Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

TENTH REGIMENT - (Manor of Livingston).

Colonel: Peter R. Livingston
Lt., Colonel: Robert R. Livingston, Jun.
lst Major: Henry Livingston.
2d Lt., Samuel Ten Broeck.
Adjutant: Philipp Rockefeller.
Qr. Master- Petrus Wyncoop.

1st Company.
Capt., Dirck Jansen
1st Lt., Leonard Ten Broeck
2d Lt., Wm. Pulfer
Ens'n, Jacob Blass

2d Company.
Capt., Joseph Elliot
1st Lt., John Van Beuren
2d Lt., John P. McArthnr
Ens'n, John McArthur

3d Company.
Capt., Marcus Blatner
1st Lt., George Decker
2d Lt., Zachariah Volant
Ens'n, Christ'r Hagedern

4th Company.
Capt., Conradt, Klyne
1st Lt., John L. Decker
2d Lt., James Robinson
Ens'n, Jacob Vossburgh

5th Company. (re-appointed May 28, 1778.)
Capt., John A. Fonda
1st Lt., Peter Pulver
2d Lt., Fite Rossman
Ens'n, John Schaver

6th Company. (re-appointed May 28, 1778
Capt., Jacob F, Schaver
1st Lt., Peter Van De Bogart, Jun.
2d Lt., Fite Muller.
Ens's, Job's Best, Jun.

7th Company.
Capt., Adam Huysradt
1st Lt., Henry Ervine
2d Lt., Job's Snyder
Ens'n, Jurry P. Dunn

8th Company.
Capt., Philip Smith
1st Lt., Casper Schults
2d Lt., Adam Segendorph
Ens'n, Bastian J. Lasher

9th Company
Capt., Samuel Ten Broeck
lst Lt., Peter Van Gaasbeck
2d Lt., Hendrick Pulver
Ens'n, Samuel J. Ten Broeck

10th, or German Camp District Company.
Capt., Tiel Rockefeller
1st Lt., Jacob Hagedom '
2d Lt., Wm. Rockefeller
Ens'n, Henry Will

Changes in the Regiment.
November 1, 1776.

Samuel J. Ten Broeck, Ensign, 9th Comp., promoted 2d Lieut.

May 28, 1778.

Peter R. Livingston, Colonel to succeed himself.
Henry Livingston, Jun'r, Lieut. Colonel.
Samuel Ten Broeck, 1st Major,
Dirck Jansen, 2d Major
Philipp Rockefeller, Adjutant.
Petrus Wynkoop, Qr. Master.
Leonard Ten Broeck, Captain, vice D. Jansen, promoted.
Andries Bartel, 1st Lieut.
Peter Best. 2d Lieut.
Thomas Hops, Ensign.
Joseph Elliot, Captain.
John McArthur, 1st Lieut.
Philipp Viele, 2d Lieut.
John Loomis, Ensign.
Markis Blatner, Captain.
Christ'r Blatner, 1st Lieut.
Mindert Vandebogart, 2d Lieut.
Johannis Blass, Ensign.
Coenradt Klyne, Captain.
John L. Decker, 1st Lieut.
Bastian Bain, 2d Lieut.
Wilhelmus Turner, Ensign.
John Best, 2d Lieut., in Schaver's Comp.
Philipp Knickebacker, Ensign in Schaver's Comp.
Anth'y Snyder, 2d Lieut., in Huysradt's Co.
Markis Coone, Ensign, in Huysradt's Co.
Christian Volkenburgh, 2d Lieut., in Smith's Co.
Bartle Hendncks, Ensign, in Smith's Co.
Hendrick Pulver, Captain, vice Ten Broeck, prom'd.
Nich's Power, 1st Lieut.
Job's Stall, 2d Lieut.
Nich's Power, Jun'r, Ensign.
Henry Will, 2d Lieut., in Rockefeller's Co.
Collin McDaniel, Ensign, in Rockefeller's Co.

September 21, 1780.

Colonel Peter R. Livingston resigns.
John Shaver, Captain, vice Fonda, resigned.
John Shults, 1st Lieut., vice Peter Pulver, lame and unhealthy.
Charles Shaver, 2d Lieut., vice Fite Rossman, declined.
Leonard Decker, Ensign, vice Shaver, promoted.
James Robinson, Ensign (?) Klyne's Co., vice Bain, deceased.
John RoBeman, Ensign, Blatner's Co., vice John Blass, prom'd(?).
Christian Van Valkenburgh, Qr. Mr., vice Wynkoop, removed out of beat.

July 24, 1782.

Bartel Hendricks, 2d Lieut., in Smith's Comp.
Fred'k Myer, Ensign, in Smith's Comp.
Henry Ervin (Irwin), Captain, vice Huysradt, resigned.
Anthony Snyder, 1st Lieut.
Marcus Coon, 2d Lieut.
Jonas Myers, Ensign.
Herman Rose, 2d Lieut., Rockefeller's Co., vice Will, resigned.
Joh's Herder, Ensign, vice McDaniel, cashiered.

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