Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

TWELFTH REGIMENT - (Half Moon and Ballston Districts).

Colonel Jacobus Van Schoonhoven. Reappointed June 24, 1778.
Lt. Colonel: James Gorden. Reappointed June 24, 1778.
lst Major: Ezekiel Taylor. Reappointed June 24, 1778..
2d Major: Andrew Mitchell. Reappointed June 28, 1778.
Adjutant: David Ramsey. Reappointed June 28, 1778.
Qr. Master: Simon Ford. Reappointed June 28, 1778.

1st Company
Capt., Gerardus Cluet
1st Lt., Albert Van Der Werken
2d Lt., Robert Rowland
Ens'n, John Pan Der Werken

2d Company. Reappointed June 22, 1778.
Capt., Manning N. Visscher
1st Lt., John Van Vranken
2d Lt., Nich's Vranken
Ens'n, Maas Van Vranken

3d Company. Reappointed June 22, 1778.
Capt., Jeremiah Vincent
1st Lt., Joseph Pinkney
2d Lt.. Peter Ferguson
Ens'n, Elias Van Steenburgh

4th Company. Reappointed June 22, 1778.
Capt., Joshua Losee
1st Lt., Thomas Hicks
2d Lt., Corn's Veeling
Ens'n, Oliver Waight

5th Company.
Capt., Tyrannus Collins
1st Lt., Wm. McCrea
2d Lt., Benj'n Wood
Ens'n, David Clark

6th Company.
Capt., Stephen White
1st Lt., Thomas Brown
2d Lt., Epeuetus White
Ens'n, Nathan Raymond

Changes in the Regiment.
June 22, 1778.

Johannes Vandenbergh, Captain.
Nich's Vandenbergh, 1st - Lieut.
Samuel Ten Brock, 2d - Lieut.
Wm. Waldron, Ensign.
Adrian Hageman, Ensign, Losee's Comp.

March 4, 1780.

Samuel Ten Broeck, 1st Lieut., John Van Denbergh's Co., vice Nich's Vandenbergh, appointed through mistake.

Nicholas Van Derkar, 3d Lieut., vice Ten Broeck.

Maes Van Vranken, Ensign, vice Moses Van Vranker, mis-named.

Elias Steenbergh, Captain, vice Vincent, resigned.

Joshua Taylor, 1st Lieut., vice Joseph Pinckney, removed.

Joseph Coke, 2d Lieut., vice Peter Ferguson, resigned.

Michael De Graff, Ensign, vice Steenbergh, promoted.

Thomas Hicks, Captain, vice Losee, appointed through mistake.

Cornelius Freelink, 1st -Lieut.

Henry Banta, 2d - Lieut.

Christ'n Banta, Ensign.

Nath'l Weed, 1st Lieut.

Stephen Sherwood, 2d Lieut.

Caleb Benedict, Ensign, vice D. Clark, removed.

Epenetus White, 1st Lieut., White's Co., vice Brown, resigned.

Nathan Raymond, 2d Lieut.

Kenneth Gordon, Ensign.

March 8, 1781.

Colonel Jacobus Van Schoonhoven. resigns (Feb'y 18th).

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