Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

THIRTEENTH REGIMENT - (Saratoga District).

Colonel: John McCrea, ) re-appointed
Lt. Colonel: Cornelius Van Veghten. ) June 22,
1st Major: Daniel Dickinson. ) 1778.
2d Major: Jacob Van Schaick, re-appointed June 28, 1778.
Adjutant; Archibald McNiel.
Qr. Master: John Vernor.

1st Company.
Capt., Peter Van Woert
1st Lt., James Storm
2d Lt., Jonathan Dunham
Ens'n, Gerrit Van Beuren

2d Company.
Capt., John Thompson
1st Lt., Josiah Benjamin
2d Lt., John Hunter
Ens'n, Joseph Row

3d Company.
Capt., Henry O'Hara
1st Lt., Benj'n Giles
2d Lt., Jonathan Pittet
Ens'n, James Pittet

4th Company.
Capt., Ephraim Woodward (Woodworth)
1st Lt., Thomas Balard
3d Lt., Holturn Dunham
Ens'n: Abel Belknap

5th Company.
Capt., Ephraim Lake
1st Lieut., Sam'1 Sheldon
2d Lieut., Jabez Gage
Ens'n, Benajah Sheldon

6th Company.
Capt., Joseph Palmer
1st Lieut., John Davis
2d Lieut., Hezekiah Dunham.
Ens'n, Alpheus Davis

7th Company.
Capt., David Jones
1st Lieut., Samuel Perry
2d Lieut., Peter Winne
Ens'n, Elisha Bentley

Minute Men.
Capt., Alex'r Baldwin
1st Lieut., Samuel Bacon
2d Lieut., Walter Hughet
Ens'n, Elias Palmer

Changes in the Regiment.

June 23,1778.

Elisha Andries, Adjutant.
Michael Beedel, Qr. Mr.
Joshua Wheeler, 2d Lieut., Van Woert's Co
Joseph Row, 2d Lieut.,Thomson's Co.
Isaac Fonda, Ensign, Thomson's Co..
Peter Winne, Captain of the Company where he resides.
Benj'n Guiles, 1st Lieut.
Isaac Doty, 2d Lieut.
Jonas Putnam, Ensign.
Abel Belknap. 2d Lieut., Woodworth's Co.
Philipp Kodgera, Ensign, Woodworth's Co.
Hezekiah Dunscomb, Captain.
John Davia, Jun'r, 1st Lieut.
Richard Hilton, 2d Lieut.
Wm. Green, Ensign.
Michael Denning, Captain.
Stephen Benedict, 1st Lieut.
Ashbel Andriea, 2d Lieut.
Nath'l Grammin, Ensign.

March 26, 1781.

Colonel John McCrea resigns (March 24th).

November 19, 1781.

Holtum Dunham, Captain, dismissed as guilty of treasonable practices and desertion to the enemy.

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