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William Feeter History and Genealogy

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This History of William Feeter, A Soldier in the War of American Independence
and of His Father, Lucas Vetter, the ancestor of the Feeter-Feder-Feader-Fader families
IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, with genealogy of the family compiled at the request of
Little Falls, N.Y. Press of Stebbins & Burney, 1901
Copyright by James D. Feeter, 1901


Died March 7th, 1888.

This morning our venerable townsman, James Feeter, received a telegraph dispatch announcing the death of his brother, George A. Feeter, which occurred at his home in Grand Rapids, Mich., at midnight last night. The cause of his death was not stated in the dispatch and all that Mr. Feeter knows concerning his brother's illness is that about a week ago he was suffering from rheumatism.

George A. Feeter was born in the town of Manheim 68 years ago. For many years he was engaged in the grocery, flour and feed business in this village and amassed quite a large property, but twelve years ago he met with business reverses and failed. He built and lived in the handsome residence on Gansevoort street now owned and occupied by Joseph Mullen. Mr. Feeter moved to Grand Rapids about seven years ago and engaged in the grocery and flour business. About 1853 he married Miss Ursula Wright (sister of Miss Harriet Wright, principal of the Academy,) who survived him. They had one child, Frank who married Miss Addie Ingham of this village, and died here about ten years ago, leaving a widow and two children.

Mr. Feeter leaves the following brother and sisters: James Feeter, of this village; William A. Feeter, who resides on the old Feeter homestead in Manheim; Mr. Margaret Ayers, of Amsterdam; and Mrs. P. W. Putman, of Fultonville.

For more than twenty years Mr. Feeter was a prominent merchant in Little Falls, and one of its most active citizens. Reverses against which no man can provide, overtook him and the earnings of a lifetime were lost. Well advanced in years he moved to the west to seek his fortune, leaving all the tender associations of home behind him. His death under such circumstances is peculiarly sad. The remains will be brought to this village for interment.

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