Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887



Colonel: Wm. Bradford Whiting.) re-appointed June
Lt. Colonel: Asa Waterman.) 16,1778.
lst Major: Asa Douglas.
2d Major: Daniel Buck.
Adjutant: Peter Oarnsey.
Qr. Master: Joseph Wood.

1st Company.
Capt., Asa Douglas
1st Lt., Elijah Bostwick
2d Lt., Wm. Hallenbecb
Ens'n, Isaac Averil

2d Company.
Capt. Aaron Kelley (Kellogy) re-app'd June 16, 1778.
1st- Lt., Wm. Warner, Jun. re-app'd June 16, 1778.
2d Lt., Polycarpus Smith re-app'd June 16, 1778.
Ens'n, Sam'1 Olmstead re-app'd June 16, 1778.

3d Company.
Capt., Philipp Frisbie
1st Lt., Ebenezer Cady
2d Lt., Josiah Warner
Ena'n, Ephraim Lord.

4th Company.
Capt., Nehemiah Fitch
1st Lt., Sam'1 Higley (Hogly)
2d Lt.,John Smith
Ens'n, Jonathan Mott

5th Company.
Capt., Eben'r Benjamin
1st Lt., Jonathan Ford
3d do John Munsey
Ens'n, Asa Doty

6th Company.
Capt., Elijah Hudson
1st Lt., Jacob Vossburgh
2d Lt., Ezra Alien
Ens'n, Sam'1 Bailey

7th Company.
Capt,, Barret Dyer
1st Lt., Sam'1 Wheeler
2d do Daniel Herrick
Ens'n, Nathan Herrick

8th Company.
Capt., Elijah Gilbert
1st Lt., John Gillett
2d Lt., John Gill
Ens'n, James Marvin

Changes in the Regiment.
June 16, 1778.

Martin Beebe, 1st Major, vice Aza Douglass, removed out of State.
Philipp Frisby, 2d Major vice Daniel Bonck, resigned on account of bad health.
Elijah Bostwick, Captain.
Wm. Hollenbeck, 1st Lieut.
Elijah Toles, 2d Lieut.
Samuel Allen, Ensign.
Eben'r Cady, Captain, vice Frisby, promoted.
Josiah Warner, 1st Lieut.
Ezra Murry, 2d Lient.
Elijah Cady, Ensign.
Gideon King, 1st Lieut., Fitch's Co., vice Higley, deceased.
Peter Barker, Ensign, same Co.
John Davis, Captain, vice Benjamin, resigned.
Nath'l Rowley, 1st Lieut., vice Ford, resigned.
Wm. Caswell, 2d Lieut., vice Munsey, deceased.
Elisha Cady, Ensign.
Daniel Herrick, Captain.
Nath'l Herrick, 1st Lieut.
Edw'd Whealer, 2d do
Simon Lothrop, Ensign, vice Samuel Goodfellow, displaced.
Jacob Vasbourgh, Captain, vice Elijah Hudson (Hudran) displaced.
Samuel Thompson, 1st Lieut. )Vice others resigned
Lemuel Tubbs, 2d Lieut. ) names not given.
Nath'l Miles, Ensign, )
John Guile, 1st Lieut., Gilbert's Comp.
John Gillett, 2d Lieut., Gilbert's Comp.
John Salisbury, Captain
James Phelps, 1st Lieut.
John Kalender, 2d Lieut.
Benj'n Ford, Ensign
Eleazer Grant, Qr. Mr.
Jon'n Warner, Adjutant.

March 6, 1779.

Samuel Allen, 2d Lieut., Bostwick's Co., vice Toles, resigned.
Isaac Soul, Ensign, same Co.
Gideon King, Captain, vice Fitch, resigned.
Peter Barker, 1st Lieut., vice King, prom'd.
David Darrow, 2d Lieut., vice John Smith, resigned.
David Curtice, Ensign, vice Barker, prom'd.
Nath'l Mighell, 2d Lieut., Vosburgh's Co., vice Tubbs, resigned.
Samuel Darby, Ensign, vice Michell, promo'd.
James Marvin, 2d Lieut., Gilbert's Co., vice Gillet, resigned.
Edward Bexford, Ensign, vice Marvin.
John Waterman, Qr. Mr., vice Grant, resigned.

March 4, 1780.

Ezra Lee, 2d Lieut., Kings Co., vice Darrow, declined.
Samuel Jones, Ensign, same Co., vice Curtia, removed.

June 23, 1780.

Samuel Rexford, 1st Lieut., Gilbert's Co., vice John Quill, moved out of beat.
Asahel Gray, 2d Lieut., same Camp.
Josiah Deane, Ensign, Kellog's Co., vice Olmstead incapable to serve through illness.

September 29, 1780.

Henry Walker, Ensign, Gilbert's Co.

June 29, 1781.

Jeremiah Hubbard, Ensign, Bostwick's Co., vice Soul, moved out of State.

April 12, 1782.

Josiah Dean, 2d Lieut., Kellog's Co., vice Smith, resigned.
Jon'n Olmstead, Ensign, game Co.
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