Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Fenelon's Treatise
on the
Education of Daughters;
Translanted from the French and Adapted to English Readers
With an Original Chapter, "On Religious Studies."
By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, B. A. F. A. S
Albany; printed and published by Backus and Whiting, 1806.

Thanks to Pamela Wozniak and David Collins for letting us use their book for the purpose of putting it on the internet.

The spelling is left as it is. Many words in our language have changed over the years and some words have ceased to be used.Quotes along with semi-colons and colons were placed a space apart from the text. ajb


Chapter I....Importance of Female Education, page 3
Chapter II....Errors in Ordinary Education, page 13.
Chapter III....First Foundations of Education, page 23.
Chapter IV....The Danger of Imitation, page 41.
Chapter V....Indirect Instruction, page 47.
Chapter VI....Use of History, page 95.
Chapter VII....Principals of Religion, page 115.
Chapter VIII....On Religious Studies, page 149.
Chapter IX....Ordinary Defects Among Girls, page 173.
Chapter X.... Vanity of Beauty and Dress, page 185.
Chapter XI....Instruction of Women in their Duties, page 201.
Chapter XII....Continuation of the duties of Women, page 217.
Chapter XIII....Of Governesses, page 239.

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