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Dysslin Genealogy
from Judy Dolanski


Johann Heinrich Dysslin was a Minister of the gospel in the Montgomery County, New York area from 1788 till his death in 1813.

According to Faust and Brumbaugh's "Lists of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies" (1920) Heinrich Dysslin, born in 1752, came originally from the city of Burgdorf. He attended the higher schools of education in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland and was ordained a minister in 1777. He received a pastorate at Vivis, canton of Waadt, Switzerland in 1778. In the spring of 1784, he withdrew from his pastorate because of debts and other misunderstandings. The government discharged him and later it was reported that he had emigrated to America and had become pastor in St. Johnsville, New York.

From the Register of Baptisms of St. Johns Reformed Church, on July 13, 1788 Johann Heinrich Dysslin became clergyman and spiritual pastor for the German Reformed Congregations in Palatine district, Cannajoharie Castle and Snell's Bush.

On the 1790 Palatine, Montgomery County, New York census, the entry for Jacob Klock lists 1 "all other free persons", which I believe is Johann Heinrich Dysslin.

From the records of the Reformed Dutch Church at Fort Plain in the town of Minden, Montgomery County, New York, the marriage of "Reverend John Henry Dysslin, Minister of the gospel at Palatine, and Anna Klok, daughter of Jacob Klok, deceased", took place on September 2, 1792.

The will of Jacob Klock was approved June 13, 1798 in Montgomery County, New York and mentions "my grandchild Anna Dyeslin, the wife of the Reverend Henry Dyeslin".

On the October 18, 1799 Tax Assessment Roll for Palatine, Montgomery County, New York is an entry for "John Henry Dysling".

On the 1810 Oppenheim, Montgomery County, New York census is an entry for "John H. Teasland".

From the 1813 records of the Reformed Dutch Church at Fort Plain in the town of Minden, Montgomery County, New York the death of "the Reverend Henry Dissling, preacher of the Gospel at Palatine, aged 60 years, 2 months, 18 days" is recorded. I believe this puts his death date as March 6, 1813.

Recorded at the Montgomery County, New York Surrogate Court are Letters of Administration for July 16, 1814 for "Ann Dysslin, widow and relict of John Henry Dysslin" who died intestate.

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