewick
Ens'n, Johannis Miller

3d Company.
Capt., Volkert Veeder
1st Lt., Abraham Veeder
2d do Jacob Lagrange
Ens'n, Andrew Truas

Under new arrangement., Com'm'd Oct. 20, 1775, for 3d Comp., 6th Reg't.
Capt., Luke Schermerhorn
1st Lt., James Magee
2d Lt. Reuben Knap
Ens'n. Aaron Hammond

Re-appointed April 1, 1778.

2d Major Jacob C Schermernorn.
Adjutant Jacobus Van Der Pool
Qr. Master John A. Lansing.

2d Company.
(Under new arr't 2d Co., 5th Reg't).
Capt.,Wm. P Winne
1st Lt., John De Voe
2d Lt. Phil. C Look
Ens'n, Corn's Vander Zee

2d Company, new arr't. Comm'd Oct. 20, 1775, for 4th Co., 6th Reg't re-appointed April 1, 1778.
Capt., Ichabod Turner
1st Lt., Joel Pease
2d Lt. Jonathan Niles
Ens'n, Joel Curtis

4th Company, as organized Oct. 20, 1775, see 5th Co., 3d Reg't, under new arrangement. Comm'd Oct. 20, '75, for 6th Comp., 6th Reg't.
Capt., James Dennison
lst Lt., Stephen Niles
2d Lt. Obadiah Vaughan
Ens'n, Oliver Bently

6th Company, newly organized in Febr'y, 1776.
Capt., Jacobus Cole
1st Lt., Anthony Bries
2d Lt. Harpert Witbeck
John Vinhagen, Jun.

5th Company, as organized Oct. 20th, 1775, see 3d Co., 3d Reg't, new arrangement.

Capt., Nicholas Staats
1st Lt., Obadiah Lansingh
2d do Philipp Staats
Ens'n, Leonard Witbeeck

7th Company, newly organized.
Capt., Abr'm J. Van Valkenburgh
1st Lieut., Dan'1 Schermerhorn
2d Lieut. John J. Van Valkenburgh
Ens'n, Martin Van Beuren

Changes in the Regiment.
April, 1778.

Hosea Moffat, Ensign, 2d. Comp., vice Curtis, disaffected.

Oliver Beutley, 2d Lieut. 4th Co.

James Jones, Ensign, 4th Co.

John Vandenburgh, Ensign 5th Co., vice Jno. Vanhagel, disaffected.

John P. Douw, Ensign 6th Comp., vice John Van Alstyne, disaffected.

John Schermerhorn, Captain, vice McGee, removed, re-appointed Nov. 5, 1778, when McGee resigned.

Alex'r Hubbs, 1st Lieut., re-appointed Nov. 5, 1778, when McGee resigned.

David Hustin (Hustlatt) 2d Lieut., re-appointed Nov. 5, 1778, when McGee resigned.

David Sprig, Ensign,

Daniel Schermerhorn, Captain, vice A. J. Van Valkenburgh.

Jacob Schermerhorn, 1st Lieut.

Jacob J. Van Valkenburgh, 2d Lieut.

Peter Ten Eyck, Ensign.

Robert Woodworth (Woodward), Captain, vice Isaac Muller.

June 25, 1778.

James McGee, Captain, vice John Schermerhorn.

John Schermerhorn, 1st Lieut.

Alex'r Hubbs, 2d Lieut.

David Sprig, Ensign

Joseph Fitch, 1st Lieut. of Woodward's Comp.

Abraham Oostrander, 2d Lieut.

Barent C. Vandenbergh, Ensign, name changed to Van Beuren, Nov. 5, 1778.

Martin C. Vandenbergh, Ensign, vice John Vandenbergh, declined. Novb'r 5, 1778.

Barent C. Van Bueren, 2d Lieut. in Woodward's Co., vice Ostrander, resigned.

Wm. Seton, Ensign, same Comp., vice Van Bueren

John Oostrander, Ensign, Cole's Co., vice John P. Douw, resigned.

John E. Lansingh, Adjutant, vice Vanderpool, resigned.

Jacob Staats, Qr. Master, vice Lansingh, promoted.

March 4, 1780.

Anthony Brease, Captain, vice Cole, declined.

Harpert Whitbeck, 1st Lieut., vice Brease.

John Ostrander, 2d Lieut.

John Staats, Ensign.

Henry Hoose, 1st Lieut., Woodward's Co., vice Fitch, deceased.

Wm. Seeton, 2d Lieut., vice Barent C. Van Buren, declined.

John Potter, Ensign, same Comp.

David Busted, 1st Lieut., Schermerhorn's Co., vice Alex'r Hobbs, removed.

Jocob Wilsey, 2d Lieut., vice Husted.

Ebenezer Jude, Ensign, vice David Spring, deceased

Stephen Niles, Captain, vice Dennison, deceased.

Oliver Bently, 1st Lieut., vice Niles.

James Jones, 2d do vice Bently.

Isabel Sheldon, Ensign, vice Jones.

March 29, 1781.

Silas Moore, Ensign, Turner's Co.

April 28, 1781.

Lawrence Townsend, Captain of a new Company, formed out of Brie's Company, "agreeable to General Orders."

Reuben Rowley, 1st Lieut.

Seth Perry, 2d Lieut.

Bethuel Barnham, Ensign.

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