Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

SIXTH REGIMENT-(4th Rensselaerwyck Battalion).

Colonel: Stephen J. Sehuyler.
Lieut Colonel; Henry K. Van Rensselaer.
lst Major: Philipp De Freest.
2d Major; John J. Fonda.
Adjutant: Volkert Oothoudt.
Qr. Mr.: Jacob Van Alstyn.

1st Company.
2d Co., 6th Reg't, under new arrangement.
(See 6th Comp., 5th Reg't),
Capt., Henry H. Gardoneer
1st Lt., Jacob Van der Heyden
2d Lt. Adam Beam
Ens'n, Henry Tincker

2d Company
4th Co., under new arrangement, see 1st Co.
Capt., Cornelius. Lansingh,
1st Lt., Lodewick Snyder
2d Lt. Andries Stool
Ens'n, Jacob Weeger

3d Company.
(See 3d Comp., 4th Reg't, under new arrangement)
Capt , John Lantman
1st Lt., Peter Vossburgh
2d Lt. John Schurtz
Ens'n, Coenradt Best

4th Company
(See 2d Co., 4th Reg't, and 2d Co. this Reg't).

5th Company.
Capt., Caleb Bently
1st Lt., Sam'1 Shaw
2d Lt. David Hustis
Ens'n, Tho's Crandell

6th Company, see 4th Co. 4th Reg't, under new arrangement.
Capt., Jacob De Freest
1st Lt., Martinus Sharp
2d Lt. Andries Muller
Ens'n, John Crannel

7th Company, (new).
Capt., Florus Banker
1st Lt., Christ'r Tillman
2d Lt. Abr'm Ten Eyck
Ens'n, Jonathan Seever

Changes in the Regiment.
Febr. 20, 1776.

John J. Fonda, 1st Major.
Floris Banker, 2d Major

May 28, 1778

Stephen I. Schuyler, Colonel to succeed himself.
Henry Van Rensselaer, Lieut. Colonel.
1st Major, John Fonda.
2d Major Floris Banker.
Adjutant, Jacob Van Alstyne.
Qr. Mr., Daniel Toncray.
George Sharpe, Captain of the Company in the Beat where he resides.
John Fonda, 1st Lieut.
George Banenger, 2d Lieut.
John Biley, Ensign.
Christ'r Tillman, Captain.
Jon'n Sever, 1st Lieut.
Henry Denker, 3d Lieut.
John Clark, Ensign.
Cornelius Lansing, Captain.
Jacob Wager, 1st Lieut., vice Lodewick Snyder, superannuated.
Hugh McMannus, 2d Lieut., vice Andrew Stoll, disaffected.
James Pudget, Ensign, vice Wager, promoted.
Caleb Bentley, Captain.
Samuel Shaw, 1st Lieut.
David Hewstet, 2d Lieut.
Thomas Crandall, Ensign.
Jacob Defreist, Captain.
Martinus Sharp, Ist Lieut.
Andreas Miller, 2d Lieut.
Rynier V. Every, Ensign.

March 26, 1781.

Colonel Stephen J. Schnyler, resigns.

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