Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

THIRD REGIMENT-(1st Rensselaerwyck Battalion).
The appointments, made Oct. 20, 1775, in the 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Albany County Regiments, were considered as irregular, and at the request of the County Committee a new arrangement was made February 20th, 1776, and commissions issued accordingly.

THIRD REGIMENT-(1st Rensselaerwyck Battalion, as arranged in October, 1775).

Colonel: Abraham Ten Broeck.
Lt. Col.: Francis Nicholl.
lst Major: Henry Quackenbush,

1st Company.
Capt. Henry Quackenbush
1st Lt., Jacob J. Lansingh.
2d Lt. Leveuies Winne
Ens'n, John Van Woert

2d Company.
Capt. Abraham D. Fonda
1st Lt., Henry Oothoudt, Jun.
2d Lt., Levenus F. Lansingh.
Ens'n, Jacob J. Lansingh

3d Company.
Capt. Peter Schuyler
1Ist Lt., Abraham Witbeck
2d Major: Barent Staats.
Adjutant; John P. Quackenbush, ) re-appointed
Qr. Master: Christopher Lansingh,) June 22,1778
2d Lt., Henry Ostrum
Ens'n, Peter S. Schuyler

4th Company.
Capt., Barent Staats
1st Lt., Dirck Becker
2d do John Van Wie
Ens'n, George Hogan

5th Company.

Capt., Gerrit Q. Vanden Bergh
1st Lt., Peter Van Wie
2d Lt. Wouter Becker
Ens'n, Abraham Slingerlandt

February 20, 1776.

3d Company.
(The former 3d Co. had becon'e the 1st of the Reg't, and the new 3d had been 5th Company of the 4th
Capt., Jacob Ball
1st Lieut., John Warner
2d Lieut., Peter Dietz
Ensign; Josh. Shaver

4th Company
(Compare original lst Co of this Reg't).
Captain, Jacob J. Lansingh ) re-app'd June 22, 1778
1st Lieut., Levinus Winne re-app'd June 22, 1778
2d Lieut., John Van Woert
Ensign, Peter Dox

5th Company
(Originally 4th Co., 4th Reg't).
Captain, Jacob Van Aernam
1st Lieut., John Groot
2d Lieut., George Wagoner
Ensign. Fred'k Crantz

6th Company
Captain, Abrm Veeder
1st Lieut Jas Burnside
2d do John Voorhuyse
Ensign, Andries Ten Eyck

Francis Nicoll, Colonel vice Ten Brock.

June 22, 1778.

Philipp P. Schuyler, Colonel vice Nicoll, lately resigned,
Barents Staats, Lieut. Colonel.
Abraham Fonda, Major
Henry Ostrum, Captain of the Company of the Beat,
wherein he resides.
Jacob Weaver, 1st Lieut.
Philipp Heamstraet, 2d Lieut.
Peter S. Schuyler, Ensign.
Coenradt Sharp Ensign in Lansingh's Comp.
Henry Oothoudt, Captain,
Levinus Lansingh, 1st Lieut.
Jacob Lansingh, 2d do
Timothy Hutton, Ensign
John Groat Captain
Barent Myndersen, 1st Lieut.
Levy Van Aaken, 3d Lieut.
Dirck Hamstraet, Ensign.
Joost Shaver, 1st Lieut. of the Company of the Beat, wherein he resides.
Wm. Teets, 2d Lieut.
Peter Whitman, Ensign
Jacob Van Aernam, Captain.
George Wageaer, 1st Lieut.
John Eaker, 2d Lieut.
John Van Aernam Ensign.

March 4, 1780.

Gerrit G. Van Den Bergh, 2d Lieut, in Lansing's Co.i vice John Van Woert. cashiered.
Wm. Tillman Ensign, vice Sharp, resigned.
Peter S Schuyler, 2d Lieut., in Ostrum's Co . vice Hamstraat, declined.
Gerrit Gerrison, Ensign, vice Schuyler, prom'd,
Levinus B. Lansingh, Captain vice Oothoudt, resigned.
Jacob John Lansingh, 1st Lieut., vice L F Lansingh.
Timothy Hntton, 2d Lieut.; vice J. J. Lansingh,
John Shaver, Ensign, vice Hutton.
Wm. Deatz (Dietz), Captain; vice Peter Dietz. deceased.
Mathias Shultes, 1st Lieut, vice Whitman, declined.
Adam Deatz, Jun'r, 2d Lieut., vice Shultes.
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