Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

The New York Line


[ This, like the following, was one of the 16 Regiments raised by Congress, and counted in the quota of New York. ]

OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS of the 2d, or New York Regiment of Artillery.

[The List of Names given in the "Balloting Book," published by the State in 1825, is as complete as the material existing allowed it to make. In the following list names are given from other sources, which either were not returned in the B. B., or where additional references seemed desirable.]

Alling, Stephen, Lieut., app'd Feb 5, '77; 1st Lieut. Sept. 20, '79, disch'd Dec 19, '82. A. P. 20-236. B B. New Haven, Conn.

Beauman, Sebastian, Major, succeeded in command of the Co. by Capt. Geo. Fleming. A. P. 14-497. B B.

Brown, Jonathan, Captain. A. P. 21-153.

Burnside, John, Lieut., died Jan, '81. A. P. 15-274.

Doughty, John, Captain, entered early in '76, succeeded Capt. Ales. Hamilton in command of the Co. A. P. 14-497. B B.

Fleming, George, Captain. Aa, 7. B B.

Guion, Isaac, Capt., Lieut. A. P. 14-317. B B.

Hamilton, Alexander, Captain, Capt. of Art., '75, A. D. C. to Genl. Wash'n, with rank as Lt. Col., Colonel by brevet Sept. 38, '83, to end of war. Aa, '54, A. P. 31-293.

Hale, Mordecai, Surgeon, ruptured and wounded in the private parts Apr, '83. C, 136, Aa, 40, Physician, Tarrytown, Westchester Co.

Harvey, Elisha, 3d Lieut., Capt. Isaiah Wools, ent'd '77, from Taunton, Mass., in service, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Johnston, W., Capt., Lieut, I, 78.

Kollock, Shipard, Lieut., served in the Infantry during campaign of '76; comm'd Jan, '77, resigned Jan, '79. Member of the IT. J. Cincinnati July 4, '91. A. P. 33-151, 24-122,160. Elizabeth, N. J.

Lawrence, Oliver, Lieut., Capt. Brown's. A. P. 31-157. Danbury, Conn.

Lockwood, Samuel, Captain. A. P. 18-477.

Machin (Matchin), Thomas, Captain. A. P. 14-317. B B.

Mansfield, Samuel, Captain, volunteer in the Canada Exp'n in '76; app'd to the command of a Lake Champlain Schooner of 10 guns, Capt. of Art'y autumn of '76, raised his Comp'y in Connecticut, letter of thanks from Gen'l Wash'n for gallant services at Monmouth, resigned soon after, volunteer A. D. C. to Gov. Walton at the siege of Savannah, merchant in N. Y. after the war. A. P, 20-411, 21-163.

Miles, John, Lieut., Mansfield's? A. P. 20-244, 21-165. B B. New Haven, Conn.

Mix, Timothy, Lieut. 10th Comp., Capt. J. Brown's, enlisted '77, as Sergt. to end of war. A. P. 20-43, 22-132. B B. New Haven, Conn.

Moodie, Andrew, Captain. Aa, '48. C, 88. B B.

Mott, Gersham, Captain. C, 46, Aa, 32, 59. B B.

Nestell, Peter, Capt., Lieut. A. P. 14-318. Lieut. in B B.

Reed, Jacob, Capt. C, '77. B B. New York City.

Savage, John (Joseph), Capt. A. P. 19-509. B B.

Stephens, Wm., Capt. B, 60. B B.

Swartwout, Cornelius, Capt. A. P. 14-317.

Throop, Benjamin, Capt. A. P. 21-173. Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co.

Throop, John Rutherford, Lieut. A. P. 20-244. B B New Haven, Conn.

Walker, Robert, Capt., from spring '77, to spring '81. A. P. 20-298. Stratford, Conn.

Warring, Henry, Capt., Lieut., Capt. Stevens'. A. P. 19-897. Greenwich, Fairfield Co.

Williams, Henry A., Lieut. A. P. 14-317. B B.

Woodward, Peter, Lieut., jo'd Aug, '77. A. P. 20-238. B B.

Wool, Isaiah, Capt., in Lamb's Comp. '76. I, 7.

Abernathy, Giles, Matross, enl'd Dec 17, '76; discharged Dec, '82, on ac. of disability by rheumatism. A. P. 17-217.

Alley, William, Matross, Capt. Mansfield, enl'd '77, invalided at the close of the war. Badge of Merit. A. P. 20-41. New Haven, Conn.

Bishop, Joshua, Matross, Capt. Gtersham Mott's, enl'd June 22, '77; disabled by the fall of a tree on his chest at Morristown, '80. C, 46. B B. Wch. Co.

Barns, Solomon, Corp'l, Capt. Jon'n Brown. A. P. 20-93. B B.

Bacon, Wm., Matross, Capt. I. Wool's, entered from Woodstock, Conn., '77; in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Carr, Hugh, Matr., Capt. Wool, enl'd from Peekskill, '77, in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Chatcey, Benjamin, Matr., Capt. Reed's, enl'd '81, disch'd July, '83. A. P. 24-404, 32-25. B B. Halfmoon, Saratoga Co.

Chittenden, Jared, Matross, Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167. As Sergt. in B B.

Clark, David, Sergt., Capt. Jon'n Brown's, enl'd May, '77; captured at Fort Montgomery, Oct 6, '77, died in prison. A. P. 30-89. Woodbridge, Conn.

Cashall, Thomas, Matross, Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-165. B B.

Crawford, Thomas, Bombardier, Lt. W. Johnston, Capt. enl'd as Sergt. in Capt. Ambrose Horton's Co., Col. James Holmes 4th N. Y., July, '75, wounded in the neck at St. John; enl'd in Capt. John Lamb's Co. of Art'y, at Montreal Jan 2, '75, hand injured by accident at Montreal, March, '76. C, 201, Aa, '79. Laborer, N. Y. C.

Cruduck, Wm., Matross, Capt. Wm. Stephens, enl'd '77; rheumatic and ruptured. B, 59, C, 136. Laborer, N. Y. C.

Day, John, Matross, Capt. I. Wool's, entered from Boston, '77; in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483. B B, gunner.

Done, Thomas, Matross, Capt. Wool, formerly in the Boston troops, enl'd in '76, under Capt. Isaiah Wool, then in command of Lamb's Co., lost his eyesight by the explosion of a cannon before Quebec a month later, and taken prisoner with Capt. Lamb, transferred to Capt. Williams' Co., Corps of Invalids. C, 122, Aa, 33, I, 7. Mariner, N. Y, C., later, Newburgh, N. Y.

Douglas, William, Matross, Capt. Alex. Hamilton's, enl'd May 28, '76; lost right arm and had right leg broken by accidental explosion of a cannon in the Battery, N. Y. 0., June 12, '76, tr. to Corps of Invalids, discharged by Gen'l Wash'n Sept 1, '82. Aa, 54, I, 157. Mariner, N. Y. C.

Doyle, Thomas, Matr., Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167.

Dnulap, James, private, Capt. Walker's, enl'd '77; served till end of war. A. P. 17-123, 383.

Dnnlap, James, private, Capt. Reed's, lost his eyesight, tr. to C. of Invalids, disch'd Apr 10, '83. C, '77, 170. I, 163. A. P. 89-11. Schenectady.

Eastwood, Amos, Matr., Capt. Wool, enl'd from N. Y. C. '77, in service, Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Fenton, Jotham, Mate, Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167. B B.

Fisk, Isaac, Sargt., Capt. Jon'n Brown, enl'd spring of '77, app'd Sergt. Major '79, 2d Lieut. June 29, '81, resigned for family reasons July 14, '83. A. P. 21-153. Southington, Hartford Co., Conn.

Hagley, John, private, Fleming's, died in the service Oct 14, '81. A. P. 18-413. B B.

Gall, William, private, Capt. Machln'B. A. P. 19-70. Marlborough, Ulster Co.

Gillet, Benjamin, private, Eeed's, served to end of war, A. P. 23, 21-130. B B. Albany, N. Y.

Gross, Peter, private, Stevens'. A. P. 21-372. B B. Haverstraw, Rockland Co.

Hackney, Joseph, private, Capt. Moody; enl'd fall of '82. A. P. 24-340. German Flatts, Warren Co., Penn'a.

Hackney, William, Private, Capt. Moody's; enl'd, '82, to end of war. A. P. 24-353. B B. Canajoharie, Montgom'y Co.

Hallock, Joseph, private, Capt. Fleming's. A. P. 23-385. B B. Newburgh, Orange Co.

Jackson, John, Matr., Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167.

Johnson, Samuel, private, Capt. Stevens', served 6 yrs. 4 m. A. P. 19-395.

Kearney, Thomas, private, Capt. G. Mott, lost his eyesight at Springfield, N. J.. May, '80, Sergt., Invalid Corps, discharged Oct 15, '83. C, 185, Aa, 33. Ship carpenter, N. Y. C.

Lent, Jacob, Private, Capt. G. Mott's; enl. '77, for the war, served to end of war. A. P. 23-175. Courtland, Wch. Co.

Lockwood, Jared, Sergt. A. P. 19-9. Lockwood, Moses, Gunner, Capt. S. Lockwood's, lost his left eye by an accident. A, 31. Farmer, Lower Salem, Wch. Co.

McCay, Alexander, Bombardier, Capt. Andrew Moodie, enl'd '77; bayonet wounds in body and arm at Fort Clinton, Oct 6, '77. B, 650. Farmer, Montgomery Prec., Ulster Co.

McKinney, William, Sergt., Major Baumans', enl'd May, '76; discharged March 2, '81. A. P. 17-415.

Marshall, Mead, Gunner, Capt. I. Lockwood's, enl'd Apr 1, '77; had his feet frozen in an expedition to L. I. Dec, '77; disch'd Sept 13. '79. A, 196. Mariner, N. Y. C.

Milspaugh, John, Bombardier, Capt. John Doughty, wounded in left arm. B, '83. Montgomery Prec., Ulster Co.

Mullins, William, private, Capt. A. Moody. A. P. 30-353.

Murphy, John, Matross, Capt. Matchin's, enl'd '77. A. P. 19-189, 516. B B.

Nelson, Thomas, Matross, Capt. R. Walker, died of a spider bite at West Point, '80. A. P. 20-294.

Nostrand, Luke, Matross, Capt, Bauman, enl'd '76; died at Valley Forge, Pa.

Paddock, Peter, private, in Col. Ludington's Dutchess Co. Mil'a, enl'd Apr 1, '88, sent to Col. Lamb's Art'y, as Serg't. A. P. 16, 194.

Parsons, Samuel, Serg't, Capt. I. Wool, entered from Marblehead, Mass., '77; in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483, Matross in B B.

Prindle, Enos Jones, Serg't Major. A. P. 21-133. B B. Connecticut.

Richards, James, Matross, Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167.

Richardson, Robert, Serg't, Capt. G. Mott, wounded at Paulus Hook, July 9, '76, and at White Plains Aug 13, '76, disch'd from C. of I. July 10, '83. C, 80, Aa, 59, I, 196. Weaver, Rumbout Prec., Dutchess Co.

Rickhorn, Abraham, Gunner, Capt. Fleming's, enl'd Apr 9, '76; died of dysentery in Prince William Co., Va., Aug 17, '81. A. P. 19-187, 610. N. Y. C.

Robinson, Samuel, private. A. P. 19-9.

Ryan, Jeremiah, Bombardier, Capt. Walker's, enl'd in Capt. Solomon Reed's, Col David Waterbury's Conn. Mil., '75; volunteered under Col. Warner for attack on Fort Chambly, re-enlisted in Capt. A. Chapman's, Col. David Wooster's; in Lamb's Art'y, '77, disch'd as Invalid July 8, '80. A. P. 23-41, 61. Rensselaerville, Albany Co.

Shaver, James, Gunner, Capt. Andrew Moodie, disabled by a cannon ball in the small of his back at Fort Montgomery, Oct 6, '77, disch'd from C. of Invalids, Jan 5, '83. C, 88, Aa, 48, I, 206. Shoemaker, Wallkil, Ulster Co.

Sheehan, Thomas, Matr., Capt. Wool, enl'd from N. Y. C. '77; in service Apr. '79. A. P. 14-483. B B.

Sherwood, Andrew, Serg't, Capt. Machin, during war. A. P. 23-375 B B. Dryden, Tompkins Co.

Silvia, James, Matr., Capt. Wool, entered from N. Y. '77, in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Simons, Robert, private, Capt. Walker, enl'd after the burning of Danbury, served through the war and lived to be over 81 years of age. A. P. 31-537. B B. Delaware Co.

Simpson, Robert, Matross, Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 31-167.

Smith, Henry, 4th Gunner, Capt. Moody, enl'd June, '78; wounded at Monmouth, disch'd June, '83. A. P. 38-377. Dryden, Tompkins Co.

Stagg, Cornelius, Matr., Capt. Wool, enlisted from N. Y. C. '77; in service Apr, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Summers, Ferril, Corporal, Capt. John Doughty, wounded in left arm at Germantown, Oet 4, '77. A, 43, Cc, 6. B B Farmer, Shawangunck, Ulster Co.

Thompson, John, private, Capt. A. Moody, killed at Fort Clinton, Oct 6, '77. A. P. 20-343.

Thompson, Thaddeus, Serg't, Capt. Jon'n Brown's. A. P. 31-155. Bombardier in B B. Woodbridge, Conn.

Thompson, William, Gunner, Capt. I. Wool, enl'd from Marblehead, '77. A. P. 14-483. Serg't in B B.

Van Orsdol, John, private, Capt. A. Moody. A. P. 33-344. Orange Co.

Vose, Amoriah, Serg't, Capt, I. Wool, entered from Meridien, Mass., '77 ; in service April, '79. A. P. 14-483.

Wandal, Adam, Gunner, Capt. Geo. Fleming, ruptured. Aa, 7. B B. Laborer, N. Y. C. outward.

Watkins, Nathan, Matr., Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 21-167.

Wendell, Jacob, private, Capt. Fleming's, A. P. 19-514, 193. Albany, N. Y.

Whist, Joseph, Matr., Capt. Mansfield. A. P. 31-167.

Winins, Silas, private. A. P. 19-238.

Wise, William, Matross, Capt. S. Mansfield, enl'd '77, to close of war. A. P. 20-45, 22-133. Fifer in B B. New Haven, Conn.

Worden, Paul, Matross, served to end. of war. A. P. 18-407.

Other Artillery Men.

Barber, Silas, Sergt., Capt. Nath'l Donnel's, Col. John Crane, 3d Art'y; four ribs on the right side broken at a fire in the barracks at West Point, Jan, '83. Bb, 13, A, 6. Carpenter, N. Y. C., Westward.

Hepworth, Daniel, Bombardier, Capt. Nath's Seward, 3d Art'y, lost right eye and wounded in right elbow by discharge of a gun in camp at Danbnry, Oct 17, '78. Cc, 64. Farmer, Beekman, Dutchess Co.

Rutgers, Anth'y, Capt. of Art'y Comp., formed by the Marine Society of N. Y., confirmed by Prov. Congr, June 9, -75. Jour. P. C. I, 884, 381.

Miller, Christopher, Capt., Lieut., Rntger's Art'y Comp'y, July 5, '75.

Dennis, Patrick, 1st Lieut. Rutger's Art'y Comp'y, July 5, '75.

Ritchie, Wm., 3d Lieut., Rutger's Art'y Comp'y, July 5, '75.

Griffith, Anth'y, 2d Lieut., Rutger's Art'y Comp'y, July 5, '75.

Tudor, Samuel, Capt., Indep'd Co. of Arty'y, N. Y. City.

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