Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

EIGHTH REGIMENT-(Claverack Battalion).

Colonel: Robert Van Rensselaer.
2d Major: Richard Esselstyne.
Lt. Colonel; John Van Alen.
Adjutant- Ab'm A. Van Alen.
1st Major: Henry J. Van Rensselaer.
Qr. Master: Lawrence Fonda.

1st Company.
Capt., Jeremiah Muller
1st Lt., Wm. Van Ness
3d Lt., Joachim Muller
Ens'n, James Hogeboom

2d Company.
Capt. Jasper Huyck
1st Lt., John Upham
2d Lt., Glonda De Lametter
Ens'n, Justus Van Hoesen

3d Company.
Capt., John Bartee
1st Lt., Michael Horton
2d Lt., Hendrick Blatner
Ens'n, Jacob Best

4th Company.
[all recomm'd Feb 25, 1778]
Capt., Jacob Philipp
1st Lt., Peter Wiesner
2d Lt., Jeremiah Joha. Muller
Ens'n, George Philipp

5th Company.
Capt., Casparus Conyn
1st Lt., John Oosterhout
3d Lt., James Eltinge
Ens'n, Philipp Bartee

George Dader and Conrad Ring were soldiers of the fourth Company (Philipp's) in 1777.

Changes in the Regiment.
February 25, 1778.

Robert Van Rensselaer, Colonel to succeed himself.
Henry I. Van Rensselaer, 1st Major.
Richard Esselstyne, 2d Major.
Jeremiah Muller, Captain of the Company in the Beat, where he resides.
Joachim Muller, lst Lient., vice Van Ness, resigned.
James Hogeboom, 2d Lieut.
Anth'y Ten Broeck, Ensign.
Casper Huyck, Captain.
Claude Delameter, 1st Lieut.
Justus Van Honsen, 2d Lieut.
Adam Ten Broeck, Ensign.
Abr'm Fonda, Captain.
Isaac P. Vosburgh. 1st Lieut.
Richard Warn, 2d Lieut.
Michael Horton, Captain, vice Peter Bartel, resigned.
Henry Blatnaer, 1st Lieut.
Jacob Best, 2d Lieut.
Joel Talmage, Ensign.
John Oosterhout, Captain, vice Conyne, resigned.
James Elting, lst Lieut.
Jacob Blatnaer, 2d Lieut.
Cornelius Van Duersen, Ensign
Abr'm Van Alen, Adjutant
Kilian Van Rensselaer, Qr. Master.

June 20, 1778.

Peter I. Van Valkenburgh, Ensign in Mailer's Comp., vice Anth'y Ten Broeck, appointed through mistake.

October 19, 1779.

Isaac P. Vosburgh, Captain, vice A. Fonda, resigned.
Richard Warn, 1st Lieut.
John Hendricks, 2d Lieut.
Christ'r Leop, Ensign.
George Fillip, 2d Lieut., in Philipp's Company.
Henry Schultz, Ensign., in Philipp's Company.

July 1, 1780.

Henry J. Van Rensselaer, Lieut. Colonel Commandant.

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