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William Feeter History and Genealogy

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This History of William Feeter, A Soldier in the War of American Independence
and of His Father, Lucas Vetter, the ancestor of the Feeter-Feder-Feader-Fader families
IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, with genealogy of the family compiled at the request of
Little Falls, N.Y. Press of Stebbins & Burney, 1901
Copyright by James D. Feeter, 1901


At his residence in the Town of Manheim, on the 15th day of April, 1865, Mr. Adam Feeter, in the 83d year of his age.

The death of this aged citizen ought not to pass without a special notice.

Himself the son of Revolutionary Patriot, he has spent a protracted life, as a private citizen, in the daily practice of the duties and virtues of humanity, as a citizen, a neighbor, a son, a husband and a father, and has descended to his grave, leaving to his children, what in reality, is their most precious inheritance, the unstained character of

"An honest Man, the noblest work of God."

As our aged citizens successively pass from amongst us, it is natural that the mind should revert to their earliest years, and follow them as they float along the stream of time, marking the changes that have been wrought out in their passage from the vigor and buoyancy of youth to the decrepitude of age, and their quiet descent to their final rest.

Whilst yet a youth, the subject of this notice was employed for a period of three years as a carrier of newspapers and the mail weekly from the City of Albany to the "Royal Grant." The expedition was performed on horseback, and was attended with great labor, and required perseverance and resolution to accomplish it. Neither the bridge which spans the Mohawk nor the turnpike was then in existence. What changes has he witnessed during his protracted life! The Turnpike, the Canal, the Railroad, and the Telegraph, have successively wrought mighty revolutions in the business relations of life, and in the social conditions of our citizens.

Such retrospections with the consciousness that the subject of this notice, in early life, was an actor in scenes which preceded all of these improvements, and that he regarded with interest their successive developments, must assuage and moderate the grief of his family and friends at the departure of this venerable citizen. A NEIGHBOR.

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