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William Feeter History and Genealogy

Book loaned by Nancy Cioch. Many thanks Nancy!

This History of William Feeter, A Soldier in the War of American Independence
and of His Father, Lucas Vetter, the ancestor of the Feeter-Feder-Feader-Fader families
IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, with genealogy of the family compiled at the request of
Little Falls, N.Y. Press of Stebbins & Burney, 1901
Copyright by James D. Feeter, 1901

This little work is offered to the public as a contribution to the history of the Mohawk Valley and its early settler s and to the descendants of Lucas Vetter as a token of kinship. Little Falls, NY. December 24th, 1900. James D. Feeter.


The Vetter Family--A Paper read before the Herkimer County Historical Society.
The First Mail Carrier West of Albany--From the Fonda Democrat.
Obituary Notice of Adam Feeter--From a newspaper clipping.
The death of John Feeter--From a newspaper clipping.
Sketch of the Life of the Hon. James Feeter.
Hon. James D. Feeter
Notice of Death of William Small Feeter.

Notice of Death of George A. Feeter.
Notice of Death of Frank A Feeter.
Genealogy of the Descendants of Lucas Vetter.

Remarks by The Compiler

While preparing the material for a paper read in 1898 before the Herkimer County Historical Society, I gathered from many records genealogical data relating to the family of William Feeter. The search was extended to Germany and Canada and the notes thus collected formed the nucleus of the appended genealogy.

The coat of arms was obtained from Mr. Lucas Vetter, of Musberg, Germany, and verified by correspondence with members of other German branches of that family. It can also be found in Siebmacher's German Heraldry. In southern Germany many families of the yeomanry and free peasantry have coats of arms and use them to this day, without making any claim of belonging to the nobility.

It is not claimed that the family genealogy is complete, and I would request that corrections and additions be sent to me for future use.

I take this occasion to express my thanks for assistance to many members of the family with whom I have corresponded, especially to Jacob W. Feeter, Esq., of New York, Abram E. Bellinger, Esq., of Little Falls, Mrs. James Weatherwax, of Manheim, and Mrs. Elizabeth Staring, of Little Falls, and to acknowledge with gratitude that Messrs. G. Herbert Carman Feader, of Fleming, Assa., Canada, and Mr. Howard C. Fader of Hainsville, Ontario, Canada have done all the work relating to the Canadian branches of the family. Little Falls, N. Y., 1900. J. B. K.

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