Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

The New York Line


RETURN of the five Continental Battalions raised under the direction of this State, and of those Officers and Soldiers serving in other Corps, who are credited to the State as part of its proportion of the Continental Army, and are entitled to receive State Supplies. Poughkeepsie, Sept. 18, 1780. (A. P. 14, p. 442.)

* No returns.
+- This Regiment is given in this volume as the Canadian Continentals. Malcom's Reg't is not mentioned in the above return, why ? It was one of the Additional Continentals.

In Spencer's, also called Fifth New Jersey Battalion.

Lush, Stephen, Major and A. D. C. to Gov. Clinton, taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery. A. P. 19-293.

Turner, Philipp, Snrgeon-Ueneral XJ. S. A., Post Surgeon, Fort Columbus. A. P. 31-39.

Wemple, Walter Vrooman, Senior Surgeon-General, Gen'l, Hospital, North. Dept. A. P. 17-85.

Coventry, John H., Surgeon's Mate, under Dr. Cochran, in the General Hospital U. S. Army. A. P. 21-37. N. York City.

Ledyard, Isaac, Surgeon's Mate, later Deputy Surveyor for the Hospital.

Merselis, Henry, Capt. Van Dyck's Reg't in '76, Ass't Comm'y Hosp'1 Dept., June, '77, Comm'y Hosp'1, Schenectady, until broken up; Asa't Comm'y Forage, Q. Mr. Dept. until spring '80, Dep'y Wagon Master from fall '80 to '88.

Wright, John G., Surgeon's Mate, Mil. Hospital, from '76 to end of war. A. P. 17-70. Native of East Chester. Fisher, John, Assistant to Major-Gen'l Oreen, Qr. Mr. Gen'l U. S. A. Brooklyn, L. I. A. P. 21-33.

Laurance, John, Judge-Advocate U. S. A., Paymaster 4th N. Y. Cont's to April 10, '77. A. P. 14-448.

Post, John, Commissary of Issues, N. Y. Brigade from N. Y. '76 to '83. A. P. 19-365.

Lansing, Jacob Jno., Com'r of Musters, S. of N. Y., Sept, '81. A. P. 14-438.

Burgess, James, Serg't, Capt. W. Britton's, Col. Oliver Spencer's enl. in Capt. Johnson's, Col. Jas. Clinton's, July 15, '75, Serg't in,Capt. Derunder, Col. Nicolls, July 20, '76, Serg't in Spencer's Jan 10, '77, Q. M. Serg't June, '77, left hip injured by cannon ball at Germantown, Oct. 4, '77, disch'd Mar 10, '80, re-enlisted in Capt. Sackett's, Graham's, 3 m., May 6, '80, in Capt. Hunt's, Col. Weissenfels', June 15, '81, in Capt. Delavan's Horse, '83, to end of war. C, 192, A. P. 32-241. Weaver Fredericksb'gh, Dutchess Co., later, N. Y. C.

Anson, James, private, Col. Spencer's. A. P. 22-243. N. Y. City.

Sickels, Garrett, private, Col. 0. Spencer's. A. P. 23-248. N. Y. C.

Wandell, David, private, Capt. Jas. Broderick, Col. Oliver Spencer, on the reduction of the Regt. he was to join the N, Y. troops, but was transt. to C. of I., lost right arm in the battle of Germantown, Oct 4, '77, discharged from Corps of Invalids Apr 23, '83. C, 90, I, 213. A. P, 17-571, 30-117. Farmer, Goshen Prec., Orange Co., later Seneca, Ontario Co.

Winn, John, private. Col. 0. Spencer's, wounded in right knee. B, 84. Wallkill-Prec., Ulster Co.

In Hanen's (Second Canadian).

Cady, Palmer, Lieut. Col., Columbia Co. A. P. 15-286, 23-303.

Mooers, Benjamin, Adjutant. A. P. 33-307. Albany, N.Y.

Schuyler, Nicolas, Surgeon, oldest son of Harmanus, cousin of Gen'l Sch. A. P. 15-286.

Olivie, --, Captain. A. P. 24-376.

Monty, Francis, Lieut. A. P. 19-17.

Torry, William, Lieut., A. P. 15-103.

Kennelly, Patrick, Pifer, Capt. R. Lloyd, died in service at Lancaster, '82. A. P. 17-393, 33-895. N. Y. C.


Blake, James, Capt. B. Lloyds, from '77 to end of war. A. P. 17-357, 23-811. Albany City.

Borrhans, Isaac, enlisted '83, disch'd June 31, '83, by Gen'l Washington. A. P. 17-50.

Caaey, John. A. P. 15-286.

Kennelly, John, Capt. Lloyd's. A. P. 18-286, 28-295. Northampton, Montg'y Co.

King, James, Capt. Lee, served 6 yrs. 3 m., disch'd at end of war. A. P. 18-112.

Maaling, Deliverance. A. P. 15-236.

Monty, Placid, Canadian refugee, served from '76 to end of war. A. P. 19-17.

Murray, David, first enlistment in Capt. Jer. Parmelee's, Col. Elmore's for about 1 yr., next in Capt. Wm. Satteriee's. Col. Moses Hazen's, March, '77, to end of war. A. P. 34-89. Vernon, Oneida Co.

Navin, Sylvanua, deserted. A. P. 15-236.

Orr, Thomas, Capt. Lloyd's. A. P. 18-103.

Palmatier, Wm. A. P. 15-236.

Parks, John. A. P. 15-236.

Pierson, John. A. P. 15-236.

Powder, Tobias, Capt. O'Hara's, enlisted at Albany latter part of '76, disch'd June 10, '83. A. P. 17-359.

Renway, Peter, Capt. Oliver. A. P. 34-376. Champlain, Clinton Co.

Storms, Abraham. A. P. 15-336.

Stringham, Peter, deserted. A. P. 15-236.

Tracy(?), Samuel. A. P. 15-336.

Van Zile, Egbert. A. P. 16-236.

In Seth Warner's (Additional Continentals).

Baits, David, Lieut., Capt. G. Wolcott, Lieut. in Wynkoop's in '76, ent'd Warner's in '77, Capt. July 16, '79, deranged Jan 1, '81. A. P. 17-56, 19-23.

Dunning, Michael, Jr., Lieut. A. P. 19-167, 435.

Lighthall, Wm., Lieut., Capt. Wolcott, enl'd as Serg't Mar, '77; Ensign Nov 14, '78, Lieut. '80, captured Oct, '80, paroled Dec, '82. A. P. 15-111, 17-189, 503. Schenectady Co.

Lyons, Thomas, Lieut., Capt. Burrows', left leg fractured at Ticonderoga, July 3, '77. A, '77, Bb, '57. A. P. 33-154. Whitehall Diet., Wash. Co.

Swits, Walter, Lieut. A. P. 17-189, 23-158. Schenectady Co.

Williams, John, Lieut. (?) A. P. 17-305.

Williams, Nehemiah, Lieut. A. P. 17-696.

Boggs, Thomas, Orderly Sergt., enl'd '75, comm'd Lieut. of Rangers under Capt. John Barnes at Fort Ann, after retreat from Quebec, served one year and afterwards as volunteer and scout, Lieut. in Col. H. B. Van Rensselaer's (Capt. Levi Stockwel). A. P. 19-493. Skenesborough, Wash'n Co., later Onondaga, Onondaga Co.

Force, Timothy, Sergeant. A. P. 17-698.

Fletcher, John, Corporal, enl'd spring '77, killed at Fort George, Oct 11,'80. A. P. 19-35.

Stewart, John, Corp'l, Capt. Wait Hopkins, disabled by a musket shot at Hulberton, July 7, '77. C, 106, Cc, 49, A,. 25. Stillwater, Albany Co.


Barns, Daniel, later Drum Major. A. P. 15-11, 17-698.

Freeman, Richard, Capt. Wolcott's, enl'd May, '77, taken prisoner on Lake George July 15, '79, escaped Nov, '80, and found Reg't disbanded. A. P. 15-111, 17-696, 18-318,33-315. Schenectady.

Hunt, Wm. A P, 15-11, 17-698.

Larrabe, Richard. A. P. 15-11, 17-698.

Powell, Felix. A. P. 17-698.

Schauber, William, Capt. Q. Wolcott, enld '77; died in the service. A. P. 18-385.

Truax, John, enl'd Mar, '77; served until Oct, '80; later in Col. M. Willett's. A. P. 15-11, 17-698, 15-323, 30-346. Schenectady, N. Y.

Van Wagoner, Evert, Lieut. M. Dunning, enl'd '76-7; taken prisoner July, '79. A. P. 19-167.

Wilson, John. A. P. 15-11, 17-698.

In Sheldon's Second Light Dragoons.

Jackson, Tho's T., Lieut. and Adj., enl'd '79. A. P. 14-153, 17-567.

Janes, Elijah, Lieut. and Paymaster. A. P. 16-162, 18-95, 31-333, 39-84. Lansingburgh.

Dole, James, Lieut., Wash'n Co. Minute Men, '75, enl'd in Capt. McCracken's 1st N. Y. for 6 m., '76; in Capt. Woodbridge's to Apr 1, '77, entered Shelbrook's May 7, '77, as private, Sergt. Dec, '77, Sergt. Major, '78, Lieut. June 14, '81. A. P. 16,162, 23-184 to 313, 33-399. Lansingburgh.

King, Joseph, Lieut. A. P. 21-335. Ridgefield.

Seymour, Horace, Lieut. A. P. 16-163,18-461.

Webb, --, Lieut. A. P. 32-187.

Dickinson, Silvanus, Cornet, June, '79. A. P. 14-502.

Glover, Samuel, Sergt. A. P. 31-337.


??np, John, enl'd in Capt. Fanchen, Col. Tho's Thomas, '76, joined Capt. Slawson's Rangers, '77, in Col. Ludington '78, skull fractured in '78, cut in the head, '79. A. P. 21-845. Poundridge, Wch. Co.

Cooley, Samuel, Capt. Jer'h Hoagland, during the war. A. P. 31-333. Blacksmith, Salem, Wch, Co. Farrier, Schodack, Rensselaer Co.

Fraser, Simon, Capt. Tho. Seymour. A. P. 17-567.

Jourdon, James, Capt. Tho's Seymour (3d Troop), enl'd Mar, '78, served until Reg't was disbanded in '88. A. P. 16, 162. Niskayuna, Albany Co.

Winn, John, Capt. Thos. Seymour, enl'd Mar,'78, served till Reg't was disbanded in '83. A. P. 16, 163. Troy, Rensselaer Co.

Winn. Peter, Capt. Thos. Seymour's. 17-567.

ROLL AND MUSTER of the fifth Troop in the 2d Regiment Light Dragoons, Commanded by Capt. David Edgar, for the Months of Oct., Novbr and Decbr, '82. (A. P. 18, f. 93.)
Capt. David Edgar, on Furlough.
Lieut. Thomas J. Jackson, A. D. C. to Gen'l Sterling.
Lieat. Gideon Hawley.

Roll and Muster--


In Moylan's Fourth Light Dragoons.

Hallett, Jonah, Lieut. A. P. 18-337, 21-541.

Wilson, Thomas, Sergt., Lieut., Capt. Craig. A. P. 19-473, 21, 547.

Impson, Henry, private, Capt. Craigs, enl'd Aug, '80, for the war, disch'd at the end of war. A. P. 21-541. Montgomery, Orange Co.

Pope, John, private. Col. Lee's Light Horse, at Valley Forge, Morristown, battle of Monmouth, Bottle Hill. A. P. 19-185, 23-383. Newburgh, Orange Co.

Buchanan, John (James?), Captain, "N. Y. C. Militia, '75, superintendent of boats, &c., on Hudson R., app'd by Gen'l Wash'n and Putnam, wounded in right arm and shoulder near Tarrytown, Jan 3, '78. 0, 198, Aa, 39. A. P. 14-531.

Vischer, Teunia T., Captain of Batteaumen, app'd spring '77, served to Oct 10, '80. A. P. 14-160.

Lockwood, Samuel, Captain of whaleboat in L. I. Sound. B. 153.

Brady, Thomas, Artificer, Capt. Jas. Ford. A. P. 16-230,

Johnson, Comfort, Sergt., Capt. John Shepard, enl'd Oct. '77, tr. to Capt. Th's. Pattin's Co. of Art'y Artificers. May, '80, served until end of war. A. P. 16-344.

Gouvion, --, Lieut. Col., Sappers and Miners. A. P. 24-433.

Taulman, P., Capt. Lieut., Sappers and Miners, formerly Adjutant of Spencer's. A. P. 14-317, 33-343. Bockland Co.

Osborne, Nathaniel, Sergt. Major, Capt. Ja's Beebe's Sappers and Miners, from Sept, '79, to June 13, '83. Badge of Honor. A. P. 21-418. Sherman, Conn.

Hall, David, private, Capt. Beebe's Sappers and Miners. A. P. 21-432. Catskill.

Whelen, Edward, Sergt., Capt. Walter Bicker's, Col. John Patte's Ad'l Cent's, enl'd Mar 7, '77; transferred as private to Gen'l Washington's Guard April 1, '80, wounded in the foot in Wch. Co., July, '81, disch'd on ac. of rheumatism, having procured a substitute Mar 18, '82. A, 235. Carpenter, N. Y. C.

Baldwin, Luther, Lt. Colonel of Artificer's Regt., made up of citizens of different States. A. P. 18-340. Ford, James, Captain of Artificers, Q. M. 0. Dept. A. P. 19-220.

Mills, --, Lieut., Corps of Artificers. A. P. 16-218.

Pattin, Thomas, Captain Art'y Artificers. A. P. 16-244.

Post, Anthony, Captain Artillery Artificers, app'd '77, deranged June 22, '81. A. P. 14-188.

Beeder, Jacob, Master Armourer, Continental Army, with the rank of Captain, June, '76. A. P. 16-426.

Sampson, Ezekiel, Lieut., Corps of Artificer's. A. P. 16-218.

Shepherd, John, Lieut., Corps of Artificers. A. P. 16-218.

Young, Ebenezer, Captain ? Major ? Comd'g Companies of Artificers in Q. M. Gen'l's Dept. A. P. 16-218.

Gillen, Thomas, private, Wash'n Life Guard, enl'd ? '79, to end of war. A. P. 34-190. Wallkill, Orange Co.

Tugh, Jonathan, Adjutant, Invalid Corps. I, 147.

Slaven, James, private, Corps of Invalids, N. Y. State, discharged Sept 1, '82. I, 302.

Townsend, Daniel, Corps of Invalids, enl'd in Col. Josiah Starr's 1st Conn., '77; transferred to C. of I. April 27, '80, on account of fistula and loss of right eye. B, 41. Carpenter, Fredericksburgh, Dutchess Co.

King, Gideon, Lieut., Col. Ethan Allen's force. I, 54.

Wudge, Jarvis, Lieut., Col. Ethan Allen's force. I, 54.

King, Aaron, Sergt., Col. Ethan Allen's force. I, 54.

OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS, resident of the State of New York, who served elsewhere.

Gill, Joseph Louis, Major, Canadian Refugee, Comm'd by Congress April 7, '80, to end of war. A. P. 32-422.

Skinner, Tho's, Surgeon, Col. Sherman's 5th Conn. A. P. 18-206.

Bartlett, John, Sergeant, Captain Davis, Lt. Col. Ebenezer Sproat's 13th Mass. Continental, wounded in right hip, at Rhode Island, Aug 29, '78. C, 92. Laborer, Mamacotting Prec., Ulster Co., later.

Bemus, Jotham, Corporal, Rhode Island Regt,, Jere'h Olny, Lt. Col. Co'd'g, enl'd in Col. V. Schaick's for one year, '76, served 6 yrs. 1 m. 10 d., disch'd by Gen'l Washington, June 15, '83. A. P. 17-63. Town of Saratoga. Badge of Merit.

Dunham, Cornelias, private, Capt. Asa Bray Co., Cook's Cont's, disabled by a contusion Feb. '77; transf. to C. of Invalids. (Capt. Judd's, Capt. Samuel Wells, B, 180, C, 156), B, 120, C, 156. Saratoga Dist., later New Lebanon, Columbia Co.

Greer, Benaja, private, Col. Exp. Stoor's Mil., wounded in right shoulder at Bunker Hill June 17, '75. A, 179. Bb, 27. Kinderhook, Col. Co.

Guthrie, Abraham, private, Conn. Line. A. P. 24-802. Schenectady.

Knapp, Abial, private, Capt. Ellis, Col. Scammels Cent's, wounded at Bemus Heights, '77. Cc, '74. Phillipstown, Albany Co.

Bates, Daniel, in Col, Willet's, '75-76, Capt. Marseilles, Col. Van Dyck, '76, Capt. Broadhead, at the battle of Saratoga, '77, Capt. Noble's, Col. Wood's, '78, Col. Shreeve's, at West Point, '79, Gen'l Hoard's Mil. '80 and '81. A. P. 24-47. Minisink, Orange Co.

Cole, Abraham, private, enl'd tor 2 yrs, for war, died in the service. A. P. 28-403.

Comrie, Alexander, private, Capt. John Ward, Col. Nichols, 6 m. A. P. 19-51.

Manners, --, Lt. Col. John Sands. A. P. 21-381.

A MONTHLY RETURN of the 10 Companies of the first Regt. of the Continental Forces
raised in the Colony of New York, Commanded by Col. McDougal, New York, 1st
August, 1775. (A. P. 18, p. 12.)

Captain Richard Varicte, absent with Leave.
Lieut. John Copp, Recruiting.
Zebulon Applegate, of Capt. Willet's Comp'y, on Furlow.
George Campbell, of Capt. Johnson's Comp'y, on Furlow.
George Morie, of Capt. Goforth's Comp'y, on Furlow.
Amasa Wm. Sands, of Capt. Cheesman's Comp'y, on Furlow.
George May, of Capt. Cheesman's Comp'y, Deserted 20th. July, 1778
Joseph Crane, of Capt. Mott's Company, on Furlow.
John Holser, of Capt Mott's Company, on Furlow.
John Benham, of Capt. Quackenboss' Company, on Furlow
Samuel Congar, of Capt. Lyons' Company, on Furlow.
Josiah. Crane, of Capt. Lyons' Company, on Furlow.
Tapp, William, was Quarter-Master of the Regiment.

RETURN of the Regiment of foot in the Service of the United Colonies. Commanded by
Col. McDougall, April 26, 1776. Mil. Set. 27-106.

OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS of the New York Regiments on the Establishment of 1775.

McPherson, Capt. and A. D. C. to Gen'I Montgomery. died at Quebec Dec 31, '75. Minutes, IV, 413.

Lawrance, John, Paymaster, Col. McDougall's 1st N. Y. A. P. 19-143.

Mitchell, Uriah, Quarter Master, McDougall's Brigade, '77, to Nov 10, '78, app'd Post Q. M. at Newburgh, to July, '83. A. P. 14-126.

Curtis, Benj., Surgeon, Col. McDoiigall's. A. P. 19-143.

Forbes, Wm. A., Captain, Col. McDougall's 1st N. Y., entered as Capt.-Lieut., Capt. 10th Aug, '76. A. P. 19-143.

Goforth, William, Captain, Col. Alex. McDougall's 1st N. Y. Aa, 8.

Platt, Richard, Captain, 1st Comp., 1st N, Y., before Quebec, served from June 28, '75, to Nov 25, '83, and passed through the grades of Lieut., Capt., Major, A. D. C. Dep'y Adj't Gen'1, Dep'y Q. M. Gen'1, in '80. N. Y. C. A. P. 82-355.

Vergerau, Peter, Lieut., Col. McDougall's, killed by lightning in camp near N. Y. C. Aug, 76; Ensign 9th Co. 1st N. Y. L. Oct 3, '75, 2d Lieut., 2d Co., Fob 24, '76. A. P. 18-443, 21-362. N. Y. C.

Callaghan, Edward, private, Capt. Wm. Goforth, Col. Alex. McDougall, 1st N. Y., lost eyesight Aug, '75. C, 163, Aa, 8. Laborer, N. Y. C., North Ward.

Fleming, John, Sergt., Capt. Wilcox's, Col. Lasher's, taken prisoner in the battle of L. I. A. P. 15-608.

Henry, Nathaniel, Lieut., Col. G. Van Schaick, app'd '77. Wounded at Sabbathday Pt., Mar 20, '77. A. P. 14-138.

Ball, --, Lieut., Col. Wynkoop's. A. P. 24-134.

McDonald (McDaniel), Daniel, private, Capt. Parsons, (Copps), Col. G. V. Schaick, enl'd Mar 12, '77, eyesight impaired, discharged from Corps of Invalids Nov 3, '82. C, 117, I, 184. M R Albany City.

Thomas, John, private. 2d N. Y., lame, discharged from C. of Invalids April 10, '83. I, 207, Cc, 31. Kinderhook, Columbia Co. Belknap, John, Captain, Col. Clinton's. A. P. 22-301. New Windsor.

Johnson, Robert, Captain, Col. James Clinton's. A. P. 22-241.

Nicholson, John, Captain, Col. James Clinton, 6 m. troops, until reduction of Montreal, then promoted Lieut. Col., commanded Reg't of State Troops before Quebec, until June, '77; on detached service on Hudson R. under Gen'l Putnam, from Oct 10, '77, to Feb, '78. A. P. 16-358.

Pierce O., Captain, Col. Ritzema's 3d N. Y. A. P. 17-279.

Brook, John, Private, Capt. Corn. Hardenburgh's, Col; R. Ritzema's 3d N. Y., shot through right arm and otherwise wounded. A, 175. Peenpack, Ulster Co.

Morris, Daniel, Private, 4th Co. (Hardenburgh's), Col. Ritzema's, enl'd Mar, Apr, '76; shot through scrotum and both thighs at White Plains, Oct 28, '76. A, 87, Cc, 80, I, 119. Weaver, Marbletown, Ulster Co.

Holmes, James, Colonel, 4th N. Y., in '75. Aa, 79. A. P. 17-187-99. Joined Tories.

Bell, S. F., Lieut., Capt. Horton's, Col. James Holmes' 4th N. Y., in '75, Major of (?) '84. I, 78.

Thompson, Jesse, Lieut., Capt. Herrick's, Col. Ja's Holmes. A. P. 17-201.

Seaton, Rufus, Sergt., Capt. Herrick's, Col. Holmes. A. P. 17-199.

Johnson, Samuel, Private, Capt. Nath. Woodward, Col. Holmes, enl'd June, '75; in Canada and at Trenton, reenlisted in Capt. Samuel Lockwood's N. Y. Art'y, discharged on ac. of disability,'83. A. P. 18-477. Freehold. Queens Co.

Lenington, Thomas, Ensign, Capt. Nicholson's, Col. James Clinton's Reg't, in Canada, enl'd '75, taken prisoner, while in charge of a prize on the St. Lawrence, May 8, '76, exchanged after Reg't was disbanded. A. P. 16-410.

Rumsey, Jonas, private, Capt. Denton's, enl'd March 1, '76. A. P. 23-397. Blooming Grove, Orange Co.

Crapo, Peter, private, Capt. Sam. Van Vechten, Lieut. Col. Wynkoop's, enl'd '76, disch'd '77, in the Batteaux service for 1 yr., in May, '83, in Col. G. V. Schaick's to June 8, '83. A. P. 24-134. Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co.

Benedict, Joseph, Captain, Col. Jas. Holmes. A. P. 24-336.

Havens, William, Captain, 4th N. Y. A. P. 17-425.

Herrick, Bufus, Captain, Col. Jas. Holmes, 4th N. Y. A. P. 17-199.

Horton, Ambrose, Captain, Col. James Holmes, 4th N. Y. Aa, 79.

Woodward, Nath'l, Captain, Col. Ja's Holmes, Company was in Canada under Montgomery and at Trenton. A. P. 18-477.

Visscher, John, Lieut. Colonel, Col. John Nicholson's, raised first Company of soldiers in State of N. Y., June, '75. A. P. 14-362. Albany, N. Y.

Vinte, John, private, Col. Ja's Livingston, Canadian. A. P. 23-349, Champlain, Clinton Co.

Talbot, Silas, Major, U. S. service, app'd Oct 10, '77; Lt. Col. Sept 14, '78, Commander of sloop Argo, spring of '79, shot twice, left thigh and wrist, at Fort Mifflin, Penn'a, Oct, '77, shot through right knee in an engagement with the Br. Privateer Dragon, and Brigantine Hannah Spring, of '79. B, 18. Gentleman, Johnstown, Montgomery Co.

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