Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Life and Adventures
of Nat Foster,
Trapper and Hunter of the Adirondacks
by A. L. Byron-Curtiss
Utica, N. Y.
Press of Thomas J. Griffiths,
131 Genesee Street, 1897

Chapter 1, The Family Moves to N.H.
Chapter 2, Nat Foster, Sr. goes to war
Chapter 3, Valley Forge
Chapter 4, Nat, Sr., Adventures in The War
Chapter 5, Life at Home During The War
Chapter 6, The Return Home. Nat Sr., Changed So Much, His Family Didn't Know Him
Chapter 7, The Family Emigrates to New York State
Chapter 8, Nat Jr., at Twenty-One
Chapter 9, Nat Marries
Chapter 10, Hunting and Trapping
Chapter 11, Extensive Trips
Chapter 12, Mishaps with Wolves
Chapter 13, Wilderness Changes
Chapter 14, The Murder and Trial

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